Magic bullet blender review for revealing the perks

You must have heard about the famous Bullet blenders, right? Here is the magic bullet blender review if you are confused about the best option. You will go through deep and vital information regarding Magic bullet blender reviews.

Considering the magic bullet blender from top offerings will be undeniable. When it comes to infomercials, it stands with dignity. They all are famous for low prices and easy-to-use features. The crown of setting the trend goes to Magic bullet so you can understand its worth.

It is undoubtedly one of the best sources to create a quick shot of smoothie or juice. But why should you go for it? Is it that good? There can be various flaws you might want to avoid. Therefore, make sure to stay tuned with us.

Magic Bullet

It is a personal blender specially designed for a space-saving replacement for various other units, such as food processors, electric juicers, etc.

DO YOU KNOW? The name was taken from the Ogive-shaped curve of the blending cups.

Everything is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to Lenny Sands. It was 1960 when they first designed the electrical coffee grinder. Later on, the variety got a wide range of products.

It consists of various attachments with the electric base blender. The attachments will be mention in the review.

Magic Bullet blender Review

Isn’t it amazing to have a unit that can replace many other products? I love my Magic bullet for the space-saving feature and its unique elements. The variety of components allows using it for every kind of use.

As it contains strong and powerful blades so you can even chop down the veggies. Now try mincing garlic with a magic bullet. It will keep you away from the stinky hands and tears. The performance will be smooth, like done by a professional chef.

Another idea of using magic bullets involves making frosty smoothies with frozen and fresh fruits. Nothing can beat the idea of getting nutrition in your diet without losing money. It will be a reliable source to enjoy a lot of benefits.

By the way, it can also make frozen margaritas. All you need to do is just adding liquid, ice, and other ingredients. What I love more about it is a quick service. Everything will be performed in using mere minutes.

You can also consider it best at the ‘pick me up’ option. It will grind your coffee beans and other ingredients with no hassle. If you want to test, try grinding some fresh nutmeg to add a new zest to your cup of cocoa.

You will be amazed to see its results. However, as nothing is perfect in literal means so you might see some flaws here as well. There are some complaints about its leakage and crackdowns. Besides that, it is not suitable for blending hot foods.

With all these flaws, is it worth it? Read the blog completely to make sure of your decision.

  • The unit is compact and small enough to store
  • Blending leafy greens will be a flash
  • There are three various blender cups
  • The cups are microwave safe
  • Unlike other blenders, it is not noisy
  • Both the lids and cups are dishwasher-safe
  • Cups doesn’t have measuring lines
  • Nor durable and reliable
  • Not best for hard ingredients and large serving


You may see it as a simple product but, it can grind up every ingredient smoothly. Apart from that, grinding up the dry ingredients will be a plus point.


It can process with the frozen fruits, but you may see it sometimes challenging while dealing with harsh ingredients.


You will find it super easy to use. Cleaning it will also be a matter of no effort.

magic bullet blender

Magic Bullet Design

The creative design will maximize its small motor power; however, it consists of a bit cheap material.

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Motor powers 150 watts
Capacity18 oz
Cross bladeStainless steel
RPM2,000 rpm
Best forChopping, mixing, grinding, blending, ore, and whipping
WarrantyOne year

It is 13.2 x6.9 x10.6 inches that are compact for adjusting on the countertop beneath cabinets. If you have limited space, then the magic bullet is certainly an excellent option to go. It weighs only 4.7 pounds, so you can easily put it in the cupboards.

If you are a traveler, then you can also take it with you. You can consider it as a PORTABLE BLENDER. Put it in a bag and go wherever you want to go.


magic bullet blender blades

The cross blade consists of an 11-piece set that is standard enough to inspire. It can perform blending tasks, for instance, making smoothies, etc.  Moreover, you can chop ingredients to save time.

Further uses of magic bullet blender involve grinding meats, pureeing, and shaving ice-creams, etc. It is a 4-pronged stainless steel blade. Besides that, the 15-piece set also includes an additional flat blade that is straight enough for the chopping and grinding dry ingredients. The list of ingredients contains nuts, dried fruit, and coffee beans.

Another great use includes whipping cream and butter. Additionally, it also has two stainless steel prongs.


magic bullet blender cup

Have you heard about the 11-piece Magic bullet pack before? There are three cups: a short one, a tall cup, and a party mug. For putting more ease and comfort, the party mug has a handle to hold.

Let me tell you the capacity of these cups. The smaller one holds a capacity of 12 ounces. On the other hand, the other cups have a capacity of 18 ounces. Both of them have the relatively same level of capacity. Therefore, you will not be able to make multiple servings.

Here is another flaw. You can’t make excessive use of ingredients. A hack that can save you is making smoothies in every cup and storing them in the fridge.

Steamer Tops/shaker

The magic bullet personal blender involves two steamer tops/shakers with unique-sized holes for use. You can use the shaker with smaller holes for grinding spices like nutmeg to sprinkle.

No extra effort is required besides twisting the grinder on after putting ingredients. Unlike other blenders, this blender is quite simple to use. Anyhow, the top along large pores will be suitable for shaking ingredients like cheese. Every dish looks great by adding cheese. It goes well for me to grating cheese through cross blades.

What could be better than the unit allow you to sprinkle fresh cheese on your dish?

YouTube video

Drive Socket

Although the plastic parts are not considered reliable enough to consider, however, it is worth it. By taking care of its limitations, you can improve its shelf-life. Instead of loading the blender along with a lot of ingredients, try to make it limited.

Another hack involves cutting the tough components. It will prevent the blender from wearing down. It would help if you were more careful while using the frozen fruits as ingredients.

Power Base

Every magic bullet unit comes with a 250-watt power base. It doesn’t require a lot of space as it has a compact size. The sleek silver color enhances its beauty. It will go well with every kind of kitchen décor.

However, it is not a dishwasher-safe part, so you need to wipe it down by yourself.

Re-sealable lids

Among the various other features, here is my favorite one. There are two re-sealable lids and a flip-to-go lid with an 11-piece Magic bullet. The flip-top lids make it easy to move around. Either you go to the gym or work, it can go with you.

Besides that, these lids help store your smoothie in the freezer. To avoid spilling, the use of two re-sealable lids is mandatory.

Cord length

It contains a 4-foot long cord that is long enough to place it wherever you want.

After discussing its design, I will move you to its extra features without wasting your time.

Motor Power

In any unit, motor power plays a vital role. Its motor power contains 250 watts. Although you may find it hard to go for frozen ingredients, it blends soft elements quickly. As I told you earlier, you can tackle this issue by precutting the hard components.

Apart from that, you have to be careful about not overloading it with too many ingredients. It is said that a weaker motor can get overheat quickly, so don’t use it for a longer time and with extra ingredients.

Noise level

Speaking of motor power, you must be wondering about its noise level. Well, it is pretty average in noise level. It doesn’t have a high-powered motor, so there will be no noise for maintaining peace. But it is also not quiet that much.

When it comes to blending ice cubes, you may hear the noises. However, by following our hacks, you can resolve this issue. Try putting a piece of carpet or rubber mat beneath the blender. It will reduce the noise level.


It holds standard or fine safety precautions. You need to be careful while handling the cord. Make sure to avoid getting the power cord wet. Avoid touching any parts and running for more than one minute.

Running it for a longer time will lead you to damage the motor. It can also cause internal damage or shutting the unit off. Do not blend carbonated beverages as they can build pressure.

Control settings

Unlike other blenders, there are no control settings in the magic bullet. There are no speeds, preset programs on the unit. For using the blender, you have to screw the blade on the cup. After that, twist it onto the base and pushing it down.

It is undeniably easy to use; however, not versatile. It’s nice to have a blender that doesn’t have any complex settings but versatility matters. It doesn’t allow controlling the speed. For stopping the blender, you have to push the cap down, applying pressure clockwise.

You need to manually watch it as you can’t leave it after making presetting.


A warranty says everything about the reliability of the blender. It contains a 1-year limited warranty that is fine for personal single-serve blenders. You need to pay for shipping in case of claiming any replacement.

In this video, you can check how to use Magic Bullet Blender.

YouTube video

Magic Bullet Performance

The third significant element to discuss is its performance.

Frozen drinks

According to the manual, the blender excels at making frozen drinks. You have to put plenty of liquid and a limited amount of ingredients. However, the online reviews are a bit opposite. It says dealing with frozen fruits can be a tricky process with a magic bullet.

Try making a frozen cocktail. The results will surprise you.

Pureeing fruits

My experience says to use a cup of fruits and blend for only 10 seconds to puree fruits. It also creates puree fruits and veggies. However, try adding water for a smooth consistency.

The cups are microwave safe so that you can put them in the microwave for heating. There is even a recipe for laksa pastes.


Grinding Coffee

The unit allows grinding coffee by using a flat blade. It says you have to put the coffee beans (half cup) and chop for about 20 seconds only. However, it varies from person to person. The more you grind it more it will be smooth.

As the cup is dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about it. Now remove the coffee taste by washing away the cup.

Before grinding coffee beans, try frying them. It will enhance the flavor.

Bread and mixing batters

Love baking process but don’t want to invest a lot of time and effort? The magic bullet is here to help you. Now mixing batters will be a breeze through a magic personal blender. Imagine putting the ingredients in to cup and blend it for 20 seconds. Isn’t it easier than other blenders?

However, it would help if you kept an eye on your blender. For achieving the desired texture, use the manual watch. Try adding your favorite toppings in the batter to make the cupcake more delicious.

For mixing your berries, shake the cup-like you shake for a cocktail, and there you go.

Whipping cream

It has a flat blade for making a good batch of fresh whipped cream. Isn’t it better than hurting your hand while whisking through your wrist? It saves my time as well as effort. Putting the cream into a cup and blend it until a smooth consistency is better, in my opinion.

You will automatically know the completion of the task as the blender will start humming. Try a recipe book for creating more delicious dishes.

Chopping fresh herbs

I was amazed to see its performance while chopping my fresh herbs through its blade. It requires few simple steps involving adding the ingredients and giving pulses.

Keep in mind to apply pressure counter-clockwise for stopping the cup to lock on. It can be a bit messy to cut the herbs through the knife. Besides that, it requires effort too. So how about being a smart person and using a Magic blender? The Magic of magic blender will surprise you.

Although it isn’t a versatile blender, however, it is efficient at performing simple tasks.


The reliable source of getting an idea regarding the usability of every blender is experienced shouts. Here is everything you need to know about its usability from my experience.

Is it easy to operate?

It has come with a simple setting. It doesn’t have any setting at all. The blender is undeniably easy to use. Just throw your ingredients screw the blade, and press it down for blending.

The cross blade is perfect for blending smoothies or cutting your veggies or herbs. While on the other hand, the flat blade goes well for grinding dry ingredients. For instance, you can grind spices or coffee beans.

The manual describes three settings, including pulse, shake and tap. For pulp, you have to push the cup down on the base. In case you find some chunks, then try repeating the process.

For shaking, only shaking it as you shake for a cocktail will be enough. However, for tap, lifting the cup out of the base and tap against the counter will help. It will also add the dislodge particles of the smoothie.

How is it easy to attach and detach?

Assembling and dissembling the blender will be a flash. What you have to do is screw on the blades for assembling it. Now flip it upside down. The last step is to screw it on base.

While for dissembling, you need to lift it from the base and flip it to the back. After that, unscrew the blade. And guess what, you can even drink it straight from the container.

How to clean the blender?

It is undeniably easy to clean. Except for the power base, almost every part of it is dishwasher-safe. If you want to enhance the shelf-life, then handwashing might do the job better.

Cleaning the blade with a hand will help to avoid any damage. Make sure to wash it immediately after use. In another case, the particles can stick to the jar.

Is it reliable and durable?

As it is a cheap product so you can’t consider it durable enough. It uses cheap materials for manufacturing. Therefore, it may not last more than the warranty time. However, using it proper care may increase its life.

Another hack is to avoid blending hard ingredients in larger quantities. For enhancing the life of the container, you need to wash it with your hands.

Is it worth it to buy a Magic personal blender?

The answer is yes. It might not be considered the best product in the market. However, the price rate makes it worth it. The features complement its price. It is not durable and versatile but worth giving a shot due to its reasonable price.

The small investment can provide you healthy smoothie for a whole year. It is simply suitable for those who want to add nutrition to their diet. BEING A BEGINNER you might not want to invest in high-priced blenders. Hence, a magic blender will be best for you.

Final thoughts

There is a reason behind its popularity. With the simple blending needs, no blender can beat Magic bullet. They are undoubtedly best and quick way to access healthy and nutritious food regularly. Click the price button for ordering it. Don’t forget to share your review in the comment section. Good luck.

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