Top 5 Best Hamilton Beach Juicers to buy in 2022 | Reviews & FAQs

Are you still struggling to figure out the perfect juice machine for at-home juicing? Surely, you haven’t tried Hamilton juicer then. The best Hamilton beach juicer is undeniably perfect for your kitchen. The brand has served us with their reliable and durable products for so long.

Every product owns the best specifications for better performance. Today, our blog will carry authentic information regarding the top best Hamilton beach juicers. We will compare their features to identify the best of best Hamilton juicer.

Hamilton juicers are user-friendly and high-performing. All of the models provide you the opportunity to obtain a flavorful and high yield of smooth juice. Besides that, the juice will keep you energetic for the whole day.

You can see by yourself if you don’t trust the reviews. The Hamilton juicer has earned the trust of many people. Therefore, it is quite famous in the market. Once you become familiar with the brand, you can easily differentiate the special type of juicer.

You will be able to compare the specifications of top juicers for choosing the best product. If you are health-conscious like many of us, then certainly you need the best juicing machine. After work out, the refreshing juice from Hamilton juicer will help you to stay active all day.

Now you don’t have to pay again & again for the juice. You can easily enjoy your favourite flavor of juice at home. The Hamilton juicer will realize the difference in taste. Not every juicer provides such amazing taste as Hamilton Juicer.

Comparison of  5 Top Rated Hamilton Beach Juicers

Best for Time-Saving
Hamilton Beach (67601A) Juicer Machine, Big Mouth 3” Feed Chute-Best for Time-Saving
  • Features:
  • Less Prep Time Is Required
  • Bpa Free Plastic, Able To Save For A Long Time
  • A Micro-soft Bristle Brush For Cleaning Strainer
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Best for wide Chute
Hamilton Beach (67850) Premium Juicer Machine – Best for wide Chute
  • Features:
  • BPA-Free pitcher and Two speeds for more extraction
  • Extra-wide feed chute of 3 Inch
  • Less mess with adjustable spout
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Best Slow & Quiet Action
Hamilton Beach (67951) Masticating Juicer Machine-Best for Slow and Quiet Action
  • Features:
  • Additional attachment of cleaning brush
  • More quantity Nutrient-rich juice
  • Supports leafy greens
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Best for Extra-Large Pulp Bin
Hamilton Beach (67608) – Best for Extra-Large Pulp Bin
  • Features:
  • Extra-large pulp bin
  • Best for continued usage
  • Quick to assemble
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Best Durable Construction
Hamilton Beach (67801) Health Smart Juicer Machine-Best for durable construction
  • Features:
  • Warranty of 3 years
  • Light-weighted and Durable construction juicer
  • Stainless cutter and strainer
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Hamilton Beach Company

Hamilton beach brands are quite famous due to their innovative and creative products. The company is inspiring us since 1910. It has undeniably made many lives of users easier. For creating a unique product, the designers and engineers work together by approaching ‘good thinking.’ No one can deny the good reputation of Hamilton beach Company.

The company has got additional services to provide. By increasing its capacity, it can provide quality food and liquid production solutions. Besides that, it has the support of Proctor Silex, Electrics, and TrueAir. No doubt, it is the ultimate trustworthy brand in the market.

However, the Hamilton beach kitchen’s products are still on the top. No brand can beat them. People love to use their juicers, toasters, coffee makers, blenders, food processors, etc. It is undoubtedly the mark of quality. All the unique features of the product make clear that Hamilton beach is a good brand.

Which product is better for Juicing? Blender vs. Juicer

Usually, Hamilton Beach has multiple options of kitchen appliances, useful to produce juice straight from produce. Through the given comparison, you can quickly decide to pick the best product for juicing. For more clarity, it will be carrying all the benefits and drawbacks. Besides that, it will help you to get the maximum benefit from the product.

Juicer Machine

According to the core functionality, a juicer works with a series of components for separating the juice from fruits. The process is done by using several techniques variety of techniques. Besides that, it even uses centrifugal gravity and friction-based mastication.

The word juicer describes an effective machine to provide efficient operation of juicing. The juice is directly infused from the fruits and veggies nutrients. It allows quick digestion and entrance to the bloodstream efficiently.

Some of the users operate Hamilton beach slow juicer due to their ability to extract the fiber. It allows packing all the nutrients in a single glass of juice.

Using a Blender

As compared to the juicer, it separates the ingredient’s fiber from its juice. The blender uses a direct approach. The Hamilton Beach slow juicer operates by combining the components and using high-powered blades.

Soon it will turn into a thick, creamy product and take the color of the ingredient. In the purest sense of the world, you may not consider it as juice. However, it still contains the juice from its ingredients. Besides that, it will carry fiber as a bonus point. The fiber is beneficial for satisfying hunger, regulating blood sugar and the digestive system.

This method is ideal for grinding things, for instance, produce like Chia seeds, raw cacao, protein powder, etc.

After reading this necessary information, you are ready to move towards the Hamilton beach juicers review.

Top 5 Best Hamilton Juicers

1) Hamilton Beach 67601A-Best for Time-Saving

The key features include extra-wide three feed chute, high mounted juice spout, extra-large pulp bin, and BPA free. Besides that, it contains safe dishwasher components. It is best for general purpose juicing. The Hamilton Beach slow juicer supports tough fruits.

If we discuss the quality, you won’t find any better than the Hamilton Beach juicer. It provides a flavorful juice compare to store-bought options. The people, who don’t like pulp in their juice, will love this particular model.

The model does not include a specific yield. It depends on the size and power. For instance, it could produce 2 quarts of juice in a single batch. Minimization of pulp is certainly the most attractive and impressive feature.

The product comes with a stainless steel cutter, strainer combination. It can grind through and strip out every last drop. For instance, beets can be converted into juice within seconds. It contains a motor of 800 watts. It contains a weight of 9.75 Ibs.

The product is convenient enough to use. You can find a convenient spot on the counter. Furthermore, the Hamilton slow juicer has a 3-inch chute. The large chute of Hamilton beach slow juicer allows the whole fruit or vegetable into the machine. Besides that, it saves your time of prep. It is best for the lazy people who avoid the cutting process, for sure.

The model produces sounds while operating. However, the amount of sound is moderate. It is because of its centrifugal system. The Hamilton slow beach juicer is easy to clean with the help of a cleaning brush. Most components of juicers are dishwasher safe. Therefore, it’s almost a breeze to clean the juicer.

The model contains extra accessories or attachments. For instance, the cleaning brush will save your time cleaning, and you don’t need to pay for it.

Check Detailed Guide of Easy to Clean Juicers

  • Less prep time required
  • BPA free plastic, Able to save for a long time
  • A micro-soft bristle brush for cleaning strainer
  • Louder sound while juicing carrots and potatoes
  • Leaking due to overload

2) Hamilton Beach 67850 – Best for Wide Chute

The best Hamilton beach juicer easy clean is certainly the best pick up. The product contains a weight of 9.3 Pounds. Now you can enjoy the fresh juice within seconds through Hamilton beach slow juicer.

Furthermore, it allows a variety of fruits and vegetables for juicing. You can get your favorite flavored juice with a little bit of effort by putting products in a juicer. Moreover, it is easy to assemble. Besides that, it contains a BPA-free pitcher with a lid and froth separator.

The product contains the crown of 3-year limitation from the top-selling juice extractor brand. Moreover, it includes access to US-based customer service. The Hamilton slow beach juicer contains two types of speeds for the maximum amount of juice. It is said that the 850 watts of electric power are adjusted to the product.

The best Hamilton beach juicer best buy includes extra-large 3 Inch feed chute fits for the produce. You can add a whole apple into the juicer. It will require less prep time. Furthermore, you can use it continuously for fresh fruit juice. It is certainly the best Hamilton beach juicer for celery juice.

The product owns the strainer, and it cuts the cleaning time in half. Besides that, the large 40 oz container helps to avoid the requirement of stopping after few moments. The product will provide healthy, home-made juice with a simple method.

  • Easy to clean with a cleaning brush
  • Powerful 1.1 hp motor
  • Foam separator & BPA-Free pitcher
  • Extra-wide feed chute of 3 Inch
  • Less mess with adjustable spout
  • Two speeds for more extraction
  • Slid around the counter space
  • Lots of foam and leaks may occur

3) Hamilton Beach 67951 – Best for Slow and Quiet Action

Do you love juicing, however, avoid juicing due to the noises? Well, at that point, you would love the best Hamilton beach masticating juicer. It is undeniably the best Hamilton slow beach juicer.

Let me briefly introduce its amazing features. I am sure you would love its quiet operation. The Hamilton Beach slow juicer comes with a weight of 9.9 Pounds. The model allows a variety of fruits and vegetables for juicing. Now you can enjoy at-home juicing with a smooth operation through Hamilton beach slow juicer.

Furthermore, it is easy to assemble. You will be surprised to see it’s quite working. It requires only 150W of power to create a slow press juice from the fruits and vegetables. Besides that, it comes with a 33-year limitation from the top-selling juice extractor brand. It even contains the support of US-based customer service.

The best Hamilton beach juicer easy clean contains removable parts that are easily rinsed able. The components do not need any scrubbing or scouring. Moreover, it comes with the additional attachment of a cleaning brush.

The Hamilton Beach slow juicer will provide you with smoother results. As the masticating juicer creates a smooth texture furthermore, it has less separation than the leading centrifugal juicer.

You will love this juicer if you are a green juice lover. It extracts 2x more when it comes to extracting spinach. It supports multiple types of fruits and vegetables for juicing. For instance, it includes kale, spinach, barriers, ginger, beet, celery, pineapple, peas, carrots, cucumbers, etc.

Detailed Buying Guide of Best Leafy Green Juicer

  • Quiet masticating operating system
  • BPA-free, dishwasher safe, easy to clean
  • Additional attachment of cleaning brush
  • Nutrient-rich juice
  • Supports leafy greens
  • Less energy
  • Small chute

4) Hamilton Beach 67608 – Best for Extra-Large Pulp Bin

Are you looking for a juicer to obtain a 10x better taste than store-bought juice, then it is perfect. You won’t find any product better than this when it comes to taste, texture, and freshness.

The product is known for its efficient working system. The big mouth Pro juice Extractor saves time. No doubt, it is featuring reliable efficiency. Therefore, you can use the fast speed. Moreover, there will be no more fuss cleaning. It can turn the whole apple into liquid within 3 seconds through a powerful motor of 1.1 horsepower.

The extra-wide feed chute will allow anything with less effort. The best Hamilton beach easy clean juicer will provide you more time for relaxing. You will be able to enjoy freshly extracted nutritious juice within seconds.

Besides that, the product will provide 24% more apple juice per glass than the other juicers. The stainless steel design will be perfect for the kitchen. It is undeniably easy to assemble, handling, operating and storage.

It contains an extra-large pulp bin for continuous juicing. It means you don’t have to stop the machine. Moreover, the removable parts are dishwasher safe. The best Hamilton beach slow juicer comes with stainless steel cutter for quick process.

Besides that, it has additional attachments. The cleaning brush and micro-soft bristles will save your time of cleaning the juicer. It is undeniably the best Hamilton beach juicer best buy. You can use the leftover pulp in other recipes.

  • Good for hard Ingredients
  • Extra-large pulp bin & wide feed chute
  • Best for continued usage with powerful motor
  • Quick to assemble
  • Unique stainless steel design
  • Additional attachment of cleaning tools
  • Requires more time for cleaning
  • Loud Juicer
  • It’s not a Daily Juicer

5) Hamilton Beach 67801 – Best for durable Construction

The best Hamilton beach juicer best buy comes with the feature of making fresh, healthy juice in seconds. It can turn the fruits and vegetables into nutritious juice quickly. Besides that, it allows the variety of produce. No doubt, it is the best source of nutrients and vitamin intake.

The model contains a weight of 5.9 Pounds. It is lighter than the other Hamilton juicers. Furthermore, it has a powerful motor of 400 Watt. You can extract the nutritious juice from apples, celery, carrots easily.

Besides that, it contains a compact design. It will be perfect for putting on the counter or storing in the cupboard. Moreover, it has a durable construction that delivers consistent juicing performance.  The stainless steel cutter and strainer would be more beneficial for the juicing process.

Furthermore, it contains a variety of 3 years. You can spend three years without any trouble. In case of any problem, you can take help from customer service.

  • Warranty of 3 years
  • Light-weighted & Very Affordable Juicer
  • Durable construction
  • Stainless cutter and strainer
  • Nutritious juice through a variety of produce
  • Breakable
  • Juicing too much with this juicer is not recommended

FAQ’s Related to Best Hamilton Beach Juicers


Are you overwhelmed by the multiple options available here today? If yes, then we are here to help you. The Hamilton Beach juice extractor reviews contain each & every product that is testified already. You don’t need to worry about their reliability. If there is anything need to do is ‘making a decision.’

However, if you are still confused due to the variety of options, let me make it easy. I am going to recommend the juicer that I have been using personally. Before purchasing this juicer, I did a lot of research, and after using it for a long time, I am sure of my choice.

The’ Hamilton Beach (67601A)‘ is certainly the best buy. The model contains amazing perks. All the features are impressive enough to suggest it for you. Along with the powerful motor, you can enjoy the juice within seconds. Besides that, the Hamilton Beach juicer allows any type of produce. You can even put a whole apple inside. Therefore, I would love to recommend this juicer.

In my opinion, after all this knowledge, you are ready to purchase your juicer. However, make sure to share it with us in the comments. We would love to know about its specifications.

Good luck with your healthy living journey.

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