Unbiased Review of 10 Best Masticating Juicers with FAQ’s

For maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to add some fresh juices to your routine. Everyone wants to get the best masticating juicer, but the question of ‘perfect selection’ arises in mind. Before going to purchasing a juicer, you should have some necessary information regarding the product. It will help you to lead towards picking up the right option.

We are putting here every important necessary detail required to pick the best option for your ease and avoid trial-and-error. First of all, we will explain the term ‘masticating juicer,’ so that you should know what it is. You will get familiar with its pros and cons too. Later on, we will move forward to the ‘list of best cold press juicers’ created to pick them according to your need.

No wonder this article claims to provide you with the best and most authentic information; there are many reasons. It took us days to collect the information about all juicers. During the process, we tried our best to observe even the tiny difference of units. After complete research, we picked the ten best masticating juicers for you. 

Here are our Top 3 Picks

Omega Nc900 HDC Juicer- Dual Stage Operation
omega juicere
  • Low Speed Revolution
  • Industry Leading Company
  • Quiet but powerful operation
Jocuu Slow Masticating Juicer
Omega Juicer
  • Long pressing reverse function
  • Handle seeds and peels
  • Stainless Steel
Tribest Gse-500 Green Star Elite – Best Wide Chute
Hurom juicer
  • High Quality Juice
  • Strong Twin Gears
  • A Robust Design

What is the Masticating Juicer?

People get confused about its names so, let’s clarify one thing first.

Masticating=Cold press juicer=Slow juicer

When you have cleared your mind, we will see what it is and how it works. A masticating juicer is designed in a slower but fashionable way. It is famous for its slowly processed juiced pressed from your item. They are reliable in providing you with the reduction of food oxidation levels. It is enabled to retain the best of natural nutrients and helps the juice to last longer.

As I told you earlier, people call it a slow juicer, too, due to the slow gear rotation. However, it enables you to process more ingredients in a single revolution by the action of press gears. Besides that, it gives you further benefits like less foam, more juice, and less pulp. You just have to cut all ingredients and enjoy your pure nutritious juice.

Such type of machine claims to stay longer. The slow speed juicers contain extra durable parts, promoting less wear and tear than another juicer with spinning blades. Therefore, they are a bit expensive.

Other juicers, such as centrifugal juicers, aim to extract juice faster and efficiently. They enable the high oxidation level, which leads you to the less long fluid. Apart from that, you can use it to grind and other processes of food.

As you know, every materialistic thing has its pros and cons. Same with masticating juicer; Take a look below.

  • Quality Juice production
  • Multi-Functional
  • Works quietly
  • Less forth or pulp
  • Last longer
  • More nutrients
  • LMore Functions
  • Easily handle all vegetables, wheatgrass
  • Slower Process
  • More Expensive
  • Large horizontal models
  • More chopping

Choose The Best Masticating Juicer

1-Omega NC900HDC Juicer-Dual Stage Operation

Looking for a versatile juicer? Then Omega NC900FDC is perfect for you. There are so many other masticating blenders claiming to provide the best output. They provoke their product known for a fresh and healthy juice. However, you may find it stumbling while processing other foods.

It comes with a powerful motor having gear reduction comparable to 2HP motors. 13 pounds weight and plastic material make it perfect and versatile to use every day.

Omega Nc900HDC juicer is known as the most efficient juicer and perfect kitchen helper. Such type of best slow juicers is designed in such a way that they can tackle every task efficiently. You can create baby food, summer sorbets, grounded coffee, and nut butter quite smoothly.

Further Features

Another fantastic feature of such type of slow speed Masticating Juicer is dual-stage extraction. It helps to create more extracted until the last drop. The cold press juicer allows you to enjoy fresh juice in the recorded period. Besides that, they will get more juice than as compared to other blenders. There won’t be any hurdle, even at the most challenging level.

The model works efficiently and relatively quickly. You need to the plugin, and there you go. The best slow juicer is ready to produce a better outcome comparing to others. For preventing it from clogging, you can use the reverse switch.

There is only one thing that you have to do by yourself. In my opinion, with all these benefits, cleaning shouldn’t be an issue for you. It is specially developed for an absolute breeze. Moreover, it’s relatively easy for you to clean due to the cleaning guide.

Some time’s you don’t have any unique plans and looking for a good recipe or change. You always take inspiration from the recipe book provided with the juicer.

There is a slightly wider feeding chute. It gives you assistance for the quick process. You don’t need to chop the vegetables or fruits into small pieces. The Omega NC900HDC contains a sleek and stylish steel body. It is more durable compared to further blenders.

If you are satisfied with its unique features, then let’s check out the price level.

  • It can easily handle a long list of dishes
  • It contains a 15-year warranty
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Less forth or pulp
  • A fragile screen

2-Omega Nutrition Juicer-Unique & Compact Design

Are you looking for a juicer that can go far, then it is undoubtedly for you. The best masticating juicer of all time can go through all kinds of vegetables. According to the striking design and study, it is a solid contender. Due to the versatile functions and reasonable price, Omega masticating blender is the best.

It is relatively easy to store due to the compact design of the model. It is specially designed with High-grade material to stay last longer. Omega Nutrition Center Juicer comes up with a 15-year warranty. Besides that, its motor works equally to 2HP. It contains a small feed tube and a large footprint of 14.5*6.5*15.5. Besides that, it weighs 18 pounds.

Further Features

It would be best if you hadn’t asked about the noise when it comes with such excellent benefits. The cold press juicer works so smoothly and quietly as compared to other masticating blenders. This impressive feature provides you with a pleasant experience. Not every blender is an all-rounder.

According to the study and facts, omega masticating juicer has proved to be eight times more efficient than other plastic juicers. You will find it charming and adorable for its working method. You will experience two unique stages of extracting more juice leaving dry pulp.

Let’s take a quick analysis of its speed. The juicer can complete the task quickly at a rate of 80 revolutions per minute. Omega masticating Juicer requires 200-Watts of power to complete the job. However, the spout needs to be cleaned regularly. Such types of masticating blenders don’t have the functionality of clogging. You can check its price from the given link.

Many juicers claim to be the best. There are so many ads proving their product unique. However, Omega masticating juicer has established itself as the best slow juicer. It’ juice is free from chunks and significantly extracted from the food.

  • It runs quietly
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Provides 15-year warranty
  • Provides high extraction level
  • The model contains a compact design
  • Small feeding tube
  • Needs cleaning

3-Jocuu Slow Masticating Juicer 

Love fresh juices? Jucuu slow juicer upgraded with the two-speed program is on the list to extract fresh juices from any fruit or vegetable. Serve your guest, children, family with fresh juices every day.

Joccu slow juicer helps in reducing your weight because it extracted all the basic stuff from fruit. This thing helps you in boosting your immune system. You can get your drink from watermelon, apple, orange, ginger, grape, pear, celery, cucumber, kale, etc.

Furthermore, joccu gives you a small feeder chute to remove seeds and peels when you are cutting the fruit. In this way, it is helpful to reduce the bitter taste of fruit in the juice.

Further Features

Well, joccu has made it easy to have a fresh drink at any time. A low-speed motor of Joccu with less than 60 decibels lets you enjoy a healthy life in a calm environment of juicing.

“Modern time, new technology.” Yeah, now the old-fashioned juicers are no more in the modern era. The thing about Joccu which makes it stand out is its intelligent motor protection chips. It will automatically off for every 20 minutes’ operation; no worry if you are not there.

 One thing that comes to mind that modern machines are pretty strict in cleaning. You may consider it as a perception because it is so easy to clean. Its stainless steel body is dishwasher safe and easy to disassemble.

Joccu juicer’s reverse function and 10 years’ warranty make it a swiftly purchasable product. Its customer support service is always there to help you and give you the best solution.


Check the Detailed Video Review Below.

YouTube video
  • Disassemble Button
  • Reverse function
  • Active customer support
  • Not messy
  • Small chute size
  • Nondurable

4-Tribest GSE-500 Green Star Elite -Best wide Chute

If you appreciate fresh juices extracted by cold press juicers, then you are going to love this. The juices extracted by Tribest GSE-500 Green star Elite Cold press complete masticating juicers provide you with more health benefits. However, store-bought products can be a little bit expensive.

Just imagine creating cold press juices at your place. Sounds attractive, right? With the help of Tribest GSE-500 Green star, Elite Cold press complete masticating juicer has now made your dream so easy.

Further Features

Let’s check out its features and functionality to get more familiar. The model contains durable twin gears specially designed so that even the hard and toughest vegetables can go through to it. The motors work gradually to maintain the oxidation level.

Do you want to preserve or save your juices for up to a long period but afraid to get spoil? Well, at that point, here is good news for you. With such type of best masticating juicer now, you can save your juices for 72 hours. Well, it sounds like traffic for me, at least. Now you can always enjoy fresh, healthy, and full of taste juices quickly.

It is so easy and quick to use. Moreover, the model contains three unique teeth. It will provide satisfaction to all of your mastication requirements. The model has 110 chews per minute; they will help to do the job quickly and sincerely.

The wide chute of slow speed masticating juicers will save your time. You don’t have to cut the fruits or vegetables into smaller sections. Let’s make it easy for you to decide by checking out its price on Amazon. You just have to click on the given link.

  • It provides a high-quality juice yield
  • You can make pasta along with other dishes
  • It contains strong twin gears
  • This is perfect for obtaining healthy, cold press juices
  • you may find it a little bit tricky when it comes to cleaning the machine

5-Kuvings NJE-3580U Masticating Slow Juicer-A reliable Product

People say that, for a better outcome, you have to wait patiently. Well, here it applies perfectly when it comes to the best masticating juicers of all time. You just have to wait for some time after switch-on & there you go. Fresh and healthy juice is ready for you. Moreover, it is loaded with nutrients.

You must have heard the saying, ‘Slow and steady always wins the race.’

Well, if you have heard this quote before then, you will experience the same. The Kuvings NJE-3580U masticating juicers are experts to perform any task.  During the process, the machine works in the manner of slow and steady. This slow speed Juicer contains a flap gate similar to O-shape. Such type of designs helps to prep the ingredients.

Further Features

The low-speed juicer enables the model to be more durable and reliable as compared to the other juicers. You should know that the slow speed juicers can go far. Besides that, it contains a warranty for five years.

Here is another fantastic fact about the slow speed juicers. They reduce the oxidation level, and as a result, you will gain juice richer in color. It is harmless to use along with BPA-FREE Tritan materials.  Moreover, the liquid lasts longer, and you can cave it up-to 72 hours.

It promises a lot of offers regarding the production of better-extracted juice. The juice claims to be enriched in vitamins and essential nutrients. For its protection, it contains a leather pattern design and drum lid protection.

There are seven Nozzles designed to perform the task in a better way. It can perform various kitchen tasks. The kuvings NJE-3580U masticating slow juicers contain four unique Nozzles, one for mincing, one for pasta, one for rice cakes, and others for juice production.

Now you can create any past, either flat or round, with the best masticating juicers. If you are interested in having rice cakes, you can make them by only using this juicer.

Just check out the price by clicking the link to confirm your decision.

  • It contains seven unique Nozzles
  • The juice stays fresh and healthy for a long time
  • Convenient to clean
  • Reliable and quick to use
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Save time and safe to use
  • Effective and strong
  • Fragile
  • Slow
  • Sometimes Leakage

6-Hurom HP Masticating Juicer-Latest Design

If you are looking for a juicer for personal usage, then you may need a model exceptionally robust. It should stand with continuous use. Here comes the unique part, now you can purchase it any color. Let’s take a glance over its features.

The solid design will provide assistance to stay firmly in place. There are pads placed on every corner.  It enables the inability to embark by pads. You can try this masticating blender even at full speed.

Further Features

It’s time to enjoy fresh juice. The best masticating juicer allows high yield juice, so it is entirely safe. You will see the product completely dry like bone once the pulp came out. For the most efficient result, you will see larger glasses of juices as compared to average.

An ideal product should handle hard products like vegetables and leafy greens. Not every product has the same efficiency level. There are so many functions due to which Hurom HP is the best masticating juicer. It enables to upgrade the juicing experience in a more versatile way.

It works very quickly and high yield. Besides that, it is the perfect model if you want to own your juice stand. Such kind of best auger juicers provides you with better working as compared to other masticating juicers. Moreover, it offers high-yield juice. Let’s check out the price level by clicking on this link.

  • It provides you with quick delivery of juice
  • Quit easy cleaning
  • It is simple to operate the process
  • The juicer provides long-lasting juice
  • Hard to Assemble or Dissemble

7-Lexen GP27 Manual Masticating Juicer-Best for Leafy Greens

Are you tired of chopping the vegetables and fruits into smaller pieces for extracting juice? No doubt, it seems a little bit tough when you are already exhausted enough due to a heavy work schedule. How about I tell you the best high-end masticating juicer which works quickly?

The Original healthy juicer Manual wheatgrass Masticating juicer comes with a wide range of feeding chute. No wonder why it allows you to save your time instead of cutting the vegetables. The model contains 76 RVP speed. It has a weight of2.43 pounds.

Anyone Love Green Juices?

Yes? Well, if you are trying to figure out any easy way to make green juices in your kitchen, then this model will undoubtedly satisfy you. Just pick up your favorite vegetables, Put them into a chute, and enjoy your fresh and nutritious juice. It will be a real ditch if you are avoiding dairy.

Are you Facing a Space Issue?

No worries, the original healthy juicer Manual wheatgrass Masticating juicer contains a compact model. It is specially designed in such a way that it can fit even within a smaller space.  You can even keep it in the cupboard. Besides all these benefits, it also claims to provide you with a maximum amount of juice.

  • Smaller and lighter
  • Provide the long-lasting fresh juice
  • Easy to crush hard veggies
  • Easy to clean
  • Time intensive
  • Does not support fruits effectively

8-KOISES High Juice Yield Juicer-Most Efficient Juicer

Do you want the best slow speed juicer, which is so easy to use and fun? If yes, then let’s take a glance over the other fantastic features to confirm the decision. It has become easy to create the juices from Koises high juice high yield juice and Germany Engel motor.

For boosting health benefits, it’s essential to add fresh juices to your daily routine. However, sometimes it might become a little bit hectic. No worries, the best masticating juicer provides you with an exciting experience with more fun.

Are you tired of repeating the same recipes?

Well, in such case you need not worry about that. The koises high juice yield juicer along Germany Emgel motor comes with the recipe book with more tasty and unique recipes. It will provide you with more fun and unforgettable experience. It allows the full potential of the best masticating juicer.

Further Features

Do you love creating and enjoying new recipes with the help of the best masticating juicer? Did you say yes? The best Koises high juice yield juicer along Germany Emgel motor allows you to be impressed by various unique foods. They all are the creation of the slow speed juicer. You can even enjoy the nut butter from scratch.

It is an exceptionally effective and fantastic way to maintain a healthy diet plan. Adding different ingredients will add up more fun and taste.

You might see a problem while processing the extraction of strawberries and berries. A wet pulp will come out instead of juice. However, you can solve the problem by rerunning the pulp. You will get the juice wholly smooth and dry as a bone.

Check out its price if you liked it.

  • Smaller and lighter
  • Simple to use and quickly cleanable
  • Provides a wide range of foods
  • Free recipe book
  • You might get the wet pulp

9-Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain-A Unique Design

Do you want a slow-speed juicer with stainless steel’s sleek design, perfect for your modern kitchen? It looks a little bit tricky, right? Many juicers claim to be the best masticating juicer with a unique design but featured in colorful plastic. It may look cheap in comparison to others.

The model contains a weight of 9.7 pounds. The screw enables the squeezing process, and the filter provides you purest form of juice. Now you can extract any kind of juice from fruits or vegetables. It needs a shorter time for prep and quite an active mode.

Further Features

The substance should be perfect, along with the required style. The Breville BJE200XL Compact juice fountain 700-Watt juice extractor contains stainless steel with exciting features. You may find it striking and beautiful for its looks. This model is just so unique and suitable for every type of kitchen.

Its unique features will prove that it does not come with only a pretty shape. The model contains a sturdy and reliable design. The motor’s efficient working can go far to impress you—no wonder it works quickly as a flash. Moreover, you can easily create a glass of juice within seconds.

You don’t have to wait for so long because of its efficient working system. It contains a large capacity of juicing cup along with measurements across the sides. Now you can satisfy your doubt by measuring the juice amount.

The model allows sucking more air while processing. However, you cannot store the juice up to an extended period. If you want to drink the juice at run time, you will find it adorable.

Now you can differentiate the price level on Amazon and Breville.

  • It contains a 700-Watt motor
  • Quick working process
  • Developed in the sturdy and sophisticated design
  • Claim to be safe from the dishwasher
  • Quite while processing
  • You may find it slow sometimes
  • Suck in a lot of air

10-Aobosi Masticating Slow Juicer-The Smooth & Quiet Operation

The best masticating juicers involve a model that will provide you with reliable and efficient working. Its compact design and plastic body looks desirable and wanted. The ‘Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer’ is pefect to operate in any way. You might find the product quite different from others. However, they are different in features. The 150-Watt motor may sound a little bit turn off.

Are you looking for a compact and small cold press juicer? At that point, the best performing masticating juicer is only Aobosi masticating slow juicer, suitable for you. It will satisfy all your needs for fresh juice. It is developed in such a way to provide the instant high yield, cold press juice.

Further Features

Here is another fantastic feature of the best masticating slow juicer. The model can quickly satisfy all your cravings for cold-pressed juice. It enables you to provide high yield juice. Besides that, the juicer contains slow pressing motion, which allows you to maintain the cellular structure during the process of extraction.

It enables to quality delivery of vitamins and minerals. It will be a perfect start if you are looking to add a healthy diet plan chart to your routine. Just enjoy your juice loaded with nutrients.

.No doubt the model is the build-up to stay last longer. Such type of slow speed juicer is developed to provide a steady process. It won’t shake while extracting juice from the input. Moreover, it has a durable design that is easy to store. You can even transport it to other places.

Other Juicers contain horizontal auger for extracting juice. However, the best masticating auger is vertical. It enables 80 RPM for purifying your fluid from the pulp.

  • Effortless Cleaning
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble
  • Provides high yield juice
  • Delivers a good quality juice almost dry pulp
  • 150 WATT of motor

How will you Figure out the best masticating juicer? (Buying Guide)

You may find all the juicers similar when you look in the first place. However, they all are different and unique featured. Besides, the style you may find it a little tricky to differentiate.

When you purchase any juicer, automatically, so many questions will pop up in your mind. For instance, what will be the best juicer to pick up? Therefore, we have created some specific parameters to judge the best functionality juicer.

If you plan to make juice twice a week, you should have a high-quality juicer from a well-respected brand. Every juicer can’t provide you with the last longer juice. You need to have a juicer based on an extended warranty and good customer service qualities for a long-lasting juice.

Following are some essential factors your need to check for a high-quality juicer.

Speed: The speed (revolution per minute) helps you to determine the actual extraction speed. Only the slower type of juicer can provide you with long-lasting juices.

Everyone desires to get the appliance with quick service delivery. However, you may find it quite interesting that slow-speed juicer provides you with the best quality juice. Their low speed is suitable for a better result.

You should consider a slow-speed juicer. It will store all the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals in the juice. You may find the juice fresh for a long time.

Power: You can extract more juice from the greater power. However, you might have to face the chaos though.

Attachments: It allows you to enjoy additional functions, for instance, adding different stuff pasta, nut butter, etc.

Horizontal or Vertical: Let’s make a small comparison to see things. Vertical juicers contain unique designs, compact functionality. However, the horizontal version provides you with better extraction.

Size: You can choose your juicer according to your requirements. If you have any issue regarding size issue, then you can customize any decent juicer according to space.

Warranty: For regular usage of appliances, you need juicers with an extended warranty. Make sure you are picking a high-quality juicer.

There is no need to pick a product with no warranty. The top-listed masticating juicers come up with a three-year warranty at least. You may find the product with even a 15-year warranty.

The Juice yield: There are so many juicers that provide you juice in the rawest form. For instance, the juice will be filled with the pulp. However, some other masticating juicers deliver you pure, fresh, and bone dried pulp juice.

The ability to press food affects a lot in quality or amount of the juice extracted.  The slow speed masticating juicers delivers a high yield of juice. You may find it more economical in the long run.

Versatility: If you enjoy cooking, then you may desire to have a product that can perform the multi-task. There are so many slow speed juicers that will provide you with a long list of unique dishes.

You will be able to make pasta, baby food, nut kinds of milk besides just juicing. The juicer must contain the nozzles easily adjustable.

The Noise Level: Some people might find the noises created during the process as a disturbance. The chaos of grinding will be a little bit annoying if you love peace and silence.

In such a case, you should look for such slow speed juicers which work quietly. Some so many models run smoothly and quietly.

The Motor: In any appliance, the motor is an essential part. It should be durable and high torque level. A strong and efficient engine will quickly help the juicer extract even hard and tough vegetables or fruits.

How to Obtain Maximum Benefit from Your Juicer?

Do you want your juicer to provide you more juice, or tired of repeating recipes? Following are some tricks of hacks to get maximum advantage from the best masticating juicer.

Try New Flavors

You should try new flavors in your juice to bring more fun and excitement. There are so many cold press juicers that allow you to try new recipes. You may receive a recipe book along with your juicer. Use that recipe to enjoy unique flavors if you are tired of repeating old ones.

Addition of Other Ingredients

Are you tired of the same flavored juice, extracted by only one ingredient? If yes, then let’s add some more veggies in your juice for bringing a new taste. For instance, you can add any sweet fruit to your green juice or mix up various kinds of fruits.

How to Detoxify your Body?

If you plan to start a healthy diet plan, you must involve some green juices in your routine. It is necessary to provide your body with nutrients and fiber for detoxifying. You can easily extract the juice of kale and wheatgrass with the best cheap masticating juicer.

Tips: A balanced and healthy diet is essential for everyone. However, you should know the perfect timing for drinking juice to provide your body with maximum benefits. Although you can drink juice anytime you want, it would be more beneficial to drink it in the morning. The green juices in the morning help you to stay fresh and active all day.

You can use the recipe book to bring the maximum output from your juicer. It will be an excellent addition of fun to your routine. For more thrill, you can even add up more ingredients.

Don’t forget to check the warranty card for picking a long-lasting device.


Although the above article contains detailed information, if you still have a question in your mind, then read these questions. I hope they will satisfy you from the core.

Final Words

Here are some short critical features from the top masticating juicers included in our article. It will help you to decide if you are still confused quickly.

If your love green veggie juices, then you should consider Omega NC900 HDC for purchasing. It will be an excellent addition to your kitchen; however, you want a juicer with a sleek and compact design to perform multi-tasking. You might check out the Kuvings NJE-3580U.

We hope our article has solved all your queries about picking the best slow speed juicer for you. However, if you still have any question in your mind, then you can always comment down.

I hope you get any inspiration from ‘the best masticating juicer reviews.’We will appreciate your choice if you share that in the comments. Good luck.

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