Vitamix Pro 750 reviews with tips and tricks

Every juice lover has a blender in his kitchen. However, the real question is its reliability. Is it worth it? Do you consider it as the best blender? Today, I will showcase my journey with Vitamix 750. Vitamix pro 750 reviews will prove that why you need a new blender in the kitchen.

Among all the blenders, this beauty is my favorite one. Some days I prefer making various batches of various recipes, while others I don’t feel like juicing. However, it never disappointed me with its performance. It goes well with every recipe and every day.

Honestly, I can say a lot of stuff about it. However, only claiming it as the best blender won’t make it convincing for you.  It would be best to tell you my reasons behind this favoritism. After that, you will be able to realize the real difference between the perks of Vitamix 750 and others.

The Vitamix usually organizes its products by using three key series.

  • C-series
  • Professional series
  • Ascent series

Although every key series has its own unique features, the Ascent is the latest one. The modern features, including wireless connectivity and touch screen, make it more special. Each and every product of Vitamix stands with pride on the front due to its reliability, dependability, and power. But what I like the most is my Vitamix 750.

Vitamix 750- Features

Let me tell you an amazing fact before moving to the core of its features. It goes well with every key area.

Smoothie Quality

The smoothie settings will work like a dream as the Vitamix 750 excels at making delicious smoothies.

Perfect for household

The professional series 750 holds some serious features to meet up the household requirement and commercial. It comes with a motor that boasts 2.2 horsepower, and the output is 12 amps. Besides that, it involves a 6-foot-long power cord to reach for a grounded 120-volt outlet.

The unit is built with sturdiness and solidness and a pretty hefty in 12 and a half pounds. Although it’s not a lightweight juicer, however, not imaginable heavy.


What I love about its reliability. The quality parts make it more durable. The blending blades are more than strong, you can think. It involves laser-cut from food-safe stainless steel hammermill blades for pulverizing any produce. Even though they are serving me for a long time, they still look new.

There will be no rusting, no dulling, but outstanding result. Isn’t it impressive?

Outstanding looks

Everyone loves clear counters, aren’t you? The general small gadgets are meant to be stored in cupboards. You might not be able to store it in the cupboard; however, it won’t look odd on the counter.

At least, it goes well with my kitchen décor. Its stainless steel metal finish matches with my other appliances. Therefore, I usually like to keep it aside from my microwave.

Furthermore, it also comes in a copper metal finish. It would complement any kitchen’s décor. Hence, it offers diversity in its colors. You will not only pay for its quality features but its beautiful looks as well.

Low profile blending pitcher

There is always a comparison between Low profile and standard pitcher. Vitamix 750 comes with a low-profile version. Honestly, I admire my BPA-Free Eastman Tritan Copolyester low profile model.

There is no effort in tucking under my kitchen’s cupboard. Another feature of this blender is that it comes with a wide pitcher base. It goes well while making cashew butter or creamy smoothies. The only drawback is that they are hard to fit in cupboards.

Preprogrammed settings and features

I have always admired the preprogrammed machine that can take the rest of the job once I put the ingredients in a blender. Saving time while having a busy schedule is always my priority.

It comes with five programmed settings that will help you make smoothies, heat the soups, make frozen fruits, and even do dishwashing.

Moreover, the control panel uses an analog system. The two switches involve one for a pulse and the other for on/off. It also includes a dial knob between them. While turning on the knob, you will be able to make different things.

By turning on the knob to the right, you will have ten variable speeds. Multiple speed options will allow you desired consistency of a smoothie. Furthermore, the cookbook will help you to make different recipes instead of repeating the same ones.


The Vitamix 750 stainless steel allows making multiple recipes. For instance, you can make soups, smoothies, sauces, and even more complex stuff like ice creams, nut butter, and even chunky salsas. If you don’t feel like chopping at all, then it might do the job well. Hence, it can perform almost every task in your kitchen.

Specifications and dimensions

The average weight of Vitamix 750 is about 12 and a half pounds, so you may find it a bit hefty. Apart from that, its dimensions are 17.5 by 9.4 by 7.7 inches, along with a blending pitcher.

What else is in the blender?

It comes with many other unique features that other blenders don’t. for instance, it comes with

Motor Base



Low-profile tamper base

Low-profile 64-ounce blending pitcher

What I love the most about it is its warranty. You can replace any part when you need to change.

  • Large container
  • Incredibly powerful
  • Not louder like others
  • Easy to clean & Multiple functions
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Convenient size and compact
  • Helpful preprogrammed settings
  • Best results across the board
  • Professional performance and looks
  • Warranty allows replacing
  • Relatively heavier than others
  • Expensive
  • The motor will get high temperature
  • Some specific might need support to push down
  • Plastic parts can get cloudy

Along with horsepower, it is a robust juicing machine. It explains the reasons behind excessive noise. All the parts are well made, and it looks better on the counter than on the cupboard.

Vitamix pro 750 reviews

Who needs a Vitamix professional Series 750 blender?

As the blender is perfect for everyone, you will see versatility, power, and dependability in a blender. It simplifies the kitchen appliances by offering multiple features to perform every task. Hence, it is suitable for everyone as Vitamix 750 can do every task.

It will be good for you to buy this blender even if you are a cook. Not every blender offers usability three times per day. Making smoothies occasionally will be a lot easier than others.

However, if you have a tight budget, it might not be the best idea to purchase Vitamix 750. You may find other financing options available in your budget.

It is also not suitable for those who want to make smaller batches of recipes. A low-profile container always requires 4 cups of ingredients for the right blending. If you want to rectify this issue, then purchase an additional smaller 32 oz container.

How to use the Vitamix Professional Series 750?

The most vital thing to remember here is to pour the liquid ingredients first into the blender. It will not only make the measuring process easy but also helps to blend the other ingredients smoothly.

Therefore, after plugging in the blender, first, you need to throw the liquid ingredients and then the solid ones. Don’t forget to attach the lid or cap here. Before starting, turn the dial for selecting one of the preset blend techniques from 1-10.

Now switch the power button on its position. Don’t you worry about the process, as the rest of the job will be performed by the blender? The blender will automatically stop down once you set the timer.

Make sure to avoid raising the high temperature. It will reduce the nutritional value of liquid. Besides that, do not allow it to operate for more than one minute.

If you want to avoid raising motors’ temperatures, you can turn it off for cooling down the blender. Some modern features will automatically sense the temperature if it is rising.

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YouTube video

How do you care and clean the blender?

Taking care of a blender isn’t any hard deal. It is a solidly built machine that won’t leak and not create a mess. Along with the preset cleaning settings, it is a breeze to keep the blender clean. Once you are done with your blending, empty and rinse the blender by switching on the bottom settings.

Usually, I used to rinse the container and lid with hot water. After some days, I fill my container halfway full with luke warm water and few drops of soap. Now replace the lid and lid plug; after that, switch one the blender.

After completing the cleaning process, it will automatically shut down. All you have to do is pouring out the liquid and rinse again. Don’t forget to dry the metal portion of the blade. They might start rusting in case of not properly dried. 

Sometimes, I even use a kitchen brush for scrubbing with soap. After making pastes, the self-cleaning might not do its job properly. Therefore, it is better to use a cleaning brush.

Tips and Tricks for Vitamix professional 750

It includes a low-profile tamper in the blender. You might not use it all by following the layering ingredients for smoothies defined in the starting guide. However, in other cases, you may use it.

Here is a little tip for you. Usually, I rewrite the ingredients in the order of on-a post-it note over the ingredient list. In this way, the ingredients will collapse instead of getting stuck on blades.

The best tip ever includes the lid on while blending. I don’t take pressure on a low-profile blending pitcher. Due to the design structure, throw the ingredients alongside the jar and lid on for small servings.

Another trick that I used while making butter is roasting my cashews with a pinch of salt. It provides a better consistency of paste. If you enjoy creamier butter, then try adding oil like coconut.

Trick of Making thick Ice cream

YouTube video

The Vitamix Professional Series 750 blender Review

The MOTOR power of the unit is 2.2 peak horsepower that is a lot more you have imagined. The motor uses quality material so that it will perform well for a longer time.


Control settings

The Vitamix professional 750 comes with five presets on its left side. Every cycle will automatically shut down on completing the process. I prefer analog controls; for instance, I find dials and switches more admirable.

You will see its sturdiness even when it is performing. Above all, they are long-lasting and durable.

Variable speeds

The unit involves 20 various speed levels. It allows you to choose any speed for reaching the desired consistency of the liquid.

Pulse function

The blender even comes with the pulse function for allowing diversity.


It contains laser-cut stainless steel 4-inches long blades that hit a speed of 270mph. There will be a quick performance regarding frozen desserts. The blades will help you to get a smooth consistency in a flash.


Drive Socket

The unit includes a quality drive socket with durability and replaceable functionality.


If you love ice-crushes smoothies, then it will be perfect for you. It is going to crush the ice by using the pulse button with ease.

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The unit is strong and powerful. However, it comes with a tamper to discourage the user from placing anything wrong into the container. In case of over-heating, the blender will shut down automatically.


Any juicer with a seven-year warranty must be describing its reliability. It allows repairing, reimburses, replacing defective components. An extended warranty enhances long-term usage.

Vitamix 750 Performance

Although we have discussed its key features briefly, how they work for me?


The Vitamix 750 is famous for making delicious smoothies. The smoothie settings will work like a dream. Make sure to fill it with 3-4 ingredients for better results.

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Crushing Ice & Frozen Fruits

The strong and powerful motor of 2.2 peak horsepower can do well by crushing ice and frozen fruits. If you are tired of repeating the same recipe, then try using the Vitamix website. You will find various recipes on the website.



Unlike other blenders, the Vitamix 750 stainless steel allows chopping the ingredients as coarsely.


Hot Food

You can avoid releasing any kind of pressure without removing the entire top for pouring in hot food. The great motor even allows heating food from cold to boil in just a few minutes.

Nut milk and Nut butter

Making nut butter and nut milk through Vitamix professional 750 is a breeze now. It requires only 45 seconds for building up from power setting 1 to power setting ten gradually.


It is undeniably one of those biggest names that pop up in your mind regarding the blenders. The company is serving high-tech blenders with incredible performance since 1921.

Among the professional series, the Vitamix 750 holds the title of the flagship. It offers a commercial blending experience at home with 2.2 horsepower and a sturdy motor. Furthermore, it comes with variable speed settings and preset buttons for smoothies, soups, purees, soups, and self-cleaning.

Coming with ten different speeds, it is the more powerful and less durable blender for your countertop. Moreover, the pulse button will lead you to chunky salsas and chopping.

There must be a question that comes to mind after knowing the price. Is it worth it? Well, to be honest, it all depends on various factors. For instance, if you like to use the blender for regular use, buy a quality product. Therefore, the Vitamix professional 750 is a perfect choice.

The Vitamix blenders are famous for their power and consistent results by assisting you in various food preparations. There are no plastic parts to make it less reliable. It is the replacement of all kitchen gadgets.

Not everything is perfect in literal senses. The drawbacks of Vitamix 750 include noise level. Yes, it is noisy. However, you might not feel it noisier than other centrifugal juicers. Apart from that, the blending cycles are a bit short.

Where other blenders come from the range of 80-90 decibels, this one uses 88-89 decibels. Here is an easy way to reduce the noise level of your blender. Try adding a piece of carpet beneath the blender. Another trick involves placing it away from the surrounding walls.

Frequently Asked Questions


A powerful and reliable product is good for everyone. However, a product that can replace several gadgets in your kitchen is way more attractive. Other blenders perform specific functions. At the same time, only Vitamix 750 stainless steel can do almost every job.

Who wouldn’t want a blender that allows chopping, juicing, blending, smoothies, frozen desserts, ice-crushing, and hot soups? At least, I can’t ignore such an incredible offer. What do you think about this quality product with various features? Share your Vitamix pro 750 review in the comment section.

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