How to use Magic Bullet Blender? A simple yet Effective Way

Stepping into a healthy world means buying a MAGIC BULLET BLENDER. Am I right? The ‘How to Use Magic Bullet Blender’ will allow you to use it even while traveling. How? Well, it comes with several incredible specifications, including portability. All you need to do is learn to operate in an effective way. Besides that, the robust motor can do more than your imagination.

Imagine making a fresh batch of delicious salsa. It can enhance the fun of watching a movie. Isn’t it so? Furthermore, trying various combinations for the smoothies is also one of the best ways. The robust motor can mix, grind and chop. Apart from that, the compact size won’t be a trouble for you. Indeed, it will bring you a piece of peace as it doesn’t need any large space area.

The blender holds a compact footprint. Besides that, the thin and long cups have the mixture well. Also, it can mix the ingredients or liquid on the kitchen counter. Above all, it can stay stable on the ground. However, it would be best to hold it a bit. In addition, the appliances, for instance, NUTRIBULLET OR MAGIC BULLET, can do way more. You need to learn ‘how to use magic bullet.’

Magic Bullet Juicer Overview

Magic Bullet is usable for various purposes. Apart from making juices, it can even make delicious smoothies. Besides that, it also allows preparing meals. The juice extractor can extract juice from all kinds of produces. However, you may find it a bit struggling to extract juice from carrots. The juice extractor will provide less amount of liquid, unlike the expectations.

After chopping the produce into smaller pieces, assemble the unit. Attach all of the accessories to the machine. Afterward, connect the cross blade. By pouring the ingredients into the device, you will be able to get the sweet liquid. How? The blending machine consists of four wings on the lower part. Make sure to twist the blender to ensure security. In this way, it will be properly aligned.

The user will find arrows pointing towards the spout on the blending machine by spinning the magic bullet base’s attachment clockwise. It will lead to engaging the engine. Put the ingredients in the machine. Use the plunger to press through the feed tube. The cleaning process requires putting the glasses into the dishwasher. Remove the blades and add the lukewarm water. Run it smoothly.

There is a nylon scrub brush for deep cleaning. The long-handled sponge can go deeper inside of the machine. Furthermore, soak the blades in a mixture of vinegar and warm water. Let the parts dry before reusing them.

What does the Magic Bullet box contain?

Even with the small size, it offers you several accessories. It includes

Power Base: the blending machine consists of a 250 Watt motor. A plug will connect to the power source.

Cups: there are several cups. Use the small cups for a purpose like grinding or chopping the veggies. In addition, use the larger-sized cup for mixing shakes or smoothies.

Robust Blades: there are two blades, including a cross blade with four prongs and flat blades. It comes with only two powerful prongs.

Lids: the box offers two re-sealable lids to ensure security. It will keep the food fresh inside. The shaker lids contain holes in the top. It is useful to microwave the food inside of mixing cup.

Recipe book: the 100-page recipe book provides versatility in dishes. Try the different recipes and inspire your people.

Attachments: the machine allows using the same base. Also, the special juicer attachment can turn it into a juicing machine.

How to use Magic Bullet Blender?

The Magic Bullet can blend, grate and chop the ingredients. It also enables the liquid basis. Indeed, the presence of liquid can ensure smooth blending. The automatic blender can go for on-the-go mixtures. A smoother product enhances the taste and flavor of the drink.

  • First, collect the ingredients and rinse them with clean water. Remove the unnecessary components of the elements. Such as, you can count on stems, seeds, or peels. Try to use fresh ingredients.
  • Chop the ingredients into small pieces. Make sure to cut them small enough to go inside the blending chute. Cutting the elements into 12 inches to get better results.
  • The box includes a party mug along with three different cups. Customize the cups according to the sizes. Such as, if you are making a small batch, then a short cup will be fine. Meanwhile, in case of smoothies and beverages, give a try to party mug.

Video Review

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How does the MAGIC BULLET perform?

The versatility of the magic bullet is beyond appreciation. The food is added into the blender, and the rest of the job is done by robust blades. There will be a cyclonic action design causing a smooth blending. The double flat blade is best for whipping or grinding. In addition, the four-pronged cross is perfect to use for grating, mixing, and chopping.

While using the food processor, give preference to the cross blade. It can chop without any hassle, whether it is cheese or anything else. Likewise, the flat blades help whip or grind coffee beans. Indeed, you can also add spices and soft nuts for the right consistency. Rather than pressing down, release the pressure first. In this way, you can make chunky salsa. After preparing the delicious food, take out the cup from the base. Remove the blades and rinse the components.

Famous dishes to make by MAGIC BULLET

Many busy people don’t prefer a heavy diet. Indeed, a yummy milkshake can do much more than that. The delicious smoothies are the regular part of diets for some folks. Even if you want a post-workout snack, the magic bullet is here to help out. Cross Blade of MAGIC BULLET provides smoothness to your liquid. There is a half banana, 12 cups of ice, a bunch of strawberries, and a peach. Mix them and add them to the blender.

Do you love frozen desserts? Try using the pre-frozen fruits to replace the ice. It will take you to another level of delicious taste. To MAKE A FRESH BATCH OF SALSA, get the ingredients. Put a big onion, tomato, and 1 bulb of garlic into the machine. Use the Cross blade. Soon, it will provide the required salsa.

Things to avoid

A personal blender may lose a few points compared to a traditional one. Exploring culinary desires without understanding the Magic Bullet can be harmful. The little blending machine can make your favorite stuff. However, it also has some limits. Here are some things to avoid in every condition.

  • Crushing large piece of ice
  • Large chunks of veggies and fruits
  • Hot soups and food
  • Chopping the even pieces of veggies
  • Blending for a long duration
  • Walk-away blending


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