6 Best Celery Juicers (Only Centrifugal to get quick Delivery)

What is the best source of getting a quick delivery of fresh celery juice? Well, the best celery juicer might do them perfectly. The problem is ‘what is the best celery juicer’ and ‘why celery.’ Everyone has his standards and preferences.  Celery is pretty famous for its cleansing effects and other benefits, including boosting the immune system.

The great benefits of celery juice have inspired many people. It is pretty on the rise among the people of America. It enhances the process of breaking down the food in the stomach. For instance, it has protein that improves the digestion system. Coming with vital minerals, it neutralizes and absorbs the food. Nothing could be better than the celery juice if you want to welcome a healthy morning.

Considering it as a cure might not be perfect; however, it is good to go for starting a healthy life. All you have to do is pick the right juicer from our blog and extract the fresh celery. It works great with your body. You can see the results by yourself. 

Short Comparison of 6 Best Celery Juicers

Best For Dual speed function
Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer Machine-High-quality unit
  • Features:
  • Froth & foam-free juice
  • Dual speed function
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Best for quiet processing
Hilax Juicer Machines-Best for quiet processing
  • Features:
  • Anti-dripping function
  • 3-inch wide feeding chute
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Best for high yield juice
POTANE Juicer Machine-best for high yield juice
  • Features:
  • Non-slip sucker on base
  • High-quality motor
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Best for continues use
Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine- Best for continues use
  • Features:
  • The powerful electric motor of 800W
  • BPA-free material
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Best celery juicer for quick delivery
Breville BJE830BSS Juice-best celery juicer for quick delivery
  • Features:
  • Space-saving design
  • Five times faster delivery
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Best for anti-dripping function
Mueller Austria Juicer-best for anti-dripping function
  • Features:
  • Anti-drip function
  • Dual speed ranges
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Why is Juicing Celery beneficial?

Well, drinking celery juicer comes with a lot of nutritional benefits. It contains several cleansing properties that can heal your body. However, with a busy schedule, it becomes hard to eat salads. Thanks to the best celery juicer that makes your mornings healthy and active. The quick delivery of fresh juices will save you time as well as effort.

How do you define the best centrifugal celery juicer?  In my opinion, the best celery juicer should provide me a sufficient amount of celery juice and extract the juice from other produces. A unit that provides versatility and quality performance for a long duration is all I want. Making a combination of produces enhances creativity and diversifies the juice taste as well.

Besides that, adding up another fruit or vegetable will boost up the nutritional value of the juice. Starting your day with a delicious juice will make your day for sure. Have you ever seen a rainbow? This is the same with it. For enjoying the whole rainbow, you need to try different combinations.

Besides that, taking the same taste may lead you towards boredom. Trying it with other vegetables or fruits will add more taste and fun.

Why should you invest in the Best Celery Juicer?

What you have to do is ignore the fly-by-night brands. The market has a lot of products to offer. Each of the products has its specifications and pros& cons. Usually, they come with inferior warranties and cost you a lot. Some of them won’t even start, and some might break down during the process.

Trying out multiple juicers is nothing but wasting money. Indeed, you don’t want that. In order to avoid such inconvenience, you need to spend a high investment on a quality juicer. Years ago, I made the same mistake. Due to the hype of an overnight brand, I purchased an expensive juicer. A few days later, it broke down without even providing juice. Soon, I buy another juicer, but the results were the same.

After this, a lot of research and buying guides helped me a lot. Finally, I took a road leading to a product with good quality and a reputable brand. I am still thankful to the old me for making such an effort. That effort enables you to get delicious smoothies and fresh juices. Besides that, I decided to follow the warranty this time. A more extended warranty means a longer shelf-life of the juicer.

Skipping the cheaper brands led me to the high investment, which was the best decision of my life. My high-quality celery juicer is my buddy now. After serving me for years, it still provides smooth performance and delicious juice. Buying multiple juicers on repeat is just a loss of money and time. Therefore, our recommendation is to buy a high-quality juicer by investing a good investment. Spending some extra money will save you from buying multiple juicers on repeat.

Various websites are providing you access to different products. However, only a few of them are reliable. If you want to invest in a high-quality yet robust product, you need to consider some essential factors before. Before stepping out for shopping a juicer, don’t forget to check out the budget, requirements, and specifications. For instance, some folks are fond of baking. You can get a juicer that comes with the attachments for baking. It will save you money. You don’t need to buy the extra appliances for baking.

Purchasing the juicer from un-established brands will make your only regret. It will be a massive risk if you are investing a good amount of money. Make your juicer holds a good warranty duration. The longer the warrant means, the longer the shelf life of the unit.

Factors to consider while Buying any Juicer

  • Speed
  • Loudness of juicer
  • Cost
  • Juice quality
  • Warranty
  • Manufacturing material
  • Versatility

Types of Juicer

Usually, there are two types of juicer. One is a masticating juicer, while the other one is a centrifugal juicer.

Centrifugal Juicer

They belong to one of the common kinds of juicers. The centrifugal juicers are typically cheaper than masticating juicers. Another advantage is providing quick delivery of delicious juices. It comes with stainless steel blades along with a high-speed strainer. It tears apart the food once you drop the produce into a pitcher.

Soon, it will start releasing the juice. After going through a filter, you will be able to get a smooth texture and delicious taste of juice. They are super fast in speed manners. No juicer can beat the centrifugal juicer when it comes to quick delivery. This is the primary reason behind the noise level of centrifugal juicers. The high motor power tends to produce more noise.

However, people ignore this con as getting a quick delivery of fresh juice is the priority. Furthermore, the fast-spinning blade tends to oxidize the juice. They also create a lot of foam. If you are a foam lover, then you are going to love this unit. However, if you love smooth pulp-free and without foam, you might need to look for another unit.

Due to these reasons, it comes with a short life span. You can’t store it for a longer duration. The maximum duration to store the juice is only 24 hours. The nutritional worth is a bit less than masticating juicers. They include fast openings to ensure real quick delivery of juice. People say the centrifugal juicers aren’t efficient. However, they need to learn the art of picking a suitable unit. Many centrifugal juicers come with the properties of cold pressing. It preserves the nutrients as well as provides a slow process.

The significant drawbacks of centrifugal juicers are extracting leafy greens such as kale etc. however;, it can be covered by picking the right juicer. Regardless of their drawbacks, centrifugal juicers are pretty famous. Making a delicious juice right away makes them ignore the drawbacks.

Hack– You can reduce the noise level by putting a piece of carpet under the juicer. Besides that, you can put the juicer on the side of the wall.

  • Quick delivery of juices
  • Cheaper than masticating juicers
  • Less prep time
  • Juices fibrous veggies
  • Louder
  • The short life span of juices

Masticating Juicers

When it comes to masticating juicers, you are always on the prone side. It means you are getting maximum benefits. The slow and quiet processing won’t disturb your family at all. Besides that, the juices have high nutritional worth. They don’t generate heat. Hence, there will be less oxidation. The mechanism is quite similar to the human chewing system. Its auger will mash the produce into walls, squeeze it into the filter and separate the pulp. Your juice is ready to serve.

Furthermore, the juice will be free from any kind of pulp or foam. It provides you a longer duration to store the juice. For instance, you can store it for 48 hours. While comparing to the centrifugal juicer, it is a lot better in every sense. However, the drawbacks involve slow delivery timing. It requires more time to prep the produce. Besides that, sometimes it comes with a small feeding chute.

Above all, the masticating juicers tend to last for a long duration. Buying a juicer from a reputable brand will come with longer shelf life. The reputable brands’ such as Omega, Kuvings, Hurom, and Tribest offers you a 10+ warranty. It indicates the quality manufacturing of the unit.

  • Extracts more nutrition
  • Longer shelf life of juices
  • Long warranty duration
  • Quality products & Less oxidation
  • It requires a lot of time to extract the juice
  • Higher prices

The 6 Best Celery Juicers

Hamilton Beach 67850 Premium Juicer -High-Quality Unit

Best masticating juicer for celery 1

Are you ready to welcome your healthy mornings? Hamilton beach premium juicer is here to make healthy and fresh juices for you. All you have to do is click on the given link and buy a bunch of celery.  As I told you earlier, a good brand speaks of itself. Following high-quality unit comes from an excellent reputable brand. Therefore, we can’t doubt the reliability of the unit.

However, having a glance over the specifications, pros and cons will provide us core information. It will take only a few seconds to transform the celery into a smooth consistency. The juice will be fresh and healthy. It contains a stainless steel micromesh filter that will strain away from the pulp. Moreover, it will remove the seeds of produce as well. You will get smooth juice.

It saves time as well as effort. How? Well, the unit consists of an extra-large 3-inch big mouth chute that ensures a large intake. You don’t have to waste your time on prep. You can add up the whole fruit inside the chute. Being a working woman and mother of 3 kids, I don’t find time for cleaning. However, my concern about hygiene makes me worry. Thanks to Hamilton which solved my problem. It comes with less mess and easy cleaning.

It comes with the drip-free spout flips up in order to prevent dripping among batches. Besides that, the patented easy sweep cleaning tool adds up more convenience. It reduces the cleaning time in half. Further components such as pulp bin, juice bowl, pusher, and lid all are dishwasher-safe. So you can wash them directly through the dishwasher.

Another benefit is providing the maximum yield. Its 850-watt motor provides you the maximum juice yield produce quickly. Guess what, you can extract juice from both kinds of produces. It allows you are extracting juice from soft Ingredients as well as hard. Furthermore, there will be no more clogging. It includes a dual-speed function. Fast speed is suitable for hard produce, while low speed is for soft fruits and veggies.

The large 40 oz pitcher will be helpful to pour the foam-free juice. It comes with a lid, so you don’t need to worry about safety. The froth separator will separate the froth from the juice.

  • Large pitcher size of 40 oz
  • 850-watt motor to provide quick delivery of juice
  • Easy to clean & No clogging
  • Attachment to enhance the cleaning process
  • Drip-free spout to avoid dripping
  • Juice leaks
  • Loud

Hilax Centrifugal Juicer -Best for Quiet processing

Best masticating juicer for celery 2

Do you want a fast but quiet delivery of juice? Following juicer is going to meet your requirements. It is famous for its efficient yet quiet juice extractor. Coming with the powerful 700w motor power, it uses a speed of 18000rpm. Besides that, the motor uses a pure copper turbocharger. There is a superfine filter. In order to provide you quiet processing, it consists of a lower than 60DB design.

It requires only 20 seconds to gives you the delicious taste of celery juice. You will get 80% more of the produce. The process will be done effectively. Moreover, it will improve the extraction rate of vitamins and minerals. There is a two-speed blending system for multiple textures and maintaining the original flavor. The speeds are mention right above the on/off button.

Speed 1 is better for the fruits such as tomatoes, raspberries, and oranges. In contrast, speed 11 is best for hard produce such as carrots, beets, and apples. The unit has a protection system. In case the juicer is not set correctly and you run that accidentally, the juicer won’t start. Isn’t it nice that it meets the requirement of safety while maintaining the immediate need for juicing?

Indeed, it is. Not every juice is capable of doing that for you. Saving time is always a priority for busy people. Here is the good news for such people. The celery juicer contains a 3-inch wide feeding chute that means you don’t need chopping. All you have to do is peeling the orange before putting it inside directly to the chute.

It makes the juicer easy to use. Furthermore, the unit contains a non-rusting stainless steel single pole safety arm that will make your juicer easy to lift. You can easily carry it wherever you want. In order to prevent breakage, the safety clip will make the unit stable. It is undeniably easy to assemble and dissemble. All removable parts are dishwasher-safe. The cleaning brush makes the unit easy to clean.

  • Dual speed function & Easy to use
  • Non-rusting stainless steel single pole safety arm
  • Safety clip to ensure safety
  • Detachable parts are dishwasher-safe
  • Easy to assemble & dissemble
  • Bulkier in size
  • Cleaning up might take time

POTANE Juicer Machine -Best for high yield juice


Some people prefer quality and high-yield juice. This juicer is good news for such people. The motor of the unit consists of high-quality pure copper for ensuring safe performance. Besides that, there is a 12-row blade plate. Another feature is a filter screen that comes from food-grade stainless steel. It ensures that the pomance and juice are well-separated.

Unlike the rest of centrifugal juicers, it won’t destroy the nutritional value of juice. It means the juice will be healthy and fresh. Moreover, there will be 2 selectable modes for providing you the maximum possible juice. Speed 1 is the low speed best for soft produce only however, the other one is for hard produce. You can extract the maximum juice out of carrots, beets and apples by using speed 11. In this way, you will be able to enjoy the high-yield juice.

The design of the juicer is relatively safe and straightforward. For the purpose of easy cleaning, you can remove all the detachable parts. The celery juicer comes with a safety locking arm to ensure the covered tightly. Once the lid is closed correctly, then it will perform typically. Furthermore, the celery juicer comes with a non-slip sucker on the base. The anti-drip spout will avoid drops of juice for maintaining cleanliness.

Above all, it comes with a 5-year warranty. You can get a 180-days money-back guarantee. The cheaper units don’t have such extended warranties. Moreover, you will get 24-hour friendly customer service. They are liable to resolve your issue within 8 hours.

  • 5-year warranty and 180-days money-back guarantee
  • Dual speed functionality & 12-row blade plate
  • Anti-drip spout will avoid dripping
  • Safety locking arm to ensure safety
  • Detachable parts are dishwasher-safe
  • Not BPA-free
  • Louder than others

Hamilton Beach 67601A Juicer Machine- Best for Continues use

Best masticating juicer for celery 4

Coming with the combination of black and grey color, it becomes suitable for every kitchen. Following juicer excels at providing you homemade fresh and healthy juice quick in few seconds. Besides that, it allows the extraction from a variety of produces. It means you can extract juice from any kind of produce. The unit will extract juice from soft fruits as well as hard fruits and veggies without any hassle.

It contains an extra-large 3-inch wide feeding chute. Apart from belonging to a reputable brand, it allows less cutting. You can put a whole fruit inside the chute and there will be no problem at all. For instance, put a whole apple, orange, or bunch of kale and it will extract the juice without clogging.

Unlike other juicers, you can use it for continuous juicing of fresh fruits and veggies. According to the manufacturers, the unit is easy to clean. All the removable parts are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. Apart from that, it comes with a powerful electric motor that extracts the maximum juice. Don’t you think that an 800W power motor can turn the carrot or beet into a smooth liquid within few seconds?

The item dimensions are 9.5x13x16.25 inches. Meanwhile, the average weight of the unit is 9.82 pounds. If you ask about the customer review ratings, then it owns the rating of 4.5/5. Well, that makes sense for a quality juicer. It is enough. There is also a user guide available for your help.

  • Allow extraction from a variety of produce
  • Removable parts are dishwasher-safe
  • Easy to clean & Stable on the counter
  • User guide for your assistance
  • Belongs to a reputable brand
  • No pitcher to separate the foam and pulp
  • Juicer cup is not included in the attachment

Breville BJE830BSS Juicer-Best Celery Juicer

Best masticating juicer for celery 5

Breville has been serving us for a long time. Every product of the Breville has quality material and unique features. The primary goal of Breville is to add up comfort to the life of customers. It features a wide feed chute of 3.5 inches. The wide feed chute will save your prep time. You will be able to extract 70 fl oz of nutrient-rich juice. Breville will provide you 5% more quick delivery.

The unit comes with cold spin technology to ensure the maximum extraction of nutrients. The main job of cold spin technology is the damage of minerals and vitamins from processing and heat. There is noise reduction technology to maintain peace at home. The quiet extraction process won’t disturb anyone. Another incredible feature is the Italian-made mesh filter to prevent the loss of nutrients.

As I said earlier, the selection of the correct unit is all you need. If you are tired of noise levels and need nutrient-rich juice, then click on the price link. This juicer is especially for you. It comes with a space-saving design to save the counter space. There is a pulp bin placed on the back of the product base. The manufacturers claim that a quiet setting will decrease the noise level of mechanics up to 3 days.

It also provides you the opportunity to store the juice for your whole family. You can fill the 70 fl oz pitcher with juice and store it in the freezer by sealing the lid. It won’t lose its nutritional worth or taste for three days. Also, it has a juice nozzle. In order to provide you mess-free juicing, the juice will go into a direct bowl through the juicing nozzle.

All you have to do is inverting the nozzle to prevent dripping.

  • Mess-free juicing & Cold spin technology
  • Preservation of nutrients up to maximum level
  • Reduction of noise level & 70 fl oz pitcher
  • Longer shelf life of the juice
  • Wet pulp
  • Not effective enough

Mueller Ultra Power Juicer -Best for Anti-Dripping Function

Best masticating juicer for celery 6

The muller Austria juicer ultra power comes with a sleek modern stainless-steel design. Besides that, it includes a low countertop footprint. Although it is a bit bulkier than others and costly as well, however, it is all worth it in performance. You can create a 16 oz cup of juice in few seconds. The significant part is that there will be no clogging. What else? There will be less foaming. But being a fan of foam in the juice, I don’t admire this feature.

It comes with dual-speed functionality. Speed 1 is best for soft fruits by using 12000 to 15000 rpm. Meanwhile the speed 2 is for harder produce. It runs from 15000 to 18000 rpm. You can extract juice from fruits like apples and beets in few seconds by using speed 2. Usually, it is hard to clean up the centrifugal juicers. However, that’s not the case with Mueller Austria juicer.

You will find it incredibly easy to clean. The culinary grade stainless-steel cutting disc includes an Italian-made micro mesh filter to extract the vitamins and minerals from produce. The speed dial function is on the above side of the on/off button. To avoid dripping, the juice will flow into the pitcher directly.

The overload protection system will protect your juice from unexpected harm. It will automatically shut off the system to prevent overheating or an unstable supply of power. The anti-drip function will prevent the mess. There will be no additional mess besides peeling the fruit, such as oranges.

  • Easy to clean & Quick assembly
  • Culinary grade stainless-steel cutting disc
  • Italian made micro mesh filter to protect the disc
  • Overload protection system
  • Maximum absorption of nutrients
  • Loud while operating
  • Breakable


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