Top 8 Best Masticating Juicers Canada 2023 | Reviews and FAQs

Do you love fresh juices, but unaware of the perfect juicer for your kitchen? Well, congrats you are at the right spot. We have created best masticating juicer Canada reviews to help in your selection. Now you can pick the best masticating juicer completely reliable and more amazing functionality as compared to others.

In fact, you will be astonished to see the working of a cold press juicer. People can get confused about its terms, so let’s simplify it. The masticating juicer is also known as the slow juicer or cold press juicer. Undeniably, we have 8 masticating juicers from the top-selling brands that will surely win your heart. Additionally, the right gadget will help you to make any juice quickly.

However, investment in cold press juicers is not cheap. Therefore, it is required to choose the best masticating juicer in Canada. To save your time and effort, we have piled a list of the eight best masticating juicers in Canada of all time.

Furthermore, you’ll know all the juicers’ features with their good and ugly sides to make an informed decision.

Continue reading to find the best masticating juicer for your home.

Our Top 3 picks of Masticating Juicers Canada

Omega NC 900 HDC – Best Choice Overall
omega juicere
  • Dual stage extraction
  • HP motor & Adjustable settings
  • 5 setting options & Dual stage extraction
Tribest GSE 5050 Greenstar Elite –Best Tiwn Jumbo Gears
Tribest Juicer
  • Quick To Assemble & Long Lasting
  • Balanced Sugar Handle Grip
  • Convenient To Clean & Portable Juicer
Hamilton Beach Masticating Juicer Machine
Hamilton juicer
  • Foam free juice
  • Convenient Assembly
  • Works quietly

Pick The Best Masticating Juicer Canada

Omega NC 900 HDC Slow Juicer–Best Choice Overall


Our top pick on the Best masticating juicer Canada reviews is the Omega NC 900 HDC Juicer Extractor Slow Masticating device. It comes with the industry-leading experience of 15 years, and you will have the best performance. This juicer has a long time coverage on its parts. Best of all, it has long lasting parts, and the juicer’s speed is 80 RPMs. The juicer will not buildup heat, and it will preserve the nutrients in the drink. Additionally, this juicer will produce more juice and extract the drier pulp.

What’s more, you will have incredible dual-stage masticating extraction with it. This juicer will make a healthy juice, and it will even make the juice from leafy vegetables. Most importantly, you can buy the Omega NC 900 HDC Juicer for wheatgrass and leafy veggies.

And the best part, the Omega NC 900 HDC Juicer will make nutritious juice. It is a multipurpose juicer. For instance, you can make pasta, grind the coffee, sauces, and nut butter. This 2 HP motor omega juicer will make baby food very well. All in all, the Omega NC 900 HDC Juicer has the 5 settings speed option, and you can easily extract more juice with it. In addition, it has a continuous juicing pulp ejection system.

With this continuous pulp ejection, you can conveniently make any juice. Due to its effective operation, Omega is the best masticating juicer Canada for hard vegetables.

  • Long-Lasting juicer
  • Dual-Stage extraction
  • Convenient to clean
  • Expensive

Breville JE 98XL Juicer–Most Durable Juicer

Secondly, we have the Breville JE 98XL Juicerr Fountain Stainless Steel. We have added this juicer because it has a wide chute, and you can easily save time while making any drink in it. Additionally, this juicer can make 8oz—cups of juice in 5 to 6 seconds.

Best of all, the Breville JE 98XL Juicer has a stainless steel cutting disc, and it has an Italian mesh filter. This juicer will surprise you by extracting more juice than other juicers. Also, it has a motor of 850 watts.

Furthermore, it has an overload protection lid. This lid will prevent dripping and slippage. Indeed, this juicer has the safest operation. Additionally, you will have a safety locking arm, and the juice will never spill out.

Likewise, this juicer has a pulp container, and it has a capacity of 2.6 inches. The Breville JE 98XL Juice Fountain Stainless Steel will consume 100 volts. In fact, this juicer has safe dishwasher parts, and you will have the 1-liter jug with it.

Other than that, the juicer comes with the cleaning brush, filter basket, and one froth separator as well. Not only that, but you will have the Breville JE 98XL Juicer with one year warranty.

Lastly, this juicer has a heavy grade durable polymer body, and it has a micro-mesh filter with it. No doubt, this Breville juicer is offering excellent features, which makes it the best masticating juicer Canada greens and fruits

  • Large chute & Pulp container
  • Durable polymer body
  • Micro-mesh filter basket
  • One year warranty only

Tribest GSE 5050 Greenstar Elite Cold Press Juicer – Best Town Jumbo Gears


Suppose you are familiar with the cold press juicers, then tribest might be your priority. This juicer is portable, and it has a great balance grip handle. As well as, this juicer of tribest has a warranty of 12 years.

Furthermore, it has an automatic pulp ejection. With the pulp ejector, you can easily extract the juice, and it is very convenient to clean. Besides that, the tribest juicer can easily make the green juices with it. Though this juicer is a bit large and bulky, you will have excellent performance. The tribest juicer has a quick clean up, and you will not have difficulty assembling or disassembling the parts of the juicer.

And the good news? You can crush the nuts and other grains in this juicer. More than that, this juicer is convenient to assemble. The Tribest GSE 5050 Greenstar Elite Cold Press Juicer will utilize 110 volts of energy. All in all, this juicer has great quality, and it has a great pulp ejector. Ultimately, it is the best masticating juicer Canada for celery. For cleaning this juicer, you can use mild soap only. Do not use bleach for cleaning it.

  • Great quality & Easy to clean
  • Convenient to assemble
  • Good pulp ejection
  • 12 years long warranty
  • Heavy juicer

Tribest SW 2000 Slowstar Vertical Masticating Juicer – Best Vertical Juicer

Next up, we have the Tribest SW 2000 Slowstar Vertical Masticating Juicer with a motor of 200 watts and has the 3 stage speed extraction. Moreover, the juicer has 47 RPM speeds and will make the best quality juice without any oxidation.

Furthermore, this juicer has the duo blade Ultem auger, and you will have two times better cutting action with it. And that’s not all; the juicer of tribest will extract more pulp than centrifugal juicers. In addition to that, you will have a better taste of juice.

More than that, it has the mincing attachment with it. Plus, it has better versatility, and you can easily use the juicer as a mincer for making other sauces such as sorbets and pasta sauce.

Indeed, this multipurpose tribest juicer is the best masticating juicer Canada durable, and you can use it for making green juices. As well, this juicer has pre-rinse technology, and you will have easy clean up with it.

All in all, this tribest juicer will energize the morning and help you make the green juices in less time. However, the only flaw of this juicer is that it can clog up sometimes.

  • Exceptional duo blades
  • Convenient to clean
  • RPM 47 speed
  • Small foot print
  • It might clog if you don’t clean it after every use

BAG Wizard Wide Mouth Juice Extractor – Best Anti-Drip Function


Next up, we have one of the most powerful juicers, and you will have an excellent stainless steel juicer. This juicer has a steel blade of 0.45mm mesh filter, and it has a motor of 600 watts. Moreover, the BAG Wizard Wide Mouth Juice Extractor will minimize the heat and make juices that are oxidation free.

Best of all, BAG Wizard Wide Mouth Juice Extractor is the best choice for making the juices with high yield extraction up to 85 percent. This juicer will make the juice for a 10oz cup in 6 to 7 seconds. Besides that, this juicer has an energy-saving low-speed operation, and you will have quick, efficient gear control. For instance, you can use the BAG Wizard Wide Mouth Juice Extractor for hard veggies.

Therefore, if you are finding the best slow press juicer Canada, then BAG Wizard Wide Mouth Juice Extractor is the best choice.

Furthermore, the BAG Wizard Wide Mouth Juice Extractor has a safety lock, and it will not spill juice while operating. Best of all, this cold press juicer has BPA free material, and it has CE certification. As well, the bag wizard juicer has a pulp collector of 1600ml. Also, it has a container of 500ml. Lastly, this juicer has non-slip rubber feet, and it will keep the whole juicer stable.

  • Powerful Juicer
  • Split Design
  • Low Speed
  • High Yield
  • Bit Loud

Homever Masticating Juicer Extractor Low Speed


Juicing is the best option to intake all nutrients of fruits. It has become a popular trend for liquid diets all around the world. Add juices to your diet plan because it is no tougher to have a drink in your daily routine. As you know, the maximum intake of vitamins and nutrients helps to improve your immunity, energy, mental clarity and overall healthier feeling. How can you get maximum nutrients to stay healthy?

Masticating juicer Canada comes with easy and safe processing of juicing in few seconds with 90% more nutrition growth. This model with an upgraded, efficient spiral system could be your first choice.

Masticating juicer Canada works at the slow speed of 80RMP without any heat build-up. It could be the best replacement on a centrifugal juicer with 20% juice and 30% more vitamins and minerals. Masticating juicer extractor maintains pure colour and nutrients in the juice. Extract juice of various fruits and vegetables, including celery, ginger, carrots, oranges and more. This processing system makes a versatile Masticating juicer Canada.

A juicer with a 150W motor, reverse function and less than 60 decibels has made juicing more accessible than ever. Without disturbing your family members or pets in the morning, you can enjoy fresh juice. The model is easy to assemble and more effective in its work.

A quiet masticating juicer with 80 RPM low speed extracts juice from each part of fruit without damaging its original taste. The model with anti-oxidation materials is easy in cleaning and dishwasher safe. The more suitable machine, the more juicing intake. One thing to remember before juicing is to cut hard fruit and vegetables to maintain the performance of masticating juicer Canada.

  • High yield of juicing
  • Efficient Juicer
  • Small in size
  • Small fruit inlet

Hamilton Beach Masticating Juicer Machine

Hamilton Beach Masticating Juicer

Are you adding more nutrients to your diet? The Hamilton Masticating Juicer will make a healthy juice for you. It is super best and versatile in extracting all nutrients from vegetables and fruits.

Juicing is considered an easy way to get minerals in your daily routine. Hamilton is providing a recipe book to make different juices with different flavours. Are you starting your day with a big glass of greens? The best masticating juicer Canada is quiet in its working means that you can make juice in the morning without disturbing others at home. 150W motor crushes squeeze fruits at low speed and give you a BPA-free juice.

Delicious juice with all nutrients can’t stop you from drinking it. Masticating juicer Canada is accessible in its cleaning with the easy detaching feature. Disassemble juicing parts and clean them without any scrubbing. You can clean the parts manually, and safe dishwasher components are pulp bin, juice bowl, lid, and pusher. Besides that, it includes a strainer cleaning brush for your convenience.

Get maximum juice yield with minimum noise at low speed with Hamilton masticating juicer at a reasonable price.

  • Dishwasher safe and easy to assemble
  • Reasonable price
  • Perfect for hard Fruits as well
  • Easy to use
  • Sometimes Pulp will be stuck
  • The reverse doesn’t work

Sagnart Juicer Portable Cold Press Juicer – Best BPA Free Reverse Function


Lastly, we have the Sagnart Juicer Machine Portable Cold Press Juicer that has safe material. As well, Sagnart has impressive food-grade material that is hygienic. Still, it has the US BPA-free standard parts. Best of all, the juicers are corrosion resistant, and you will have a juicer that lasts for many years.

Furthermore, the juicer comes with a 45 RPM speed, and it has a high nutrition juice extraction process. And that’s not all; it has a slow speed process that will reduce the oxidation while preserving the nutrients. For instance, you will have calcium, magnesium, vitamins, and other types of micronutrients in the juice.

On the other hand, this juicer will easily squeeze the large chunks of fruits and veggies into liquid form. And that’s not all; the Sagnart Juicer Machine Portable Cold Press Juicer is ideal for juicing pears, celery, beets, ginger, and other veggies. Besides that, if you want to crush nuts in the juicer, then soak them in water to make them softer. In addition, you can easily clean this juicer, and it has a delicate design. The height of the juicer is 7.5 lbs.

Therefore, if you have a small kitchen, Sagnart Juicer Machine Portable Cold Press Juicer is the best choice. This juicer will not take a lot of space on the counter. For cleaning this juicer, you have to put it underwater and rinse it with a brush.

All in all, it will make less than 60 dB sound, and you will barely hear sound while using it. Lastly, it has a 1 year warranty. Ultimately, it is the best masticating juicer Canada on the market with an affordable price tag.

  • Best Budget Juicer
  • Less Space Taking
  • Easy to Use
  • Quick to Clean
  • Might take more time to extract juice sometimes


To Sum Up

A juicer is the best way to make nutrient-rich juice from veggies and fruits. Best of all, you can enhance the diet plan after drinking cold pressed juice. Moreover, the cold press juicers come with exceptional quality, and they will produce more juice.

And the good news? You can store the cold press juice for a long time in the refrigerator. So you’ve seen the 8 best masticating juicer Canada wide chute reviews, still puzzled to choose one masticating juicer? We’ll suggest two of our favorite cold press juicers.

First of all, of course, our top pick is worth buying. Omega NC 900 HDC Juicer Extractor Slow Masticating Juicer has dual-stage extraction. This juicer will extract more juice than other masticating juicers in our review. Likewise, it has 5 setting options and a Hp motor with quiet operation.

Secondly, we have the Breville JE 98XL Juicer Fountain Stainless Steel juicer. This slow juicer has a wide chute of 3 inches. Therefore, you can conveniently add large chunks of fruits and veggies to it. Best of all, Breville has a safety lock alarm.

No matter which juicer you buy from our review of the best masticating juicer Canada review, it will provide high yield and efficient functioning. Investing in a juicer will be fruitful and encourage you to intake more nutrients to have a better lifestyle.

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