Top 8 Best portable blenders for travel with numerous perks

Being a travel blogger, what I really miss was my healthy eating habits. Thanks to the mini-best portable blender for travel, I can enjoy my healthy and delicious smoothies now.

The day I got a letter about the upgraded flier system was certainly my best day. Initially, it was hard for me to trust. However, I was overwhelmed. Finally, I could get along with my lifestyle during the travel. Although the journey is smooth, however, the absence of fresh fruits or veggies disappointed me.

However, another sad point was to own the bulky blender. It wasn’t suitable for travelling. Therefore, I decided to purchase a lighter and compact blender. In short, all I wanted was the best portable blender for travel.

Through deep research, I found a variety of portable blenders specified for travel. Each of the products was offering multiple features. For instance, they were compact, light, easy to use, clean, and travel.

Isn’t it pleasing? You can make smoothies everywhere. Besides that, it is ideal for carrying long to office. You will be able to get quick lunch. Here I will share the information that I received during research. It will help you to pick the right item for you.

Short Review of 8 Best Portable Blenders

Hamilton Beach 51101AV-best for easy to operate
  • Attachment of two additional jars
  • Low priced Under 25$
  • Simple and Smooth operation
Supkitdin Portable Blender- Best for Great Mixing
Cold press Juicer
  • Long-lasting battery timing
  • A handy size
  • Blends frozen veggies
Cincred Personal mini blender-Best for budget
juicer machine
  • It has a double-duty cup
  • Material of Tritan
  • No froth in the juice

How portable blender operates?

You can define it as a machine that offers to mix, crushing, blending, stir, grinding, chopping, grate, and liquefy. The best portable blender is ideal for extracting nutrients from fruits or veggies. You can gulp healthy milkshakes and smoothies down.

To operate, you have to put the fruit, veggie, or nuts to make nut milk. Now, select the setting and turn on the machine. The rest of the work will be done by the blades. After few moments result will be surprising. Your smoothie will be healthy and nutritious as well.

Furthermore, you can make soups, dips, sauces, batter mixes, and juices. What else do you want?  The literal definition will be a portable blender is compact, lighter than the other traditional blenders. However, the efficiency will remain the same.

They can be easily adjusted into a case or backpack. Some of them even use low power. However, some operate with USB power. However, the number of results will also be less as it has a smaller size.

What factors should you consider while purchasing the best portable blender?

You can’t go and choose a random product. The consequences might not be good. Therefore, you need to specify some features to look for. In other cases, you might end up with a not suitable product.

The following key points will help you out.

What do you like to blend?

Blending offers a variety of ingredients. For instance, it covers from hard fruits to soft fruits. It’s up to you what you want to blend.

Some people prefer healthy fruit juices. Some of them love to enjoy complex food like chunky soup, especially in cold weather. Besides that, the functioning like speed, power, etc., will entirely depend on the type of produce.

Weight and Size

In my opinion, the lightweight, compact and small blenders are perfect for blending. Physical size matters a lot. It would help if you certainly had a blender that can go well with travelling. Therefore, you should go for the kind of juicer that can fit in the bag easily.

Make sure to remember the size of the suitcase while purchasing. You can’t carry the bulky blender everywhere. For instance, you plan to go hiking; then you need the size suitable for the bag pack. Similarly, make sure your blender is perfect to be fit in a gym, yoga, or dance bag.

The power of the motor in the blender

Usually, the motor indicates the suitable type of produces. In my opinion, a low-powered motor will be okay for travelling. The top range of blenders starts from 700watts.

However, if you like to make shakes from frozen or hard fruits, you need a powerful machine. Besides that, sharp blades are also essential for hard produce.

The best travel blender with even 150 watts is perfect for travelling. In order to crush ice or nuts, you should keep in mind its ability.

What is better? Battery or corded

During travel, you may suffer due to the absence of a power source. Therefore, make sure to carry the juicer with a rechargeable battery. Usually, there are two kinds of battery power. One is a standard battery that will stop after use. For the second time, you need to replace it.

It is okay as long as you have further batteries. However, in other cases, it might not work.

On the other hand, some blenders include rechargeable battery packs. They can operate many times before you charge it. It saves the batteries and cost as well. Some blenders can be charged from even laptops.

People who are workaholics or gamers can easily whip healthy smoothies. Multiple travel blenders include standard power cords. Staying in a hotel? Then you don’t need to worry bout power. The best portable blender with a standard power cord will be perfect.

Bottle or Travel Jar

A portable blender with a travel jar or bottle will be ideal for travelling. It allows blending, detaching the jar, remove the lid, and there you go. A perfectly healthy and delicious smoothie is ready for you.

It is certainly ideal for hikers, campers, outdoor adventurers. However, the con is that they are single serving. You need to purchase additional attachments.

Extra accessories

It is good to have extra attachments as long as you are at home. You would not want to travel with a blender involving multiple attachments. It will be difficult to handle extra pieces. There will always a fear of losing them.

Therefore, you need to decide what parts are essential for you. For instance, what do you want to take with you? The extra cups, extra lids, funnels, etc.

The cleaning part of the portable blender

At home, cleaning a juicer won’t be much trouble for you. However, during travel, it can be problematic. You would not want to spend your vacation while cleaning the blender. Therefore, you need a self-cleaning blender. It will be perfect if you are away from home.


Before going to purchase any portable blender, make sure to determine your budget. It varies from product to product. Usually, it ranges from $20 to $100. However, remember sometimes cheap products are not reliable, and expensive ones are not authentic.


I have always looked forward to a product with a warranty. A warranty always makes the product reliable. You can get a replacement in case of any damage. The longer the warranty more reliable the product is. Furthermore, it also offers technical support.

Here is a short review. However, I would suggest going for the best portable blender for travel review given below in detail. You can get maximum benefits in this way.

8 Best Portable Blenders

Hamilton Beach 51101AV-Best for easy to operate

The following product has everything to be called the best portable blender for travel. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. Besides that, the price is reasonable. It provides a great deal for 14 oz of only one cup serving.

Furthermore, the travel blender is an absolutely reliable source of blending smoothies. You can even use a travel blender for making baby foods, salad dressing, and thick juices. It even offers crushing ice. However, I would suggest not doing so.

The parts are BPA-free. You can easily carry it with you for office, travel. The dishwasher-safe parts make the cleaning process on the go. It includes a motor of 175 watts. Furthermore, it comes from the Hamilton brand. The name of the brand is reliable enough to trust the durability of the product. Above all, it has an extra jar as a treat for your partner.

  • BPA-free parts and dishwasher safe
  • Most simple functionality
  • It holds 14oz
  • It contains a motor of 175 watts to save nutrients
  • Quite simple to use
  • Cleaning can be challenging sometimes

Cincred Personal mini blender-Best For budget


You are just one step away from fresh & healthy life. A portable blender with secure seals is certainly an ideal deal. Nobody wants a juicer that performs well but with leakage. The several lids on the best portable blender make it more reliable.

The manufacturing is done with silica gel seals to make it more durable than others. Although I love smoothies, however, sometimes I crave juices. It is undeniably the best travel blender green smoothies. You can grind up the green beans quickly.

The product’s stainless steel mixing blades refrains the jamming. Besides that, the motor of product is last longer. It is certainly because of the better-ventilated blender.

Furthermore, the best portable blender allows maximum airflow. It means you can go for 20 blends without the fear of damage. What else do you want?

  • It dares to grind ice and coffee beans
  • There is no stress of overheating
  • It includes four stainless steel mixing blades
  • The silica gel protects the blender from leaking
  • A slag remover with the portable blender
  • Absence of start button
  • The plastic jar will be cloudy after some time

Supkitdin Portable Blender- Best for Great Mixing


If you are looking for a quick and sharp blender, then Supkitdin Portable Blender is for you. A toxic material used in a blender is always harmful to health; since it causes serious health issues, including poison of food. Supkitdin Blender is safe for health as it is constructed with non-toxic PCTG material.

The Supkitdin blender comes along with a USB juicer cup. You can charge the high-quality batteries through a power bank, AC adapter, and computer. The batteries with 2000mAh power take a short time to be charged. They consume 3-5 hours of charging and produce 15 to 20 cups of juice.

Are you getting late and need quick service of the blender? The blender has six stainless steel blades with high-speed motion. You can make smoothies of fruits and vegetables in just 1 minute. The portable blender is eco-friendly and designed with safe magnetic induction. 

Furthermore, the blender is waterproof and easy to clean. This blender is fantastic for making nutritious single-portion smoothies. You can easily mix fruits, vegetables, coffee, milk powder, and supplementary baby food. Furthermore, the portable blender is lightweight and easy to carry inside and outside. The portable blender is suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.


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  • It has a Self-cleaning mode
  • It has six robust stainless steel blades
  • It comes with its Silicone ice tray
  • The bottom part is hard to clean
  • It has some safety issues.

Epica Personal Blender with bottle-Best for reliability

Just like other portable blenders, it is also made while keeping resilience in mind. You can take an idea by looking at its intense temperature reduction. The product can resist up to 40 to 112 F. isn’t it impressive? Not every blender has such powers. They usually can’t stand extreme temperatures.

Besides that, the following travel-size blender owns the 300-watt motor. The product can rotate the blades at a speed of 23000 rpm. The stainless steel blades have the ability to go well with even harder produces. It allows to makes the sauce or dip in a go.

Besides that, the best portable blender is secure and reliable. You will be glad to see its durability. The 20 oz jar is created with BPA-free plastic. Furthermore, it is a versatile portable blender. You can make breakfast shakes, healthy juices, fresh thick smoothies, and nut butter in a go.

The sport bottle will be an additional attachment. Moreover, the product is easily cleanable. It also involves dishwasher-safe parts. Above all, it comes with a warranty of two years.

  • Two-year warranty
  • Reliable and secure
  • It goes well with hard produces
  • Dishwasher safe parts included
  • Additional attachment of sport bottle
  • Not good for ice
  • The base exterior can tarnish

Modern comfort cordless home blenders- Best for construction style


Following travel, the blender includes a butterfly-style blade assembly. They are rare and important as well. You can trust the blender to blend the hardest product without leaving chunks. It has earned its strong position in the class.

Although it is expensive, however, the quality deserves it. Besides that, only a few portable blenders can reach this efficiency level. You can absolutely call it the best portable blender for travel ever.

Furthermore, it goes perfectly with frozen fruits and ice. There will be no jamming because of stainless steel blades. Another amazing part about it is its eye-catchy design. The flared base makes it more stable. Moreover, it has a 20 oz jar.

For safe and sturdy, it is made BPA-free. However, it is a little bit bulky. It comes with a carrying bag. Not every travel portable blender offers that. Above all, it has a warranty of two years.

  • Butterfly-style blade assembly makes it unique
  • Sharp stainless blades can extract juice from hard produce
  • Eye-catchy design and sturdy
  • Additional attachment of bad
  • Bulkier than others
  • Little bit expensive

Ouster BLSTPB Blender-Best for Trendy looks

There is no travel blender like the following blender. Its trendy and sporty look can grab anyone’s attention. The product is easy to carry everywhere. Besides that, its compact design is an additional perk.

It includes a cool sports-style bottle along with a leak-proof lid. You can even take it hiking while attaching it with a belt. It contains a motor of 250 watts. It means you can extract juice from hard fruits.

You can easily carry it to the office, gym, or anywhere. The stylish and sturdy design will give an attractive look. Furthermore, the 20-ounce BPA-free plastic sport bottle is also attached to a blender. The ice-crushing power is another impressive feature.

It is ultimately the best portable blender for travel frozen drinks. There are multiple recipes included in the manual. You can enjoy a variety of tastes every day.

  • It contains a 20-ounce BPA-free plastic sport bottle
  • Ice crushing power and deals with frozen fruits
  • The product has a leak-proof lid over the bottle
  • Stylish and sleek design
  • The low wattage of 250
  • Not suitable for batteries
  • Blades are not removable for cleaning purpose

Moer Sky Juicer blender-Best for Multi functions

Here is another no-power portable blender. It includes a battery that is rechargeable through a laptop, computer, and USB power bank. Besides that, the design is clean and simple. It is an ideal deal for packing as you can consider it the best portable travel blender.

The blender is featured with a powerful motor. Moreover, the six blades make it stronger. The following machine is the best rechargeable blender. Furthermore, it is great for soft fruits. However, I would not suggest crushing ice through it. Above all, there will be no chunks in the juice.

It is easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning purposes. Now separating multiple parts won’t be challenging like the above travel blender. Apart from that, the juice cup of the blender is made with BPA-free plastic. It is a reliable source to get nutrient-rich juice. You can make baby food, milkshakes, smoothies, and juices.

  • It is rechargeable and portable
  • Includes six blades with a powerful motor
  • The cup is made with BPA-free plastic
  • Nutrient-rich juice with no chunks
  • The travel blender is multi-functional
  • Small travel blender comparable with to go blenders
  • Not suitable for ice and harder fruits
  • Difficult to understand the manual

The Original magic bullet- Best for softer ingredients


If you are still wondering what the best travel blender is, then here is another option. The product comes with the perk of the best efficiency level for soft fruits. You won’t regret it as it is best to invest in return for the high-quality product.

However, it is not suitable for heavy-duty. You can blend multiple types of soft fruits. Besides that, it contains 250watt of the motor. It has such a neat and simple design for travelling. You can absolutely consider it as the best portable blender for travel.

Another amazing feature is that the cups are created with high-impact plastic. Furthermore, they are strong and durable. The product really justifies the price. You would love to take this popular travel-size blender along with you. It allows you to make smoothies as well as fresh juices to keep you energetic and active.

  • It has a simple and clean design
  • Finest product to carry with you
  • Attachment of multiple cups
  • Blender has low wattage of 250
  • Not best for batteries
  • Not suitable for hard fruits

Perks of Small Portable travel blender

Owning a portable blender will surprise you with many unique perks. Everyone should maintain a healthy diet on vacation. Thanks to a small travel blender, you can enjoy your smoothies everywhere.

Maintain healthy life

One of the most simple and easiest ways to get a good dose of healthy nutrients is blending smoothies. Now you can maintain your diet schedule through delicious drinks. Multiple choices are waiting for you to try. You can extract juice from fruits, veggies, nuts, grains, and greens.

Besides that, portable blenders can save money when you are out. After a tiring day, everyone craves a fresh juice or smoothie. They immediately move to a restaurant. However, it costs a lot.

Here is a solution. Purchase a small travel blender to put more convenience in your life. Try to buy portable blenders that offer USB connections everywhere. It will be an additional help.

Besides that, if you are chatting with friends and need a quick refreshing drink, the blender is here.

Treat healthy drinks, picnics, outdoor plans, and barbecues.

In the beginning, I was obsessed with energy drinks. However, later on, my doctor suggested fresh and healthy juices. Those energy drinks were a pack of unhealthy amounts of sugar and multiple dangerous chemicals.

When I found my small portable blender, I was so happy. It saved my time as well as money. Now everything was so easy for me due to the small travel blender.

The compact and sturdy design saved a lot of space in my kitchen and travelling bag

Enhance your creativity skills

Instead of drinking every day, you can try multiple recipes. The best portable blender for travel green smoothies will help you to create delicious smoothies. Besides that, the best portable blender for blender frozen drinks will allow you to whip your drink within few seconds.

For the unique taste, you can try different combinations. Furthermore, the best portable blender for travel hot drinks will let you enjoy hot soups in winter. What else would you want? For me, it has everything I need. So, hurry up.

FAQ’s regarding best portable blender for travel



While going to purchase a travel blender, there are multiple options. The only question that arises here is to pick the right product. Every travel blender is testified and reliable. You can purchase it without giving any second thoughts. There is no need to invest more time in thinking.

It’s time to cherish the moment of purchasing the best portable blender. Leading a healthy life will also save you money and time. If you are still confused, then here is my suggestion.

I have been using the Supkitdin Portable Blender for several years. It is absolutely one of the finest and quality travel blenders I have ever had. The high power capacity is just marvellous. Besides that, I can try various recipes through it. Above all, it doesn’t require much effort to carry. It is undeniably the best deal you will have. So, what is stopping you? Hurry up, grab your best portable blender for travel and enjoy the journey.

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