Best easy to clean juicer with FAQ’s and Ultimate Buying guide

Do you love juicing but tired of a long cleaning process? It is then time to add up a high quality of best easy to clean juicer in your kitchen. However, it can be a little bit tricky to find the best easy to clean the juicer. Therefore, we are here to provide you informational review regarding no mess juicer.

There is no doubt juicing has become much more than a trend. Everyone is aware of the benefits of fresh at-home juicing. However, some juicers can be challenging to clean sometimes. Due to the busy schedules, people want a juicer who is easy and straightforward to use. Besides that, a good quality juicer can save you time.

The market is aware of your high demand for quality juicers. Therefore, the manufacturers have designed many easy to clean the juicer. It will help you to enjoy a quick process. You can spend the rest of time to somewhere else rather than sticking to clean the juicer.

Anyways, we were discussing the multiple options of top rated easy to clean juicer in the market. Now, we know you will get confused to choose perfect juicer for your kitchen. Therefore, after complete research and analysis, we are here to help. The best easy to clean juicer review will help you to find high quality with the benefit of no mess juicer.

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Below we are providing the best easy to clean juicer review shortly for saving time.

List of  8 Top Rated Best Easy to Clean Juicers

ikich IKICH Masticating Juicer Machines 2-Speed Slow Juicer
• Easy To Clean With A Brush
• Upgraded Spiral Function
• Anti-drip Function
• Dishwasher Safe
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aicook-juicer Aicook Slow Masticating Juicer • Touch Key Design
• Easy To Move
• Dishwasher Safe Parts
• Large Feed Chute
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nexone NXONE Slow Masticating Juicer • Anti-drip Cap
• Hidden Handle
• Reminder
• Less Clogging
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kuving 2 Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer • Versatility
• Less Prep Time
• Dishwasher Safe
• Warranty
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ventray Ventray Slow Press Masticating Juicer • Smooth Operation
• Long Feed Chute
• Ultem Auger
• 5 Years Motor Warranty
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dash DASH DCSJ255 Deluxe Compact Power Masticating Extractor • Frozen Attachment
• Pulp Measuring Cup
• Long Chute
• Space Saver
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omega Omega Vertical Low-Speed Juicer • Dual Stages
• Multiple Settings
• Automatic Pulp Ejection
• Long Storage Timing
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homevolts Homevolts Slow Juicer Red Compact Masticating Juicer • Quiet Juicer
• Juice Strainer
• Bpa Free Material
• Quick To Assemble And Clean
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Before moving towards these juicers’ depth, we would like to provide some information to define the best easy to clean juicer.

Short Infographic “Requirements for a No-Mess Juicer”

What is a Requirement for a No-Mess Juicer?

To enjoy the best juicing experience, you have to look for some specific features while purchasing. Keep in mind to look forward towards the easy to clean the juicer. It will help you to avoid the trouble of mess while juicing from any kind of produce.

The pain of additional time required for cleaning the mess after juicing will swear. I can’t imagine managing some extra time for cleaning with busy and hectic routine. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful while purchasing the product. You will need the juicing process to be fast and easy.

You don’t have to be frustrated every time after juicing. The market has amazingly featured juicers, perfect for you. However, make sure to purchase the juicer, which is easy to assemble and dissemble juicer. Some juicers even provide cleaning tools. Therefore, you don’t have to take any stress about juicing.

Pick Juicer with Cleaning Tools

It is essential to purchasing a juicer with cleaning tools for saving time. For instance, it should have a cleaning brush, cleaning towel and other tools etc. A good quality juicer, along with these perks, will make your process much easy. If you purchase these cleaning tools apart from the juicer, it will be costly for you. Therefore, you have to make sure the juicer is carrying cleaning tools.

A Juicer with less moving components

Some people desire to have a juicer simple to use. To avoid the trouble of no mess, a juicer with fewer parts will be perfect. A high-quality juicer should be easy to assemble and dissemble.  

A juicer with few parts will require less time to assemble them. Besides that, it will be convenient enough while cleaning. However, you should not avoid the other facts, for instance, the quality material. Make sure; the no mess juicer is durable and reliable. Moreover, it should be strong.

We will highly recommend you to choose a no-mess juicer of good quality, stainless steel construction and good motor power. In this way, you will be able to enjoy the last longer juicer with the benefit of easy to clean juicer.

Pick a Juicer dishwasher safe for further cleaning option

Usually, busy people avoid manually cleaning their juicer. Due to the lack of time, they feel it burden to wash the juicer. However, a no mess juicer with the feature of dishwasher safe can quickly solve your problem.

Therefore, make sure to choose a safe dishwasher juicer. It will provide you with a fantastic experience of simply dissembling the parts and putting in the washer.

What type of juicer will be perfect?

If you are paying a good investment, then surely you deserve a juicer with multiple perks. You can get maximum output from your produce with a good quality juicer. Well, I believe a slow masticating juicer is best for higher and effective yield.

You can purchase the centrifugal juicer too. The centrifugal is efficient to provide quick service. However, the quality won’t satisfy you like masticating or cold press juicer.

1) IKICH Masticating Juicer Machines 2-Speed Slow Juicer

The top-rated easy to clean juicer comes from IKICH brand in silver colour. The high-quality masticating juicers contain two masticating speeds and reverse function. You can adjust the speed according to the hardness of produce. The juicer promises you to provide higher juice yield.

The juicer allows you to handle different types of fruits and veggies. You can use high speed for hard produce. For instance, celery, apple, carrots etc. while low speed will be better for soft fruits like orange, watermelons, wheatgrass etc. Besides that, the reverse function will avoid clogging in juice.

The IKICH masticating juicer will squeeze the fruit or veggie until a dried bone pulp. The juicer contains 90% higher yield as compared to others. Moreover, it supports minimal oxidation and preserving nutrients.

Therefore, you can store the juice for up to 72 hours. The freshness will remain the same. Now its time discuss its cleaning feature. Well, the no mess juicer is easy to assemble and dissemble. You need to push the press button for detaching their parts. Besides that, every detachable part is dishwasher safe. All the accessories can be clean up by putting under running water. A cleaning brush will save you time.

Do you love quiet and safe operation? If yes, then certainly this no-mess juicer is perfect for you. Due to the absence of sharp blades, it is entirely safe for elders. Now you can enjoy your juicing without any noises while extracting. No one can feel any disturbance due to the quiet operation.

Moreover, the best easy to clean masticating juicer contains a portable bottle and recipe book. It will help you to try new recipes if you want to taste something different.


  • Upgrade spiral auger
  • Anti-drip function
  • Smart protection chip
  • Delicate taste
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Can’t process a lot of produce
  • Longer prep time

2) Aicook Slow Masticating Juicer

The no mess juicer comes from Aicook brand and uses Ceramic Auger, TRITAN Filter, Food Grade Plastic, and BPA Free. The product weighs 5.7 Kg.

The top-rated easy to clean juicer contains new upgraded 7-segment ceramic auger design. It uses a low speed of 70 RPM. The low rate encourages minimal heat buildup and oxidation, and it will result in promoting healthy enzymes. Besides that, it allows you to store the juices up to 72 hours without degradation.

Furthermore, it uses a cold press juicing process. It is one of the most effective ways to access vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants to boost your health. It will make your immunity system better.

There are exclusive sorbet accessories to enjoy different home-made fruit ice-creams. You can even make baby food. It will be an additional benefit to provide your baby with fresh food every time. The food will be nutritious and easily digestible.

Now let’s discuss its most fantastic feature of cleaning. It contains security look design. It requires less than one-minute dissembling and assembling every part. The no mess juicer includes a reverse function to avoid from sticking. Besides that, it helps you to clean.

Furthermore, all the detachable parts use baby food-grade anti-oxidation material. You will find no trouble cleaning it with a brush. There is a touch basic design easy to use. Moreover, it works under less than 60 decibels to provide you with a peaceful atmosphere. You can purchase it with complete confidence.


  • Touch key design
  • Slow squeezing technology
  • Less than 60 decibels
  • Accessory to make ice-cream
  • 3-inch large feed chute
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • High quality ceramic auger
  • Easy to move
  • Small recipe guide


  • No suitable for banana

3) NXONE Slow Masticating Juicer

The no mess juicer uses cold press juice extractor. It contains improved spiral masticating technology and state of the art material. Everyone is aware of the significant role of health. Some people don’t like pulp and want to enjoy a smooth juice with complete nutrition. Therefore, we want to introduce you NXONE slow masticating juicer.

It uses a low speed of 80 RPM. The juicer dares to extract 90% nutrients from pulp and 20% of higher yield. The slow masticating process will reduce heat from buildup. Besides that, it will preserve maximum nutrition and provides better taste as compared to others.

The quality of juicer promises you not to break and crack. As compared to other juicers, the NXONE uses Tritan; a made in USA material 100% BPA Free. Due to such traits, it is more reliable and durable.

It contains an acid-resistant spiral system more rigid than PC or PMMA juicer. Besides that, it can masticate or squeeze the fruits easily. There will be no trouble while masticating crispy beat, carrots, celery etc. The no mess juicer comes with the additional benefit of less clogging and anti-leakage. A powerful motor can chop the fruits and grind into small pieces.

It improves the juice yield to the greatest extent. Besides that, it separates the juice without the trouble of any blocking or leaking. Furthermore, there are three masticating speeds in the product.

The soft, mid and hard mode allows you to choose any method according to the hardness of produce. Besides that, the juicer includes a quiet and smooth operation. The no mess juicer has a powerful motor that can withstand high temperature. Above all, it contains the motor’s heat resistance, an ultra-efficient three ventilation openings heat dissipation system.

A high-quality juicer contains one-step installation design to assemble the juicer in a few seconds. It will create more efficiency by using specific markings to assemble and dissemble. You can rinse quickly and easily through the upgraded filtration system. Besides that, the reverse button helps to avoid jamming and easy cleaning.

Every detachable part is dishwasher safe. Moreover, it contains a Beep sound reminder, anti-drip cap, hidden handle. Multiple unique features will enhance your experience.


  • Anti-drip cap, beep sound reminder
  • Hidden handle
  • Less clogging and anti-leakage
  • Smooth operation
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Small feed chute

4) Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer

The product contains Ultem, plastic and stainless steel material. It comes from the brand of kuvings. The no mess juicer uses the low speed of 50 Rpm to avoid disturbing noises during the process. The masticating technology will extract all vitamins, nutrients, minerals and enzymes.

It is undeniably a time saver juicer. The juicer contains 82 mm wide feeding chute that allows larger ingredients without cutting. It requires less time for Prep. You can create mixed juices and rinse between recipes.

It contains a powerful motor of 240 Watt, which is highly powerful and durable. Besides that, it works quietly. The larger pulp outlet duct enables more pulp. Therefore, the strainer is used to separate the pulp. It makes the cleaning process a breeze.

Besides that, the juicer is versatile enough to impress you. It is undeniably perfect for smoothies, baby food, nut milk and sorbets. It is ideal for juicing herbs, berries, carrots and apples.

Moreover, the brand is known for its quality. The company is keeping inspiring us for 40 years. Every juicer contains a warranty of 10 years.


  • Less prep time
  • Powerful motor
  • Versatile
  • Quality product
  • Large feed chute
  • Warranty of 10 years


  • You may experience leakage

5) Ventray Slow Press Masticating Juicer

The no mess juicer comes with the additional perks like BPA free. It comes from the brand ‘ventray’. The juicer uses a masticating process that means it can preserve nutrients.

The juicer squeezes the ingredients to extract the juice from fruits or veggies. Meanwhile, the nutritional value will remain the same. The juicer promises to maintain the taste and texture.

Besides that, the juicer contains three angled feeding chute. It allows you to feed larger pieces to the machine. It means you can save prep time. You can enjoy your fresh and healthy juice within a few minutes.

The product has precisely crafted mesh filter and rugged Ultem auger. It will help you extract the maximum amount of juice from the ventray slow press masticating juicer. Moreover, the juicer allows you to add pulp according to your desire. For the sake of the high yield, the pulp is wholly separated from the juice. However, if like pulp, then you can get some quantity to your juice.

The juicer contains a warranty for one year and five years of motor warranty. Furthermore, the juicer is easy to clean as it is a no-mess juicer. It has more than the average quantity of juice.

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  • Smooth operation
  • Convenient to clean
  • Long feeding chute
  • Ultem auger
  • pulp adjustable
  • warranty of 1 year and five years for motor
  • better quality of taste


  • Sometimes it’s hard to remove the top

6) DASH DCSJ255 Deluxe Compact Power Masticating Extractor

The juicer makes healthy and delicious juices. It extracts the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Besides that, it is perfect for leafy greens, nuts and wheatgrass with the dash deluxe compact slow juicer.

The best easy to clean juicer comes with many other benefits. For instance, it dares to separate the pomace from the juice. It extracts the maximum nutrients from the fruits and veggies into juice. You can enjoy the pleasing experience of less pulp.

Furthermore, the juicer contains unique and compact design. If you are having a shortage of space, or want a small size juicer, it is perfect for sure. Unlike other centrifugal juicers, it saves your space.

The juicer can help you to make sorbets. For additional perks, a frozen attachment is also included in the juicer. Now you can enjoy juicing and frozen treats at home.

The juicer includes dash deluxe compact power slow juicer, frozen attachment, pulp measuring cup, recipe guide and cleaning brush etc.

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  • Pulp measuring cup
  • Frozen attachment
  • With Cleaning brush
  • With Recipe guide
  • Black colour goes well with décor
  • Space saver


  • The big book of instructions to assemble
  • Not suitable for strawberry

7) Omega Vertical Low-Speed Juicer

The product comes with the material of stainless steel with a weight of 17 pounds. The juicer contains a compact size and design with a low speed of 80 RPM. It prefers squeezing the fruit instead of grinding. It allows the juice to maintain its pure colour, taste, vitamins, and nutrients.

Besides that, it contains dual stages. The juice is extracted by crushing the fruit or vegetable. The juicer promises to provide more amount of liquid as compared to others. Therefore, before the pulp is ejected, the juicer squeezes the pulp during the second passed stage.

It results in a higher yield of juice. Moreover, it will provide a dehydrated pulp. You will find the juicer very efficient and productive. You can enjoy the most significant amount of nutrient-rich juice from the produce. Even it supports leafy greens. The slow masticating speed prevents oxidation by little froth and foam.

You can store the juice from up to 72 hours without juice degradation or juice separation. Due to the compact design, it is easier to clean. Furthermore, no mess juicer requires a small space. There are three settings in a juicer

  • On
  • Off
  • Reverse


  • Multiple settings
  • Dual stages
  • Dry pulp
  • Convenient to clean due to automatic pulp ejection
  • Long storage timing
  • Fresh scent and vibrant colour of the juice


  • Sometimes Clogging

8) Homevolts Slow Juicer Red Compact Masticating Juicer

The best slow masticating juicer comes with the delicate design and unique colour combination of red and black. The brand ‘ Homevolts’ provides you with the high quality of the product.

What I love about this juicer, is a too simple method to assemble parts. There are only five simple parts required to be built. You have to merely put fruit slices in, press the on/off switch, and there you go. You are ready to enjoy your fresh and healthy juice from your favourite fruit or veggie.

The juicer claims to extract 30% of the more juice and 40% of the nutrients. The best slow juicer can extract juice from all kinds of fruits and vegetables. It even supports leafy greens, wheatgrass and soft fruits.

It is 100% safe and BPA free. The cold press juicer won’t work out without a juicer covering in place. Besides that, the juicer has a space-saving design. It ensures to save space. There is a smart drip-free cap that prevents the mess on the counter. You can quickly obtain a variety of juices.

The no mess juicer is undeniably best easy to clean the juicer. Besides the fact that it is easy to clean, it contains a reverse function. The juicer includes a brush that helps to clean. Furthermore, all parts are dishwasher safe.

The strainer helps to strain the juice and avoid from the pulp. The grinding head is more wearable and contains a longer life.


  • Quiet juicer
  • BPA free
  • Juicer strainer
  • Support Multiple produce
  • With Cleaning tools
  • Easy to assemble


  • Clogging, spilling out of the lid.

What Features are necessary to look for while choosing the best easy to clean juicer? (Buying Guide)

First of all, it is essential to consider why you need a juicer or what you want from a juicer? Either you are in a hurry to pick any juicer or preferring a juicer with most retaining minerals and nutrition.

What kind of product is Best?

While purchasing a juicer, you should consider what type of fruits or vegetables you use most. You should be aware of your requirements and needs. If you are a lover of green juice or prefers to juice large fruits, make sure the juicer to have a powerful motor.

Juice yield

 While considering juice yield, you will get more out of a cold press juicer. It squeezes more than other juicers. On the other hand, the centrifugal juicer focuses on the quick process only.

Design and making

The juicer will demand a space according to its size and design. Therefore, be sure to have enough room in your kitchen. Some juicers contain a compact design while other juicers are heavier and bulkier.

Suppose you don’t use juicer continuously or not an avid juicer then look for smaller alternatives. Make sure to look for stainless steel material and BPA-free plastic construction. It provides support to easy cleaning.

Motor Power and speed

The most effective juicers contain 80 Rpm speed. To minimize time requirement for juicing, you need to choose a juicer with 800-850 watt motor power.

Size & Weight

The no mess juicer with small sizes and compact juicers are best to save space. On the other hand, the lighter juicers are more convenient as they use the 8-pound range. The lightweight juicers require only 1 square foot of counter space.

Easy to assemble and dissemble

Consider a juicer that is easy to assemble and dissemble. You should find a juicer with less moving parts. The additional tools for set up should be complete. In this way, you will feel comfortable and confident to take apart in a few minutes. You can quickly put them back together in a few minutes.

Additional Accessories

Additional accessories are another perk of juicer that is a great plus. A juicer with other supplements can provide you with further benefits. You can get many extra benefits.

How often should you clean your no-mess juicer?

If you are an avid juicer, try to make cleaning your product a part of your routine. It will prevent the future buildup of small chunks of fruits and veggies left behind after juicing.

In case of not cleaning your juicer daily, the chance of unsanitary bacteria will increase. If you don’t have enough time for cleaning, try to soak it in hot water after use.



Every product given above provides great juicing options. The best easy to clean juicer should have further perks. For instance, the additional attachments, multiple stages, cleaning tools will be beneficial.

However, just as usual, I would like to recommend my favourite juicer that I have experienced by myself. In my opinion, the crown of best easy to clean juicer goes to ‘Aicook Slow Masticating Juicer’. Beside the fact of no mess juicer, it contains multiple attractive features. It uses the slow speed of the masticating process that allows preserving all nutrients to the greatest extent.

Furthermore, it has an additional attachment to make Ice-cream. I think it can be a treat for Ice- cream lovers. Moreover, it has cleaning tools. The other reason to find it useful is its long feed chute. The extended feed chute allows extracting the juice from large fruits. Besides that, it saves you time. It is undeniably easy to assemble. Therefore, I would love to suggest for adding this no mess juicer in your kitchen.

We hope you find our best easy to clean juicer review helpful. We would love to provide our help; therefore, you can ask any query.

Good luck..!

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