6 Best Nutribullet Alternatives (Affordable and Modern)

Nutribullet has owned the crown of being a top performer for years. However, not everyone can afford it. The following blog carries the best nutribullet alternatives. All of them are sleek and quick relief for stressful mornings. Besides that, every model will be affordable and built with multiple features.

People who assume the nutribullet as a single jewel are pretty wrong. Indeed, multiple products come along with various incredible benefits. Apart from their durability, the blenders are efficient enough to serve you smooth processing. The nutribullet indicates your standard and requirements. The following models are listed while keeping the user requirements in mind.

We know that nutribullet is considered one of the ideal and best kitchen gadgets. Coming with two unique blades and cups, it even has its lids. It offers you to take your smoothies along with you. It will be the best on-the-go nutrition. The compact size is easily adjustable in the cupboards. The powerful 600-watt motor can go through every ingredient. The high torque -base won’t let you put any effort.

The single-serving cup allows you to drink it up straight from the container. Besides that, it includes a book for information and recipes to enjoy. The capacity of pulverizing every ingredient easily is another reason that makes the unit quite unique. It’s impressive, undoubtedly. Can cheaper blenders provide the same efficiency level? Is there any blender better than Nutribullet? If so, then are they reliable enough to purchase them instead of purchasing Nutribullet?

Let’s explore it together through this blog. Furthermore, you can also find the best additional appliance for your kitchen from here.

Comparision of 6 Best Nutribullet Alternatives

Best for efficient performance
BELLA Personal – Best for efficient performance
  • Features:
  • Simplifies kitchen prep
  • Two blending blades
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
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Best for stylish design
Oster BLSTPB-WPK- Best for stylish design
  • Features:
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • One-touch blending
  • Good for basic blending
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Best for multiple processing
Hamilton Beach – Best for multiple processing
  • Features:
  • One-touch blending
  • BPA-free body
  • Ice-crushing power
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Best for multiple accessories
Magic Bullet Blender- Best for multiple accessories
  • Features:
  • To go lids
  • Multiple accessories
  • Affordable
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Best for preserving the nutrients
Nutri Ninja Blender – Best for preserving the nutrients
  • Features:
  • Preserves the nutrients, flavor, and color
  • Stay fresh for 8 hours
  • 1 Auto-iQ program
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Best for crushing ice
Ninja Nutri Pro – Best for crushing ice
  • Features:
  • BPA-free components of unit
  • Dishwasher-safe unit
  • Easily movable on the counter
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Perks of Using Best Nutribullet Alternatives

There are multiple ways that make the blenders like nutribullet advantageous.

Better Quality Jars or Containers

Although the blender of nutribullet is BPA-free however, it uses plastic. This disadvantage can be problematic when it comes to hygiene. Meanwhile, the market has a lot of blenders to offer that use glass jars. Picking up any blender with a glass jar will solve your problem.

Higher Wattage

 Nutribullet comes with a fine reputation for having 600 watts; however, some users desire more. Many of you will be needing something better for heavy-duty. Bullet blender those uses 900-watts or higher will be the solution to your problem. Replacing the full-size blender with compact but efficient is going to surprise you in many ways.

Apart from saving money, it also replaces many appliances.

Control Settings

People who look forward to the versatility may not appreciate nutribullet. Singe setting of Nutribullet may put the user off. However, using the best nutribullet alternatives can save you from this hassle. Multiple units of the market offer you diverse and intense settings that will meet your needs.

Top 6 Nutribullet Alternatives

BELLA Rocket Blender- Best for Efficient Performance


Do you need a versatile yet simple blender for your kitchen? Here is the Bella personal-size rocket blender along with the 12-piece blending set. By using a 285-watt power base, efficiency is the main element of it. The sharp stainless steel blades can turn any solid ingredient into the liquid quickly. Even if you love green veggie smoothies, it won’t disappoint you. There is a grinding blade that will pulverize the spices and dry fruits easily.

Moreover, it consists of 5 blending tumblers that need to be attached with blades. It allows you to enjoy your smoothie from the cup directly. By using the material of chrome, it represents a stylish and modern blender. The model contains a dimension of 9.1×7.5×11 inches. Besides that, the average weight of the unit is 3.5 pounds. It requires only minimal clean-up. Apart from juicing, you can use it for grinding nuts, spices, and coffee beans.

The versatile blender allows multi-functions. Considering it usable for every purpose won’t be wrong. Either it is about making a smoothie of guacamole, it is efficient in every manner. It simplifies the kitchen prep while making healthy and delicious food. You can always count on them for durability and versatility. It takes only a simple touch to perform blending, grinding, or mixing. Apart from healthy smoothies, you can make tasty sauces and spicy salsas.

Moreover, the blender also serves as a food processor. You can make the homemade nut spread and savory seasoning by grinding up the spices.

To provide you healthy smoothies on the go, it comes with a lip ring that makes the drinking comfortable. The size of the cup easily adjusts to the car cup holders. The suction cups on the base helps to maintain the stability on the counter.

  • Best for on the go
  • Stable on the counter
  • Performs as a food processor
  • Blending, grinding, and mixing
  • 2 large cups, 2 storage lids, 1 shaker lifts
  • The company doesn’t provide you spare parts
  • Blades can freeze up sometimes

Oster BLSTPB-WPK- Best for stylish design

Here is another best affordable option to go for. The specifications of Oster BLSTPB-WPK are pretty similar to the Hamilton Beach. Coming with a simple design, it contains a 250-watt motor. You will find it great if you have busy mornings. It can also be considered as the one-speed model for basic blends.

However, make sure to avoid filling it with ice. It won’t work correctly. Indeed, you can’t expect it to perform efficiently if there is a lot of ice. The claims or advertising is only to fool you. There are multiple recipes for you to try. Apart from enhancing your creativity, you will be able to enjoy a different taste every day. There will be a successful blending incase of soft fruits such as yogurt or canned fruits.

The sleek and stylish design of the blender will draw your attention at first glance. It holds the dimensions of 6.9×6.7×14.9 Inches. In contrast, the blender uses a voltage of 110 volts. Moreover, dishwasher-safe components such as BPA-free plastic bottles also make it unique. It provides you one-touch blending. The cord length is about 16 inches.

The 400 watts of motor power can crush ice quickly. Apart from that, the company provides you 3-year sufficient guarantee. There is also a 1-year limited warranty. The brand promises durability, performance, and versatility. Moreover, it requires minimal space on the counter.

  • BPA-free plastic bottle
  • 400 watts of motor power
  • Fine warranty and guarantee
  • Requires minimal space
  • Best for soft fruits
  • Fine cord length & Light-weighted
  • Breakable bottle
  • Loud

Hamilton Beach 51131 – Best for Multiple Processing

Using the raspberry color, it uses the material of plastic. Besides that, it holds dimensions of 3.94×3.94×11.9 inches. The compact design of the unit can save space on the counter. It uses 11- volts. Furthermore, it is BPA-free. You will find it great for office, home or even travel. It is best for on the go.

The 14-ounce jar and lid both are dishwasher-safe. Also, the blender allows one-touch blending to simplify the process. The blending machine can make smoothies, baby formula, shakes, salad dressing, and marinades. A blender needs to be cleaned right after using it. However, in order to clean the stubborn stains, use a mild cleanser. The stainless steel blades can shred the pieces into liquid smoothly.

Its ice-crushing power will provide you smooth results. The 175-watt motor will be efficient for the essential blending. It promises you a reliable performance. It would be best for the dressings, sauces, chutneys, and smoothies. Apart from that, it can grind up the ingredients quickly. There are travel lids that allow you to take the delicious smoothie with you.

The blending jar can also be considered the alternate of the right cup, so you don’t need to purchase another one. Besides that, there is no need to clean it up before leaving for work. Indeed, remove the blender jar from the base; your smoothie is ready to drink up. It comes with the spec of ‘easy to clean. The jar and lid can go quickly into the dishwasher. The small size of the unit can soon go into the cup holder of the car.

Video Review of Hamilton Beach

YouTube video
  • Reliable performance
  • The blending jar works as a travel cup
  • Easy to clean
  • Allow blending, dressing, sauces, chutneys
  • Travel lids for on the go
  • Underpowered
  • Often overheats

Magic Bullet Blender – Best for Multiple Accessories


You must be familiar with the brand name magic bullet blender if you are already into juicing. It is a name of quality and durable products with modern specs. By using a combination of silver and grey colors, it provides a stylish but attractive look. Although it uses the material plastic, however, it is also reliable. The voltage of the unit is 120. Meanwhile, the dimensions of the unit are 13.19×6.93×10.63 Inches.

The magic bullet blender’s accessories come with a 250-watt motor base, cross-blade, tall cup, small cup, party mug, lip rings, and resealable lids. Furthermore, the to-go caps will make the unit portable. Another incredible feature is the 10-seconds recipe guide, and it can perform various functions. Such as grinding, mixing, blending, whipping up, and chopping won’t be a big deal for the magic bullet.

The cups use high–impact plastic. It allows you the convenience of creating your favorite meals, snacks, sauces, and dips. By using the 250 watts of a torque power base, it can blend anything smoothly. There is a recipe book in case you are tired of repeating the same dish over and over again. Furthermore, it provides you with hassle-free clean-up. It is straightforward to use. All you have to do is load the ingredients into the blending cup, twist on the blades and make it run for 1-2 minutes.

YouTube video
  • Versatile unit
  • Recipe book to try different combinations
  • 250 watts of power base
  • Chopping, grinding, mixing, blending, and whipping up
  • High-impact plastic cups
  • Not suitable for hard ingredients
  • Single-speed mode

Nutri Ninja BL580 Blender – Best for Preserving the Nutrients


Coming in a dark grey color, it provides a classical look at first appearance. The plastic material is used for the construction, so you need to prevent it from over-heating. As it comes from the famous brand Ninja so you can count on it for its durability. Besides that, the unit holds dimensions of 6.69×6.3×15.94 inches. Furthermore, the model operates by using 1100 watts of the motor.

It is undeniably easy to use and quite simple than others. Also, the fresh vac Pump is helpful regarding the preservation of nutrients. Apart from that, it will maintain the original flavor and colors, eliminating the oxygen before operating. If obtaining healthy nutrients is your main priority, then it might fulfill your expectations.

It excels at unlocking the full potential of all ingredients. Moreover, it comes with Auto-IQ technology that is an intelligent feature. It combines the timed pulsing, blending, and pausing patterns that do the job efficiently. In contrast, the cord length ranges about 2.8 feet. This blender also provides you on-the-go lids for taking it anywhere you want. However, it would help if you avoided the vacuum after using it.

Cleaning it with simple water and mild soap will be better. There will be enhanced texture and flavor. Also, it has the ability to perform multiple functions with just a simple touch of a button. The unit will provide you ultra-rich taste. You will be able to enjoy a vibrant, healthy, and tasty drink before leaving for work.

Nutri Ninja Blender
  • Timed pulse function and blending/pausing function
  • Removes the oxygen before blending
  • Simple to operate
  • Easy-to-use
  • Unlock the whole potential
  • Heavy as compare to others
  • Loud

Ninja Nutri Pro BL456 – Best For Crushing Ice

Another incredible piece of Ninja is the Ninja nutria pro compact personal blender. It holds the dimensions of 6x6x14 inches. Furthermore, it uses the voltage of 110120 volts. The blender uses 900 watts of professional power that efficiently breaks down the ingredients. You will be able to enjoy delicious and nutritious smoothies and juices.

The cord length is about three sufficient feet, in my opinion. There will be the maximum extraction of nutrients from produce. Moreover, the product provides you on the go smoothies. All you have to do is twist on the spout lids and take your drinks along with you. In short, it saves time. Various personal blenders offer you essential blending. However, this blender provides quick crushing of ice, skins, seeds, stems, and frozen fruits.

Every component of the unit is BPA-free. Furthermore, they are dishwasher safe. Therefore, you can directly put them into the dishwasher. The average weight of the product is around 4.75 pounds. It means you can quickly move it around the counter. Above all, it contains the highest ratings. Make sure to avoid overfilling. It will enhance the shelf life of the unit. Also, you need to clean the seals to prevent stinky stains.

As it is a compact personal blender, so it saves space as well. There will be two 18 oz and 24 oz cups for traveling.

  • Saves space on the counter
  • Attachment of two travel cups
  • Manual pulse for quick crushing of ice, seeds, and skins
  • Longer cord length
  • Maximum extraction of nutrients
  • Chunks in the smoothies
  • The gasket needs to be cleaned out properly

How to Pick Blenders like Nutribullet?

Many people prefer bullet blenders due to their compact size, portability, convenience, and ease-to-use specifications. While replacing the Nutribullet with any other blender, you must look forward to the following specifications in the unit.


The first factor that you need to notice is its performance. A blender with efficient performance is all you need. Check out the ability of the blender to perform chopping, blending, pureeing, and grinding. People with busy routines need a blender that performs without prep. Apart from that, multiple blenders can go through hard ingredients.

In contrast, some blenders leave out wet pulp or chunks in the smoothies. Hence, it is vital to test the performance efficiency before buying a blender. Lastly, don’t forget to check out the speed, efficiency, and pulsing of blenders.


Every blender comes with different specifications. Some perform only the essential blending, while some can go above the average performance. The nutribullet cheaper offer should be a smoothie blender as well as good for grinding, chopping, and mixing. Indeed, if it performs as a food processor, then it will be a bonus for you.

Ease of use

Always look up for blending machine that is simple to use. Being a Beginner, it can be challenging to get used to the blender having complex design and features. However, if you are already a smoothie lover, then it won’t be a big deal.

Durability and Reliability

If you use the blender on regular basis, then don’t forget to consider the durability. Although some blenders can perform well; however they are unable to provide sturdiness. A PERSONAL BLENDER comes with different specifications as compared to COMMERCIAL BLENDER. A commercial blender should be reliable enough to give a smooth performance. In contrast, a personal blender should be durable for efficient performance.


The blending power of blender varies from product to product. It usually depends upon what you plan to blend. A smaller model with low power can fulfill the basic requirements. However, if you plan to buy for heavy use, you undoubtedly need a blender with high power.

Space and Convenience

The blenders need space according to their sizes. If you have a small kitchen, then buying a compact blender will be better. If you have enough space and budget, then pick a blender that includes an attachment.  It will replace other products as well as save money and space.

Nutribullet offers easy and straightforward operation as well as compact storage size. The traditional countertop blenders are usually significant. Therefore, before falling for any blender, consider the speed availability in other models as well. The comparison will lead you towards the best selection.

Attachments or Accessories

Nutribullets are always famous for their huge list of attachments, and the incredible set of extensions replaces many appliances in the kitchen. In order to provide portability, a blender gives you cup options, accompanying lids, and a small jar with a lid. Apart from that, some blender also offers you the opportunity to buy the replacements.

A blender that offers a set of attachments will be a cherry on the top. Keep in mind that the size of cups matters a lot. It should be large enough to fit in the cup holder of cars. Furthermore, the large pitcher should consist of a handle to carry it easily.


One of the reasons regarding the preference of nutribullet is their good warranty coverage. A blending machine with good warranty coverage will provide you several years without any hassle. It should allow the replacement of blade or repairing.


Picking up any best nutribullet alternative from the above table will provide you benefit of reliability. They all are testified and best regarding their performance. Magic bullet knocks off to other blenders only when you can’t find the best alternate. By using the buying guide and comparing the above blenders, get your magic bullet alternative. Don’t forget to share the blog if you find it helpful. We are always here if you need any assistance.

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