6 Best Breville Juicers 2023 that allows a wonderful experience

While going shopping in the market or online purchasing, you will see many juicers. Every product will offer you comparable features and a competitive price. However, not every juicer is reliable enough to be purchased.

Only Breville juicers tend to maintain reliable performance and affordable price in kitchen appliances. Following the best Breville juicers review will let you know the brand’s popularity. It will help you to get familiar with a wide ray of its industry-leading products. You can compare Breville juicers to pick your right appliance for the kitchen.

As I have two-year experience working in a homemade-style juice bar, I am aware of juicing equipment. I got a lot of appreciation when the product performed beyond expectations with my tricks. I was getting enough advantage from my experience by trying it at home. Therefore, I thought to give it a share with you.

Whenever someone demands my opinion regarding the best juicer for AT-HOME JUICING. Only Breville juicer comes to my mind. Only Breville slow juicer will give maximum output through your investment.

Every Breville juicer comes with performance-oriented materials and durability regardless of size. You will get maximum juice with a delicious taste with each shot.

I will recommend the best Breville juicer for a beginner who hasn’t tried juicing at home. It will be worthy enough to give it a try. You won’t regret it like by purchasing some random juicer. Here is the best Breville juicer review shortly. However, our recommendation is to stay tuned with us until the whole blog. It will help you know more about the right appliances.

Top 6 Picks of Best Breville Juicers

Best compact Juicer
Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain- Best buy Breville compact juicer
  • Features:
  • One 6-quart pulp container
  • The motor of 700 watts with 14000 rpm
  • Affordable budget price
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Best for luxurious juicing experience
Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Centrifugal Juicer-Best for luxurious juicing experience
  • Features:
  • Allows soft fruits as well as hard
  • Beautiful exterior and easy to clean
  • Nutria disc blade made with titanium
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Best for cold spin technology
Breville BJE430SIL Juice Fountain Cold Centrifugal Juicer-Best for cold spin technology
  • Features:
  • Safety locking arm
  • The 3.4-litre pulp bin container
  • LED Diplay for Overloading
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Best for productive features
Breville JE98XL Fountain Plus Centrifugal Juicer-Best for modest price tag with productive features
  • Features:
  • One year warranty
  • Filter basket and long feed chute
  • 850-watt dual-speed motor
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Best Breville slow juicer
Breville BJS700SIL Big Squeeze Slow Juicer-Best Breville slow juicer
  • Features:
  • Super Quiet Motor and Very Easy to Assemble
  • It involves a small footprint
  • Flavorful and nutrient-rich juice
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Best for mess-free juicing
Breville BJE530BSS Juice Fountain Cold Plus Centrifugal Juicer-best for mess-free juicing
  • Features:
  • Cold spin technology
  • Large chute saves time
  • Space-saving design
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Before moving to more depth, I would prefer to let you know about the brand’s information. Here is a brief introduction to the company providing the reason for my recommendation for it.


People came to know about its humble beginning in back 20th century. In 1932, two persons named ‘Bill O’Brien’s and ‘Harry Norville’ focused on producing consumer-grade radios.

Later on, during 1956 the Breville introduced many small appliances involving Tv sets etc. Around half of the 20th century, it became famous for its products like blenders, toaster and sandwich presses, etc.

Now, almost 70 countries have their products on their shelves. Even among the modern appliances, it holds its name as a best-seller.

Brand’s Reputation speaks itself

Every product from the brand holds strong and pleasing reviews from consumers. It has a good reputation by maintaining the record of providing incredible products. Significantly, the Breville juicers are incredibly durable, and their operational function is also better than others. The users will gain premium and super experience whenever they will try them.

The durability provides you with several years of usage without cutting corners. For instance, as the STAINLESS STEEL JUICERS are considered more reliable, the latest products are designed according to that. They are made with stainless steel components internally or externally.

Many products use polymerized plastics with resilient and dishwasher-safe qualities. Breville has earned its Reputation to provide the products without any fuss. The product involves the implementation of innovative technologies. For instance, the unique extraction system creates a difference.

Unlike other brands, Breville prefers customer satisfaction and quality as its priority. Therefore, I love Breville, slow juicers.

Reasons to choose Breville juicer among all juicers

During the shopping market will showcase many products with low price and high-quality products. However, I don’t believe in them. Only Breville juicer maintains quality performance with an affordable budget.

The reason behind their smooth service is their manufacturing performed while keeping quality in mind. No juicer can beat Breville for its efficiency and smooth performance. The brand manages to hold its position among the successive, reliable, faster and efficient units.

Perks of choosing Breville juicer

Unlike other brands, the Breville juicer carries a wide range of benefits for the consumer. Every product involves certain standout features. You can count on its reliability as they can be used for several years without any problem.

Even if you are looking for EASY TO CLEAN juicers, it won’t stand back. They will carry their high standard due to proper maintenance. They are also fresh air FOR BEGINNERS while bringing simple designs.

Coming with the user-friendliness implementation, the products have easy assembly. Some products might cost a bit more than others. However, it is worth it due to their incredible additional features and high performance. For instance, they will come with a filter scrub brush, recipe book and built-in froth separator. A single investment will bring you many benefits. Isn’t it amazing?

Kinds of Breville juicer

As I told you earlier, Breville comes manufactures many products. One of the reasons behind its popularity is providing a wide range of appliances. Every product offers more than juicing. Below is a guideline regarding the product line of Breville juicers.

Citrus presses

Juicing citrus fruits has always been challenging for us. People need to peel the fruit for juicing fresh oranges. However, that’s not the case in Breville juicer. The design structure requires half of the fruit to provide an unmatched amount of juice by using the cone.

The ergonomic design of Breville’s juicers can crush many grapefruits and limes without any hassle. Besides, the innovative drip-stop system will reduce the mess.

Big squeeze juicers

Another famous product line of Breville’s juicer involves the Big squeeze line. Now the juice makers are emphasizing on trending ‘COLD PRESS’ method.  You may find it a little bit pricy, as they maintain the nutritional content and texture in the extraction process.

They use the mastication process slowly, however, allowing every kind of produce. If you are a fan of LEAFY GREENS, then a big squeeze juicer is ideal.

The user-friendly manufacturing system and quiet operation are the main traits of these juicers.

Juice Fountains

 In the consumer-grade juicer market, the juice fountains are the core of Breville’s offering. In simple words, you can call them centrifugal juicers. They use the spinning and chopping motions to extract the juice from fruits.

The centrifugal juicers are known for the rapid process of using a short time to provide a high volume of juice. For mess-free collection, they contain a compatible container. Apart from that, every model carries a side-mounted spout for delivering complete juice product.

Moreover, they are notable worthy for their versatility.  

Reviews on Breville juicers

The following list of Breville juicers has multiple options for you. Pick any one according to your need and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain- Best buy Breville compact juicer

Following juicer is one of the most compact juicers provided by Breville. If you have limited counter space, then don’t waste your time here & there. Purchase Breville BJE200XL and live a healthy life.

The model carries a motor of 700watt specifically designed to adjust in its compact size. The engine is reliable enough for daily usage without any hesitation. You will be surprised to see the fantastic speed ability of the Breville juicer. With the 14000 rpm, it can extract juice from dense fruits as well as LEAFY GREENS.

With only 9.7 lbs, there will be no problem lifting the unit and storing its cupboard. Furthermore, it is notable for the compact size to measure only 10.5 x 10 x16 inches.

The single-speed setting will put you more at ease. Beginners will be able to learn about the settings in no time. Moreover, the extra-wide feed chute will save you time. Now save your time of prep-cutting and spend it with your family.

Providing minimal insulation, the model is quite noisy. However, if you manage a busy schedule, then it is worth it. Furthermore, cleaning the juicer is also not challenging. It requires only a few minutes to clean the juicer.

The assembly part is also simple. So, there will be no hassle. Apart from that, the stainless steel cutting disc makes it more durable. The Italian-made micro-mesh filter provides more efficiency in performance. The warranty of one year will be activated as you will purchase it.

  • The compact form structure will save counter space
  • Made with titanium-enforced steel disc blade as larger models
  • It comes with the centred knife assembly
  • Every part is BPA-free
  • Heavy-grade polymer body
  • Not suitable for soft fruits
  • Leakage due to overloading

Breville 800JEXL Elite Centrifugal Juicer-Best for luxurious juicing experience

The newest Breville juicer provides you with professional looks and performance. Coming with an impressive 800 watts of motor, it will give you a smooth performance. The ever-lasting engine will act like a restaurant-quality juicer.

Have you tried multiple speed options? Now you can control the speed according to the requirement of produce. The two-speed settings involve speeds of 6,500 rpm and 13000 rpm.

The model contains a standard vertical manufactured design and a little bit of bulkier structure. The model’s weight is 17.2 lbs, so you might feel it challenging to move again and again. The unique extraction system makes the juicing process more accessible.

It uses the combination of Italian –made micro-mesh filter and titanium-reinforced cutting disc that can go through every kind of produce. 

Just like the above Breville juicer, it also has a 3” feed wide chute. The large feeding chute allows you to put large produce without any cutting. You can put a whole carrot or celery in the juicer.

The noise level may get out of hand when the chamber is empty. However, in other cases, you might bear it. The cleaning part of the Breville juicer is also a breeze as many components are dishwasher safe.

There is no excessive pinch required to assemble this juicer. You will not feel any trouble while building the unit.

  • 1000 watt of motor
  • Engineering –grade plastics throughout
  • Extra-durable material construction
  • Two speed-settings
  • 13000 rpm is the top speed
  • Leafy greens will need a second round
  • Hard to clean

Breville BJE430SIL Centrifugal Juicer-Best for cold spin technology


Unlike other Breville juicers, the following juicer contains a motor of 850 watts. It carries satisfaction for many years due to the reliable speed of the unit’s extraction. The best centrifugal juicer has two-speed modes. One is for the soft kind of produce and the other one for hard.

You can use the low speed of 6,500 rpm for soft fruits and veggies, while the dense produce can be extracted by 13000 rpm speed. The efficiency will remain the same regardless of the kind of produce.

Another incredible fact about this juicer is a manageable weight of 11 lbs only. Make sure to empty the 3.4- litre pulp bin container frequently for filling the container with extra-large. As the chute size is 3’inch so you can insert any produce. However, you have to remove the hard pits.

You may expect this model to be noisy. However, it is not chaotic like a consumer-grade blender. Not every product has all the components as dishwasher-safe. Using it in a sanitary manner will make it easy to wash.

There is no exception effort required while assembling the components of the juicer. Furthermore, the usage of cold spin technology makes it more special. It reduces the heat into extracted juice. Hence, the liquid will be more nutritious and flavorful. Above all, just like other products, it also comes with a one-year warranty.

  • It uses cold spin technology
  • It contains an extra-large pulp container
  • Two-speed settings allow multiple produce
  • Extra-large 70 oz seal and store juice jug
  • Wet pulp
  • Breakable

Breville JE98XL – Best for modest price tag with productive features

Featuring the 850-watt motor, it is placed squarely within the juicer. The motor is resilient as well. It won’t run out, so that you can use it for several years. The Breville juicer comes with dual-speed settings with the quality of operational flexibility.

One speed mode uses 6,500 rpm, while the other one includes high-speed settings at 12,000 pm. You will find it a little bit smaller than the others, which is excellent. By using 9.92 lbs weight, it is lighter to move around.

The product has noteworthy safety features. Apart from a safety locking arm, it also has an overload protection indicator. It will prevent the juicer from activating the juicer in an unsafe way.

The extended feed chute will simplify the juicing preparation process. Cutting the fruit or veggie into short can be frustrating, right? The extended feed chute will save you from such hassle. Although it is noisy, however, comes at a moderate level.

The best Breville juicer allows you several fronts for cleaning purpose. Except for the mesh filter basket, food pusher and nutria disc, every part is dishwasher safe. Now you don’t need to spend hours assembling the juicer. They can be attached real quick.

Further features of the best centrifugal juicer involve a froth separator.

  • Overload protection LED indicator
  • Various dishwasher-safe parts
  • Dual speed functionality
  • 1-litre juice jug comes with froth separator
  • Not suitable for leafy greens as forth might come along the juice

Breville BJS700SIL Big Squeeze Slow Juicer- Breville slow juicer

Unlike Breville centrifugal juicer, the Breville slow juicer will preserve the nutrients and maintains peace as well. It will instantly catch your attention. The ultra-quiet motor and unique slow compression extraction system makes it more special.

It features a motor of 240-watt that is enough to save nutrition. Besides, the engine is powerful enough to consider it with a slower screw-and-filter extraction system. As it comes with a single operational speed, so you can’t manipulate it. Here comes the role of the ‘extraction system’. It will bring more efficiency to the juicing process.

The vertical size and tall length add more perks to the juicer. Moving it into the cupboard will be easier now. Every user demands ease of use. Following a product may require some practice to be master; however, it will be easier once you get used to it. Use help from the user’s manual to speed up the process.

Don’t you need a juicer that can provide you with rapid insertion without any prep-cutting and other produce? I love this juicer because of the wide chute and no noise at all. Yes, you heard, right. The Breville slow juicer is ideal for household as there will be no noise to disturb you.

It comes with the quick rinse technology that allows speedy cleanup. You may find it a little bit difficult at assembling the juicer. It is because of the innovative red dot system. By aligning the various dots, you can attach every piece of juicer.

  • 10-years of warranty
  • The reversible operation to avoid clogging
  • No jamming while processing
  • Slow compression extraction
  • Allows maximum nutrients, including fibre
  • The cleaning part can be tricky
  • Pusher rod is too short

Breville BJE530BSS Juice Fountain-Best for mess-free juicing


The following juicer will offer uniqueness and innovative space-saving design. Apart from that, you will get a super-sized 70 fl oz of juice’s flavour. The Breville cold plus juicer provides dual-speeds, quick operation and lightning. Moreover, the fruit chute is also added in the features.

It involves Cold spin technology. Heat protection is essential to avoid losing nutrients. The Italian made mesh filter will maintain the minerals and nutrients. Although it is a centrifugal juicer, the infusion of cold press technology makes it unique.

Not every centrifugal juicer has such incredible qualities. Another feature of this juicer has 3.5 wide chutes that allow large intake. The space-saving design is an additional benefit. Hence, you can enjoy better use for counter space due to the pulp bin behind the product base.

The cold spin technology allows you to store the juice in the refrigerator for 72 hours. It is undoubtedly the best Breville juicer for mess-free juicing. Stop the dripping by closing the nozzle.

  • 70 fl oz easy seal juice jug
  • Froth separator
  • Detachable spout for juicing
  • Easy cleaning brush
  • The nutritional value will remain the same
  • Heat protection
  • Custom designed juice nozzle
  • Only single-speed operation
  • Assembling can be time-taking

FAQ’s related to the Best Breville juicer

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