Difference Between Juicing and Smoothies- A Health Guide

Fruits and vegetables are the primary sources of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. All these elements are essential for humans. Mainly, vitamins help in your hair growth, nail growth, and overall body growth. On the other hand, nutrients, minerals, and proteins also hold their essence in human body growth.

You can take these elements in the form of juice and smoother as well. If you don’t know the difference between juicing and smoothies, keep in touch with this post.

In this post, we are going to elaborate on every vital point regarding juicing and smoothies. Also, we let you help in selecting fruits and a balanced diet. When you add juices and smoothies make sure the recipes and features that you are looking for with regards to health goals.

For instance, what type of food contains fiber, fiber is necessary for whom, and so on. Therefore, read this article carefully if you are a health-conscious person.

Difference between Juicing and Smoothies


Juicing is extracting fruit and vegetable liquid that possesses proteins, minerals, enzymes, etc.. Usually, the juice is used as a beverage due to being an extreme liquid like water or soft drink. For extracting the juice, people use a juicer that presses the fruit or vegetable until it comes out as liquid. These juicers remove the vegetables and fruits flesh which ultimately loses fiber. Thus, it lacks fiber.

Where it lacks in fiber there juice helps in fast digestion. You can immediately digest your food with raw juice. Juicing fuses nutrients in your body instantly. In this way, you can add more nutrients in juice than eating fruit. Juice can be very beneficial for the sick person who faces problems while eating.

Also, if you want to have low fiber in your body, juicing can help you best there. Fiber makes it challenging to digest and takes time in nourishing nutrients in your body.

Low fiber can result in healthy digestion, prevents heart disease and high blood sugar. Moreover, juices contain more nutrients and vitamins. But, some juices have more sugar as compared to sodas. So, if you are a sugar patient, then avoid such beverages.

Pros of Juice

Some people usually don’t like to eat green vegetables. Maybe you are the one, or you know someone around you who doesn’t like green veggies. Furthermore, it has been seen that some people don’t want to eat fruits. So, such people usually lack nutrients. For such people juicing is the best way of getting loads of nutrients. It doesn’t feel like a punishment for them and their taste though juice can be consumed in seconds.

Besides, if anyone still has any issue, one can add complimentary stuff like yogurt, tamarind, or pink salt.

Cons of Juice

Due to lack of fiber, you might lose some valuable benefits as well. You know fiber has many positive effects. The fiber manages cholesterol, reduces information, and prevents gastrointestinal problems. Also, fiber helps in fighting against colon cancer. Moreover, it is also helpful for weight loss and much more. So, avoiding fiber results in losing all these essential benefits.


Do you know what a smoothie is? Smoothie is a semi-liquid drink made of fruits and vegetables. Dietary fiber products such as skin, seeds, and pulp are included in the smoothie.

Therefore, a smoothie is thicker than juice. Some people consider smoothies and milkshakes as the same things. In comparison, green smoothies are healthier than milkshakes.  Green smoothies consist of green vegetables such as kale, collard greens, broccoli, celery, spinach, and parsley.

For making the smoothie, people use an electric blender that extracts fruit or vegetable pulp.  Smoothies can fill your hunger. A good amount of smoothie can fill your tummy as well. Smoothies include fruits that are hard to juice, such as bananas, mangoes, and apricots, etc. Also, you can add yogurt, cocoa powder, almond butter, and other such things. These ingredients add weight to your smoothie, which can take the place of a meal.

Pros of Smoothies

The biggest pro of the smoothie is adding dietary fiber, which includes both soluble and insoluble fibers. It is the big difference between juicing and smoothies. Insoluble fiber helps in stabilizing digestion and keeps moving everything, by pulling water to the intestine.

Food such as nuts, seeds, cucumber, carrots, and celery are included in the insoluble fiber. On the other hand, apples, oats, pears, plump, and berries are included in insoluble fiber. This fiber food slows carb absorption, lowers cholesterol, and feeds gut bacteria.

Nevertheless, you can make smoothies for your meal as well. These smoothies help you greatly in weight loss and manage your sugar blood pressure.

Cons of Smoothies

You can’t drink it as juice immediately.  Some smoothies can result in weight gain, so you must make sure of the recipe you are going to use and how it will affect your health. Many people take smoothies with their meal rather than a meal which is wrong.

Smoothies itself is a sort of meal, so as a result, it will lead to a load of calories. Apart from all these, some smoothies already load sugar in them. Thereby, more sugar turns you into diseases such as diabetes, liver, and heart diseases.

Juices vs Smoothies Features


  • Lack of Fiber, which is good in case of rapid nutrients absorption in the human bloodstream.
  • Excellent for immense detoxing.
  • Effective for the people who are suffering from eating due to a sensitive digestive system or sickness.
  • Provides a break to the human digestive system from continuously working on food management.
  • Restore the human body at the cellular level.
  • Time killing when it comes to eating.
  • Some juices make you active and energetic throughout the day.


  • Can be replaced as a meal.
  • Excellent cleansing and detox.
  • Fiber, which automatically breaks down during blending, takes less effort in eating and digestion.
  • Fiber is good to keep your sugar and blood level low.
  • Fruits like bananas and mangoes blend easily.
  • Release of nutrients in your body, slowly.
  • Faster to blend.
  • No fruit and vegetable waste.
  • Additional sugar can result in plenty of calories.
  • It takes time to digest.

Juice Cleanse VS Smoothies Cleanse

Juice Cleanse is the procedure of taking juices along with raw fruits and vegetables from 7-10 days. People who want to lose weight or figure out their diet routine do juice cleansing.  So, these days they don’t eat food, only rely on juices and fruits. Nevertheless, they can lose weight in this process, but this can also cause some health risks. Anyhow, the process rarely satisfies anyone’s hunger.

On the contrary, Smoothie Cleanse is the process where people limit themselves to green leafy smoothies along with fruits and vegetables. Likewise juice cleanses, it also consists of 7 to 10 days. In this process, you can detox yourself.

Furthermore, smoothie can fill your hunger due to the sufficient volume it possesses. In smoothies, you add dairy and another superfood such as butter and cocoa powder too. So, someone can manage hunger.

This will aid you in losing weight, but dietary and routine changes can also affect your health. It will lead to weakness, digestion disorder, and headache, etc. So if you ever think of this cleansing process, then remember to take necessary precautions and details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sum up

The article is dedicated to the difference between juicing and smoothie. It is immensely beneficial for the people who are health conscious and want to diet. Undoubtedly, juices and smoothies are highly recommended for the diet. However, all fluids are not for the weight loss process.

Whatever the purpose, you have to research which fruits and the vegetable recipe will be effective in your case. Besides, we have written all the essential details regarding juicing and blending. The addition of pros, cons, features, and cleanses of juices and smoothies add value to your knowledge. With all these things, it is vital to maintain balance in your diet. Thereby, keep your diet plan according to your health goals.

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