Top 5 Best Hurom Juicers 2023 Perfect for your kitchen

How would you feel to find the right product without spending hours on search? Today, we have come here with the best hurom juicers review. As we all know, that market has a lot of options for you. However, it can be a real struggle to choose the perfect slow juicer.  Most of all, it is essential to purchasing juice with the required specification, under budget.

Hurom juicer has all the essential elements that you need in a perfect juicer. It can masticate any kind of produce. People can even enjoy fresh juice of wheatgrass quickly with the best hurom juicers. Besides that, they are built with extra-durable materials. You won’t find any change even after regular use. You would love to see an impressive quality. However, don’t rely on my words only. For more reliable information, first, read the Hurom slow juicers review and then learn by you.

Honestly, being health-conscious, I prefer juicing every day. Before trying this trendy slow juicer, I didn’t know the drawbacks of choosing a random juicer. I changed many juicers due to their flaws. However, now I can confidently accomplish my health goals. Thanks to the best hurom juicer, I can enjoy fresh & healthy juice every day. Usually, I like oranges, apples, carrots, and celery to extract the juice. Another fact that I love about hurom juicer is masticating wheatgrass. Not every juicer can handle every kind of product like the best hurom juicer.

Therefore, I planned to share my key to a healthy life with everyone. It is undeniably the best source to enjoy a healthy life. However, you will know all the benefits of experiencing it. So, buy it before the offer gets expires.

Hurom Company

If you’re already into juicing, then you must have heard about the company name. The hurom company has been with us for decades. Besides that, the quality of the product is their primary goal. You will find every product impressive. Knowing the brand name and its quality work, your mind will be cleared from the doubts. The brand name is the king of making reliable products. Basically, the company is from Korea. Spreading the trend of juicing, it has become famous now.

Hurom’s History

In 1974 the Hurom came with a goal. The main aim of the company was to encourage healthy life with their reliable products. Honestly, it has achieved the goal in many terms. For instance, back in the 1990’s multi-purpose green veggies juicer was best at its performance. For reaching its all goals, hurom has always used a research front. Now it is operating for the next breathtaking product in its R&D Lab. According to the company, they use their lab to ensure the forefront products in the market.

If we take a deep look over their manufacturing, they are meeting their goals. It has proved us their claim with durable products.

What makes Hurom different from others?

Well, the word innovation indeed is for hurom brand. Uniqueness sets the Hurom from others. Every product was created under the supervision of Hurom’s team. Therefore, you can trust on without any doubt. Besides that, when it comes to nutrient-rich juice, you would love to see its performance.

What I love about hurom juicers is their affordable price. Apart from the fact of’ imported,’ they are not expensive. The price is lower than their competitors. If you are a beginner, then certainly it is perfect for you. You can always find a product within your budget.

What are the benefits of Hurom’s slow juicers?

As I told you earlier, the hurom brand is known for its performance. They make sure to secure their productive edge of performance. Some of their products are part of many people’s kitchens. The durability and reliability of products make everyone go for it.

Furthermore, the impressive motor quality creates another difference. It makes the worth the investment to purchase hurom juicer. Moreover, every juicer is easy to clean. You don’t have to spend hours on it. Some product needs only a splash of water. However, some may require scrubbing.

Why is Hurom Juicer better than other fast juicers?

Hurom’s juicer uses a slow approach to extract the juice. Their slow speed is the bonus point. It allows extracting even the last drop of juice from produce. Besides that, it ensures to secure the nutritional value of the fluid. Therefore, you can always count on hurom juicers when it comes to nutrition. Juice from hurom juicer contains more vitamins and minerals than the other juicers. While on the other hand, fast juicers use fast speed. As a result, the nutrition value of juice gets reduced. Besides that, they often respond not adequately to clear the pulp.

Furthermore, the fast juicer excels at producing heat. You will have to drink an unhealthy drink. Spending a lot of money on a juicer that provides no nutrition will be stupidity. Therefore, the slow juicers are best, in my opinion.

I know you have spent much time above while reading the company. Therefore, now I will move you direct towards the best hurom juicers review. I have prepared a long and short review for your convenience. If you are in a hurry,  not able to read the whole blog, then follow the short review. While for the rest, it would be best to complete the blog. It will help you to get maximum benefits from hurom juicers.

The Best 5 Hurom Juicers

Hurom HP Slow Juicer- Best Overall slow juicer

Following hurom juicer is one of the brand’s most compact and sleek designs. Besides making single juice serving in a flash, it goes well with every kind of décor. The juicer uses durable material, just like expensive products.

 It is perfect for people, takes juicing as a hobby. Now you can get a single 350 ml glass of juice in a flash. Besides that, it is excellent at extracting multiple types of produce. Although it can go well with even the hard produce, you can consider it best for LEAFY GREENS.

As the juicer is excellent in its performance and maximum efficiency, the pulp will be dehydrated. As it is a compact juicer, you won’t find any trouble lifting this juicer from the cupboard.

Furthermore, the juicer is convenient enough due to ABS’ plastic body. Besides that, the plastic is 100% BPA-free. Therefore, you can consider your juice as free from leaching. The size of the juicer comes with some impressive specs. The motor has the fantastic quality to operate smoothly until 30 minutes.

Another fantastic fact about this juicer is its cooling system. It prevents built-up heat from protecting the juicer from any kind of harm. Moreover, the juicer uses a speed of 43 rpm. The slow speed refers to quiet and slow operation. You won’t be disturbed by the noises.

However, I felt some manufacturing designs were underrated. The feed chute was a bit shorter. It means more time is needed for prep. But, the good thing about the juicer is the cleaning part. It is undeniably easy to clean. Furthermore, the internal brush of the juicer plays its function very well.

  • The updated juicing chamber
  • The ABS plastic and BPA-free parts, stainless steel parts
  • Best for leafy greens
  • It has a cooling system
  • Small juice yield
  • Small chute

Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer – Most Advanced Juicer

The second hurom’s brand juicer comes with a modernized design. The plastic material with black color makes it more unique in design. If you love travelling, then it could be your best friend. A lightweight H-AA slow juicer includes smooth curves that gradually become slimmer in the back. Besides its beauty, it rotates at a speed of just 43 rpm and extracts all-natural nutrients for your juice.

The essential tools, including the control lever, fine and coarse filters, control the amount of pulp. Yeah, you can control the amount of pulp according to your taste. A slow squeezing technology ensures a high yield and rich in nutrients juice. 

Hurom H-AA is a versatile juicer and works on many fruits and vegetables. It produces high-yield juice whether you have leafy greens, nuts, soybeans, milk, and tofu.  120 AC Voltage with 150 watts’ power consumption is quitter than other cheaper juicers or blenders. 

Hurom brand comes first when we talk about safety. It comes with dishwasher-safe parts to do its easy cleaning. There are no sharp edges included in a juicer, and all the pieces are made 100% BPA-free. Love ice creams? Make a yummy ice cream of your favorite fruits for a kid’s party in the evening. Hurom juicer not only allows you to be juicing, but it provides you with an ice-creams option as well.  

Detailed Video review of Hurom H-AA

YouTube video
  • Lightweight Juicer
  • Very Easy to assemble
  • Comes with Dishwasher safe parts
  • Fully Dry pulp Ejection
  • Smelt of burning
  • Poor customer support

HUROM HZ Slow Juicer-Best Durable Juicer

The average weight of Hurom juicer is 11.9 Pounds and plastic material. However, it also includes stainless steel finish and LED indicators. With the slowly squeezed technology, the juicer operates with efficiency.

It uses a speed of only 43 revolutions per minute. Usually, it encourages the pressing of hand. Besides that, you can enjoy a delicious taste and pulp-free juice. It will be pure. Furthermore, it comes with a cord length of 4.6 feet. You can operate the juicer continuously for 30 minutes.

Another fantastic feature of the following juicer is its high yield. The slow speed extracts almost every tiny drop of juice from fruits or vegetables. It ensures the bone-dry pulp. Moreover, it includes a chamber capacity of 16.9 ounces.

The smooth and quiet process will impress you. A cold press system will reserve the nutrients. Above all, the near-silent AC motor performs effectively with the 150-watt power. Although the parts are not dishwasher safe, it is easy to clean.

  • Smooth and quiet process
  • It gives the dry pulp
  • LED indicators
  • 150-watt motor performs efficiently
  • Small Chute
  • Hard to clean

Hurom H101 Masticating Juicer – Best for sleek and compact design and Easy to Clean

Have you heard about scrub-free cleaning featured juicer? Following the juicer allows for saying goodbye to scrubbing the juicer. It doesn’t involve any holes in the filter. Therefore, you don’t need to wash it. You can clean it with simple water.

Besides that, the juicer involves a 3-degree tilt placed under the juicer. The juice outlet helps to pour the juice straight into a glass or cup. As compared to other juicers, it involves less mess.

Moreover, the pulp outlet also plays here a vital role. It can open 180 degrees to clear the flush of the remaining pulp inside the juicer. The hurom masticating juicer includes slow squeeze technology. It rotates at a speed of 43 rpm. You can be sure of the nutrients in the juice.

While providing a delicious taste, it remains in its natural state. The company has put painstaking hard work into improvement. You will be able to get the purest form of juice. Furthermore, it comes with a control lever. Apart from that, it also includes a coarse filter for controlling the amount of pulp in liquid. It allows to adjust the pulp according to your desire.

You can consider it as the best juicer for wheatgrass. It assures to extract the maximum amount of juice through a smooth process.

  • Surely a quality material juicer
  • Best for multi-tasking
  • Performs well with wheatgrass, beets, apples, and nut milk
  • Natural and nutrient-rich juice
  • It includes pulp while extracting celery
  • You may feel clogging while making nut milk

Hurom CJ Citrus Juicer-Best Simple juicer

If you are still struggling with what juicer to buy, then here is another best hurom juicer to buy. The product owns a weight of 5.29 Pounds. With the stainless steel material, it uses silver color. It is undoubtedly the perfect product to satisfy the simple juicing need.

It will extract juice from oranges or limes in a flash. The juicer ensures for leaving the rind empty. It is featured with automatic squeezing. However, you have to press the handle. The motor of the juicer follows the motion of slow hand-squeezing fruit.

You don’t have to put a lot of effort into this juicer as compare to others. Furthermore, it includes a drip-stop juice outlet. You can control the amount of juice poring through the juice outlet. In this way, you can secure the no dripping.

Even with the elegant design, it is the best hurom juicer for durability. Besides that, the construction claims simple cleaning. It is easy to attach and detach. No noises will make your day if you hate chaos.

  • Best for citrus fruits
  • There is no dripping or mess
  • Quick assembling and dissembling
  • Durable juicer
  • Limited for juicing only
  • Expensive than other hurom juicers

5 Essential factors to look when you buy a Best Hurom Juicer

In my opinion, before purchasing any juicer, it is essential to make criteria for choosing the product. It helps to decide and pick better options as compared to random selection.

What kind of products you like to put

A juicer can extract juice from any kind of food. However, indeed, they don’t have sharp blades like fast juicers. Therefore, you need to understand the factors to look for in a juicer.

If you purchase a hurom juicer, it would be beneficial to increase your strength. I love green juices for boosting my health. I use my hurom masticating juicer to make juice from leafy greens, spinach, and wheatgrass.

The hurom juicer goes well with the soft fruits. However, if you want to masticate hard produce, then spend some extra time on prep-cutting.

You can take help from the user’s reviews. They are certainly a reliable source of information. Besides that, they must be familiar with the best specs of hurom slow juicer. Furthermore, you can get guidance on what produce isn’t suitable for a juicer.

Make sure to rely on only trust reviews. Not every review is genuine. Therefore, make sure to decide carefully.

Speed of Juicing

Although juicing speed varies from product to product, however, you need to consider some facts. It even depends on the type of juicer you want. For instance, some products with disc blades perform quicker.

The reason is the sharpness of blades that can tear apart produce. It doesn’t matter the hardness of the fruit. However, on the other hand, the auger-based unit performs slower to extract juice from every part of the fruit.

However, don’t make speed your be-all. Meanwhile, you can consider how many times you drink juice a day. With a tight schedule, a faster product will be better. In other cases, slow juicers tend to provide a higher quality juice.

Weight & Dimensions

In any juicer, weight plays an essential character. Many people store the juicer in cupboards after use. It is kind of challenging to take out the heavy juicer every day. No one wants to lift a heavy juicer.

Therefore, you must consider weight before purchasing the juicer. Make sure the importance of the juicer is enough to carry easily. Some folks put the juicer on the counter space. They should pay attention to the dimensions. The large footprint of the juicer is considerable.

In the case of premium counter space, make sure to purchase a compact product.

Easy to Clean

Everyone is aware that juicing can create a mess in the kitchen. To lighten the burden, you can choose a juicer that is easy to clean. For instance, a slow juicer allows cleaning the juicer with a flush only. Besides that, you can look for dishwasher-safe parts. It will save your time in the cleaning process.


Before finalizing a product, make sure to check and compare the prices. It includes looking at top retailers for affordable prices. Besides, be careful about value-added details. For instance, the warranty can secure your money. It is essential to replace the product if your juicer breaks down.

Don’t forget to check what comes in the box. Some products will demand extra because of providing every essential accessory. The products, including cleaning crushes and plungers, are worth paying extra.

Hurom Masticating Juicer FAQ’s

CONCLUSION-Which Hurom Juicer is Best?

When you have come to this part, I am sure that you have cleared your mind. You are ready to go to the market and purchase the best product by yourself. However, if you are still confused, go back and check what ‘best’ juicer stands for you.

Some people consider ‘cheap’ as the best while others prefer easy to clean. Apart from that, I can help you with a recommendation. However, it is only a recommendation. The final decision depends on you.

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