How to Juice Pomegranate Seeds Effectively? 😫

Winters are in their way, and now it’s time to taste the delicious pomegranate juice—the thick rosy seeds covered with a solid crown giving the impression that it is hard to mess with it. Therefore, we already assume that cutting and pulling out arils (the edible pomegranate seeds) is a difficult task to do.

A pomegranate incorporates numerous arils that are gathered in the form of clusters.  These seeds are soft and have a sweet-tart taste. Apart from the like, the other beneficial attribute of this seasonal fruit is antioxidants, which it massively obtains. Thereby, we will learn some fantastic methods, tips, and details about how to juice pomegranate seeds in our kitchen.

Nevertheless, pomegranate is an excellent source of vitamin K and C as well. How can one stop them and their family from benefiting from this fruit only because it looks daunting to deal with? Only once you pull out the seeds of a rosy pomegranate, then the rest of the process would be of your left-hand game.

Follow the post from top to bottom to make things effortless for you.

How to Juice a Pomegranate

The first thing you should do is wear an apron and cover your front with some piece of cloth. We know the sparking red pulp from the seeds can produce stubborn stains on your dress or kitchen shelf. If it happens, then wash those stains immediately with warm detergent water.

Step No 1: Cut Pomegranate into Four Equal Parts

Take a sharp, neat knife and place its sharp edge on the head of the fruit. Apply a vital force and first cut the pomegranate into two equal parts. After dividing it into dual parts, cut the half pieces into other two pieces so there will be four organized parts of the pomegranate.

Step No. 2: Pull out the Seeds

For pulling out the seed from the membrane, stretch the cut pieces gently and place them in a bowl having cold water. Now lose the roots by using your fingers gently. Soon, the seeds will sink into the bottom of the bowl. The rest of the parts, which are membrane and peel, will float on the surface of the water. Take them out.

Step No. 3: Drain the Seeds

Now pour the water and seeds into another dry pot with the help of a mesh sieve. Don’t forget to wash the mesh sieve that you are going to use for grabbing the seeds. The seeds that you gather place them into a clean bowl or plate.

Now, if you want to use it in salad, breakfast or make a beverage whatever you like. Our subject is pomegranate juice, so we further explore the best way to juice pomegranate seeds.

Step No. 4: Make the Juice of Pomegranate Seeds

Now it’s time to turn the juicy seeds into juice; however, for this, you can use any Best pomegranate Juicer. In the first place, wash the juicer with clean water and dry it hygienically. Then, put the seeds into the juicer. Please turn it on, and within a few minutes, the seeds will convert into the pomegranate pulp.

Take a sieve and place it over a super bowl. Now drain the pulp into the sieve, press the pulp with a spoon to extract the maximum juice.

Step No. 5: Ready the Juice to Serve

Now take a glass and pour the delicious juice into it. Stir the liquid for a while and then taste. If you want, add some sugar to make it sweeter, or add a pinch of pink salt to turn it a little salty. If the juice gives an intense tart taste, add a little maple syrup to have the desired flavor. Mix it well, there your juice is ready. You can use this pomegranate recipe for making a healthy beverage for your guests or preparing fruit salad.

Anyhow, if you don’t have a juicer and want to make a pomegranate juice, fortunately, we have another option for you. Now, further, we will talk about how to juice pomegranate seeds without a juicer.

How to Juice a Pomegranate without a Juicer?

Follow the above process till you pull out seeds and place them in a bowl.

  • Once you are done with the seeds and place them in a bowl, now take a hand-blend if the hand blender is not available in your home so you can purchase it as quickly as it is cheap to buy.
  • With the hand-blend, blend all the seeds precisely in the bowl. Reach to every portion of the bowl.
  • Soon, the seeds will turn into pomegranate pulp.
  • Now, take a sieve and put it over another dry pot. Place pulp on the top of the sieve and press it with the help of soon.
  • Continue the process until you squeeze pomegranate juice entirely. Add a pinch of salt, sugar, or a bit of lemon, if required. Stir the liquid, give it some time to adjust and soon the juice will be ready to drink.

Depending on your present appliances, you can use any provided methods to make a healthy Juice of pomegranate.

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Extracting the juice of a pomegranate seems a daunting task. That doesn’t mean that we avoid the benefits of seasonal fruit. Pomegranate is a source of vitamin K and C, which is essential to the consumer for anyone. Also, there are many more health benefits this fruit has as well.

Therefore we decided to discuss “ how to juice pomegranate seeds.”  You can figure out the explicit two ways to make the juice from the pomegranate seeds. You can use whatever suits you the best. Anyhow, remember to wash and clean appliances, dishes, and places you will use to keep the surrounding hygienic.

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