Magic Bullet vs. Nutribullet which is better?

Magic bullet vs. nutria bullet both in the creation of the same company, Homeland Housewares LLC. Both are the top performers. It is hard to differentiate them at first glance. However, once you dig a bit deeper, the results will surprise you.

The focus of the company over enhancing the engineering expertise has come up with excellent products. The following term is generally used for only Magic Bullet. ‘Compact in size but highly effective in performance’ says a lot about Magic bullet. A small blender that performs well with a quick speed is certainly the preference of every busy person.

For ensuring nutrient-rich smoothies, the Magic bullet is truly a great personal blender. Over time the products are enhancing their features with the advancement of technology. There comes the role of Nutri bullet. It is aesthetically pleasing and slim. A modern blender that allows a variety of creation for you describes the Nutri bullet perfectly.

Identifying the best one among Magic bullet vs. Nutri bullet isn’t a piece of cake. Therefore, we have come up with a comparison chart for identifying the best unit. Although, there are various ways to identify like price, cup size, accessories, and motor speed. One of them will enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

Bullet Blender Comparison chart

SPECSMagic BulletNutriBullet
Power250 watts600 watts
Size4¾” diameter x 12” height5.375″ diameter x 15″ height
Base weight2.3 pounds4 pounds
CapacityUp to 18 oz  Up to 24 oz  
WarrantyOne year limited can pay to extend for four more yearsOne year limited can pay to extend for four more years
PlasticBPA FreeBPA Free
Speed20,000 RPM21,500 RPM
Components1 High-Torque Power Base, 1 Stainless Steel Cross Blade, 1 Stainless Steel Flat Blade, 1 Tall Cup, 1 Short Cup, 4 Party Mugs, 4 Colored Lip Rings, 2 Stay-Fresh Re-sealable Lids, 2 Shaker-Steamer Tops, one 10-second Recipe Book  1 High-Torque Power Base, 1 Extractor Blade, 1 Milling Blade, 1 Tall Cup, 2 Short Cups, 1 Handled Lip Ring, 1 Regular Lip Ring, 2 Stay-fresh Resealable Lids, 1 User Manual & Cookbook, 1 Pocket Nutritionist
CleanupTop-shelf dishwasher safe parts  Top-shelf dishwasher safe parts

Here are some vital factors to consider while Purchasing any blender.

  • Price
  • Motor speed
  • Features
  • Number of blades
  • Accessories

Nutri Bullet vs. Magic bullet Similarities

Both of the products excel at making various things like sauces, soups, juicing, and smoothies. Besides that, they are easy to use and clean. They contain a simple base, attachable blade, and mixing cups.

What you need to do is throw the ingredients into the mixing cups. After that, find the screw on the lid that holds the blade and attach it to the blender base.  The last step requires pressing the button.

Nutribullet and Magic bullet both have one year warranty. Every unit offers various optional accessories, for instance, travel mugs, additional blades, and resalable blades.

Biggest Differences of NutriBullet vs. Magic Bullet

The main difference between both units is the size of the motor. One of them comes with the 250 watt of motor that is enough for making basic fruit smoothies, soups, and sauces. However, it isn’t effective for green veggies or raw ingredients. Another thing that is also hard to handle for Magic bullet is frozen desserts’.

It comes with a powerful motor of 600 watts. Hence, it is ideal for everything, including blending, juicing, ice-crushing, grinding coffee, and nut butter, etc. the unit also comes with an in-depth recipe book. Besides that, it also guides you about the nutritional value of various foods.

What are the differences?

Either it is Magic bullet or Nutri bullet, both are compact, quick, and single-serving blenders. However, their performance, prices, durability, and designs are different from each other.


Every unit comes with cyclonic action for sending the blender’s content upward and backward to blades. The magic bullet operates with 250 watts of the motor, while the Nutribullet includes four models starting with the power of 600 watts to 1700 watts. It is certainly a major power jump.

I meant that it is more suitable for simple blending of ingredients. Furthermore, you can grind various ingredients.


The magic bullet doesn’t come like Nutribullet in bell manners. Therefore, the Magic Bullet’s single blender begins with $30 and enhances the price level as you add more accessories.

The other unit comes in the range between $70 to 150$. Every updated unit has more power and a larger container size. Above all, the top units even include a heating element for making hot soups.


In any juicer, blades are the first to lose the quality. However, here both of the products consist of harp and durable blades. The magic bullet is famous for its parts wearing down, for instance, rubber seals and blades.

Moreover, the company offers a risk-free purchase of 30 days. On the other hand, the nutribullet is efficient at better power and torque; however, some complain that the motor works for only six months. Besides that, the nutribullet offers a one-year warranty.


Surprisingly, both blenders are echoes to themselves. Both are bullet-shaped and uses cyclonic action. Both have multiple cup sizes, recipes, and lids; however, the Nutribullet offers an extra emulsifying blade and a heating function in the Nutribullet Rx version. Furthermore, they excel at the power and better cutting action.

Noise Intensity

Low production of noise is another feature of units. Nobody wants to make his ears bleed. Thanks to Nutribullet, you can avoid noise production. While sharing your apartments with other people, a noisy blender can make a serious issue. However, letting go of the fresh juice in the morning is also not possible. Isn’t it so? So, what’s the best solution?

Try Nutribullet as its low-power motor maintains pin-drop silence. The other case may involve vibration and swirling. The good part about it is the absence of an alarming noise level. However, if you are in the same room, then you will certainly hear noises.

Tests and aftermaths

Well, not everyone is optimistic like us. Instead of relying on only the reviews, they used to do tests and analyze the products. Various tests were based on the judgment of determining the blending capacity of each unit. Here are some of them.

Hot soups

During midnight you are craving for something; however, not in the mood to cherish hot soups. The nutribullet is certainly going to cut the chase and turn hot soup into the cold. Apart from that, it goes well for gravies and hot soups.

However, you may feel trouble while making hot soups through another blender. There is no heating function in the other unit.

Crushing Ice cubes

Although none of them works well with crushing ice, one might do the job somehow. The nutribullet allows fusing smaller ice cubes. Make sure to be careful as it can’t go well with large batches. Apart from making noise, it may stop after every 2 minutes.

The magic bullet might upset you at breaking any ice. But you can make delicious cold drinks and juices.

Making Nutritious Smoothies

Both units excel at making lump-free smoothies with delicious flavor and smooth texture. The magic bullet might not do well for adding rich fiber veggies like carrots. However, the Nutribullet will perform efficiently.

If you are a bit clumsy persona and don’t have enough budget to invest, then a magic bullet would be the best. The magic bullet will perform well for making smoothies, hot chocolates, etc.

The magic bullet is super comfy for those who don’t want to add many messes of having various buttons. The single button of Magic bullet will simplify the process.

Magic Bullet Overview

Magic Bullet

It is ideal for those who are trying to adopt the smoothie-making habit. The unit is easy to use and compact in size. Various parts are dishwasher-safe. Just like me, if you are on the go, then it is best for you.

The magic bullet has low power, so you may feel difficulty at crushing harder ingredients like ice. It allows replacing the blades. It is an 11 piece blender set, including additional blender cups, blades recipe books, and more.

The function of Magic bullet offers mixing, chopping, whipping, grinding, and many more. Besides that, the cups consist of high-impact plastic. It allows you are creating your favorite meals or snacks effortlessly.

Apart from that, it comes with 250 watts torque power base. Furthermore, it even comes with the recipe book. Therefore, you don’t have to repeat the same recipe over and over again. However, don’t forget to add water in case of using veggies.

Do you know the Magic bullet is known as ‘the Original’? While comparing to other bullet brands, it offers only style and size. It means there is no stress of accessories and all that.

It stands out among all the brand’s units due to its one style feature. It requires only 10 seconds to whipping out, even with a single blade. Coming with a one-year warranty, it allows replacing any part of the blender by contacting customer service. The replacement will be free. You can order it online by clicking the given link or simply through Amazon.


The unit is a good blender for a single serving. It allows grinding the small amounts of vegetables, spices, and fruits. Therefore, it is not suitable for you if you have a large family. Moreover, it comes with two different cups that measure 18 ounces and 12 ounces.

The motor power of the unit is 250 watts as it has low power, so you can consider it good for only thick smoothies. There will be no ice-crushing. Furthermore, it doesn’t offer heating soups and sauces.

It is perfect for the ones who don’t prefer juicing regularly. Besides that, it is also cheap, so best for beginners. Above all, the blender uses BPA-free material. There will be no extra effort or hassle required for using this blender. The blender doesn’t contain any control manual. As it comes with dishwasher-safe components, so you can consider it completely safe to wash it.

NutriBullet Overview


It is the fastest and easiest solution to make nutrient-rich smoothies. It allows loading up your drink with nuts, spinach, and barriers. You just need to push, twist and blend the ingredients and there you go.

The features include a 600-watt power motor, extractor blade, milling blade, handled cup, 24 oz cup, 18 oz cup, cup ring, cup ring with handle, and many more. The stay-fresh re-sealable lids will add more comfort to the process. Furthermore, if you are tired of repeating the same recipes, then you need to stay calm. The unit comes with a recipe book that allows a variety of dishes for you.

The powerful blades using a 600-watt power motor can turn any ingredient into liquid within seconds. The model is efficient at high-performance, BPA-free plastic cups that are long-lasting and durable.


Furthermore, it provides hassle-free cleaning. Yes, you don’t need to put a lot of effort here. All you have to do is simply twist the blades, rinse with soap and water. Don’t forget to put the cups in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Unlike the above blender, it offers a huge variety of blending machines varying capacities, horsepower, and sizes. The nutribullet is more advance than the all bullet series. Although it can make good smoothies, however, allows a limited variety of ingredients.

If you are a lover of GREEN VEGGIE SMOOTHIE or generally high fibrous smoothies, then it is not suitable. The milling blade can tackle seeds easily. Get annoyed by the noises while processing? No worries, the nutribullet can hold a stand. Thanks to its low-power motor, there will be no noise. Besides that, it requires only a few minutes to make your smoothie.

Although it doesn’t go well with making flour, however, it is a good grinder. Its strong and powerful blades can comfortably grind any kind of seeds, rolled oats, and coffee beans. It ensures healthy food and allowing a variety of recipes. Another feature is dishwasher-safe parts.

Make sure that it is not for heavy use. However, it is reasonable, reliable, durable, and suitable for smoothies twice or thrice a weak. Another drawback has a limited power motor. It means you can’t make superior smoothies. For me, its affordable price, superior quality are enough to make me go for it. What about you?

Why should I choose Magic Bullet?

It stands out for making lump-free, consistent, and smooth drinks quickly. There is an assumption that the 250-watt power motor can’t be great for your kitchen. However, that’s not the case here. It may stop if you are using it in the wrong way but highly efficient in other matters.

The blenders can easily perform various tasks and go well with veggies, sauces, spices, and less fibrous smoothies. You will be satisfied with its performance if you aren’t expecting more than that.

Why should I choose Nutribullet?

nutribullet will be my priority because of various reasons. For instance, it allows crushing larger batches of fruits, boiled meat chunks, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, strawberries, cashew nuts, walnuts, and cranberries.

It requires no time to turn the cubes into the snow and presenting larger batches of fibrous and nutritious fruits with no lumps. Its powerful stainless steel extractor blades can whip, grind, chops, and pulverizes the food within seconds. Furthermore, the process is comfy and handy as well.

You have to throw the ingredients in the container, add water to the texture, and then add the ice cubes in case of an icy smoothie. Now close the lid and turn on the blender. The rest of the job will be up to the blender.

Try applying pressure by putting palms on the lid and demonstrating a bit of pressure. It will stabilize the lid while the container is vibrating. Enjoy your realm of fresh and healthy refreshment.

Tips for Intensifying durability

The lifetime of any product can be increased by taking proper care of the product. When it comes to the blender, a proper care routine with various hacks will make a big difference. Here are some tips for you.

  • Start by following the manual carefully.
  • Try to avoid continued use.
  • Make sure to break the ice cubes into smaller pieces
  • Don’t forget to clean it with lukewarm water and a mild dishwasher
  • Keep remembering the duration of every preparation to avoid fumbling

Here are the PRO’s of both units for simplifying the difference

It comes at the reasonable priceInvolves high power motor
The unit is easy to cleanIt is versatile
It comes in a compact size and lightweightIt comes with a noise reduction formula
Allows larger servings as well as singleGreat blending capacity
Relatively quiet operationWarranty coverage
No buttonsCan take all kinds of ingredients
Available accessoriesLarge capacity

Following are the Cons of both units

Less versatileBlades can be tricky to clean
Can’t process hot soupsSlightly expensive
It doesn’t go well with icePlastic parts

Magicbullet and Nutribullet example recipes

The following recipe belongs to the Magicbullet.

Avocado banana smoothie

Either it is banana or avocado, both are loaded with potassium and fiber. When you combine these two ingredients, there will be a healthy breakfast or pre-workout snack. All you need to do is blending the ingredients until a smooth texture is obtained.


• One ripe avocado
• One ripe banana
• ½ cup Greek yogurt
• Two tablespoon honey
• One teaspoon vanilla extract

Tips: for enjoying the smoothie as dessert, try adding some ice. For adding a nice crunch, you can add almonds and cashews.

Nutribullet Recipe-Spicy Tomato Juice cocktail

Do you know tomatoes are an incredible source of vitamin C? The excellent extraction process of Nutribullet allows tomatoes with seeds and turns them into a smooth texture. You have to wash the ingredient and chop them. After that, add them into the blender and turn them on.


• Two sticks of celery
• 1-2 fresh jalapeno peppers
• Two carrots
• Freshly grounded spices
• ½ teaspoon salt
• One tablespoon chopped flat-leaf parsley
• One tablespoon fresh lemon juice

Tip: to add extra punch, garnish it with red chili and add a tablespoon of horseradish.


As the differences are simplified through determining the prices and accessories, the decision entirely depends upon the requirements. Every unit has its pros and cons.

The magic bullet is ideal for a single serving only. Therefore, make sure to go for another unit in case of a large family. What I like the most is Nutribullet. It stands out in every requirement of my kitchen routine. Therefore, my suggestion would be to go for it. However, it is a bit expensive so if you are a beginner, then try Magicbullet.

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