Tribest Juicer Reviews 2023 for your guide

Discovering the essential information regarding tribest juicer will provide maximum benefits. Reading the TRibest juicer reviews will help you to pick your most suitable juicer for the kitchen.

Switching to a healthy life means you want a nutrient-packed drink. Optimal nutrition will be the main priority. It takes a lot of time to decide the best ingredients and the best machine to use without any guide. Therefore, today we are here with a variety of high-quality juicers. Tribest juicers reviews or double auger juicers will provide you the maximum amount of nutrients.

Besides that, we will have a brief introduction to the company. You will understand the worth of these products in the product line through this introduction.

Tribest Company

The creation of Trbest Company was done in Los Angeles in 1988. People came to know about its first product in 1990. With the passage of time company enhanced the features of the juicer. In 2009, the Greenstar elite was introduced.

The main purpose of the company is to provide you high-quality and high efficient products. Besides that, reliability is also crucial for them. The product Greenstar carries the crown of winning many awards. The excellence of quality and good reputation has made tribest products sparkling. But what factors really make it special?

What sets it apart from other units?

Let’s have a glance over the features that insist us to purchase the Tribest products.

Increased mineral content

The use of technology during the process to create the unit is highly impressive. It manages to maintain a higher quantity of minerals than similar units. Unlike other units, they extract two times more minerals in the juice.

Slow-Speed juicing

According to Dr. Normal Walker, low-speed juicers are always better than high-speed juicers. They tend to manage the more amount of nutrients will less oxidation. Furthermore, there will be no chemical residue in the juices.

Long-Lasting juices for on the go

The tribest units will provide you the juices that are meant to stay last longer. You can carry them to the office or school.

Oxidation protection

Apart from maintaining the nutrients in the juice, they excel at producing minimal heat to reduce oxidation. As oxidation is a way to lose nutrients, there is also a way to minimize oxidation to save nutrients.

Twin-Gear Technology

The tribest unit carries a crucial feature known as twin-gear technology. Thanks to this revolutionary technology, you can extract juice from leafy greens to apples and carrots. Another vital feature that the tribest unit carries is the triple-action system. There are cutting points in the unit that allows cutting hard fruits like celery.

It will prevent jamming. Furthermore, it ensures the maximum juice yield and a smooth, flavorful juice. Besides that, it also comes with pocket recesses to perform slicing. On the other hand, the base handles the crushing part.

It is worth noticing that twin gears contain bio-ceramic material. Additionally, kinetic energy plays a vital role and ensures far-infrared emission. You can consider it a technique for securing a wavelength needed for organic materials and water to oscillate naturally.

Explaining video of twin gear technology

YouTube video

This is the real way of achieving maximum freshness and nutritional value of juices.

Why is speed (110 rpm) an essential feature?

Recently, a comparison has been noted between the tribest Greenstar juicers with the rest of four similar units. The produce was an apple for testing purposes. The conclusion includes that twin-gear technology produces heat after less than 1F.

There was a rapid increase in apple temperature from 59.9F to 60.44F. Every gear contains in-line magnets. The purpose is to deliver a 2600 guass magnetic field. At this stage, the juice moves around and turns the cluster into smaller pieces.

Due to this feature, you will get an extra boost of magnesium and other minerals in each glass of juice.

Greenstar Juicers Special Feature

The brand Greenstar is the foundation of tribes company. Coming with a series of juicers, each of them is specially designed for those who love a fresh glass of juice with a lot of nutrient content.

Twin-gear- It is a part of these units for the purpose of securing high-yield juice. Furthermore, it provides an incredible squeezing potential.

Automatic pulp removal

The unit excels at removing the pulp and making the juice just the way you want.

Low speed

The low speed of the unit will preserve the nutrients. They are equipped with a high-power motor and low-speed settings.

Carrying handle

The units come with a carrying handle that provides maximum portability. The weight of each unit varies from product to product. However, the handle makes it easy to move around.

Durable components

Every part of the product is reliable. Furthermore, the high quality of juicer assures to serve well for a long time.

Variety of Ingredients

You can consider Greenstar suitable for soft and hard fruits, including wheatgrass. There are various other accessories to ensure of making butter, sauces, pasta, etc.

Convenient cord storage

The unit allows you are storing the cord conveniently in the designated area.

Tribest SW-2020 Slowstar-Best for BPA-free components

The double auger juicer operates by using only 47 RPM speed for preserving the nutrients. The design includes BPA-free components. Apart from that, there is a small footprint to save space.

The features include quiet operations and the user’s safety on top. For easy cleaning, there is a detachable cap and simple assembling and dissembling of the unit.

The tribest slow start MASTICATING JUICER uses a 200W motor. As we said earlier, the concept of low speed is used for preserving nutrients. For this purpose, the unit uses three-phase speed reduction to protect the quality and freshness of the juice.

It comes with a Duoblade double-edged auger. The main purpose is to cut more produce and enhancing yield. According to the testing, you could get almost 40% more juice in this way. Furthermore, putting it on the kitchen counter is also easy.

  • Premium quality juicer to stay last longer
  • Powerful motor to go through both kinds of ingredients
  • Mincing attachments to replace other appliance
  • You will get the highest quantity of nutrients
  • BPA-free components
  • Expensive
  • It takes a bit longer than juicers to serve

Tribest SS-4250-B Solostar -Best for warranty

Tribest juicer reviews 2

It comes with a classic design while featuring a durable single auger and long-lasting quality. It allows you are expecting everything that a horizontal juicer can perform. You may sometimes find it challenging to fit in the cupboard due to their height.

Having a deeper look, soon you will see a single auger that will stay last longer. The quality will be impressive. Surely, this way, they are claiming the warranty for 15-years. Another remarkable feature is the motor of the unit.

The app’s strength is equal to 5.4 HP that can crush all the ingredients, including leafy veggies, wheatgrass, and fruits. No juicer can compete with the Tribest juicer. Speaking of its performance, it uses 57 RPM that is suitable for a low-speed juicer.

Using the slow speed means you are going to have the maximum amount of nutrition. Unlike other juices, you can store the liquid for 72 hours. Besides that, all the components are BPA-free. It means the manufacturing ensures its reliable loading of nutrients.

  • Long preserving of juice
  • Motor equals 5.4 HP & Uses 57 RPM
  • BPA-free components
  • Juice is full of nutrients
  • Fairly quiet process
  • Smaller chute than others

Tribest Greenstar Slow Juicer GSE-5000Best for four screens

Tribest juicer reviews 3

You can replace it with a human mastication system for better understanding. The design carries high-quality and unique components. It features four different screens for everyone’s preferences.

As everyone has their preferences, so it carries four screens. The usability of the unit determines the performance. It is easy to use but, you may not find the cleaning process that simple. The juicer operates by using 110 RPM. It means there will be minimal oxidation.

The elements including cutting points, a crushing base, and slicing pocket recesses. It ensures the capability of handling various produces and maximum versatility. It is undeniably one of the stand-out components of Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar elite.

There is no small footprint, but it’s all about the way it is manufactured. The good point is its compact size. You can easily put it in the cupboard due to its small height. In case you like more pulp, then you can use the coarse unit.

  • Cutting points, crushing base, and slicing pocket recesses
  • Stand-out components
  • Small height to easy putting on the cupboard
  • Four screens in the unit
  • Glass pitcher and wooden plungers
  • Long cleaning process
  • Hard to assemble and dissemble

Tribest GSE-5010 Greenstar Elite Masticating Juicer-best for versatility

Tribest juicer reviews 4

The above juicer is famous for its impressive juice yield and versatility. The design consists of black color for the modern kitchen. It features the three processing phases plus a mixing stage. It is simple to use but hard to clean.

The versatile and reliable juicer is ready to meet your every requirement. It is a masticating juicer that is capable of masticating both kinds of produces. The juicer can extract juice from soft fruits as well as hard fruits.

You will be impressed to see its juice yield. There will be no compromise on its quality and taste. It will preserve the nutrients as well as ensures freshness. Furthermore, you can store for up to 72 hours.

The design of the juicer also includes a logo on the side that looks great. Its unique appearance provides a modern and contemporary looking to the kitchen’s décor. You will get by clicking the given link is an extremely durable juicer with Greenstar jumbo twin gears.

  • It comes with the bio-ceramic and magnetic technology
  • Preserving the additional nutrients
  • Replicates to cutting, slicing, and crushing process
  • The mixing stage will combine the ingredients
  • Pressure adjustment button
  • Design flaws
  • It uses breakable plastic

Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite-Best for all-round performance

Tribest juicer reviews 5

The juicer is famous for consistent results and all-around performance. The design includes a chrome variation that delivers a classy appearance. There is no doubt that relying on its excellent performance won’t be a regret for you.

The unit uses a combination of a 200Watt and 110Watt for ensuring to handle all kinds of produce. It includes veggies and fruits varying the hardness. The tribest Greenstar juicer uses a unique approach to utilize the jumbo twin gears.

Saving up the juicer for three to four days is a time-saving process. Besides that, it will remain fresh. Furthermore, you can get the desired amount of pulp in the juice. It comes with the pulp ejection and multiple screens to ensure a great job of delivering the expected results.

Its design uses a combination of black and chrome color to ensure the classy looks of the juicer. Although the height is modest, however, contains a bit larger footprint. There is a mixing stage to maximize the nutritional value and improve the taste.

Video Review of GSE-5050

  • Pressure adjustment mechanism
  • Enough accessories and attachments of unit
  • Modest height and mixing stage
  • Combination of 200Watt and 110Watt
  • Classy looks of the design
  • Coats can come off after sometime
  • Not as efficient as the manual says

Tribest GS-1000 Greenstar -Best for quiet process

Tribest juicer reviews 6

The Tribest Greenstar juicer contains a motor that uses a speed of 110 RPM. You will find the feeding hole reasonably large. However, there is still a need to cut down the veggies or fruits into smaller pieces.

You will find it amazingly quiet during the operation. It won’t create noise as the rest of the juicers makes. It guarantees you freshly loaded nutrient juice. What could be better than this to start a day?

You may its design a bit outdated, but in the end, performance matters the most. Its remarkable performance balances the lack of features. Its design doesn’t indicate the unit as a premium juicer. After scratching the surface of the unit, you will find its quality impressive.

The product carries HD twin gears that are made up of stainless steel. Furthermore, the gear consists of crushing, cutting, and slicing features to perform the overall process. It doesn’t require a lot of space on the counter; however, don’t forget to consider the footprint.

There is a knob to adjust the pressure that will help to process different kinds of produces.

  • HD Twin Gear technology
  • Small and compact in height
  • No heat build-up
  • Impressive quality unit
  • Reasonably large feeding tube
  • Challenging with carrots
  • Heavy device

Tribest Jumbo GS-P502 Commercial Juicer-Best for Heavy Duty

Tribest juicer reviews 7

Following juicer is famous for high-quality components and durability of extreme level. Even though it is masticating, you will find it surprising to see its quick serving. Furthermore, the reverse function helps to deal with jams.

It comes with a locking mechanism that simplifies the cleaning process. If you choose the grey color, then it will provide you an utterly unique look. Every grey design can contribute to any kitchen’s décor. Its best part is twin gears that will give you nutrient-rich juice.

To secure maximum durability, the gears use material of stainless steel. Therefore, the unit is commercial-certified. It allows to use it for bars, restaurants, and commercial requirements.

Above all, it comes with a warranty of 15-years. The reverse function will keep you secure from the hassle of clogging. All you have to do is pressing the button to unclog the machine. The cleaning process requires almost 20 minutes to clean the juicer. You will appreciate the scraper tool to make the process easier.

  • Utterly unique look
  • Stainless steel twin gears
  • No clogging at all
  • Best for commercial use as well as home
  • Highest nutrient content
  • An expensive but substantially cheaper model
  • Not good for the only wheatgrass

FAQ’s Regarding Tribest juicer


Every unit of Tribest juicers is reliable and packed with a warranty. These units are suitable for different types of produce. They will deliver you consistent results. The variety of accessories will enhance the versatility.

While buying the juicer, don’t forget to use the buying guide. We hope Tribest juicer reviews were helpful for you. However, if you are still confused at any point, then use the comment section.

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