Can we consider Juicing Cleanse as the secret for weight loss?

The following blog will blow your mind as it’s going to change your concepts. A lot of have always assumed the fact of eating food excessively is essential for good health. However, there is no such thing. Surprised right?

We all have misunderstood the concepts, and thus you are here. Surprisingly, you don’t have to eat or juicing several times per day. Eating excessive food or unhealthy/junk food will lead you towards problems only.

The market has a lot of processed foods with artificial ingredients that might be harmful to you. Your body will start protesting against this wrongdoing, even though you consider it right. The results might end up having an issue with digestion or allergies.

Here comes the role of a juice cleanse or juice fast. It can be applied by varying durations and adopting multiple ways. According to research, many people started juicing cleanse weight loss and eventually discovered many additional perks like detox. Consuming the nutritional value from fruits and veggies inappropriate amount will be a mini-break for your stomach.

You can use three-day juice cleanse plan for detoxifying your body. While the other case involves ‘3 day juicing cleanses weight lose’. By promoting fat loss, it will keep you healthy.

How does a Juice cleanse weight loss works?

A juice detox defines skipping the solid food from your routine. In that certain duration, you will prefer only liquid-based nutrition. Now the juicing involves extracting nutrients from your favorite fruits and veggies in a liquid but with flavor full and delicious taste.

However, smoothies are better than juice, in my opinion. Unlike juicing, smoothies come in the purest form and thick consistency. There are multiple diet plans, including a 21-day juice cleanse weight loss, three-day juice cleanse for weight loss, and a 21-day juice cleanses.

Perks of a juice cleanse

Packed according to science, the juice cleanse provides various benefits. They are certainly popular because of their reliability. According to facts, fruits and veggies are helpful to boost the levels of essential vitamins and minerals. However, an appropriate amount is essential only. Consuming excessive quantity will lead you to side effects.

Weight Loss

Almost every third person is concerned about health issues these days. According to facts, fruits and veggies will boost levels of essential antioxidants and vitamins. Among all the ways, cleanses are the best to reduce weight. You will get more nutrients but in low calories.

Emotional growth

Juicing cleanse plays a vital role in mental health. However, it is rarely discussed. A happy meal at your favorite food point may change your mood; however, it is unhealthy for you. The processed foods are a quick deal to tie you with depression. Therefore, always consider a juice cleanse whenever you feel low.

There are various health benefits to juice cleansing, involving reduced inflammation, a healthier digestive system, and improved hydration. Considering weight loss as a delightful bonus will be another level of motivation.

Increases energy

In the beginning, 1-3 days are challenging. However, after that, you will feel another kind of spike or motivation in your energy level. The effort of those days is worth it. Juice cleanse will provide you nutrients, including vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. Besides that, the anti-inflammatory compounds provide a good boost to your immune system.

What are the risks of cleanses juicing?

As excessive use of everything is harmful, hence here are some risks to be kept in mind. The extra amount of juice can be dangerous to people who have a kidney disorder. Some specific types of juices involve acids and oxalate that promote kidney stones and further kidney problems.

The juice that is unpasteurized or is without treatment of removing bacteria encourages the risk of illness. Apart from that, they increase weakness in the immune system. It is harmful to every age of person equally.

Any juice cleanses with laxatives or another method of bowel stimulation reduces the nutrients. Moreover, it promotes dehydration. You may suffer from imbalanced electrolytes as well.

Consuming insufficient calories leads a person to experience low blood sugar. Your body will lose its energy level. For instance, you may suffer from weakness, dehydration, headaches, fainting, and hunger. Therefore, it is essential to use a proper amount of cleanses juicing.

Does juice cleanses helps with detoxifying?

If you need to change your poor diet, then here is the solution to your problem. It would help if you had a detox as it will bring an instant healthy change in your life. Eating fruits in raw form is also a suggestion. However, science isn’t a lot in favor of this method. Your bodies can detoxify themselves easily if you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

According to beaver, a well-balanced diet contains an ideal amount of nutrients for detoxifying.

juice cleanse weight loss

Famous Juice Cleanses

As old is gold, don’t you need a tried-tested method of juice to cleanse instead of improvising? Here are some finest of famous juice cleanses for your help. Pick any one according to your choice and thanks me later.

Three-Day juice cleanses

If you are a beginner, then trying a three-day juice cleanse is worth it. The three-day juice cleanse consumes around 32 ounces of a juice or smoothie and makes sure to use half from GREEN VEGETABLES. In short, you have to use six juices per day.

Seven-Day Skinny cleanse

Raw generation makes the seven-day skinny cleanse the ideal method. You will be able to shed 5 pounds by consuming pre-made fresh fruit and vegetable juice within three days. Isn’t it amazing?

21-Day juice cleanse

If you have already tried three-day juice cleanses and seven-day skinny cleanses, then it is for you. It involves three phases, and the purpose is deep healing. Phase 1 wants to eat nothing but fruits and veggies. However, don’t forget to consume water here. Once you complete phase 1, now follow phase 2. It demands you eat bland food with eating whole fruit and soups for three days.

While phase 3 wants you to include 75% raw food as intake.


If you plan to follow a plan for more than three days, then consult any nutritionist first.

Blueprint Juice cleanse

It is another kind of juice cleanse that comes from the new-age aesthetics of the raw food universe. It is more accessible for people than other methods. You can even order it online, and they provide six preset cleanses along with 16-ounce juices.

The blueprint OG (Renovation)

You can consider it as the classic mainstay for helping through digestion by using organic vegetables and fruits. The juices involve pineapple powder, beet blast, lemon reset, kale, and bolt& nut.

The blueprint OG (Nut-free)

However, it is a nut-free cleanse involving the same juice-like renovation along with two lemon resets and nut & bolt.

Foundation (Balancing Act)

The foundation aims to create a balance, wellness, energy, and a lot of greens. The liquid includes lemon reset, kale it up 3, pineapple powder, and nut& bolt.

B. Promiscuous

It comes with a variety of fruits and veggies. The juices include beet blast, lime kick, watercress warrior, nut& bolt, lemon reset, and kale it up.

Drink Pretty

It involves antioxidants while involving nut& bolt; apple ginger go, beet blast, lemon reset, rocket launch, and pineapple powder.

Keep it 100-

You may consider it as the low-sugar cleanse. It includes watercress warrior 2, lemon reset, dandelion drive, kale it up, and nut& bolt.

How much weight would I be able to shed?

As for cleansing and juicing targets removing harmful toxins, it will promote removing fat-build up. You will be able to lose kilos quickly. Hence, people who are trying to reduce weight should adopt juicing cleanse for weight loss. It will help you to shed almost 5 kilos in 3-4 days.

How to perform Juice cleanse?

People who have experienced juice cleanses many recommendations regarding juice cleanse. For instance:

Consuming only liquids and juices for many days

Drinking juices with the combination of dietary supplements

Using a combination of juices along with the procedures that ‘cleanse’ the colon, for instance, enemas or colonic irrigation

Here are some examples of juice blending by following scientific reports.

  1. Apple, Lemon, Mint, And Pineapple
  2. Filtered Water, Lemon, Cayenne, Dates, Sea Salt, Vanilla Bean, And Almonds
  3. Apple, Lemon, Ginger, And Beet
  4. Cucumber, Celery, Apple, Lemon, Spinach, Kale, And Parsley
juice cleanse to lose weight

Final Words

While following juicing cleanse, make sure to keep an eye on the record. If you are still confused about how often you should use it, then it depends on you. Check out your feelings. For instance, if you feel a bit sluggish or skin a little lifeless, everything is okay.

Although juice cleanse helps a lot lose weight, picking the right juice to cleanse program will help you more. It will be better to use consultation from any nutritionist before choosing any long-term juice to cleanse program.

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