7 Kuvings Juicers Reviews for you to Purchase a Reliable Product

Nothing can be better than a freshly squeezed cup of juice for breakfast. Kuvings juicer reviews will provide you with a highly efficient unit that carries numerous perks. There are various latest improvements in the unit.

The market has a lot of quality products to offer you. However, only a few of them are reliable enough. Aren’t you tired of hurting your hands while squeezing produce with a manual juicer?

Why do I like this kind of blender? There are many reasons but mainly offering a variety of fruits and vegetables for juicing and high-quality unit. With a proper guideline, you can pick the best item. We have collected and presented the below credential for ease and comfort regarding kuving slow juicer  and kuvings centrifugal juicer reviews.

Background of Kuvings Juicers

We have known kuvings for years. In 80 centuries, it has applied for over 14,00 patents. Its name uses two words, including ‘kitchen’ and ‘living.’ The term expresses the company’s desire. The main goal of the company is to bring more comfort to your living method by affordable units.

It has won the crown of getting awards in 2017 and 2019. The initial establishment belongs to 1978. Its early-stage has provided us with various high-quality products for healthy living.

Comparison between Kuvings Juicer and standard Juicer

People use a standard blender for juicing; however, they don’t know the hidden story behind them. Not every high-quality standard blender can produce refreshing and healthy juice for you.

The blender used sharp blades and a more loud volume than juicers. Besides that, due to heat production, the value of nutrients also gets low. A juicer will perfectly remove the fiber from juice and makes it more delicious and nutritious.

In short, a blender will create a bit of chunky juice with fewer nutrients. However, the best kuvings juicer will provide you nutrient-rich, fiber-free, and delicious juice. Besides that, it will be thinner than the blender.

The instant combination of minerals and vitamins provides sounds with a great deal, right? Let’s check out how you can purchase the right kuvings juicer for your kitchen.

Factor to consider while purchasing Best Kuvings Juicer

Juicing can be an incredible way to enjoy nutrition and fun healthily. The worst part comes when you pay a lot for a juicer, and it breaks down right after few uses. Isn’t it frustrating?

So for enjoying a reliable product to enjoy a cup of fresh every morning, look for the features. The best way to identify the best and high-quality juicer is to check out its features. Look what it is offering. Are they supportive of green vegetables also? If so, then you can count on it.

Not every juicer offers you versatility. Go for a juicer that can juice any kind of produce. It should allow extracting juice from soft fruits as well as hard ones.  A slow-speed juicer tends to stay last longer. Therefore, you can go for kuvings slow juicer as well. However, please don’t take it as the mandatory option. There is plenty of fish in the sea.

A slow juicer provides you with juice that will remain fresh for a longer duration. Besides that, the high yield of liquid will make your tummy happier. Don’t forget to look for additional bonuses.

If a juicer allows various ingredients, including homemade almond, cashew milk, and nut milk, pick it quickly. Lastly, make sure to pick a juicer that is EASY TO CLEAN. Waking up your family with the noise of juicer sounds a bit disturbing. Therefore, always choose the one that doesn’t require any extra hassle or effort to clean the unit.

What type of juicer will be better for you?

There are mainly four kinds of juicers usually. Each of them carries its pros and cons. So, be careful while going for anyone.

Masticating juicer

Nothing can be more reliable than a slow juicer. The slow speed of the process provides you with a healthy and nutrient-rich juice. Besides that, less heat production is an additional perk. Furthermore, the low noise level avoids disturbing other people.

MASTICATING JUICERS are also known as the COLD PRESS JUICERS. Instead of slicing the ingredients, they use rotating gears for grinding up the food. Honestly, it makes it more reliable.

Centrifugal juicer

Centrifugal juicer will provide you with a refreshing drink within few seconds. The sharp blades can slice up the ingredient fast. You don’t need to spend hours just juicing your favorite fruit.

If you are in a rush or going to an office, a centrifugal juicer will make juice in mere seconds. Isn’t it convenient for you? Furthermore, they are also cheaper than masticating juicers.

Twin gear juicers

They are similar to masticating juicers. It uses the gears to grind up ingredients. TWIN GEAR JUICER includes two gears for working together in order to crush the produce. The less heat build-up and oxidation makes it unique from a centrifugal juicer.

For the purpose of adjusting the backpressure of the juicer, it has come with the knob. They are best for leafy greens. It will provide you with more yield and a lot of nutrients.

Horizontal vs. Vertical juicer

A vertical juicer carries a design that takes less space on the counter. For a small kitchen, it will be perfect. Besides that, they use faster speed and are easy to clean. However, the drawback has clogged.

Horizontal juicers are a bit larger than above juicers. They will demand you more space. However, there is no such issue of clogging. You can extract juice through various ingredients, including LEAFY GREENS.

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000SR Silver-Best for wide chute

Kuvings Juicers 1

The main features of the best kuvings juicer involve various elements. For instance, you can count on a cleaning tool, a Blank strainer for sorbet,  and a drip-free smart cap. Furthermore, the 3’inch wide tube can even intake large fruits and veggies.

Moreover, the 10-year warranty makes it reliable than others. The motor power of the juicer is 240 Watt. The slow-speed juicer will maintain the nutrients in the juice. By using the slow speed of only 60 RPM doesn’t produce loud noises.

There will be no difficulty in assembling the Kuvings juicer. It comes with various accessories and attachments, including a smart cap, smoothie maker, sorbet maker, and cleaning tool.

You can extract juice through the soft fruits easily. However, the hard ones may tend to clog. It is a time saver. Its long feed tube saves you from cutting your produce. All you need to do is just toss and go.

Drip-free juice spout also helps a lot to save time. Above all, you can even control the pulp. The 10-year warranty allows you such a long duration without any hassle.

  • Quiet operation to avoid disturbance
  • There will be less oxidation
  • Uses low speed
  • 3’inch wide feed chute
  • Drip-free spouts to control the pulp
  • Lid gets stuck
  • Clogging while hard fruits

Kuvings Silver Pearl Whole Slow Juicer-Best for attachments

Kuvings Juicers 2

The key features of kuvings silver pearl’s whole slow juicer are all incredible. They include a 3′ inch feeding tube, blank strainer, kuvings recipe book, and drip-free smart cap. The motor power of the juicer is 240 W.

Using a slow speed of the only 60RPM, it produces no volume. There will be no trouble in assembling or dissembling the components of the unit. Besides that, the special accessories and attachments include multiple elements. For instance, it comes with cleaning tools, a smoothie strainer in selective models, and a black filter.

You will find it best for easy and quick juicing of whole vegetables and fruits. According to the consumer’s results, the unit excels at oranges, carrots, and wheatgrass. If you have presoak the hard ingredients, then there will be no hassle to grind it. However, blending the soft produce is a breeze.

Furthermore, you can consider it as the world’s first wide mouth slow juicer. It can process up to 40%. The high-quality juice is prepared within few seconds to maintains a lot of vitamins and nutrients.

Above all, it comes with a recipe book so that you can try multiple recipes. The 10-year warranty makes it durable.

  • It comes with the wide tube
  • Includes a recipe book and warranty
  • Allows inserting soft fruits as well as hard fruits
  • High-quality juice comes with numerous nutrients
  • Process the liquid up to 40%
  • There will be some pulp
  • Requires cleaning out the fiber during juicing

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite C7000S – Best for Higher Nutrients and Vitamins

Kuvings Juicers 3

Following juicer includes almost the same features as an above juicer. However, the only different element is the presence of hopper attachment. Don’t forget to count for pulp strainer also. The cleaning tools will help you to clean the unit easily.

It comes with a motor power of 240 watts. Moreover, the slow speed of the juicer uses only 60 RPM. Additionally, it will reduce noise volume as well. The chute size is 3 inch so you can put large fruits and veggies as well.

You will find it a quiet juicer as it is a slow juicer. However, there is a drawback of not suitable for leafy greens.

With a weight of 16 pounds, it is a bit heavy to move; however, it prevents vibrating during the process. The cleaning tool will remove the dirt from every crevice in the juicer. For making the sorbet, it has a blank strainer.

Providing you a high yield of juice with a sleek and modern design sounds a great deal. Furthermore, the vertical style slow juicer is rare for home. So, buy it if you adore its incredible features.

  • It is easy to clean
  • There will be a quiet process
  • High juice yield through the process
  • Unique and modern design
  • Time-saver
  • Not suitable for leafy greens
  • Not dishwasher-safe

Kuvings CS600 Whole Slow Juicer -Best for Heavy Duty

Kuvings Juicers 4

This kuvings slow juicer is the world’s first commercial vertical whole fruit/vegetables. It features a flip gate along with a 3.5 wide feed chute for tossing the produce. Unlike other juicers, it offers 24-hour operation.

If you are running a juice store, then you can easily make juice for the whole day. The heavy-duty juicer can operate without overheating. There is no stress of breaking down during the process due to the busy rush.

The deficient speed will gently squeeze the fruit to extract the juice. In this way, you can maintain the nutrients in fluid easily. Furthermore, it provides you a high yield of juice to save some extra cash while extracting juice through this unit.

The minimal vibration and lower noise level also is an additional perk. Hence, you don’t need to worry about disturbing the customers. Above all, it is incredibly versatile. You can even make baby food as well as sorbet. A rotating clean brush will put more ease and comfort in the cleaning process.

  • Attachment of rotating clean brush
  • Versatile juicer to make different things
  • Minimal vibration and less noise level
  • Best for regular and continued use
  • Protection of nutrients
  • Expensive

Kuvings NJE-3570U Masticating Slow Juicer-Best for nozzles

Kuvings Juicers 5

This juicer is unique as compared to the rest of the juicers. It includes seven different nozzles that have a mining and juicing nozzle. The motor power of the unit is 170 W. However, the speed is 80 RPM.

The average weight of the unit is 15 pounds. The chute size is narrow, but it is a durable juicer. On the other hand, the noise level is medium quiet. The assembling difficulty will be on a deficit level. Extracting juice from fruits and vegetables will be a matter of breeze.

However, you may feel difficulty while processing through leafy greens. For instance, you can’t put kale in the juicer. You will find it suitable for mincing garlic, grinding coffee, making soy milk, and extruding pasta.

You need to cut down the fruits and chopping for easy extraction. Furthermore, it comes in white, black, and chrome design. As it is a heavy-duty motor juicer so you can extract juice through fibrous fruits and leafy greens. However, grinding coffee beans and spices and mincing garlic and herbs is also easy. Even you can make soy milk through this juicer easily.

  • Various nozzles in the attachment
  • Includes quiet motor
  • There is minimal heat build-up and oxidation
  • Allows grinding coffee beans and mincing process
  • Availability or different colors in the unit
  • Only two units are left, so you have to order them now
  • Small chute

Kuvings SC Series Juicer-Best for large chute

Kuvings Juicers 6

Following kuvings cold press, the juicer comes with a motor power of 240 watts. It includes a speed of 80 rpm. The average weight of a juicer is 18 pounds. Moreover, the chute size of the juicer is 3 inches. Furthermore, the noise level is excellently quiet. You won’t feel any difficulty.

The large chute helps to insert even the large intake. The special accessories and attachments come with frozen dessert maker attachments sold separately. It allows extracting juice from raw fruits and vegetables; for instance, apples, pears, mangoes, and carrots can easily be extracted.

The key features are a two-step safety start system and Ultem screw and strainer. Furthermore, the direction control power switch. The cleaning tool is also helpful to put ease in the process.

It is compatible with Kuvings Frozen dessert maker attachment. You can make baby food, frozen desserts, and mincing fruits and vegetables. For making it more versatile, try adding the attachments.

  • Two-step safety start system
  • Ultem scre and strainer
  • Cleaning tool attachment
  • Direction control power switch
  • Beautiful and elegant design
  • There are no attachments
  • Requires peeling and cutting the food

Kuvings EVO820CG Slow Juicer-Best Easy to Clean

Kuvings Juicers 7

Its design includes a small footprint to fit into restricted spaces. The juicer comes with a blank and smoothie strainer. Its powerful motor makes it incredibly fast. The simple food preparations with its wide chute are a lot easier.

The following product is an example of premium design units. The compact and small size is ideal for small kitchens. Its BPA-free components also make it more reliable. There is a leather-like finish that provides it a unique look than others.

The machine carries a modern and stylish design for enhancing the kitchen’s décor after checking the component’s quality. Every part of it describes the reliability. Its current 5th generation drum provides incredible expulsion capabilities to perform better.

Assembling it is also quite easy. The 240-watt power motor is the inclusion of the slow juicing category. It will provide you maximum juice yield. Furthermore, minimal oxidation and maximum nutrients are the main attributes.

  • Incredible slow motor power of 240 watt
  • Impressive explusion capabilities
  • Reliable unit
  • Small footprint to occupy less space
  • Smoothie strainer
  • Cheap plastic is used
  • Kind of foam included


Reaching here means that you know all kinds of juicers. However, it entirely depends upon your requirement and choice. Kuvings are always reliable to beat others. After using the BUYING GUIDE, you can pick any unit according to your preference.

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