Get to Know all about Vitamix Blender | FAQs and Top Answers

The credit for creating such a top-notch blender goes to William Barnard in 1921. The company was like a pioneer in the food industry. The first blender he created was Vitamix  3600 in 1969. It could make hot soups, grind grains, blend the ice cream, and knead dough easily. Preparing food is more than a preparing process. Indeed, it is about exploring multiple techniques and flavors. The high-performance blenders are liable to perform like professionals.

For Home

According to the latest modifications, each blender uses a unique design. The home blender can create a variety of textures and dishes. All you need to do is just pick the right blender.

For Business

Vitamix professional blenders use the design along with extraordinary quality. The durability is their main priority. The company encourages user-friendly controls.

How does it work?

One of the best things about Vitamix is its high-end performance. Another incredible feature is preserving the nutrients. The next-generation blending machines come with continuous innovation. By using the industry-leading design, it extracts whole-food nutrition.

3 Key Features to note in any Vitamix

Although, every blender is pretty unique in itself, however, some common features are the problem. Here is your answer.

Attachments and containers

Always identify your requirement for the perfect container size. If you look for an average size then a low-profile 64-ounce container will be fine. By holding on to the following regular size, you don’t need another one.

Type of blender

Before settling for any blender, first, decide on the blender kind. For instance, a citrus juicer is best for citrus fruits. Meanwhile, masticating juicers are best for the maximum extraction of nutrients. Likewise, centrifugal juicers are best if you have busy mornings. The fast speed will incredibly save you time. First figure out the ingredients. Later on, according to the blending requirements, buy the best blender.


Budget is always an essential factor while stepping out for shopping. Make sure to check out your budget if you don’t want to create holes in your wallet. Indeed, it would be better to wait until the sale goes to its peak.

Furthermore, lookup for the blending capacity, power, and size. For a large family, buy a blender with a large pitcher blender. Similarly, for single people, a personal blender will be good.

The masticating juicers are pretty expensive than others. Why? It’s certainly because of the amazing qualities. Apart from extracting maximum nutrients, it provides long shelf life. Likewise, the Vitamix blender also extracts a fine amount of nutrients in the juice.

Why are Vitamix blenders so expensive?

To get a high-end quality blender, investing some extra bucks is better. The Vitamix blenders are pretty much extraordinary when it comes to smooth performance. The Vitamix blenders are expensive because they provide you with various latest versions. The updates result in adding more convenience to your blending process. What could be better if you get a durable and reliable machine for years?

The strong motor of the Vitamix blender comes with a cooling fan. It keeps the blender cool even during the process. Apart from that, it can also make ice cream, frozen smoothies, and nut butter. There is no stress of adding the extra liquid. Also, it allows us as a food processors. Surprised, right?

It is pretty much more convenient than other blenders. How? Put the produce into the container, set the low speed, and run. The results will end up as a precise cut of veggies. Furthermore, you can also put the veggies on by opening the lid during operation. Vitamix design uses sharp blades. Various blenders can’t provide you same efficient results after some time.

However, the Vitamix blender’s blades are quite thick. Moreover, they hold the laser-cut design. Adding some extra liquid will provide more smooth textures.

How long do Vitamix blenders last?

The Vitamix blenders use high-quality construction materials. Whether it is the blending pitcher or blades, both are efficient. Besides, the cooling fan of a robust motor won’t let it burn down. Although they are expensive, their durability is undeniable. A warranty is usually the coverage over the defects of the blender. However, it may use a certain duration. Usually, it varies from product to product.

Many blenders allow good performance however, they don’t offer a good warranty. The Vitamix blender provides a warranty for seven years. A cheaper blender may cost less however, it doesn’t satisfy like a quality blender. Therefore, stop running towards the cheaper blenders. Indeed, always invest in a quality blender. It will keep you away from changing blenders every year.

The Vitamix blenders are more effective and efficient than others. Apart from smooth blending, it eliminates jamming. Furthermore, the Vitamix blenders are way more powerful than your imagination. Also, the versatility is beyond the expectation. The smart engineering is the cherry on top. The user will get a best friend for several years in the kitchen. What else could be better than that?

Why are Vitamix blenders so good?

There is a number of reasons behind the appreciation of Vitamix blenders. It helps people to get the edge of benefits from the blender. The quality of performance is beyond expectations. It includes the construction of quality material to ensure durability. There is no need to purchase any food processor if you have a Vitamix blender.

Vitamix blender design & Warranty

The waffly blenders use sharp blades for smooth blending. They won’t lose their sharpness. Apart from that, there is no stress or dullness. Besides, they are thick. Whether it is a piece of frozen fruit or a piece of kale, no clogging will be welcomed. Adding a little bit of liquid will give you blending like heaven. Also, there will be no air pockets to leave the food unblended.

The variable speed control allows different textures. There will be complete culinary precision. Imagine a blender with ten variable speeds. Wouldn’t it be fun to try different textures? The warranty of each product is about 7-year. It provides coverage for all defects in a blender. The blender allows the adjustment of quality pitchers easily. Furthermore, it includes a built-in programmable timer.

What is the difference between Vitamix blenders?

Each blender comes in a different size and capacity. Such as A2300 comes at the cheapest price. It is famous for its dial control. However, it doesn’t contain any automatic settings. Besides, the A2500 includes preprogrammed settings. Meanwhile, the price is about $500. In addition, the Vitamix blender A3300 consists of touchscreen controls for pulse function. The cost is similar to the A2500.

However, another one A3500 configures five settings such as hot soups, dips, and smoothies. There is a touch control for more convenience. It is pretty expensive compared to others. The price difference is about $100 from the above ones. It is about $600.  

Many of you are trying to find a quiet blender. Am I right? Well, the Ascent 3500 is one of the famous blenders for home users and commercials. Apart from that, it is the quietest of all the Vitamix blenders. In addition, it uses only 84 decibels with maximum speeds.

Is Costco Vitamix different?

Costco presents a difference between two unique models. One is 5300 while another one is 6500. The major difference is between the three preset program modes. Costco often offers the 5200. It has a classic base. Besides, it has a  tall/narrow 64-oz container.

The Costco Vitamix is Vitamix 7500 blender super package that comes along with 2-20 oz. furthermore, it also has to-go cups. In other words, it also allows portability. Now if you wonder about its worthiness then relax. It is worth the money due to its incredible features. The major features include robust motor, durability, versatility, and uniqueness. Regardless of the blending tasks such as smoothie or soup, it delivers efficiency.

Common models at Costco

Here are some common models easily available at Costco

  • Vitamix 5200
  • Vitamix 6300
  • Vitamix 5300
  • Vitamix 7500
  • Vitamix A2300
  • Vitamix Explorian 3200
  • Vitamix Venturist 1200

Costco warranty

You may find it similar to any other seller of Vitamix blenders

Payment methods

Costco usually doesn’t offer a payment method without the use of a credit card. Indeed, it directly offers you 0% to up to 18 months for paying for the machine.

Costco vs Vitamix price

It would be a good idea to consider it compatible with any coupons. You need to attain a membership for such a purpose. It usually ranges between $55-$110 per year.

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