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Your presence here indicates your passion for a healthy lifestyle. Looking for the ginger juice extractor or tired of repeating the recipes? Well, today, we have come up here with the best juicer for ginger reviews. It will satisfy you in both ways. Read our whole blog for comprehensive information regarding the best juicer for ginger and the buying guide.

Ginger is a vegetable providing numerous benefits of health. However, the fresh ginger root will be might weird taste. Therefore, I used to consider the alternatives in the form of ginger. Sometimes I try various recipes as the combination of ginger and other items. It can be fruit or vegetable.

If you can stand with the original taste, then you will need the best juicer for ginger. Besides that, in this way, you can get maximum output from the juicer. Our blog will be focusing on the ultimate work from herbs and machines.

Ginger Juice- Ginger Juice Extractor

It is a herb or plant that came from the maritime region of Southeast Asia. Now, it has become essential throughout the world. You must have used it in your food dishes.

The best consistency of juice can be obtained from the root of ginger. However, it is significant to use the fresh root of ginger. You can drink pure ginger juice if you can stand with the taste. In other cases, mix it with a cocktail of fruits and vegetables.

Juicer vs. Blender: Which one is perfect for ginger Juice?

To get the maximum amount of juice, you need to find the right product. Here, the juice yield and quality matters a lot. Both items can be used for juicing. However, which ginger juicer machine is perfect, you can identify through comparing both products.

Using a Blender

The main element of a blender is its fast speed. The products will come with up to 28000 28,000 RPM. It is undoubtedly faster speed as compared to the fastest centrifugal juicers. In this way, you can save time while processing.

Besides that, you can enjoy a substantial yield. However, high speed encourages the oxidation system. You may lose some of the nutrition while juicing in this process. You can enjoy the juice within few seconds; however, it won’t be as healthy, you are expecting.

Using a Juicer

As a fact of being a specific herb, ginger is hard to extract than the other veggies. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right and high-quality juicer. It must have the audacity to handle all types of produces. However, as a general rule, you should go with a versatile juicer.

It will require more time using a juicer, especially masticating juicer. However, it will be worth waiting for the intake of a high-quality juicer. Juicers are undeniably the best options to perform juicing. Besides that, if you want to enjoy the most nutritional valued juice, use a masticating juicer.

Here is the best juicer for ginger reviews shortly for the people, that can’t come along with us. In this review, both kinds of juicers are given. You can pick your juicer according to the requirements and needs. However, you need to read the section after the table for additional information to get the maximum output.

List of 7 Top Rated Juicers for Ginger

Best for Carrots and Ginger
IKICH CP215A 2-Speed Slow Masticating Juicer Machine Best Juicer for Carrots and Ginger
  • Features:
  • Upgrade Spiral Auger
  • Anti-drip function and Dishwasher safe
  • Comfortable Pusher
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Best for Ginger and Easy Cleaning
Hamilton Beach Masticating Juicer-Best juicer for Ginger and Easy Cleaning
  • Features:
  • Nutrient-Rich cold press juice
  • Easy to clean, BPA-Free, Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Less energy, More juice with Quiet process
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Best for ginger Shots
Ventray Slow Press Masticating Juicer, Best masticating juicer for ginger shots
  • Features:
  • Larger Ultem PEI juicing auger
  • Fine Ultem strainer with Rotation wiper
  • Angled for easier juicing
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Best for multi-Functionality
Dash DCSJ255 Deluxe Compact Masticating Juicer-Best Juicer for multi-Functionality
  • Features:
  • Ice treats
  • Accessories or attachments
  • Hopper & chute with Powerful motor
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Best Commercial Juicer for Ginger
CalmDo Masticating Juicer-Best Commercial Juicer for Ginger
  • Features:
  • Two Juice filters
  • Anti-Drip and Anti-Clogging Functions juicer
  • Upgraded self-adaptive motor
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Best for ginger Dieting
Breville JE98XL Fountain Plus Centrifugal Juicer, Brushed Stainless Steel- Best for ginger Dieting
  • Features:
  • 2-Speed Electronic control
  • Giant Chute for Bigger Fruits juicer
  • Built-in Froth extraction
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Best for Daily use
Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain Compact Centrifugal Juicer-Best Juicer for Daily use
  • Features:
  • Unique Extraction System
  • Shortened prep time and wide feed chute
  • Built-in-froth separator
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What is the Best Juicer for ginger?

Usually following three kinds of ginger juice extractors are used for juicing. However, to find the most beneficial product, you need to go through all types. Make sure to compare their specifications to clarify the crucial factor of the perfect product.

Is a centrifugal juicer good as a ginger juice extractor?

If you are in a hurry or have a busy schedule, then certainly centrifugal juicers are best. The centrifugal juicer uses a high speed and spinning blade. You will get your juice in a flash.

However, the problem is yield won’t be in the satisfying quantity. As compared to other types, the centrifugal encourages oxidation and high heat. As a result, the nutrition value of juice will be lost. Hence, the centrifugal juicer does not provide healthy juice. However, it offers the speed of processing.

Can we consider the masticating juicer as the best ginger juicer machine?

The masticating juicer uses slow speed for masticating. The auger helps to maintain the highest level of nutrition in the juice. Multiple products will offer you speed from 40-100 RPM.  It allows fewer rotations per minute as compared to the centrifugal juicer.

You may require to wait for some time, but it will be worth doing. The high yield will undoubtedly compensate for it. Besides that, low oxidation will preserve all the nutrients in the juice.

Are triturating juicers the best juicer for ginger?

Unlike masticating juicers with single augers, triturating contain two augers. Thankfully,  they boost up the speed a little bit. Besides that, the nutrition will be the same as masticating juicers.

Some juicers even extract more quantities of ginger juice. However, it depends on the unit. So, concluding, masticating juicers and triturating juicers are better than centrifugal. In my opinion, you should focus on these options.

Top-Rated Best juicers for ginger Reviews.

The following section will lead you towards the most popular options for juicing. There will be masticating juicers, centrifugal juicers, and triturating juicers.

Masticating Juicers

Following masticating juicers will be a more reliable source of ginger juice.

IKICH CP215A 2-Speed Masticating Juicer-Best for Carrots and Ginger

The product comes with two masticating speeds and reverses function. The multiple speed feature allows you to use the rate according to the hardness and softness of produce. In the case of hard fruits and veggies, you can use high speed. However, in another scenario, you have to use the low rate for soft produce.

Many juicers provide you high efficiency, but clogging will be a problem. If you don’t appreciate then this juicer is undoubtedly for you. The reverse function helps to solve the problem.

The juicer comes with higher yield juice and nutrition. It will squeeze fruits and veggies to ensure a higher juice yield. As I told you earlier, the masticating juicers result in minimal heat up the buildup. Besides that, it promotes healthy enzymes.

Furthermore, it is convenient to assemble. You will not feel any trouble while cleaning. You can press the release button for detaching juicing parts. All detachable parts are completely dishwasher safe. You can even wash the parts under running water or tap. Besides that, the cleaning brush will be your assistance.

It is undoubtedly the best juicer for ginger fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. Furthermore, the product provides safe operation. It does not involve any sharp blades. Therefore, it is entirely safe to use. Apart from that, less than 60 decibels of noise won’t be problematic. It doesn’t even create any disturbance.

Furthermore, the product carries a portable bottle along with the recipe book. It allows you to enjoy different tastes.  The portable bottle will enable you to takes your juicer everywhere.

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  • Easy to assemble and detach
  • Slow speed and no noise
  • Enrich with nutrient
  • Almost dry pulp
  • Portable bottle and recipe book
  • You can’t go with dense food

Hamilton Beach Masticating Juicer-Best for Ginger and Easy Cleaning

Do you love cold press juices? Because no juicer is better than the Hamilton beach masticating juicer. It can process a variety of fruits and vegetables. Besides that, it is easy to assemble. The product is the #1 selling juice extractor. It comes with a 3-year warranty.

The ginger juice extractor includes access to us-based customer service. It is undeniably easy to clean. All parts can be easily washable. There is no need for scrubbing and scouring. Apart from that, the cleaning brush will is also attached.

The ginger juice machine consumes lower energy and operates with low noise. Moreover, the juicer consumes 150W power to provide slow press and quietness. The cold press juicer offers smooth textures and less separation as compared to a centrifugal juicer.

Above all, it is one of the best juicers for ginger fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. You can extract 2x more juice from spinach through this juicer. You can consider it as the best masticating juicer for ginger.

As the product uses masticating process, the nutrients will remain the same. Unlike centrifugal juicers, masticating juicers lock the nutritional value in juice. Apart from that, the Tritan auger crushes and squeezes the produce to get the maximum amount of fluid.

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  • BPA-Free, dishwasher-safe parts
  • Quiet masticating process
  • Perfect for leafy greens
  • Recipe book and cleaning brush
  • Tritan auger
  • Short lifetime

Ventray Slow Press Masticating Juicer-Best for Ginger shots

The juicer comes with a compact design and classical black color. The brand Ventray is undeniably one of the reputable brands. The incredible feature of this juicer is the process of chewing. It usually squeezes the ingredients to extract the juice. In this way, the liquid will preserve its nutrients, texture, and taste.

Moreover, the juice contains a three angled feed chute with the ability of extra-large intake. You can save your time. It requires less time for prep. Now you can put the more significant parts in a juicer.

Another fantastic feature of juicer is its high yield. Now you can obtain most of the juice from your favorite fruits and vegetables. The precisely crafted mesh filter and the powerful ultem augers help to promote effective juicing.

What I love about this juicer is the choice of pulp or no pulp. It means initially; there will be no pulp in the juice. However, late on, you can add pulp according to the desire and texture.

Furthermore, the juicer contains a five-year motor warranty. The 60 months of the contract indicates the reliability of the product.

Healthy and Quick Ginger Shot Recipe

YouTube video
  • Reverse anti-jamming technology
  • Two pitchers with Cleaning brush
  • Rotation wiper
  • User manual + Recipe book
  • Louder noise

Dash DCSJ255 Deluxe Masticating Extractor-Best for Multi-Functionality

The product uses a masticating system that offers a slow extracting system with no noise. You can make healthy and nutritious juice with several minerals. The juicer helps you to extract the maximum amount of fluid even from the minimum amount of produce.

It is undoubtedly the best juicer for ginger kale and wheatgrass. Besides that, you can even extract juice from nuts, leafy greens, and wheatgrass. The inspiring slow masticating system won’t disturb you with its noises.

Apart from that, the compact design requires minimal counter space. You can even put it in the cupboard. Moreover, it perfectly separates the pomace from the juice. Extracting all the nutrients and maintaining the taste, the juicer is just perfect for you.

I am in love with its multi-functionality. You can make delicious sorbets besides juicing. Furthermore, it includes a dash deluxe compact power slow juicer, frozen attachments, pulp measuring cup, cleaning brush, and recipe guide.

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  • Cleaning brush and measuring cup
  • Recipe guide
  • Compact footprint
  • Multi-functionality
  • Clogging while juicing celery and pineapple

CalmDo Masticating Juicer-Best Commercial Juicer for Ginger

The ginger juice extractor comes with BPA-free plastic material and food grade. The average weight of the product is 7.1 Pounds. It provides you up to 90% high purity juice yield. It uses a slow speed of 70 RPM for masticating and grinding.

You can extract the maximum amount of nutrients and vitamins from the juicer. The slow process locks all the nutrients from fruits and veggies into juice. Furthermore, the liquid will be carrying less foaming, heat, oxidation than the centrifugal juicer.

Another fantastic feature of this juicer is the colorfast ceramic auger. It won’t fade and contaminate your juice. As compared to other plastic augers, it offers a healthy, smooth and best taste. Apart from the automatic pulp-ejection function helps to use it for continued usage. Indeed, it can be used for commercial purposes.

The powerful yet quiet motor allows you smooth operation with no noises. It automatically chooses the most suitable speed depending on the hardness of produce. Furthermore, the four anti-slip suction cups make the juicer more beneficial than others.

Moreover, the juicer is straightforward to clean and use. Every part is easily detachable and dishwasher-safe. The reverse function will help you to avoid clogging. Assembling and dissembling the juicer is just a breeze.

It is advantageous. You can use it for creating sorbets, ice creams, smoothies, sugarcane, and butter. Above all, you can even make baby food.

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  • Quiet motor
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Colorfast ceramic auger
  • Dry pulp and No clogging
  • Quick process
  • Carrot leaves stains

Centrifugal Juicers

Breville JE98XL Centrifugal Juicer-Best for Ginger Dieting

The juicer comes with an extra-wide 3-inch feeder chute allowing a large intake. You can put the whole apple in it. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on prep. Besides that, it creates an 8-ounce cup of juice within 5 seconds.

Moreover, it includes a stainless cutting disc wrapped by an Italian made micro-mesh filter. It helps to extract 30% more juice and 40% more vitamins. The ginger extractor comes with an 850-watt dual speed motor. The robust stainless steel cutting disc offers you fast results.

Apart from that, there is overload protection LED to prevent unsafe operation. The safety locking arm is one of the essential features of juicers. Besides that, The ginger juice extractor involves a pulp container with a capacity of 2.6. it carries voltage 110 to 120 volts.

If you are health conscious, it is undoubtedly the best juicer for ginger dieting.

Besides that, the parts are dishwasher safe. Therefore, cleaning will be a quick process for you. The juicer even includes a 1-liter juice jug with a forth separator, filter basket. The cleaning brush will help you to clean the ginger juicer machine. The product involves one year warranty. It means you can spend 12 months without any trouble.

  • Large intake
  • Comes with Cleaning brush
  • Simple design that makes Easy cleaning
  • Maximum Nutritional value

Breville BJE200XL Compact Centrifugal Juicer-Best for Daily use

The product comes with material of plastic and metal. The average weight of a ginger juice extractor is 9.7 pounds. Besides that, It is a heavy-duty compact juice fountain with a centered knife blade assembly.

Moreover, it uses a motor of 700 Watt that operates at 14000 RPM. It provides you maximum extraction. There is a safety locking arm that helps from unexpected damage. It means the juicer won’t start without the juicer cover on its plate.

Furthermore, the capacity of the container is 1.6quart pulp container. There is an extra-large 3 inch centered feed tube. Apart from that, it includes heavy grade polymer body stainless steel cutting disc. The Italian made micro mesh filter extract up to 30 % more juice and 40% more vitamins.

Besides that, the dishwasher safe parts save your time and prevent damage. There is a custom cleaning brush to help you during the cleaning process. It will make the cleaning process a breeze. It is undoubtedly the best juicer for daily ginger use.

What I love about this juicer is its manufacturing. The centrifugal juicer uses fast speed, so if you have a busy schedule, it is perfect. It collects the pulp within the footprint of the unit. Therefore, there will be no pulp in the juice. You can reserve a lot of counter space by purchasing this compact Breville BJE200XL juice fountain compact centrifugal juicer.

Above all, it comes with one year warranty. You can easily replace it, in case of any objection. The extra-wide feed chute allows the larger intake. No juicer can save your time like the Breville BJE200XL juice fountain.

  • Time saver juicer
  • Pulp container
  • Centered dual knife blade assembly
  • Stabilizing knife
  • Compact design to save counter space
  • Sometimes Leakage

How to Make ginger juice with a juicer?

If you are eager to start a healthy life, then indeed, this recipe belongs to you. Here is the complete guide to extract the most beneficial and quality juicer with a juicer.

The first step will be Preparing the herb. First of all, you need to peel the skin of fresh ginger. After that, you need a fine grater to cut down the herb into pieces. However, keep the size of the chute in mind while cutting.

Now add the pieces of ginger root into the chute of your juicer. Don’t forget to check the perfection of everything. You can start juicing.

Soon, your juice will be ready in few minutes. You can pour your healthy juice into a bowl. However, if you don’t like the pure taste of ginger, then add another fruit. For instance, you can try the best juicer for the ginger pomegranate to change the flavor.

Benefits of Ginger Juice

Adding ginger to your juice will maximize the nutritional value. It provides a unique taste. Due to its numerous benefits, experts call it a superfood.

The following benefits are some significant elements of ginger juice.


Ginger helps to boost saliva production. Besides that, it removes toxins from your mouth. Consider adding lime to the ginger to boost up the benefits. The combinations will help you a lot.

Pain reliever

If you are suffering from mild pain, it might provide pain relief. You will find it perfect for headaches, back pain, and migraines. You can even ginger into a hurting spot. However, it would be best to use it in the drink.

High Blood pressure

If you are a patient with blood pressure, then you need to manage it. To get under control, you can take help by drinking ginger juice. It reduces blood clotting formation.

Colds and flues

The high quantity of vitamin C and other antioxidants in ginger juice helps to recover from colds faster. It provides you a quick recovery.

Fresh Breathing

The ginger juice contains vitamin C and other ingredients. You can get rid of lousy breathing with ginger juice. It will purify your mouth.

Tips to make ginger juice

As ginger has its taste, It might not go well with your preferences. However, here are some tricks to make it better. They will improve the flavor as well as boost the nutritional value.

  • Make sure to use the fresh ginger root. Don’t leave it for several days. Try to purchase the herb just before you planned to juice.
  • In case you find ginger juice a bit spicy, then try adding honey to the liquid.
  • However, some people don’t prefer honey. In contrast, other does not choose it due to diet reasons. They can use water to make the taste manageable. Above all, by adding hot water, you can enjoy homemade tea.



It is clearly up to your requirement and needs. However, every product above is reliable and best. The centrifugal juicers are fast, but the masticating will lock all the juice’s nutrients and minerals. Make sure to consider the features in a juicer. It would help you to pick the best juicer.

Every juicer has its unique features. Therefore, you can pick anyone according to your requirements. However, here is my favorite juicer that I have been using for so long.

IKICH Masticating Juicer is perfect for everyone. What I love bout this juicer is its dual speed function. You can now adjust the speed according to the hardness of fruit or veggie. As I can’t stand the original taste of ginger, therefore, I make combinations.

It allows you to try different recipes. Besides that, in any recipe, the nutritional value will be the same as of fruit. The slow speed won’t create much disturbance.  All features are impressive enough to purchase it. Therefore, it would be my suggestion to use this juicer. However, the final decision will be yours.

We hope you found our blog helpful. If something is bothering you regarding blog or juicers, contact the team.

You can comment down to ask any question. Good luck.

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