Green Juice recipes for weight loss in 2023

Losing weight through exercise is beneficial but only if you accompany it with green juice recipes for weight loss. You will lose weight quicker than ever by following green juice recipes for weight loss.

Green juices are one of my favorite ways to lose weight. Instead of eating a bunch of kale or spinach leaves, I tried juicing them. To be honest, I loved it.

When I started drinking green juices, I didn’t know about multiple recipes. However, I was also tired of repeating the same recipes. Therefore, I searched for various recipes. Every recipe was delicious than the previous one.

Thanks to the variety of green juice recipes, I was able to enjoy my green juice regularly with a unique taste. You may name it the detox smoothie, veggie smoothie, and fruit drink, etc.

Losing weight by using green juice recipes was the best job I did for myself. Who would have thought that losing weight will be possible by such incredible methods? Eating fruits and veggies is time taking. Besides, a combination of different veggies and fruits will provide you a unique but flavorful taste.

Green juices have a lot of benefits for you. Whether you want to lose weight or struggle with the fight, it is best in every situation. However, it is essential to have a brief introduction first.

What is a green juice or green smoothie?

Green juice or smoothie is a blended drink by using a combination of green veggies. You can even use fruits as well. Although there are many ways to flush out the toxins, however, it is the easiest one. Isn’t it so?

You will be losing weight by consuming healthy nutrients. How interesting, right? The green juices may not provide you the perfect looks or taste; however, a proper amount of ingredients will make it better. Once you try it, the liquid will be a part of your routine.

The distinctive color of green juice is also another kind of its characteristics. Now, let’s move to the amazing perks of green juices. You will be stunned.

Green smoothie Benefits

As green smoothie involves all edible parts of the plant, so they are healthier. Another fact about extracting juice is the removal of fiber from fruits and veggies. The green smoothies usually have a larger amount of water than other fruits. Therefore, it will help with your metabolism.

According to a study, fruits or vegetables may lose their nutritional value when they are cooked. Hence, it is better to use them as raw. In this way, you will get maximum nutrients.

They are incredibly easy to make. There is no specific tool or equipment required for the green juices. You can use a regular blender; however, I would suggest the BEST MASTICATING JUICER. They have a little bit higher efficiency level than other juicers or blenders. Another option is VITAMIX BLENDER if you can’t afford the masticating juicer.

Green juices are relatively cheaper than the other juices. A juice bar will demand 7$ for a green smoothie while you need only 2-3$ for AT-HOME JUICING. Purchase it from any local store and save your money. Apart from that, you will get fresh vegetables and fruits.

Green smoothie Tips

Trick-here is a hack for you if you aren’t a fan of green smoothie. Try adding a bunch of leaves from spinach in the regular juice. The taste will remain the same, but you will get more nutritional value in this way.

A spinach smoothie owns a mild flavor, so you can make it better by using combinations. It will naturally improve your metabolism.

Better Taste– avoid unnecessary calories by using frozen or fresh fruits. Adding fruits will add healthy sweetness to the juice. You don’t need to add any extra sugar to the fluid.

It will prevent you from risking the blood-sugar spike.

Washing the produce– don’t forget to clean the fruits and veggies before using them. It’s always unhealthy to use the fruits and veggies with dirt. Removing bacteria and pesticides from the ingredients will prevent you from diseases.

Time saving-although making a green smoothie is already an easy task however applying the below tips will make it easier. If you love icy drinks, then this is especially for you. Try saving or freezing a bunch of chopped fruit and green in Ziploc bags. Glass jars will also be helpful.

I used to make different combinations and freeze them in Ziploc bags to save time and effort. Now it’s up to you. Allow yourself to enjoy different combinations instead of repeating the same recipe.

How to make a Green smoothie?

Green smoothies are usually easy to make. Try using a combination, and you will love it. There are two ways to make a green smoothie.

Directions for Method 1:

Combine all the ingredients of green smoothie

Blend all the weight loss ingredients into your blender

When it becomes smooth, transfer it to the bowl or glass and enjoy

Directions for Method 2:

If you don’t like the green smoothie in the above way, then try this second method. I’m sure it will make your day.

You can use frozen fruit or freeze the fruit

Adding ½ of ice cubes of crushed ice.

Here are the best but simple green smoothie recipes

The following section contains multiple recipes for you. You have to scroll the screen below. Every recipe has a unique taste and flavor. The dietary fiber and nutritional value will give a boost to your health.

Metabolism-Boosting green smoothie

Here is an incredible combination of berries and greens. Sounds fun, right? The spinach leaves and mixture of oranges and strawberries will provide you a unique flavor. Now let me tell you a secret. Almond milk will boost up the metabolism as they carry creaminess and extra proteins.

Although spinach has no taste but adding these ingredients will provide powerful flavor. It will remove the bitterness and enhances the sweetness and sourness.


• One Orange Peeled
• 1 Cup Of Almond Milk
• 1 Cup Of Raw Spinach
• 1/3 Cup Of Strawberries


After washing the ingredients, add them to the blender

Now blend the mixture until you get a smooth texture.

When you get your desired consistency, make it stop and enjoy.


It is only for one serving and requires only 5 minutes.

Purple passion green smoothie

Thanks to the berries and strawberries, the green spinach smoothie will full of flavor. The smoothie will be delicious, mellow, and creamy. Moreover, the color will be fun and loving.

They are loaded with vitamin C that helps to boost up the metabolism. Furthermore, the natural anti-inflammatory specification makes it more special. It will reduce muscle soreness and reduces bloat.


• ¼ Cup Blueberries
• ½ Cup Strawberries
• 1 Cup Raw Spinach
• ¼ Cup Greek Yogurt
• 1 Cup Of Water


Wash the ingredients and put them in a blender.

Run it for like 3 minutes and add water for having your desired consistency

Add ice if you want and serve.


It is for one serving, add more quantity in case of more people

Grown-up strawberry banana green smoothie

If you are a beginner, then this recipe is certainly for you. With the divine flavor, it will be so difficult to feel the taste of spinach. What you will think is the taste of banana and strawberry taste with the touch of vanilla.

I like this smoothie more than others as a beginner. It provided me a unique flavor. Greens are always healthy but adding bananas will make it more nutritious and delicious. It will provide all essential nutrients and helps to digest the food.


• ½ Cup Of Strawberries
• 1 Cup Of Raw Spinach
• One Teaspoon Of Vanilla
• ½ Cup Of Almond Milk
• One Banana


Add all the ingredients into the blender

Switch on the blender to turn it in a smooth texture

Plug out the switch after two minutes and pour it into a glass


It is for one person only with the 207 kcal. Therefore, if you need more quantity, add water or ingredients.

Want more fruity smoothies? Scroll below to find further delicious and weight loss smoothies

Crazy for Kale

This recipe is my son’s favorite. I like it too as it is delicious and best for kids. The cherries and berries will make it an anti-oxidants-rich smoothie. Certainly, it is nutritious and healthiest plant food. Even with the low-calorie content, it is rich in vitamin C.

Make sure to use fresh ingredients for every recipe. However, for time-saving, you can use frozen fruits. It strongly helps to fight against cancer.


• ½ Cup Of Blueberries
• ½ Cup Of Cherries
• 1 Cup Almond Milk
• Two Teaspoon Honey
• 1 Cup Fresh Kale


After washing all ingredients, add them to the blender.

Make sure to blend it until you get a smooth and silky texture

After serving the smoothie, don’t forget to wash the blender immediately.


Every recipe above is nutritious and delicious in flavor. Pick anyone or try anyone to prove us right. If you are more serious about juicing and looking to purchase any blender, then try BEST BLENDERS FOR SMOOTHIES or BEST MASTICATING JUICERS. The masticating juicer has incredible power to save nutritional value; my suggestion would be to go for it. However, at the end of the day, the decision is yours only.

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