Omega VRT350 reviews ( A complete Buying Guide for 2023)

Being a clumsy child, I was always taught to be careful. When I get the Omega VRT350, it was pretty surprising for me. By using the exceptionally durable material, the blender is super durable. There is no stress of any dents or cracks. The following Omega VRT350 reviews will help you to guide about its features. Indeed, the blog is a perfect source to explore the performance of this blender.

What type of juicer is VRT350?

The following juicer comes from the masticating juicer kind. The major advantages include high-quality juice. Moreover, the juice contains longer shelf life. Due to the minimal oxidation, the liquid holds maximum nutrients in the juice. You will get a healthy dose of essential ingredients. As it is a vertical masticating juicer, it comes with a small footprint. However, don’t forget to consider its height also.


Let’s analyze the features of the following juicer in depth.


The juicer is 8.5  inches wide, 15.5 inches high, and seven inches long. They are the average dimensions for a vertical juicer. Make sure to have enough space on your counter.

Feed chute

The feeding chute of the juicer is a crescent shape. It comes with a dimension of 2.5X1.5 inches. The width of the chute is generous enough to handle the ingredients. There is plenty of space to load up the fruits or veggies. However, make sure to avoid chunks larger than their dimension.


A durable product uses high-quality material. This is why various expensive juicers are also heavy. They are resistant to cracks and scratches. The premium material makes them heavy. The following unit comes with an average weight of about 20 pounds. Hence, it wouldn’t be easy to move around the juicer. Ensure to keep it in a place from where you can easily access it.

Heavy-duty juicer

The Omega VRT350HD juicer uses the design of ULTEM plastic material. It is exceptionally resistant to cracks and heat. Therefore,  we can’t question its durability. Buying a juicer with this kind of material will last longer than normal juicers.

Base Color

The juicer uses silver as the base color. In addition, the juicer is elegant overall. It comes with a black feed chute. While the pitcher is transparent. You can consider it a good part. Why? Well, the transparent container can help you to watch the juicer.

Juice quality

We all know that slow juicers are liable to provide the highest quality juice. The maximum oxidation level can destroy the nutrients in food. However, a slow masticating juicer keeps the oxidation minimal. It results in high-yield juice. In short, you will get a healthy, nutrient-rich doze. Moreover, it will keep you active for the whole day.

Juice yield

The yield juice is pretty depending on the produce you put in. stay calm, the overall results are satisfactory. Moreover, it wouldn’t be wrong to consider it as the best=performing unit.


The juicer comes with a motor power of 150W. It comes with the optimal strength as it runs at low speed. Moreover, the juicer can even easily handle the hard ingredients. It will make the process easier for you.

Variable speed settings

The juicer comes with a single-speed setting. By using only 80 RPM, it provides you nutrient-rich juicer. A low-speed juicer is always better than a high-speed one. It maintains the nutritional cells in juice. Moreover, it brings simplicity to the procedure.


The capability of the juicer is standard if you compare it to the rest of the models. It uses a default juicing cup of 32 ounces. The same goes for the pulp container. Hence, you can make delicious juice for more than one person. However, it may take longer than you expected. The results will make you glad. It will serve you fresh and natural juice.

Assembly convenience

Are you a beginner? If so then it might take some time. Thanks to the instructional manual. It is pretty straightforward. Therefore, rather than relying on experimenting, use the manual guide. It will resolve all of the assembling issues.

Food prep requirements

Some food preps are always essential to get your favorite juice. All you need to do is cut the ingredients into small sizes. Try to avoid overloading the funnel. However, it allows mixing the food while processing.

Auto Pulp Ejection

The feature of Auto pulp ejection ensures you the maximum amount of juice. By ejecting most of the dry pulp, it will extract juice from produce. Luckily you have this feature in omega VRT350 reviews extractor.

Drip stopper

Making juice without a mess is a bit difficult. However, the following juicer even comes with the solution for this problem as well. The drip stopper won’t let create any mess in the kitchen. This is the new addition to Omega models. It will make the product more smooth clean and useful.

Noise level

Maintaining peace while juicing the ingredients is a bit challenging. The centrifugal juicer creates more noise than the masticating juicer. It uses lower speed, therefore, it won’t be that noisy.


The model comes with longevity and strength. Therefore, going wrong with this juicer isn’t possible. It contains a crack-resistant material. It should last for years.


The juicer comes with an automatic cleaning tool. The Omega VRT350HD maintains the primary focus.


The model comes with all essential safety features. It includes a manual with precautions to use. Make sure to pull out the power socket before cleaning the unit. Be careful while touching and cleaning the blades.


The juicer holds a warranty of ten years. Isn’t it amazing? What else do you need?

omega vrt350 reviews
  • The masticating juicer extracts healthy juices with nutrients
  • Uses exceptional durable material
  • Resistant from dents and cracks
  • It is a versatile unit
  • Performs well for soft fruits
  • Large feeding chute reduces food preparation
  • Doesn’t contain any mincing attachment
  • Bit expensive than other juicers

Cleaning & Care

The juicer delivers you high-quality juice. It has removable parts. Therefore, you need to remove the parts for washing them. Always clean it right after using it. The cleaning process is much more convenient than you think. Using the cleaning brush will clean it deeply. Washing the components by hand might be time taking but it’s worth it. It will clean the juicer thoroughly.

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