The 6 Best Wheatgrass Juicer Reviews with FAQ’s (Updated)

For health-conscious people, wheatgrass is an essential part of a daily balanced diet. Many of them use the best wheatgrass juicer to obtain nutrition-rich juice. No one can deny the worth of its nutritional value. It is undeniably a perfect source of enjoying maximum health benefits.

However, it is necessary to choose the best wheatgrass juicer to enjoy at-home juicing daily. Not every juicer has the audacity to provide maximum satisfaction. Therefore, it is essential to consider some crucial factors for wheatgrass juicers.

We know a lot of websites provide you with content related best wheatgrass juicer. However, most products will lead you towards failure due to poor selection. Therefore, we are here to help you out while choosing the electric wheatgrass juicers. Our best wheatgrass juicer review will carry every little and rare information regarding the wheatgrass juicers. Besides that, you will see additional factors to obtain maximum output from the product.

Everyone is aware of the benefits of leafy greens. However, it is difficult to convince kids. It’s probably because of the taste. I can truly understand them because I was resistant too at that age. My opinion wasn’t different from other kids. Therefore, I figured out the better way to cherish even the last drop from a green juice.

I discovered another kind of new leafy green. No doubt, the juice improved my immunity system instead of eating green vegetables on a plate. Therefore, I will share my secret with all the mothers who are tired of making their kids eat greens forcefully.

Wheatgrass is the green vegetable I have used to search for a long time. It is utterly safe from the toxic smell. The wheatgrass juice has enabled me to enjoy kale and celery benefits without using a significant volume of food. Besides that, it helps to maintain a modest appetite. All you require the best affordable wheatgrass juicer.

I researched many wheatgrass juicers to figure out the best electric wheatgrass juicer in the market. Finally, now I can identify the top-rated wheatgrass juicer. I will share all the most affordable yet best quality wheatgrass juicers along with multiple benefits.

Let’s have a glance over the best wheatgrass juicer review shortly. It will save you time if you are in a hurry.  While in another case, you must read the whole blog for dead core information.

First, we can look at the Short comparison chart of all Products

Our Top 3 Picks

Koios Slow Juicer With A Reverse Function
  • 7-Spiral System & Sharp Blades
  • Breeze to Assemble
  • 90% Juice Yield
Omega NC900HDC Juicer & Nutrition System
Cold press Juicer
  • High Yield Juice
  • Quiet Motor & Low Oxidation
  • Easy To Clean
Tribest SS-4200-B Solostar Single Auger
juicer machine
  • BPA Free And Bps Free Material
  • 40% More Juice & Versatilit
  • Larger Ultem Auger

Which one is better for wheatgrass? Juicer vs Blender

When people got convinced to try wheatgrass juice, they look forward to finding the perfect appliance. The products can provide you a maximum yield of juice. Some people believe that a blender can perform the task efficiently. However, the best wheatgrass juicer will always be your best for at-home juicing.


Some people already own blenders. Therefore, they prefer better to try a blender rather than investing money in a new juicer. However, it has been noticed that a blend can tear apart the springs without procuring.

Besides that, the blenders carry high speeds. Due to which the juice will be sprayed over the whole internal chamber. In this way, it won’t be easy to obtain the maximum yield. Moreover, most blenders do not have a built-in spout to provide juice without removing the entire pitcher apparatus.


It is undeniable that a juicer contains everything to provide the best output. To accomplish an effective and efficient job of at-home juicing, you require the best wheatgrass juicer. The best wheatgrass juicer dares to degrade its structural integrity and provide a good quality juice.

The juicing process allows more juice with 100% nutrition. You can purchase consumer-grade juicers because they are relatively affordable. You can even order your juicer from the grocery store.

You will not find any product better than the best wheatgrass juicer. The masticating juicers are considered perfect for this job. Due to their low operational speed and extraction method, masticating juicers are the best. However, according to the fact, every juicer can provide juicing for wheatgrass with a little practice.     

Now, you can move towards the detail of the best wheatgrass review when you made up your mind.

1) Koios Slow Juicer With A Reverse Function

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The product comes with a unique combination of black and white.  The material is completely BPA free. Besides that, the blades are made up of stainless steel. The koios juicer uses a low speed of 80 RPM.

The minimum heat build-up protects you from losing nutrients. It is said that the fast speed encourages the oxidation level. Moreover, the model has a 7-level spiral system. It makes the juice freshest, healthy and nutritious.

The masticating juicers are best at preserving nutrients including all vitamins, minerals and healthy enzymes. You will find it easy to assemble. Moreover, the cleaning will be a breeze for you.

The juicer will be carrying a cleaning brush and shovel to make the process easier for you. The product provides lifelong support over all the parts and performance. Furthermore, you can store the juice for up to 72 hours. The liquid will remain fresh.

The company provides you with the support of 10 years. It even supports sharp blades. Moreover, it includes almost 90% juice yield.

  • Reverse function & 7-spiral system
  • Sharp blades
  • Breeze to assemble
  • 90% juice yield
  • Sharp blades
  • Customer Support is not very Helpful
  • Not Suitable for Carrots
  • Customer Support is not very Helpful

2) Omega NC900HDC Juicer & Nutrition System

Image Source= Amazon

The best manual wheatgrass juicer is a masticating-style juice extractor. It uses a low speed of 80 RPM to minimize the heat build-up and low oxidation. Besides that, the auger system moves the produce into a tight chamber. It grinds and presses the produce for squeezing the wheatgrass or fruit.

The average weight of an electric wheatgrass juicer is 13 pounds. The company provides a 15-year warranty for the performance and all parts. The product contains long-lasting juices due to the slow speed of processing. Besides that, it uses a dual-stage masticating system.

The Omega NC900HDC Juicer provides healthy and delicious juices. It extracts most of its nutritional value, including minerals, vitamins, taste, and beneficial enzymes from little produce. Besides that, you can extrude pasta, grind the coffee, mince herbs and garlic. Moreover, you can make baby food, turn nuts into nut butter.

The electric wheatgrass juicer contains an adjustable end cap with five settings for maximum output. You can enjoy continuous juicing with automatic pulp ejection. Besides that, it has a quiet and robust motor. It is easy to use. You can time as it has a larger feed chute size as compared to others.

Homemade Recipe of Almond Butter with Omega Juicer

YouTube video
  • High yield juice & Low oxidation
  • Quiet motor & Easy to clean
  • Preserve nutrients
  • 15-years Warranty
  • Motor Is not very powerful
  • The plastic ring is breakable

3) Omega NC800HDS Juicer Extractor

Image Source= Amazon

The product leads you towards 15 years without any hurdle. It provides complete coverage on parts and performance. The stainless steel material makes it a stylish and compact design juicer. The best manual wheatgrass juicer contains a weight of 18.7 Pounds.

The low speed of 80 RPM allows minimal heat build-up and low oxidation for promoting healthy enzymes. Therefore, the juices are long-lasting. Besides that, the juicer contains dual-stage masticating extraction.

It is a built in handle so you can carry it easily anywhere. The best electric wheatgrass juicer extracts all the nutrition, including every essential healthy enzyme. You can get maximum output from the minimum produce of wheatgrass or fruit. Besides that, it supports leafy greens too.

It contains a voltage of 110-120V. You can perform multiple tasks through the wheatgrass juicers. For instance, you can extrude pasta, grind the coffee, nuts, baby food, and whip soy milk in seconds. Moreover, you can even make frozen desserts. You can consider it an all-rounder.

The end cap contains multiple settings for better performance in extracting juice. The electric wheatgrass juicer provides automatic pulp ejection. Besides that, it is a time saver. It includes a large feed chute that requires a short prep time.

  • More Quantity of juice
  • Long storing duration of a juice
  • Quiet operation, Higher yield
  • Special for Multiple Tasks
  • Not a verstile Juicer
  • Warranty for only North America

4) Tribest SS-4200-B Solostar Single Auger Masticating Juicer

Image Source= Amazon

The best manual wheatgrass juicer comes from the ‘Tribest’ brand in white color. The average weight is 17 Pounds. It contains a cold-press squeezing method. The best electric juice extractor promises to provide higher nutritional value. Besides that, the juice will be fresh and tasty, carrying vitamins, enzymes. It helps to prevent nutrient degradation.

It uses low-speed operation for minimal oxidation and less heat build-up. Furthermore, the Tribest SS-4200-B Solostar Single Auger juicer uses a cold-press squeezing process. It contains the perfect auger size. Besides that, the dual-stage of mastication allows you to enjoy maximum quantity. It even provides full yield juice.

You can enjoy continuous juicing without any fear of chemical harm. The manual wheatgrass juicer contains an efficient drive system. Moreover, the electric wheatgrass juicer produces 26% torque while using 10% less electricity. The gear reduction of manual wheatgrass juicer has a 5.4HP motor.

It is versatile enough to inspire you. It can use a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Besides that, it includes many additional attachments. You can create pasta, sorbets, nut butter, and sauces. Moreover, it uses only 57 RPM to preserve all the nutrients.

  • Deficient speed & Versatile Juicer
  • Compact, sleek design, Star compatibility
  • 26% more torque & 40% more juice
  • Larger Ultem auger
  • BPA free and Bps free material
  • Hard to Clean
  • Wet Pulp

5) Omega NC1000HDS Juicer Extractor

Image Source= Amazon

The juicer comes with a material of plastic. It uses a silver color, and it uses the brand ‘Omega.’ Besides that, it contains 15-year coverage on all parts and performance. The healthy and fresh juice includes all essential nutrients to improve your health.

The delicious juice will be carrying vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Besides that, you can obtain the maximum quantity of quality juice from limited produce. It can perform multiple types of produces. For instance, it can be used for juicing wheatgrass as well as other leafy greens and fruits.

The manual wheatgrass juicer helps to boost your immunity. Providing you fresh and completely healthy juice is its priority. Therefore, it uses a cold-press juicing system. It is undoubtedly an effective way to access nutritious enzymes and antioxidants.

The low speed of 80 RPM results in minimal oxidation to promote healthy enzymes. You can even grind coffee beans, extrude pasta and nut butter, etc. Besides that, it allows you to make frozen desserts. You can efficiently mince the herbs and garlic.

  • 15-year Coverage
  • All in one Quality Juicer
  • A breeze to assemble and dissemble
  • Allows citrus fruits and frozen desserts
  • Breakable (Cheap Parts)
  • Poor Customer Support

6) Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar, Vertical Slow Juicer

The Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar is one of the best wheatgrass juicers. Although the product uses a plastic material, other qualities are impressive. It contains the weight of 18 pounds only. Besides that, it has a sleek and elegant design to attract everyone. No doubt, it will be an excellent addition to your kitchen appliances.

The electric wheatgrass juicer can perform as mince too. It contains a powerful motor of 200-watt. Besides that, there are 3-stage speed reduction gears. It is undeniably the slowest masticating juicer among all. The juicer uses only 47 Rpm speed. As you read earlier, the low rate of extraction helps to reduce oxidation and heat built up.

Furthermore, it contains a duo-blade auger. The fantastic feature of the duo-blade auger creates two times more cutting action. It cuts the fruits on repeat and crushes the produce with more juice. Besides that, the liquid will be carrying less pulp.

Image Source= Amazon

Besides that, the juicer includes a mincing attachment. It increases the versatility of the Tribest juicer by turning the wing into a multi-purpose tool. You can create your favorite recipes. For instance, you can make sorbet from frozen culmination.

Above all, it is easy to clean. The electric wheatgrass juicer comes with a cap to prevent leaks and drips while switching containers. It is detachable for cleaning. You can clean the juicer by putting water into the auger and closing the cap.

  • Easy to clean & Additional attachments
  • Duo-blade auger, 100% BPA free Parts
  • 3-stage speed reduction gears
  • Juice cap prevents leaks
  • Higher Torque power with Powerful Motor
  • The thin, fragile plastic
  • The auger is made of cheap plastic

What is Wheatgrass?

Suppose you don’t know the term of wheatgrass then let me first introduce it to you. Wheatgrass is a green vegetable. You can quickly cultivate it at your home as it’s not tough to grow. According to the definition, wheatgrass blades are verdant green springs that appear after it sprouts.

They are often known as ‘first leaves’ that can be used for various culinary purposes. Besides that, it adds perfect consumption and concentration to the juice. It contains numerous benefits, including minerals and nutrients. Besides the fact of no smell, the wheatgrass is nutrient more than its volume. Therefore, it has become one of my favorite for at-home juicing with multiple perks.

What are the health benefits of wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is cultivated with the explicit mission of turning it into juice. Only a few springs are enough to create fantastic yield comparatively their size. The wheatgrass juice will be carrying vibrant color. You can combine it with other products for different tastes.

Even the unprocessed form of wheatgrass will be carrying many nutrients to promote health benefits. You will find a beta-carotene dose, vitamin C, vitamin B12, calcium, iron, and potassium in a cup of juice.

Besides that, wheatgrass contains protein, vitamin E, and phosphorus more than broccoli or spinach. The nutrients are the undeniably perfect supplement for the most health-conscious people. Above all, there are some rumours regarding another unique benefit. I saw some posts claiming wheatgrass contains cancer-cure properties.

FAQ’s Regarding Wheatgrass Juicer

Final Verdict

As you have entered the world of wheatgrass’s health and magic, we hope you find our best wheatgrass juicer review helpful. You will achieve better health and wellness. Each and product given above is 100% testified and satisfactory. However, we would like to recommend our favorite. You may find it more helpful.

I have been using Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar, Vertical Slow Juicer, for a long time. Before purchasing this item, I did complete research, and all the reviews were satisfactory enough to convince me. However, let me tell you why I consider it one of the best wheatgrass juicers.

First of all, it contains a compact, attractive and stylish design. I have always adored the appliances that can go well with kitchen décor. It is just perfect for my modern interior kitchen. Besides that, it is amazingly featured. It contains a powerful motor for smooth operation. Moreover, it has three-stage reduction gears.

In case of any query, you can always contact us. We would love to help you out. Good luck with your journey of health.

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