Top-Ranked 6 Best Oster Blender reviews of 2023

Someone was talking about an Oster blender but not sure about the best Oster blender? One vital thing to clear is that not every blender can be the perfect blender. However, the selection of the best Oster blender might help.

Although they have a good reputation, however, what distinguishes them from others? As it is only a blender so, what makes it more special? Moreover, certainly, you need to know the essential factors to consider while buying your blender.

Here is everything you have to know for a worthy oster blender among all of them. It will provide you the opportunity to enjoy a smoothie quickly. Let’s have a glance over the perks of the best oster blender.

Our Top 3 Oster Blenders

Oster Pro 1200 Blender Grey-best for versatility
  • 24-ounce smoothie cup
  • 6-cups Boroclass Glass jar
  • It includes food processing attachment
Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender
Cold press Juicer
  • Preprogrammed settings
  • One-touch control
  • Easy to assemble and clean
Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250-Watt-best
juicer machine
  • Cheapest blender in Oster line
  • Sleek and stylish looks
  • Dishwasher-safe jar blender

Perks of best Oster blender

The manufacturing company is famous for making high-quality units. The fine reputation regarding making blenders that stays last longer makes them more reliable. Moreover, they have powerful motors. The company offers multiple kinds of blenders, including full-size countertop blenders and personal blenders. It also involves hand-blenders.

However, the main difference between the Oster blender and others is the all-metal motor and blade drive. It also provides optimal power and speed for allowing the ice-crushing.

  1. Various Oster smoothie blenders come with the advantage of reversible disc function. It ensures the thorough blending of ingredients. You will be able to enjoy the nice smooth texture with no lumps.
  2. Another advantage of Oster smoothie blenders is being versatile. Multiple blenders include additional attachments to provide food processing capabilities.
  3. Oster smoothie blender is known for being powerful long, with a motor to handle every blending.
  4. You will see a huge variety of Oster blenders in the market. Pick any one according to your kitchen’s requirement, and welcome to a healthy life.
  5. The Oster stainless steel blenders are easy to use. Various even come with the one-touch operation.
  6. Oster smoothie blenders are durable, with a longer shelf-life.
  7. Furthermore, they are great at making frozen fruit smoothies, and protein shakes.
  8. It even allows making nut butter if your blender has come with a food processor.

Multiple types of Oster blender

Following are the few main types of Oster Blender

Countertop full-Size blender

They are suitable for people who love to make a huge quantity of smoothies with many ingredients. You need a standard full-size blender if your smoothie includes a lot of frozen fruit or ice. Besides that, they are perfect for large families. What more? They even involve food processor attachments for you.

Personal/Single-serve blenders

A COMPACT PORTABLE BLENDER is best for you if you love traveling. A personal blender will be good for on the go. Furthermore, they are also suitable for the ones who love simple small smoothie or protein shake daily. They are extremely light and compact. It even allows you to take them gym or work. Above all, you don’t need to worry about cleaning extra dishes.

Immersion/Hand blenders

Hand blenders are best for you if you like making dishes like soups or nut glasses of milk. Immersion blenders are best for making a potato and corn soup and turn it into creamy chowder. Try using them for whipping up some sprouted almonds into delicious almond milk.

How did we determine the best Oster blender?

There are various ways to determine the Oster blender’s standing. Look at the listed specs, including motor wattage, size, and amount of speed settings for evaluation. Another factor is to consider online reviews of experienced users. One thing to be cleared here is there is no such perfection level to measure the best blender.

Either you want to enhance the strength of the blender or want every feature in a single blender. Therefore, the best blender would be the one which is carrying full features and maximum power. Furthermore, if you are a beginner, then certainly you need a cheap blender.

Oster blender according to the speed

Adjustable speed settings- a blender with an adjustable speed is undeniably more versatile. You will get a more consistent texture with a huge variety of ingredients, including pulse to puree. However, they will be expensive than others.

Constant speed -They are a bit familiar. You must have come across them somewhere in life. Usually, they have a single rate and are ideal for making a simple smoothie. Many oster blenders, especially single-serve blenders, come with constant speed.

Oster blender according to design

Manual- imagine controlling a blender by hand? The manual blender allows complete control regarding the start and stops option. Furthermore, they are cheaper than other kinds. However, they are a bit arduous to use.

Automatic- such kinds of blenders are more versatile blenders s they have various preprogrammed features. The unique features can help you to make salsas and hot soups. If you are in a rush, then just setting up the blender will save time.

What makes it different than others?

Honestly, price matters a lot here. When I first came to know the prices of the Oster blender, it was surprising. An average blender may cost from at least $100 to $400 or $500. However, there will be a huge difference in Oster blender’s price or others. Yes, you heard exactly what I said. The oster company is selling their high quality Oster smoothie blenders at a fraction level.

However, the little weak motors may sounds a bit upsetting but with their prices, totally worth it. For spending your money with double digits, there is no blender like Oster.

Factors to consider while buying an Oster blender

Below are the few main things that you should keep in mind while purchasing the Blender.

What ingredients you will use for blending

The first thing you need to consider is the ingredients you will use for blending. You certainly need a versatile blender with food processing capabilities if you love to make salsas or baby food. However, if you plan to make a protein shake, try getting away with a personal blender.

Preset programs/automation

It will be easy to use. It doesn’t require any more effort from your side. Trying different recipes will lead you to a lot of fun. However, it will be a bit expensive.

Dimensions and weight

Having a small space in your kitchen means you need a compact blender. There are even personal blenders to take away while traveling. Some blenders can be stored in cupboards.

Motor power

Always remember the stronger the power motor, it will be better at blending ingredients. Therefore, make sure to choose a blender with enough power for your requirements.

Multiple speeds

The multiple-speed settings will enhance the versatility of the blender. It allows blending the ingredients varying than salsas or hot soups. There is also a pulse feature for unlocking any blockage during the process.

Material and blade design

For crushing ice, a sturdy design is necessary. A blender with stainless steel will stay last longer, so always look for stainless steel blades.

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Pitcher material

Another factor to consider is the glass jar for the blender. If you don’t prefer glass jars, then try BPA-free plastic. It requires a lot of capacity for making smoothies. If you want to make a smoothie for only you, then a small capacity of blender would be fine.


No matter what you buy, price always matters a lot. Make sure your blender is durable or worthy within your budget. In my opinion, if a smoothie is in your daily routine, then a sturdy one is vital for you. Although a costly blender demands a lot of cash, it will last for a longer time.

Why is blender essential?

A sturdy and decent blender is the need of every kitchen. It comes with numerous benefits. You always need a blender, either it is grinding or cooking. Some famous perks are here.

  1. It provides smoothie quickly with less effort
  2. You can grind almost every ingredient
  3. A blender allows protein shakes or milkshakes
  4. Try making juice full of nutrition and flavor
  5. Make different sauces, soups, and fun recipes
  6. Allows heating soups
  7. Making instant drinks and cocktails will be fun

Oster Pro 1200 Blender -Best for versatility

Although there are various blenders, however, not everyone is the best. Following blender meets up to the maximum perfection level. You must be thinking about the reason behind my claim. Following is the answer to your question.

It comes with a 900-watt motor that is sufficient for crushing ice. Besides that, it even has 1200 watts for a smooth blending process. The 3.5 wide dual-direction blade technology can go through any ingredient. You will get the more précised results.

Have you ever seen a blender that offers seven speeds involving three preprogrammed settings? Moreover, there is also a pulse button in Oster Pro 1200 Blender. It even allows you are walking away while processing. Furthermore, the pulse function will provide you perfect texture.

The blender contains 6 cups Boroclass Glass jar that is suitable for creating meals. There is also an extra-large 24-ounce smoothie cup for taking up the smoothies or drinks with you. It also has a 3-year satisfaction guarantee along with a 10-year duralast warranty.

  • The unit is versatile
  • It includes food processing attachment
  • It comes with multiple speed settings
  • 3-year guarantee with a 10-year warranty
  • Greater flexibility with various ingredients
  • It can’t replace with an actual food processor
  • Weak motor

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Oster Reverse Crush Blender BVCB07-Best for 7-Speed and SS Brushed

The model comes with dual direction automatic blade technology for helping you in reserving the blades. It is undeniably the middle-off-the-road option. When it comes to its price and motor power, it is unbeatable.

What makes it more unique and special is its 7-speed settings for making it pretty versatile. Furthermore, it involves a reverse crush blender for providing a nice smooth consistency to the smoothie.

The preprogrammed settings of the blender will help you to adjust according to the requirement of the dish. Moreover, the unit even has a 6-cup glass jar dishwasher-safe and connects to the metal instead of plastic.

Therefore, you may expect the blender to be more durable and reliable than other products. The small parts can be prevented from breaking. The one-touch control will make it easier to use.

Above all, it comes with the 10-year Duralast all-metal drive for lasting durability. For measuring and pouring the ingredients while blending, it has a 2-ounce filler cap.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Seven various speeds for adjusting the consistency
  • 6-Cup Boroclass Glass jar
  • Crush pro six blades of stainless steel
  • Dual direction blade technology
  • There is no reverse button
  • Friction while holding the blender

Oster Versa Pro BLSTVB-104-000 Series Blender -Best for 4-cup Mini Jar

Best Oster blender reviews 3

One of the most prominent features of the following blender is the toggle button for reverse motion. On the other hand, the two-speed programs and 3-speed level buttons. Furthermore, the blender comes with a 64 Oz container for allowing refreshment drinks.

You will love its blending power. Moreover, the versatile use makes it more unique. Further blender features are a 40 oz food processor attachment, 4-point blade, a sword-shaped blade, two 20-oz blends.

Patented dual direction blade technology makes it more durable. The blender involves blades alternate forward & backward for blending ingredients. The blender has a 4-point blade that is a useful 64 oz jar. Furthermore, a sword-shaped blade is used as a food processor.

The unit contains a control panel along with indicator lights. It even offers full-speed control that provides the ideal settings for different preparations. However, make sure not to use the hard ingredients.

If you want to make the process more efficient, then forward and reverse dual direction blade technology will blend the ingredients. Above all, the last thing that blender offers is a 7-year long warranty for tension-free use.

Detailed Video Review of Oster Versa Pro

YouTube video
  • It comes with a food processor attachment
  • It contains a two-speed program and 3-speed level buttons
  • Involves two 20-oz blend’s go cups
  • The unit also has 64 oz jar
  • It moves forward & backward for better results
  • Weak tamper stick
  • Plastic parts are breakable

Oster BLSTPB-WBL-Best as an inexpensive blender

Here is the cheapest version of the Oster blender. You don’t need to pay a lot of money to enjoy the unique features of the blender. It is one of my favorites. The personal blender is incredibly sleek and stylish in its looks.

It allows taking the blender with you along the travel as it is a PORTABLE BLENDER. Furthermore, the unit includes a 250-watt motor that is enough to crush the ice. However, it would help if you were careful.

As it is just a personal blender, so you need to stay cool with it. There will be no toxin seeping through the smoothie as it is a BPA-free blender. The stainless steel blade makes it more reliable to process with several ingredients.

Moreover, the Oster blender comes with a dishwasher-safe jar for putting more ease in the cleaning process. The last feature includes a built-in, resettable fuse to revive the motor in 15 minutes after overheating.

  • The unit is portable
  • Dishwasher-safe jar blender
  • Built-in resettable fuse to prevent overheating
  • Stainless steel blades for smooth blending
  • It can’t go well with dense food
  • The motor is pretty weak

Oster 3 Speed Blender with Pulse – Best Ice Crushing Blades

Some people prefer strong motor power over everything. Hence, this beauty is the best solution to your craving. It comes with a 900-watt motor. The other feature contains a 7-speed blender. The 3-speed system allows you to adjust the speed according to your favorite texture.

There is no need to put extra efforts. The unit includes 6-blade treatment for smooth and flavorful texture. It usually grinds everything. Although, it doesn’t have any food processor attachment, it goes well with every kind of food. The powerful motor strength and the six fans will go through against solid ingredients every time.

The main advantage is that it involves salsa preset and frozen drinks/smoothies. It costs around about a precise blender, so you don’t need to think much. There is nothing to lose in this deal. The pulse function will lead you to accurate results. For the purpose of greater durability, it is designed with a powerful metal drive system. The elegant design is all worth it.

  • 900- watt motor can blend almost everything
  • Includes salsa preset and frozen smoothies
  • Multiple speed system for controlling consistency
  • Sturdy design
  • Pulse function for accurate results
  • You may see a problem while grinding
  • Noisy

Oster 4093-008 -Best for warranty

The oster stainless steel blender comes with 600 watts, and it also includes a two-speed button. Further features are stainless steel ice-crusher blade that is strong enough to blend almost everything. You can consider blending hot soups, peanut butter, sauces, and frozen desserts.

The unit includes a 2-speed toggle for the user. It is undeniably considerable for ice-crushing. Another feature is a dishwasher-safe glass jar testified for withstanding against extreme temperature changes.

The stainless steel blades are efficient at blending various ingredients. For a safe way to prepare the different cold beverages, it involves a 6-cups glass jar. Above all, the ten-year warranty of the unit makes it more durable.

  • 10-years all-metal drive warranty
  • 6-cups glass jar testified as thermal shock
  • Dishwasher-safe features
  • Blends everything with no hassle
  • 600-watt of motor
  • Hot liquid can be problematic to process sometimes
  • Unstable

FAQ’s Regarding Oster blender


Picking the right blender has always been a question. However, if you are sorting out the answer, you have to compare Oster blenders. The best Oster blender reviews contain each and every essential detail regarding the best Oster blender. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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