7 Best Cold Press Commercial Juicers with Reviews & Buying Guide

We all are aware of the consequences of purchasing any item without complete research. However, it is necessary to get a proper certified best cold press commercial juicer for the perfect establishment of your small business. Therefore, you should be aware of all your needs or requirements regarding your product. The product description will lead you towards the proper and better operation.

We have selected some recommendations based on the description, certification marks, and warranties for your ease or comfort. However, before that, you should know the working of a commercial juice extractor. They all work fine as the best cold press commercial juice extractor.

Impatient to see the list of the cold press commercial Juicers? Let’s probe!

Our Top 3 Picks

NXONE Slow Masticating Juicer Best Ultra-Efficient
omega juicere
  • High Yield Juice
  • Easy to clean & 100% Crackles
  • Smooth working
Kuvings CS600 Best Ultra Efficient Juicer
Tribest Juicer
  • Extra-Large Feeding chute
  • Supported Continuous Juicing
  • Pulp Ejection & Multi-Tasking
Tribest GSE-5010 Greenstar Elite Best Jumbo Twin Gears
Kuving machine
  • Bio-Ceramic Twin Gears
  • Low oxidation level & Versatile Juicer
  • Durable and Reliable

What is a Commercial Juice Extractor?

The best and reliable answer to this question is a machine that comes up with commercial certifications to meet local regulatory guidelines. The best commercial cold press juicer of the line should provide higher health, safety standards, and better durability. Besides that, it must have the ability to handle a higher juice level.

There are kinds named as ‘commercial’ or commercial grade’ claiming to provide the best performance. However, they don’t work as they claim. They are just labeled as ‘heavy-duty’ while they can easily handle the higher volume, above-average durability.

Now the question arises that ‘how to check commercial certification’? Make sure to check the product description. Now look for the certification marks given on products or manuals. Check out their warranty. If you want to check everything all at once, then go to our website for detailed information.

How are Commercial Juicers Best?

Juicers can be easily categorized into 4 types.

  • Masticating juicer
  • Centrifugal juicer
  • Triturating juicer
  • Citrus juicer

You can pick your best commercial masticating juicer based on juicing turnover, kinds, quality to deliver & most important, your budget size. You can purchase more than 1 juicer to add more productivity. Let’s take a deep dive into them to for making things more clear.

Centrifugal Juicer

They are known for their cheap rates, high volume production, and fastest rate. You have to put the product on to flat cutting blade, placed on the bottom. The blades will rotate at a very high speed. The spinner allows separating the juice from the pulp.

However, they are noisier and difficult to clean. Moreover, they are not good for leafy green vegetables, and the juice volume is also less.

Masticating Juicers

The meaning of ‘Masticating’ is to chew. They don’t use to force the product through the rotating blade. In fact, they used to work along with the auger. Later on, the pulp is separated. The best part about masticating juicer is that it can produce automatic pulp for ejector for continuous juicing.

Although the process is slow, however, they are known for their quality. Less oxidation helps to obtain higher nutritional content. They can stay for a longer time period. However, they require more time for preparations.

Triturating Juicers

They are identified for their twin gears and are often considered as the subclass of masticating juicers. The two gears are placed very close to each other. It works in the manner of producing the pulp, and later on, the juice is separated. Such types of juicers are more heavy-duty. They operate at a slightly higher speed, which results in better quality juice.

They are good to go for leafy greens. However, you should be careful with their quantities. They contain a harder texture; however, they can’t support soft and watery fruits. You can even create nut pastes, noodles, and patties. The masticating juicers are known as the best commercial cold press juice extractor leafy greens.

Citrus Juicers

Citrus juicers are divided into 4 kinds.

Prince type Hand squeezer

The first type of citrus juicer is simple handles squeezer. It can squeeze one lemon or half at a time. They used to force the product and are more sanitary along with less hand contact with the fruit. They contain a reamer or two pincers. Such types of juicers are handy for food preparations in a kitchen. You can easily purchase them at the cost of $30 or below $20.

Standing citrus hand press.

The second type involves standing hand press. It comes with a heavy, sturdy base along with a hand-operated level to squeeze the fruit. Usually, that fruit is cut into two half pieces and placed on a stationary reamer. You can even extract the juice from pomegranates and grapefruit. You can purchase it even below $50.

Motorized citrus press

Electric squeezers contain a revolving reamer. Such types of juicers require manual preparations. However, you can extract enough volume. They are perfect for bars or cafés. They will cost you around $200 or more.

Fully automated citrus press

Such types of juicers are heavy-duty and are fully automated machines. These juicers are more suitable for high turnover establishments. For example, hotels, businesses. Their small size allows you to fit in café counters. It will cost you around $500 for a couple of thousand dollars.

Why are Masticating Juicers the best Cold Press Commercial Juicer?

Slow juicers are considered best for leafy greens, such as spinach, kale, lettuce, wheatgrass, and soft, pulp fruits like tomatoes. If you really want to maintain the quality, you must consider this juicer as necessary because they consider quality over quantity. They are perfect for bars, cafes, sports clubs, health bars, and restaurants. Therefore, the masticating juicers are perfect to be lined in the best commercial cold press juicer in the market.

Top 7 Best Cold Press Commercial Juicers

NXONE Slow Masticating Juicer-Best Ultra-Efficient and Affordable Juicer


The juicer contains 80 RPM of speed. You can use it continuously. The product contains a self-feeding flap, a wide feed chute. Moreover, the motor contains the guarantee of a lifetime. No doubt, the juice extractor has the best quality regarding everything. It deserves the crown of the best commercial cold press juicer of the line

Further More The Best commercial cold press juicer on a budget neither cracks nor break down. The juicer uses Tritan and that is 100% BPA free. Moreover, it is highly durable and anti-leak as well. Now you can stay calm about clogging

Besides that, the further parts contain the guarantee of no leakage. In case you are tired of repeating the same juices every day, you can enjoy new flavors through the recipe book. Now you can extract the juice from fruits without the need to push the fruits and vegetables down.

  • Self-feeding design & Anti-Leak
  • Best Affordable Under $100
  • Wide chute and Low RPM
  • Tricky to Clean

Omega J8005 Nutrition Center Single-Gear Juicer


Suppose you are a big fan of appliances containing funky looks then hold your breath. We are presenting the Omega Nutrition Center Juicer, along with so many unique features. The model contains a weight of 17.64. It comes with the material of chrome. Moreover, the speed is 120 W Revolution per minute.

Besides that, the best commercial cold press juicer on the market has a beautiful groovy design, which is absolutely adorable. It can do more than your expectations. The juicer allows us to do a lot with this machine except extracting the juice of oranges. You can easily extract Pomegranate and lemon juice with this deluxe slow juicer.

The motor has the audacity to extract the juice more than 70% of fruit. Besides that, it allows you to multi-tasking. Now you can stay calm about the heating as the motor of 110V contains the finest heat-resistant materials. You can easily clean up without any trouble.

  • Reverse function & 10-year warranty
  • No heating of the motor
  • Convenient to clean
  • Mess-free juicing sessions
  • Reliable and Durable
  • Heavy Juicer
  • Small Feed chute

Omega MM900HDS Medium Slow Juicer- Best Selection Overall


The model provides you a balanced healthy lifestyle and nutrition field. The best cold press commercial juicer provides heavy-duty commercial actions. For example, Bars, health clubs, spas, restaurants, etc. The parts are made with stainless steel. It delivers pulp-free juice with a 200Watt motor. It is perfect to be known as the best commercial cold press juicer for small businesses.

Such type of commercial juicers produces juice in a few seconds to avoid the client’s expressions. The machine involves a large feeding chamber. It provides non-stop juicing for both fruits and vegetables, along with immediate pulp ejection. The model comes stylish, durable, and dependable. Besides that, it is easy to clean.

Besides all those characteristics, it is specially designed to catch the small pulp pieces. It holds strong rubber feet for tightly handle the juicer. There is a quick change of blades for a quick and smooth process of leafy green juices.

Omega MM900HDS Celery Juicer:

YouTube video
  • Easy to Clean & Smooth Operation
  • Perfect for Celery
  • Quick and easy to process
  • High yield juice
  • It provides pulp-free juice
  • Slightly Larger Size
  • Didn’t work well for oranges

Aeitto Slow Juicer-Best wide Chute

Aeitto Slow

Get more vitamins and nutrients in juice with Aeitto slow juicer. It conserved   90% Nutrients and 70% Vitamins from fruits to make a healthy juice for you.

The fabulous addition of a cold press commercial juicer has made it easier to get and enjoy fresh juice whenever you want. Juice and pulp separation functions make it superior to others. Yeah, it extracts maximum pomace and nutrients from the juice with less oxidation.

Here comes a 900ml juicer cup and pulp cup to serve your daily demand. At the low speed of 47-60RMP, this commercial juicer preserves vitamins, enzymes, minerals, trace minerals, and nutrients. You can get healthy and fresh juice with less heat and friction, less foaming, and without clogging.

The cold press commercial juicer works at 60 decibels which are considered quiet. It is easy to use for its disassembling and processing. The cleaning method with an equipped brush makes it super easy to wash after every use.

The long-time warranty of a cold press commercial juicer cannot be ignored. Twelve months warranty service with 30 days money-back guarantee assures  Aeitto’s effectiveness.

Make your everyday health.

Aeitto features
  • Prevents clogging
  • Effective juice extraction
  • Worth the money
  • Ultra Durable
  • Tricky assembly
  • Not recommended for celery

Kuvings CS600 Whole Slow Juicer-Best Ultra Efficient

The Kuvings CS600 Whole Slow Juicer with BPA-Free Components, 24 Hour Operation, Easy to Clean, Heavy Duty, Commercial Grade, Stain-less steel Juicer allows you to enjoy healthy and fresh juice within a few minutes. The model supports a slow-speed motor. It allows the cutting disk to shred the pieces of fruits. The extra-large feed chute assists the larger portions. Now you can enjoy freshly squeezed juice directly into the glass. Moreover, the pulp is automatically turned into the bin.

The model contains an extra-large feed chute. It supports a pulp ejection system. The model produces a large amount of juice. Besides that, it is featured along with the Mega Mouth Pulp Ejection Style juicing system.  The smooth process allows you to save more time. The best cold press commercial juicer for business provides almost dried pulp.

  • Quick process & Smooth process
  • Versatile functionality
  • Support continuous process
  • It features an extra-large chute
  • Made with Low Quality Plastic
  • You may find it difficult to clean

Tribest GSE-5010 Greenstar Elite Cold Press Juicer-Best Jumbo Twin Gears


The model comes up as the top-rated cold press juicer. The tribes Greenstar elite cold press juicer is a worthy investment due to the high quality and great taste of juice. The cold press juicer involves a slow extraction method of 110 RPM. It removes harmful oxidation to preserve nutrients and vitamins.

The less oxidation allows more nutritional juice. This slow masticating juicer cuts, slices, and then crush fruits or vegetables to extract more nutritious juice. It contains a weight of 17.2 pounds. You can even crush the herbs, nuts, and grains. You will find it completely comfortable to clean and assemble. You can clean the juicer with mild soap; however, avoid hard chemicals to maintain the product’s quality. It offers 12 years of warranty.

  • Long warranty duration & Jumbo Twin Gears
  • Slow revolution for nutrients
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble
  • Allows multiple Tasks
  • If you like Appliances made of steel, then you may avoid them. As it is made with polycarbonate instead of Stainless Steel

Omega Cube 300S Nutrition System Juicer-Best Settings


The model has the audacity of containing many elements of a perfect juicer together. The model is versatile enough to make you amazed. Not every juicer can handle all types of juice production efficiency levels. Although it is a masticating slow juicer, however, the model contains an automatic shut-off feature.

The omega Juicer comes with the ability to quickly assemble. Besides that, it is dishwasher safe and lighter in weight as compared to others. It requires small space, so you can put it in cupboard after using it on counter. Along with the low oxidation level, the juicer provides you 100% pure and nutritious juice.

Besides all these amazing features, it works so quietly. You won’t be disturbed by a single noise created by the model. As it is a vertical masticating juicer, the model has a metal screen for juicing. There are so many juicers that acted to be tough on cleaning manners. However, the Omega cube nutrition system masticating juicer is the best cold press commercial juicer of the line.

  • 15 year’s warranty & Long-lasting juice
  • Multiple tasks can be performed
  • Automatic ejection of pulp
  • Compelling industrial design
  • You may feel uncomfortable due to the noises while juicing from hard ingredients

Buyer’s Guide of Best Cold Press Commercial Juicer

It is necessary to read these instructions to pick the right choice.

Types of Juicers

Several types of juicers claim to provide you the best quality of extraction. However, you should pick the type of juicer according to your need or requirement. Make sure to clear your mind about your requirements. Although, the masticating and centrifugal both type of juicers works efficiently to perform better. But the masticating juicers contain one or two augers to grind your produce and extract the juice from every part of fruit or veggie. Besides that, it supports leafy greens too.


The questions must get answered.

  • How convenient is it? How many people can extract their juices effectively?
  • Is there any reverse function to avoid clogging up?
  • Do you need more time for peeling off or chopping your fruits and veggies?
  • Does it support multitasking?
  • What else can task perform the juicer? Does the juicer support the juicing of hard veggies or fruits? For instance, wheatgrass or nuts, etc.

Pulp Collection

Make sure the juicer has a pulp ejection system. Besides the hat, the large cup holds enough pulp as compared to the smaller cup.

Juice Quality

You should pick high-quality masticating juicers. They don’t hold any pulp in juice and contain almost 0% foam.

Size of Juicer

Make sure to pick the juicer according to the space available. If you like to keep the juicer on the counter for juicing, then clarify the size. Some juicers are larger in size, so they don’t usually fit in the cupboards.

Frequently Asked Questions


We have determined so many brands by our research analysis and expertise. The above-presented type of juicer gives the best quality and high-level extraction of juice. The best cold press commercial juicers review will provide you a juicer of long duration. In my opinion, the masticating juicers deserve your investment to serve high quality and extra efficiency.

All the juicers are perfect for light commercial use in bars or hotels, cafes, etc. Make sure to check the wide feed chute feature of your juicer. The best cold press commercial durable will save your time by the quick process.

Are you looking for the best cold press commercial masticating juicer affordable? Well, in this case, you are on the right boat. Make sure to consider the NXONE as the best affordable cold press commercial juicer of the line. We hope you liked our review. Make sure to leave comments in case of any queries.

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