Breville 800JEXL Review-Highly Recommended Fountain Elite Juicer

No juicer beat Breville 800JEXL-best buy for making delicious and fresh juices. What should I say? I was trying hard to be in shape; hence, I started gym or exercises. However, it wasn’t even affecting me as much I was expecting.

That’s where I think of buying the best juicer or blender. Purchasing a blender wasn’t easy for me initially. After using online reviews and complete research, I found no juicer like Breville’s elite juicer. After using it for blending several ingredients, the results were identical. The efficiency level was at its peak to inspire.

Here is everything you need to know regarding Breville’s elite juicer.

Breville Company’s Introduction

It is a brand for small home units based in Australia. Initially, it was found in 1932. The company is efficient at manufacturing various home appliances, including coffee blenders, coffee machines, toasters, blenders, kettles, and many others.

Following unit is undeniably one of the brand’s top offerings in the juicer line. The unit comes with professional-grade construction. It excels at functionality into a consumer-great package. You can consider it is easy to use and affordable.

Although, there are various reasons to be a fan of Breville. However, here are a few ones for you.

Why should you go for Breville 800JEXL Juicer?

Can you avoid an efficient juicer with the ability to blend several kinds of ingredients with no hassle? Certainly no, at least I wouldn’t. On the contrary basis, the juicer looks enticing to homeowners.

It always stands on the top when it comes to smooth blending. Additionally, if juices are a regular part of your life, then it is perfect for you. It is always worth buying a quality juicer instead of spending money again and again on cheap units.

Getting the concentrated nutrients using a valuable source known as Breville’s elite juicer was the best idea. Although it may demand a valuable countertop space, however, it is all worth it.

People who love GREEN JUICES should buy this product immediately. You can use it regularly for extracting juice from Leafy Greens

Features of Breville 800JEXL

Following are the important features of 800JEXL

Motor Power

A unit with a standard motor can process smoothly. It stands out because of the reliable 100-watt motor. Its capacity goes well with the amount of power given to commercial-grade juicer. There is also over-load protection for ensuring to not overstress in case of harsh ingredients.

Max speed

The Breville elite fountain juicer contains two speeds, between 6,500 rpm to 13,000 rpm. one of the settings goes well with the soft ingredients, while the other is for complex components.


It holds 1.1 quarts of juice at once. Additionally, it allows the user to grind a bowl of fruits or veggies before you empty it. However, the rating doesn’t count on space for pulp.

Noise level

Honestly, I didn’t find it louder than my previous one. There will be no noise with or without produce in the grinding chamber. However, some of the users claim for nuisance while operating at its fast speed.


It carries some proper attachment of accessories. The accessories will help you to provide flavorful and nutrient-rich juice. For instance, the foam separator will remove the pulp or bubbly foam from extracted juice.

It also has a cleaning brush for adding more ease to the cleaning process.


Our Breville 800JEXL contains some excellent safety features, for instance, the security lock system. The juicer won’t start until its lid is closed correctly.


Its one-year warranty ensures the covering of the entire product against faults or errors in construction or performance.

Breville 800JEXL Review

Breville Juice Fountain Elite 800JEXL overview

The deep roots of the Breville juicer belong to a high-speed centrifugal juicer manufactured in Australia. If we see this unit in basic operation manners hen, it uses a rapidly whirling disc system for extraction. It extracts juice by using circular momentum juice from fruits and vegetables. It provides you a smooth and flavorful smoothie. There will be no pulp or fiber in the liquid. Additionally, you will be needed to search far and wide for matching the quality of this juicer.

Every user or owner of Breville claims its smooth, flavorful output. There is no match regarding restaurant-quality smoothie every time. It comes with a foam-blocking mechanism for ensuring a smooth consistency.

The credit goes to the productive core of valuable features. Its features include 1000 watts motor that can reach ups to 13,000 rpm in its high settings. Apart from that, there will be no abundance of noises.

The unit is durable and built with performance-driven materials. For instance, its titanium-reinforced disc blade makes it more unique than others. Furthermore, the stainless steel exterior will make it robust and muscular to go through various kinds of produces.

Some buyers are a little bit concerned about its efficiency while extracting juice through vegetables. They are might right as it draws a struggle for removing a large volume of fluid through GREEN VEGGIES.

The juice quality is unbeatable. Its extraction process provides an unexpected level of smooth consistency. The simplified insertion system makes it easy to use. There will be hassle-free juice extraction.

It includes high power ratings, unique features, and a quiet process not to disturb anyone. The versatility of juicer speaks its credibility. It consists of two-speed settings, including 6,500 rpm to 13,000 respectively. Moreover, you will see no problem while cleaning the blender. Taking apart the components for the cleaning process will put more ease in the process.

  • Includes heavy-duty 1000 watt Super fast Motor
  • It Handles alot of Vegetables & Fruits
  • It consist of three inch wide chute
  • Die-cast aluminum and stainless steel components
  • Durable and aesthetically appealing
  • Safety locking arm will add security
  • Titanium blades tend to stay lasts for a long time
  • Speed ranges between 6,500 rpm and 13,000 high
  • It can cause leakage sometimes
  • Filtering system not optimized for juicing leafy greens
  • A bit louder than a normal Blender

What are the expectations for the Breville Elite Juicer?

It manages and maintains a high-speed functionality while collecting even the last drop of flavorful juice. When it comes to soothing ingredients, it becomes hard to beatable. Considering it best for blueberries, strawberries and bananas will make you glad. The performance will be more than satisfying.

The high-speed settings are breakable and efficient to extract high-volume juice from hard produce. For instance, it includes apples, oranges, and carrots.

It ensures the favorite juice mixture is ready in mere minutes while using the Breville Elite juicer. People who feel uncomfortable while extracting juice through leafy greens should try chopping them before inserting. It will lead to better results in this way.

Consumer Reviews

There is no need to rely on only words. Here are some reviews and claims of the owner regarding Breville’s elite juicer. The evaluation is based on performance and user-friendliness. A lot of professionals believe that it stands out among all units. Here is why they think this way.

Juicing performance

Almost every user has reported ‘good ratings’ for its juicing performance. It was based on the juicer’s capability for extracting a large volume of flavorful and smooth apple juice.


According to the owners, it is based on feed tube size and anti-drip spout. It provides excellent and satisfactory ratings to the user.


It has earned a good reputation as long as the noise is concerned. The judgment was based on operational noise volume while running an empty blender for 30 seconds.

Ease of use

The unit is known good to be providing ease of use. The simplified process holds good ratings for general use. It allows quick assembling and dissembling in its evaluation.

Care and cleaning of 800JEXL

For maintaining the juicer fully functional and efficient, you have to clean them properly. For proper functioning, you need to clean every part to remove the pulp. Make sure to clean them with warm and soapy water after every use.

According to Breville’s recommendation for mesh filter, you need to soak it for 10 minutes after use. For further tips, you can go to Breville’s digital resources.

Compare 800JEXL to other juicers

Try comparing Breville 800JEXL to the other units for more apparent results.

Breville 800JEXL vs. JE98XL

Usually, both units are manufactured with the same dimensions and features. But what’s surprising is that Breville 800JEXL is a more upgraded version of another unit.

For instance, the motor power of Breville 800JEXL is 1000 watt, but the other one is of 850 watts. It also includes a standard titanium cutting disc for representing a vital improvement.


Breville 800JEXL vs. BJE510XL

The unit is more powerful than the BJE510XL juicer. The Breville 800 JEXL comes with 1000 watts, but the other one is 900-watt. But you may find BJE510XL more versatile. It comes with five various speed settings.

There will be more versatility in operational speeds.


Breville 800JEXL vs. BJE820XL

It serves as a slight upgrade on the 800JEXL juicer. Additionally, the BJE820XL model consists of three additional speed settings with 8,100, 11,3000, and 9,700 rpm. It is undeniably the better product for the ones who can extract the juice.


Breville 800JEXL vs. BJS600XL

Unlike the above comparison, both of these are very different. For instance, the Breville 800JEXL is a centrifugal juicer. However, the other one is a masticating juicer. It means that the former model involves circular momentum for extracting juice from produce.



Although, the above reasons are enough to convince anyone. It ensures that it will meet every requirement. Due to its durability and performance, it has become my favorite. It is functionally reliable.

However, if you are still confused, then use my recommendation for help. Being a picky person, I admired this Breville 800JEXL. After the use of several years, I have found no juicer like Breville juice fountain elite.

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