Do you need to peel the beets before Juicing them? But Why?

If you are still confused that peeling beetroot has any effect or not, then follow the blog. The blog carries the answer regarding do you need to peel the beets before juicing or not.

The intense earthy flavor is no longer a secret now. Beets come with polarizing taste. Not everyone loves dirt-flavored beets due to their intense earthy flavor. However, on the other side, no one can deny the perks of beets.

There is one common way to reduce the flavor. Peeling the beets before juicing doesn’t make a nutritional difference. However, it is excellent to mitigate the taste. It entirely depends upon you now either to peel the beets before juicing or leaving them on.

The following blog will help to make clear the queries in your mind. One of them is why do you need to peel the beets before juicing? Isn’t it so?

Are there any perks to peel the roots?

The term beetroot indicates the growth of vegetables underground. The beets are fully covered in the dirt until you don’t pull them out. Therefore, you must peel the roots before use. Regardless of the fact of no nutritional difference it makes, the existence of harmful pesticides is possible.

What kind of juice is best for juicing beets?

Making beetroot juice can be messy. We understand your problem, but there is always a solution. Their liquid can leave a stain in case of not properly cleaned. They are hard to produce and need a special treatment than soft fruits.

What you need is the right juicer that creates less waste and more juice even from less produce. Besides that, it should be easy to juice. You can get help from our blog. There are plenty of juicers available on our platform for you.

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Does peeling the beetroot changes its flavor?

There comes a slight difference in its difference. However, it can be considered a massive difference for those who don’t like the natural and pure taste. You can wash the beets, but it won’t bring any change in the taste.

Therefore, peeling the beets would be better if you don’t like its earthy taste.

How to clean the beets?

Tossing the beets directly would be stupidity. Here are some essential steps to follow.

The first step is about washing the beets and rinse thoroughly

Make sure to soak the roots for about 10 minutes. After that, scrub them with a hard-bristled vegetable brush to remove harmful chemicals and dirt.

Washing them is essential even if you are going to peel them. Some folks used to prefer washing the beets with a 25%  vinegar taste. However, it is not essential, worth giving a short for health concerned people.

How to Clean Beets Properly

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How to make the solution?

Making the solution isn’t a big deal. You can easily create the solution by making a 25% vinegar solution by mixing three parts of water with one part of vinegar and soaking it for 10-15 minutes. It helps to kill the bacteria.

Once you are done with this process, you are almost ready to start the juicing. Now the last step is about removing the stems and leaves. Don’t add the leaves. If you want to juice the leaves, then it is better to use them separately.

Do you need to chop up the beetroots?

The beetroots leave the stain. Therefore, I try to minimize the chopping process. After removing the stems and leaves, I cut the beets in half. You can cut them to the extent where they get adjust to the chute easily.

Later on, I cut the halves into halves. It saves me from getting into a mess.

Helpful tips and tricks

Following tips and tricks will let you avoid the problems people usually found while juicing beets. How to prevent stains?

One of the best ways to avoid stains is to perform the job as quickly as possible. As the wooden cutting boards are more prone to get stains, you need to rinse them instantly. Once you are done with the cutting and peeling process of beets, you should immediately wash the cutting board.

Usually, I prefer using a plastic cutting board as it doesn’t get stains quickly. However, it’s not the best option to do better than using a wooden cutting board.

Want to get quick juice? Make sure to chop them nicely, precisely according to the size of the chute. If you use the beets in big size, you will end up with a juice with large chunks. Furthermore, the juicer can get clogged easily.


Beets are rich in essential vitamins and nutrients. Juicing them will be a great source of unlocking the health benefits. Before putting all the ingredients together, make sure the beets are appropriately washed and chopped.

If you don’t like pure flavor, then peeling the beetroot would be essential. It will remove the unpleasant taste and reduces the bitterness from the juice.

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