Top 7 Best Blenders For Acai Bowls to Give A Try

Picking the Best blender for acai bowls is better than buying a random blender. Why? Well, it holds enough reasons to buy the best blender for acai bowls. Let me tell you all about them gradually. However, first, you need to know about the acai bowls. The healthy acai bowls never go off the trend.

What is an Acai Bowl?

People pronounce it as ah-sah-EE. You can find it on acai palm trees in South America. Acai comes in popularity among enthusiasts because of its antioxidants. The antioxidants are significant for immune health. They protect the cells from radicals. Besides that, the Acai also comes with high calcium and fiber.

Smoothie bowls contain the ingredients such as almond milk, coconut milk, or yogurt. Blending will turn it into a smooth consistency. Pour this mixture into a bowl. Use the nuts, fresh fruits, and shredded coconuts. It wouldn’t be wrong to consider it as the breakfast option. Watching the amount of sugar will be better.

Lowering the sugar is also possible. You can add the sugar by adding fruits such as berries. You can keep also add some protein powder. Moreover, nuts are helpful to balance the sugar ratio to protein and fats. It will let you stay active and fuller for a long duration.

Reason to invest in a Good Acai bowl blender

The market offers you several random blenders. However, the acai bowl recipes require the best blender for acai bowls. Only the quality blender will be able to incorporate nutritious and healthy bowls. Here are the major perks of purchasing acai bowls blenders

Acai bowls are rich in nutrients: packing the nutrients, they are extremely healthy. Besides that, the bowl includes different flavors depending upon the ingredients.

Acai bowl contains antioxidants: In acai bowls, the vital ingredient is acai berries. They have a powerful source of antioxidants. The idea of adding more ingredients to the bowl will be more beneficial. It will provide you with a burst of antioxidants.

Select the Top 7 Best Blenders for Acai Bowls

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender- Best for high-quality performance

ColorSlate, Red, Black
Voltage120 Volts
Item Dimensions LxWxH11 x 8 x 17 inches
Best blender for acai bowls 1


The Smoothie bowl blender comes with several attractive features to appeal to you. While stepping into the healthy journey, this became my best buddy. Until now, I never desired to go for any other blender. It meets all of the requirements successfully. How? Let’s explore together.

The best blender for smoothie bowls offers you speed control with variety. There are almost ten speeds that allow refining the texture. Besides that, culinary precision is a major priority. Whether you are making the heartiest soups or smoothies, efficiency is necessary. Therefore, the manufacturers have paid special attention to the efficiency feature. The blender comes with a pulse feature. It creates chunky salsas for you.

The variety of speed showcases the variety of textures. You can put any ingredient in the blender. Such as, the low speeds are best for soft fruits. However, the fast speeds are better for the hard ingredients. In short, the blender can go through even the toughest ingredients. The blender also includes a 48-ounce jug. The best blender for acai bowl at home holds enough capacity to handle large batches at once. Therefore, if you have a large family but is instant.

To provide you with smooth results, the blender comes with a special design. It folds the ingredients back into the blades. The blender will provide you with smooth and efficient results at any cost. Moreover, the blender is compact. It means, storing the best blender for acai bowls won’t be a struggle. Indeed, you can also store it in the cupboard nearby the counter. It will keep you away from unnecessary hassle.

Furthermore, the blender uses the equipment of a tamper. The best blender for thick acai bowls helps to provide thicker and stubborn blends. Apart from that, the best blenders for thick acai bowls also excels at performance and quality. As the blender is an entry-level model, you can save some money. By using the high-end performance of the 2 HP motor, it stands above the line. Above all, the warranty of five-year also makes it reliable. Another incredible feature is the self-cleaning mode.

Now there is no need of disassembling the unit. The blender can clean itself in less than 1 minute. It is certainly best for those who love high-quality versatile products.

Making Acai Bowl in a Vitamix By Raw Blend

YouTube video
  • Provides versatility
  • Comes with a five-year warranty
  • Includes the self-cleaning feature
  • The variable-speed function allows different textures
  • Robust motor to provide efficiency
  • No extra attachments like portable cups
  • Loud

NutriBullet NBR-1201- Best lightweight blender

Voltage230 Volts
Item Dimensions LxWxH12.87 x 9 x 13 inches
Best blender for acai bowls 2


Why you should go for it? Well, the Nutribullet is the best and quick solution for making an Acai bowl. The 600-Watt motor will extract the nutrients to the maximum level. Apart from that, Nutribullet ensures value for money. You are buying a great quality blender for your requirements. The incredible motor can liquify the ingredients hassle-free.

The refined blades can create you smooth and delicious texture. The best blender for frozen acai bowls is powerful enough to handle multiple ingredients. Such as, you can put the nuts, fruits, and veggies at the same time. The best blender for making acai bowls will take only sixty seconds for blending them. As the blender uses the ‘Precision nutrient extraction’, the quality performance is confirmed. Transforming the ingredients into yummy smoothies is a matter of no matter for this blender.

Once, you pulse all the ingredients together, put it into the bowl. The Acai smoothie mixture will make your day for sure. Garnish it with some blueberries and other fruits. The blender includes a 600W motor base, 1 extractor blade, a milling blade, a Handled cup, and a 24 oz cup. Furthermore, it also includes an 18 oz cup, 1 cup ring, 1 cup ring with handle, and re-sealable lids. Apart from that, it also has the attachment of a recipe book.

In other words, the best blender for smoothies and acai bowls allows you to create multiple dishes. Moreover, the BPA-free cups are helpful to carry your smoothies anywhere. They are long-lasting and durable. It also allows hassle-free cleaning. All you have to do is simply twist off the blade, clean it with soap and water. You can even put them in the rack of dishwasher.

The blender includes a warranty of one year. In case you forgot the spoon inside of the blender, ask for help from customer service. Indeed, the company is even liable to provide repair. However, this offer is valid until the warranty duration. The stainless steel blades use Cyclonic action for breaking the ingredients. This is the primary reason behind customers’ appreciation. Always use the manual for assembling the unit.

  • BPA-free plastic cups
  • Cyclonic action to break the cells
  • Several attachments including a recipe book
  • Re-sealable lids to allow portability
  • Powerful motor & Lightweight (7.4 pounds)
  • Limited warranty of only one year
  • The rubber gasket can leak down

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender- Best for safe operation

ColorBlack, Red, White
Item Dimensions LxWxH7 x 8 x 15.5 inches
Best blender for acai bowls 3


Nothing stands equal to a high-quality blender from a well-known brand. The company is popular for satisfying its customers with acai bowl blenders. The Blendtec has been creating such masterpieces for a long duration. The following blenders for acai bowls is also one of their incredible creations. Coming with the patented, stainless steel blades, it gives amazing results.

Although they are not sharp, however, it’s on the edge side. In this way, you will get a completely safe operation. Besides that, there is no compromise on its quality. The blades can handle any ingredients and provide smooth results. All you need to do is put the ingredients after cleaning and prep. Unlike other blenders, the blending machine can easily liquefy the thicker produce.

 It comes along the six pre-programmed cycles. There will be manual control along with the pulse function. It can create multiple recipes. The blending machine will provide you with the perfect texture. They are 80% thicker. It might be surprising but they are 10% more robust than the other blenders.

For creating the large batches, the manufacturers came up with the 75-ounce jug. The four-sided BPA-free jar holds the capacity of 32 ounces to blend anything. In simple words, you can make a smoothie for 3-4 people. Blendtec blenders can heat the soups efficiently. It comes with electrical ratings including Volts 120, 50-6 amp, and Watt 156 Hz. Apart from that, it comes with a cord length of 3 feet. Moving the blender around the corner won’t be a big deal.

The best blender for acai bowls comes with a two-year warranty. The manufacturers build you the best quality units for sure. Above all, the engineering and assembling is from the USA. The further colors are white and red. Indeed, it allows a variety of colors to pick according to your kitchen décor. Do you love pancakes? It mixes the batters for waffles, cookies, muffins, crepes, and pancakes. It can even knead thick bread.

  • Blendtec comes with superior quality
  • Lightweight unit & LCD timer display
  • Variable speed settings+ pulse function
  • Pre-programmed function
  • Self-cleaning button
  • Limited warranty of only two years
  • Motor is loud

NutriBullet NB9-1301 PUR Pro- Best for traveling

ColorViolet, red, blue, pink, silver
MaterialStainless Steel, Plastic
Item Dimensions LxWxH12.01 x 7.72 x 15.94 inches
Wattage900 watts
Best blender for acai bowls 4


If you want a more robust version of the above blenders, then the following one is best. Coming with 900 watts of power, it showcases its strength and durability. The Nutribullet company excels at creating fast blenders with strong blades. The blending machine is simple to use. Unlike the rest of the blenders, it holds a simple processing system. You can load it up with dense whole foods such as nuts, hard fruits, seeds, and kale. Later on, push the pulse option, twist it and blend it.

Pour the mixture into a bowl and then enjoy a healthier lifestyle. The blender provides refined nutrient extraction by using robust blades. Best Blender for Acai Bowls can go through the tough ingredients easily. Whether you are blending smoothies or making nut butter, it maintains quality. The fast processing is the major reason behind people’s love for it.

Besides that, the blender includes a 900W motor base, 2 extractor blades, and 2, 32 oz cups. Furthermore, it also includes two, to-go-lids. Apart from that, the machine also includes 2 lip rings. The 2 lip ring ensures safety while drinking your smoothie. Therefore, the blender also provides portability. The recipe book will make you more creative. The powerful stainless steel extractor blades liquify the challenging ingredients in seconds.

Furthermore, it uses cyclonic action for breaking down the food cells. The best blender for acai bowls excels at giving you high-performance, BPA-free plastic, and efficiency. Moreover, plastic travel cups are durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, hassle-free cleaning is also another attractive feature. Who would want to spend hours on cleaning, when you can do it in 2 minutes? I am sure, nobody does.

All you have to do is simply twist off the blades. Now clean it with soap and mild water. Afterward, they put the cups in the dishwasher. As it is dishwasher-safe so, you don’t need to clean it by hand. There are multiple colors available. Pick the one you need according to your kitchen décor. Or you can also purchase it in your favorite color. I like the violet one, share yours in the comments.

  • Quick delivery of food & Easy to use
  • Quick assembling of the unit
  • The powerful motor of 900watts
  • Easily handles the dense fruits
  • Allows portability by travel cups
  • Suitable for small batches
  • Limited warranty of one year

Ninja SS101 Foodi Smoothie -Best for Multi-Function

Item Dimensions LxWxH6.69 x 6.69 x 10.79 inches
Wattage1200 watts
Best blender for acai bowls 5


Does Ninja perform the same as other blenders? No. it works better than them. If you want to buy a more versatile blender than the above ones, Ninja is best. One thing that Ninja assures you is Quality manufacturing and performance. The best blender for Acai bowls is ideal for making thick smoothie bowls. Indeed, it is a 14-oz thick smoothie bowl maker that includes built-in tamper blends.

It can go through all the frozen fruits or foods. Moreover, it requires less liquid. Love making nut butter? No problem. The ninja can do it all. Surprisingly, it can even make blender ice cream. What else do you want in a blender? Here are some other benefits of the Acai bowl maker.

It provides you with smooth extraction of nutrients from the ingredients. The 24-oz nutrient extractor cups can break down the food, hassle-free. Even the drink will be carrying several nutrients including vitamins. The blender even includes smart torque technology. It includes a robust 1200-peak watt motor. It is powerful enough to handle challenging foods. Moreover, it can handle heavy loads. Furthermore, the blender maintains stability on the counter. There will be no shaking.

The blender comes with six versatile functions. Such as, it includes one-touch blend, smoothies, pulse, and bowls. In addition, it also includes spreads. Apart from that, it comes with Auto-IQ technology. It can take the guesswork from drink through programs. It uses the unique timed pulsing, pausing patterns, and blending to work for you.

The easy to clean feature is the most demanded feature in all blenders. The blender even comes with an easy-to-clean base. It also comes with dishwasher-safe components. It means the cleaning won’t take much time. There are two single-serve blending pick-ups for you. However, it uses a single but robust motor. The blender appears in silver color. The modern and sleek design is suitable for even small cupboards. The hybrid edge blades are able to handle the seeds for smooth blending.

The average weight of the unit is 6.48 pounds. If you don’t have enough room to keep the quality blender, purchase Ninja-SS101-smart torque. Above all, it is best for multi-function. It will win if you compare it to Nutribullet. Hence, buying this unit would be a smart idea to fall for.

  • Quick delivery
  • Robust motor and powerful blades
  • Same HP as Vitamix
  • Suitable for smooth icy treats
  • Allow multi-functions
  • Loud enough to wake up others
  • Need the use of a tamper to pack the ingredients toward the blades

Ninja Foodi SS201 Power Blender- Best for smartTorque

Voltage110 Volts
Item Dimensions LxWxH13 x 10 x 14 inches
Wattage1400 watts
Best blender for acai bowls 6


The following blender is even more versatile than the previous blender. Yes, you heard right. The previous one was pretty good for quick delivery and smart torque. However, this one is insanely useful. Apart from the blending, it can easily perform other tasks. Coming with the attachments of a crushing blender, dough maker, and food process, it is best. Not every blender holds the capacity to perform various tasks as the following Ninja does.

The blender holds a 3-in-1 function. Its crushing powers are impressive as well as food processing and making dough. The smart torque is perfect to go through heavy loads. There will be no stalling, shaking, or stirring while processing. Moreover, the blender holds a variety of speeds. All of the speeds are according to the requirement of precision chopping, mixing, and processing.

You can start it slowly and then gradually increase it for precision mixing. It will refine the texture smoothly. The blender also includes a processor pitcher. It can crush, chop, and kneed the dough like no other blender. The silver color of the blender is also suitable for all kitchen counters.

The best blender to make the acai bowls uses a powerful 1400-peak watt motor. It can easily attain smooth consistency from the challenging ingredients. Besides, the blender is pretty easy to clean. It is completely dishwasher-safe. Furthermore, it comes with a cleaning brush. If you want to go for a deep cleaning then use a cleaning tool. It will reach up to all corners of the blender.

In addition, the blender also includes a recipe inspirational manual. It will help you to try different dishes. The blender is best for making you chunky salsas and purees. Apart from that, it is also helpful for making frozen drinks. The baking prep for the dough will be in a single pitcher. It allows you to mix cookie dough, brownie batter, kneed bread, and mixing nuts. Furthermore, it can also beat eggs.

  • Smooth texture for all blends
  • 6 Auto-iQ preset programs
  • Includes total crushing & chopping blade
  • Making dough will be convenient
  • Powerful 1400-watt motor
  • Handles can get wet
  • Lots of noise to wake up others

Blendtec Classic 575 Blender -Best quality blender

Voltage120 Volts
Item Dimensions LxWxH8 x 7 x 15 inches
Best blender for acai bowls 7


Do you want to elevate the blending experience? The following blender is a high-quality blender perfect for shakes, smoothies, cocktails, and soups. Besides that, the blender can even go through the crushed ice such as margaritas and snow cones. Blendtec blender is a bit pricy however, it is completely justified. The blender even performs like a juicer as well. It wouldn’t be wrong to consider the blender as an ice cream maker.

In addition, it is also acceptable as a mixer. The self-cleaning feature is one of the most admiring features. It can clean itself. The blenders are useful without a tamper. The blending machine can operate without the plunger. Thanks to its patented technology. It automatically pulls all the ingredients towards the blades. Unlike other blenders, it doesn’t revolve around a circle.

The Patented Blades are 80% thicker. As the blades use stainless-steel so they are quite robust. The comparison will lead you to the result of being 10X stronger than others. Now can you imagine even being strong, they aren’t sharp? Surprised, right? The blades are dull to keep you safe. There is no stress of any unexpected injury. It avoids any pokes or cuts.

Besides that, the blending machine can efficiently create multiple large batches. The blending jar is BPA-free and holds a volume of 9 ounces. Whether the food is wet or dry, the blending will be smooth. It is ideal for personal blending. Do you want to go on travel? Here is the thing. The attachments include travel lids. Now taking your smoothie along with you won’t be a big deal now.

The travel lids won’t let the mixture smooth. It allows you the ultimate grab-and-go option. What’s more? The blender for acai bowls can heat soups by blade friction heat. It is also the same for the drinks. Warming the meal will be done in only six minutes or less.

  • Disposable cups for travel
  • Travel lids to avoid slipping
  • Warranty of two years
  • Blade friction heat
  • Robust blades stronger than others
  • The motor can break down but are replaceable
  • Absence of a recipe book

Why these Blenders are the best blender for Acai Bowls?

  • The best blender for acai bowl comes with a robust motor. It should be able to cut the myriad of produces hassle-free. There should be no overheating.
  • Make sure, the blender holds a large container. It allows the blend bowls for many people. Meanwhile, it should be able to make a single bowl blending also.
  • The stainless steel blades should be able to go through different ingredients. Even the ice won’t be able to slow down the efficiency level.
  • The multiple pre-programmed settings can make the blending more smoother and convenient.

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