How to juice a pomegranate in a juicer? (Quick and easy solution)

If you love fresh juices, then here is good news for you. Click on the click to solve your problem’ how to juice a pomegranate in a juicer?

Here comes the easy and quick answer to the question ‘how to juice a pomegranate in a juicer.’ The homemade tasty pomegranate juice is unbeatable in every manner. I have always been fond of fresh juices but making pomegranate juice was a daunting task. Peeling the fruit easily stained my clothes and squishing the seed’s wasted juice.

Hence, I thought to dig up a bit deeper to search for the best ways to juice a pomegranate without any issue. Thanks to those solutions, I no longer need to extract the itty bitty seeds of a pomegranate.

Although there were many valuable ways, however, I have outlined only my favorite ones. But before moving towards the juicing process, let’s learn how to pick pomegranate.

How to pick a pomegranate

According to conventional wisdom, the best pomegranates are the ones that include unblemished skin. Besides that, they will be bright red on the outer surface. However, that’s not vital in every case.

I have found the deep ruby arils as the best pomegranates. They will be slightly cracked. Moreover, they will carry golden brown patches n the exterior. Make sure to purchase them from the farmer’s market if possible. The grocery store may not be able to provide you fresh pomegranates.

Ways – How to juice a pomegranate

There are limited ways of juicing the pomegranate. Removing the seeds from pomegranate is standard in every method. You may get confused as there are various ways to remove the seeds easily. Therefore, I have listed the easy ones below.

It doesn’t matter what method you are adopting as long as you aren’t wearing white. There will be less stress on stains. Otherwise, it can get messy. Now take a knife and cut it into the halves. However, make sure to cut only the outer surface only. Separate the two halves.

Place one of them in a water-filled bowl. Try pressing gently over the outer surface to loosen the seeds. Take the half in palm and seed side down. You can whack the outer layer with a spoon 3-4 times.

Soon, the seeds will be on the hand. Pour them into a bowl. The dense seeds will sink into the bottom. Meanwhile, the pith will rise above the water. Now discard the pith and move everything else in the filter to separate the seeds from the water.

What kind of Juicer is best for pomegranate?

You must be wondering how to separate the juice from seeds. It entirely depends upon you; you can go for masticating juicer as well as a centrifugal juicer. However, there will be a risk of grinding up the seeds into the juice. You may see a difference in the taste.

There are three different methods to adopt for juicing the pomegranate.

Method 1- Place the arils n a mesh strainer over a bowl, now gently press the seeds against the mesh with the back of a spoon. The juice will be drained into the bowl. However, this process can get a bit longer as well as messy.

Method 2- The second method involves putting the arils into a zip lock bag. Make sure to seal it properly. If you have to roll in, then run it firmly over the seeds. Make sure to press it gently. The last step is about putting the whole mixture or content into a mesh strainer over the bowl.

Method 3- Some juicers are designed explicitly for pomegranates and citrus. If you love to make pomegranate juice regularly, it is worth buying a juicer.

What do I prefer?

I used to make the pomegranate juice regularly. Therefore, I decided to go for a reliable investment. Thanks to Breville’s dual-speed countertop juicer.  Coming with a powerful motor of 850-watt, it delivers the juice by using mere seconds.


  • Cut all the pomegranates into halves by using a sharp knife. You will see the cluster of juicy seeds inside of the pomegranate.
  • Hold a spatula or spoon in one hand and tap on the back of the pomegranate in another hand.
  • It will loosen the seeds. Now the seeds will fell into the bowl. Now gently remove all of the leftover seeds y hand.
  • Repeat the process and remove all of the seeds from each pomegranate.
  • Once you are done with the process, make a scoop full of seeds and pour them into the juice funnel.
  • Repeat the process carefully. Try not to drop them. It will leave stains.
  • Now slowly push the seeds into the juicer.
  • Soon, you will get the delicious juice containing the nutritional value of vitamin C, K, and folate. The primary benefit of consuming pomegranate juice is to lower blood pressure.

Juicks Gift Recipe

Pomegranate juice combination recipe you must try

The following recipe is the combination of two fruits. Try it once, and you will get addicted to it for a lifetime.


  • Arils from two pomegranates
  • 4 Blood oranges
  • ¼ cup of fresh mint leaves


  • The first step is about juicing the seeds and oranges
  • Now put the mixture in a blender
  • Add the mint leaves and ice cubes
  • Blend it until it provides you smooth mixture.


Pomegranate comes with a substance known as Punicalagin. They are potent antioxidants and include anti-inflammatory properties. According to the studies, pomegranates are best for reducing the digestive system’s inflammation.

Although it is a multi-step process, it is worthy enough to make an effort. One of the significant benefits of homemade juicing is its freshness. The fresh pomegranate comes with unlimited nutrients with no alternatives. Besides that, the purity of juice speaks of itself.

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