5 Best Cheap Cold Press Juicers for meeting all Requirements

We all are aware of the benefits of juicing. There are plenty of websites offering you the best juicers. However, only the best cheap masticating juicers work perfectly for smooth operation. Such type of juicers allows you many further benefits that you can’t get from any other juicer. The best cold press masticating juicer will preserve all the nutrients.

If you are on short budget terms, then you must consider our review blog necessary to read. It will provide you all basic and significant information regarding the best cheap cold press juicer. You can easily pick anyone according to your requirement.

Besides that, we have authentic and logical reasons to pick the best cheap masticating juicer.

A masticating juicer or cold press juicer is undeniably the best way to extract the most nutritious juice from fruits and vegetables. Although, they are not cheap as compare to other conventional juicers. However, you still have the opportunity to save your money as well as pick the best product along with amazing features.

If you are interested in purchasing a cold press masticating juicer, then let me simplify its qualities. It will help you to get along better. Here I will provide the important key features of the best cheap cold press masticating juicer. But first, you can check our Top 5 Picks. After this, you can find the detailed features.

Short Comparision of 5 Best Cheap Cold Press Juicers (Updated)

Best For One-touch assembly
Jocuu Slow Juicer Most Convenient To Clean
  • Features:
  • Small feeder chute to reduce bitterness
  • Extra year warranty on Email
  • Very functional and pretty in juicing
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Best 2 in 1 Setting
Sagnart Slow Juicer Machine Best 2 in 1 Setting
  • Features:
  • Multiple Colors & Pulp Ejection
  • Dual Specification & Multifunctional
  • Preserve The Freshness Until 48 Hours
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Best for Minimal oxidation
ORFELD Cold Press Juicer
  • Features:
  • Juicing without pulp and foam
  • Purest juice and high yield
  • Juicing without pulp and foam
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Best for Budget-Friendly
Sagnart Vertical and Portable Best Budget-Friendly
  • Features:
  • A Compact Design To Save Counter Space
  • Simple To Operate & Quiet Motor
  • Supports Soaked Dry Nuts
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Best for High-Capacity
AMZCHEF Professional Best High-Capacity
  • Features:
  • Richer Nutrition
  • 7 Spiral System For Maximum Yield
  • Cleaning Brush & ntelligent Chips
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Best for Powerful Ultem Auger
Ventray Slow Press Masticating Juicer
  • Features:
  • Large Feeding Chute
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Affordable Price
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Explain a Cold Press Juicer

A cold press juicer is more than a juicer. It provides you numerous benefits. The juicer uses a masticating auger to extract the juice slowly by crushing the produce against screen. Later on, the pulp is separated from the juice. They are known as slow juicers as well, because of a slow process. The auger is used to press to revolve at 40 to 150 rotations or revolutions per minute.

You can compare the revolving speed to the centrifugal juicers. The centrifugal juicers use tens of thousands of revolutions per minute. You must have heard the story of rabbit and turtle, the same rule applies here. Fast speed encourages a high oxidation level as it produces heat and friction. Besides that, such types of juicers destroy the fragile vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes from the extracted juices.

Masticating Juicer cold press juicers vs. Centrifugal Juicers

While choosing the best option, you must be aware of all types of juicers. Some people prefer centrifugal juicers because of their fast processing.  The rest of the masticating juicers provides you nutritious juices. They work undeniably, efficiently. High-speed rotation produces heat, which destroys the nutritious level. Low oxidation levels can preserve the nutritional value of juices. Three things created a big difference between both types of juicers.

These three factors are Speed, heat, and process. Centrifugal juicer contains a high oxidation level which reduces the number of nutrients in juices.

5 Best Cheap Juicers

Jocuu Slow JuicerMost Convenient To Clean


If you are interested in 2-speed modes of juicer machine, then luckily you are at the right place. Multiple fruits and vegetable juicing can consume the time that can aggravate you. In that situation, the right juicer machine which is Jocuu Slow Juicer can help you out. You can put multiple soft or hard fruits and veggies into it and let them blend. Another amazing timing factor will stop the blender after every 20 minutes of operation.

A small feeder chute is to remove seeds and peels while cutting fruits before juicing. It will help in reducing bitter taste and give you pure natural juice. Other than that, a low speed masticating juicer comes along with the silent motor. It means that you can make juice in a safe environment without disturbing others. It is important to know about material quality whether it is harmful or not. Joccu Slow Juicer is made of high quality of food grade antioxidant material which is safe for health.

Everyone is curious about health and keeps trying to maintain it. A perfect diet with healthy and natural juices can help to maintain a good figure. Though you can extract healthy juices rich in vitamins, can boost your immunity and help to reduce your weight.

  • 2-speed mode
  • Long time warranty
  • Not so loudly & No leakage
  • Reliable and Durable
  • Not suitable for hard fruits
  • Poor-fitting of plastic

Sagnart Slow Juicer Machine 2 in 1-Best 2 in 1 Setting


The model uses material of stainless steel to improve product quality. It comes from the brand ‘Sagnart’. The average weight of this product is 18.49 Pounds. Besides that, the cheap and best budget cold press juicer comes with a new upgrade spiral system. The juicer has two specifications. You have to cut the fruit into half and then slightly press it with force. It will maximize the amount of juice extracted as it will extract from each part of the fruit.

This best budget cold press juicer comes in two colors.

  1. Black
  2. Silver

The slow masticating juicer contains a wear-resistant PEI material to run at 95-110 RPM/minute. It even supports low-calorie antioxidants higher nutrition juice rate. No doubt, the best budget cold press juicer is worthy enough to purchase this juice extractor for the comfort of the family. It is multifunctional and it supports the system of separating the pulp from juice. The best budget cold press juicer perfectly separates the pulp and pomace from the juice. Moreover, it extracts all the nutrients from fruits and vegetables into juice.

Now you can easily enjoy the pleasure of less pulp. A cheap and best budget masticating juicer can extract a variety of nutritional items from the produce. For instance the fruits and vegetables like Oranges, apples, Pears, Beets, Spinach, Ginger, etc.

The best budget cold press juicer is designed to have two speeds. The low speed is suitable for the soft fruits like strawberries and grapes etc. While on the other hand, the fast speed supports harder fruits. For instance fruits and vegetables like apples and carrots. Besides that, It is most simple product to use. In case you find anything struck between the juicer, you can press the ‘Return key’ which is denoted as R. Pressing R will start the extracting process again.

It contains a safe & quiet mode to operate. The best budget cold press juicer allows you to enjoy fresh and healthy juice with family without any doubt. You can wash every detachable part under running water.

There is a cleaning brush to clean in case of Celery and other vegetables. It is undeniably a heavy-duty and stable body masticating juicer. It allows you to enjoy a healthy life and a quiet environment. The company provides you lifelong support. In case of any query and problem, you can e-mail.

  • Convenient to clean & Multifunctional
  • Safe & quiet operation
  • Pulp separation & 2 in 1 specification
  • Lifelong technical support
  • Fresh juice until 48 hours
  • Limited timing of 8 minutes
  • Overheating due to continues use

ORFELD Cold Press Juicer


The best cheap ORFELD cold press juicer comes with additional features and fantastic performance. The model allows you to extract 90% yield juice for you and your family. Give high-yield juice to your kids to grow up healthy. Its eight spiral segment system with low-speed grinding stings ensures to extract 90% juice. Not only it extracts high-yield juice; besides, that reduces oxidation and provides the wealthiest nutrition.

In addition, the juice is not harmless for kids; they can drink it directly without any side effects on health. It provides automatic separation of pomace and juice, which is the most beneficial thing about your health. In other words, ORFELD cheap cold press juicer comes to maintain your health. Also, you can retain the nutrient value of your kids too. There is no need to add water to juice as it produces essential nutrition with the best taste.

Lover of different tastes? Here comes a feature that is going to be your favorite one. You can add soft fruits and vegetables to squeeze high fiber without clogging the machine. When we come to its physical appearance, it is compact with 3 inches chute to hold large fruits and vegetables. You may not need to waste your time cutting fruits before juicing.  It is prepared with a leak-proof valve to prevent the juice from dripping.

It comes with a REV button which helps in rotating the direction. Sometimes you may put too many fruits and vegetables that result in a blockage; the rev button helps to reduce this issue and increase the juicing efficiency.

The part of constantly cleaning alarms to think again and again about any product. You don’t get worried about its fast cleaning method. Invest your 5 seconds to clean ORFELD cold press juicer without any brush. You may need to use brush to get into the tighter spots you need to clean. Make the ORFELD cold press juicer a part of your kitchen with its long-time warranty. Active customer support is always there to help you out in any trouble with the machine

  • Reverse function
  • Four cleaning parts
  • No dangerous parts
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Low-quality material
  • Not suitable for carrots and beets

Sagnart Vertical and Portable Cold Press Juicer-Best Budget-Friendly


The best budget masticating juicer comes up in two different colors from the brand ‘Sagrnart.’ It owns the weight of 3.38Kg. The best and cheapest masticating juicer uses Tritan’s food-grade material approved by the food administration. BPA-Free contains excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance to make the juice more safe and durable.

The best slow juicer contains 45/Min of Speed. The slow speed helps to reduce heat production. Besides that, it provides high nutrition. The best cheap masticating juicer is liable to maintain the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. The slow speed reduces the calories level while reducing the oxidation level effectively. All the nutrients will be preserved—for instance, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, calcium, magnesium, etc.

The best cold press juicer works as a multifunctional juicer. The best budget cold press juicer can easily squeeze your favorite fruits, nuts, or vegetables. However, make sure to peel the walnuts and picking fresh peanuts for juicing. We will recommend you soak all the dry nuts until soft before putting them directly into the machine.

The best budget cold press juicer owns a delicate design. If you love vertical juicers, then surely this model belongs to you. You are going to love this vertical juicer of size 8.5×5.5×16.4 inches. The compact design will save your counter space. Besides that, it contains a design easy to take away with you and a portable handle.

Moreover, it is easy to clean with a cleaning brush. It is undeniably worthy enough to invest your money on this best budget cold press juicer. The juicer is quiet enough to maintain your peace at home. It works without producing any noise as it uses 60dB. It is undeniably easy to assemble and remove. The time duration of juicing is 8 minutes, and it contains a warranty of one year. Moreover, in case of any query or problem, you can contact them. They are liable to provide you a quick response.

  • Delicate design to save space
  • Quick Assemble & 1 year warranty
  • Multifunctional Juicer
  • Supports dry fruits
  • Breakable
  • You may find it difficult to clean in case anything gets stuck

AMZCHEF Professional Cold Press Juicer-Best High-Capacity


The juicer comes in classic red color along with the material of plastic and stainless steel. The best budget masticating juicer comes from the brand AMZCHE. It is undeniably the best Christmas gift for your friends and family.

The best budget masticating juicer is used for multi-purpose and upgraded with a spiral system. AMZCHEF juicer contains a 7 spiral system for maximum juice yield production, minimal oxidation, etc. The best cheap cold press juicer allows you to make various healthy foods for your family and friends. You can even use ginger, wheatgrass, oranges, and celery for extraction. Now you can try different flavors to make your start of the day more attractive.

The best friendly budget cold press juicer provides you higher and pure form of juice yield. Besides that, it even provides you richer nutrition level. The best cold press juicer contains a low-speed motor and good grinding to retain fruits and vegetables’ nutritional value.  It supports greens too. If you love green juices, then you can visit our review article of Best Masticating Juicer For Leafy Greens and Fruits

The juicer has a small feeder chute, which allows you to remove seeds while cutting the fruit. It will help maintain the taste and provide the most nutritional value of minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. The best budget cold press juicer is equipped with intelligent protection chips. It will automatically stop after 20′ minutes of operation. The best slow masticating juicer contains the reverse function to avoid from subject stuck in the machine. Every detachable part is made of high-quality food gradation anti-oxidation materials (BPA-Free).

You will find it easy to clean with a bonus brush or safely clean through the dishwasher. It also provides life-long customer service.

  • Intelligent protection chips
  • Cleaning Brush & 7 spiral system
  • Multi-purpose juicer
  • Supports leafy greens
  • Hard to Clean
  • Dull grinding

Best Cheap Cold Press Juicer

Buying Guide of the Cheap Cold Press Juicer

As there are several cold press juicers available in the market, you must pick the one that suits your need and budget. It is also essential to know about the features of cheap cold press juicers so you can make a worthy investment.

First of all, make it clear that the cold press juicer and masticating juicer are the same. The process to extract juice from fruits or vegetables is known as the masticating process. The product is known as a cold press juicer because they don’t support any heat production. The heat can easily destroy the nutritional value of juices extracted through juicers.

A cold press or slow masticating juicer uses a slow and efficient method to extract juice from vegetables and fruits. Such types of masticating juicers work better than as compared to other juicers. We all are aware from the fact of raise in price level of fresh juices from the cold bar. Therefore, people now prefer to make juice at home. However, in order to purchase the best masticating juicer within a limited budget, you need a review. It will help you to quickly decide the best of best product. No doubt, you will receive an absolute advantage or return on your investment.

What to look for in a cold press juicer?

There are certain parameters to judge the perfection level of cold press juicers.

Power of Motor

If you are going to purchase the best budget cold press juicer then certainly you should check its motor. A cheap but best budget juicer must contain a motor with low speed with high-quality production. It must contain a powerful motor to support the best extraction process from fruits and vegetables. However, you must understand the fact that a cold press machine supports a low oxidation level.

The best cold press machine will operate at a slow speed and even supports rock-hard produces. For instance, hard vegetables like carrots, beets, etc. The main objective of a powerful motor is to produce a smooth extraction process from fruits and vegetables.

Weight and footprint

We all are aware that some people face space issues for products. You might avoid taking out the juicer daily and put it back. Am I right? If yes, then you need the best budget-friendly cold press juicer. Most of the masticating or cold press juicers contain a weight of 15 pounds. It will take only a couple of square feet to fit in the counter. Surely, you need a product more than the manufacturers’ real dimensions as you will require space for a bowl or platter for the produce.

A best budget-friendly cold press juicer containing the weight of 15 pounds or more, you can even keep it on the countertop. Make sure to check the dimensions as they play a significant role. They come up widely, taller, and weighted more than others.

Horizontal and vertical

There are various manufacturers creating two types of configuration in the juicers

  • Vertical juicers
  • Horizontal juicers

Vertical Juicers

Vertical juicer tends to have a smaller footprint as compared to horizontal configurations. Besides that, they contain a smaller size and shape as compare to other centrifugal juicers. The gravity supports to pull the fruits and vegetables in the best cheap masticating juicers. It will save your time.

Horizontal juicers

Horizontal juicer requires more space on the countertop than vertical juicers. Everything about horizontal juicers is shifted to 90 degrees. We can simplify it in such a manner that it moves the produce into the chute. Later on, it will be catch up by auger.

Here is an advantage of the horizontal juicer that it verifies the versatile accessories to help the product more like a food processor. You can even grind the coffee, process food baby, make pasta or sorbet.

The simplicity to process

Most people have a busy schedule and avoid the trouble to consume a lot of time with products that require more time to process. We want the most convenient way to process the machine. Most of the appliances require more time to assemble, clean, and take apart. You may find it challenging and disturbing.

The best budget-friendly cold press juicers are simple to use. Besides that, they provide a learning curve or complete guideline to process. After that, you won’t require much time to consume over cleaning and maintenance. You can easily use the juicer according to your requirement

According to the rule of thumb, a cold press juicer along with fewer parts will be easy to process. In order to maximize the productivity level, you have to go deep. It will provide you more exciting capabilities. They will provide you healthy and fresh juice. However, it does not go well with fresh pasta.

A simple juicer extends the time to clean up. Now here you require a guideline or best cheap cold press juicer review to analyze the most suitable juicer for you. Just don’t go for the self-cleaning version because it does not really exist. You will experience the extraction process of juicing the fruits and vegetables by chewing.

Every part of the best cold press machine will be easy to assemble and clean after use. The best budget cold press juicer review will provide you the products with the quality of quick to clean up.

Noise Level

Masticating juicers tend to use a slow process to extract the juice. If we compare the masticating juicer with cousin juicers, you will find it more reliable and durable. You will find various people complaining about the noise of juicers. However, the internet has made it easier for you. Now manufacturers are sharing all the specifications about their products online.

According to the estimate usually, a dishwasher operates between 40 to 60 decibels. An average conversation is about 60dB. You will find many popular cold press juicers rated below 60dB.

If you avoid the chaos of hate noises during the juicing, you should certainly go for the best cheap, friendly budget masticating juicers.

Accessories and Attachments

The manufacturer likes to give a boost towards versatile types of juicers. However, it might extend the time to extract the juice. For instance, horizontal juicers require more time to process as compared to others. Some manufacturers offer you an assortment of strainers to separate the amount of pulp added to your juice.

The juicers may contain additional accessories or attachments which have nothing to do with juicing. For instance, your promise to have a lifelong commitment along with the Keto diet, you certainly do not care about the attachments to create pasta. If you are allergic to nuts, then you certainly don’t require the accessories attached along with the machine to process nut butter.

Versatility is undeniably a good thing in juicers. However, it is not helpful if you just want to make juice. Although, if you want to purchase a product for multi-tasking, then it will be good for you. You must be wondering that either it can process wheatgrass or not?

Does it work better than a centrifugal juicer or not? In case of having a well-furnished kitchen including a food processor and further culinary toys, you might not interest in pasta-making products.  A pasta aeration accessory fixed along with the mixer will meet all your needs. In other cases, you can stick to the cold press juicer which provides only juicing.

Durable Materials

Your price can determine the quality of a product. If you are willing to pay a good amount then surely you deserve a product of high quality with amazing features. The plastic is somehow good in some manner however the stainless steel or carbon material parts or products are more reliable and durable. They allow you more precise operation.

There is a sensitive part of the juicer known as an auger, which plays a significant role in juicing. It is usually made up of polyetherimide plastic. This is a reliable material that is also used in the aerospace and automotive industries.


A product with the characteristics of good quality material and a powerful electric motor can boost up the confidence of the manufacturer. It will provide you a warranty for a longer time period confidently. According to facts, a good quality product comes up with coverage of at least 15 years.

The quality of the product is undeniably the length of the warranty. No wonder, they have a strong connection. Make sure to check carefully its coverage. You will find the motor with the most strong and longest coverage. Besides that, it is the expensive part.


We hope you find our review helpful to make a perfect choice. If you asked for our recommendations, well, we liked Jocuu Slow Juicer for fruits and vegetables. It contains all the amazing features to inspire you.

The best cheap cold press juicer can be undeniably a good addition to your kitchen appliances. Now everyone used to purchase the best cold press juicer in order to save their money and time. Besides that, it will provide you good quality and a better taste of juice. It would be so beneficial if you consider your requirements before purchasing any random cold press juicer. Once you purchase the best masticating juicer, you will get addicted to it.

However, for purchasing the best of best masticating juicer, you are required to compare the pros and cons of the best cheap cold press juicers in our review blog. It will lead you towards picking the most reliable and durable cold press juicer. We hope you liked our best cheap cold press juicer review.

Good luck..!

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