Best Cold Press Juicer Australia 2023 Reviews – Top 7 Picks

Are you looking for a juicer that can preserve the nutrients and vitamins while making juice? We have the best cold press juicer in Australia that can extract up to 40 percent more juice. Other than that, the cold press juicers will save your money because fresh juices might put an end to your budget.

Now you can have a fresh morning and make any juice quickly with a cold press juicer. There are several cold press juicers in the market that might overwhelm you. No worries, we have shortlisted the 7 best cold press slow juicers Australia that have remarkable features.

However, the juicers are expensive, but they will provide the best value. Additionally, we have added the buyers’ guide so you can acknowledge the essential features of the cold press juicers before making the final decision.

Without any further ado, have a look at the best cold press juicer Australia reviews!

Short Comparison of 3 Best Cold Press Juicer Australia (updated)

Omega J8228 Cold Press Juicer – Nutrition Centre
omega juicere
  • Best for quiet operation
  • Allow multi-purpose usability
  • Comes with several accessories
Aobosi SBK-YZJ Slow Masticating Juicer
Tribest Juicer
  • Safe and quiet operation
  • Quick and Easy to the clean the juicer
  • One-month free trial & 2-year warranty
BioChef Axis Compact Cold Press Juicer
Kuving machine
  • Easy to use
  • Sleek and compact design
  • A quiet and smooth operation

Top 7 Best Cold Press Juicer Australia 2023

Omega J8228 Cold Press Juicer – Nutrition Centre


Getting maximum nutrients is a priority for various people. The slow juicer uses a slow speed of 80 RPMs that results in minimal heat build-up. Besides that, it will promote less oxidation. There will be several healthy enzymes. It excels at providing quiet operation. Another incredible feature is boosting your immunity. Cold press juicing is undeniably easily accessible for enjoying maximum nutrients and enzymes.

The antioxidants will boost immunity. Apart from that, it enhances overall health. While extracting the maximum nutrients, taste, and juice from the vitamins, taste, and juice from a minimum amount of carrots, leafy greens, celery, and other veggies. Such as you can count on for even wheatgrass. It wouldn’t be wrong if you consider it as the nutrition center.

The juicing machine includes a blending/Mincing screen for turning the juicer into a food processor.

It turns the nuts into nut butter. Besides that, it can extrude pasta, grind spices, and coffee. Further features include mincing herbs and garlic. You can make the baby food. Enjoying frozen desserts will be like the cherry on top. Meanwhile, it can also whip up the soy milk in mere seconds. Moreover, it comes with several accessories for making veggie &fruit juice, baby food, nut butter, nuts milk/soy, and pasta. The user will be able to enjoy healthy snacks.

Meanwhile, the high juice yield comes from the dry pulp. There will be an automatic pulp-ejection function that allows continuous juicing. It will stabilize feet and provide noise-less operation. The juicer comes with an adjustable end cap. It includes five different settings that provide maximum juice extraction and output. The juicing machine comes with a powerful motor that involves a dual-stage juicing system. This feature will ensure maximum efficiency.

Above all, it provides an industry-leading warranty. Sounds amazing, right? The motor comes with a 20-year warranty. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers 10 years warranty on the rest of the parts.

  • Provides high juice yield along with the dry pulp
  • Automatic pulp-ejection for continued juicing
  • Stabilizing feet on the counter
  • Maximum efficiency by powerful motor dual-stage system
  • Promotes healthy enzymes and maintain flavor
  • Expensive than centrifugal juicers
  • Needs more time on chopping

Aobosi SBK-YZJ Slow Masticating Juicer


A regular juicing machine will be helpful for only juicing. However, a multi-purpose juicing machine will be useful for various tasks. The juicing machine will extract juice from various veggies and fruits in only a few minutes. Besides that, it can also help in extracting juice from green veggies. The juicer will maintain the natural color of the juice. Indeed, you will get its natural taste. There will be several nutrients and vitamins.

It avoids dirty hands and splashing. Within a few seconds, you will be able to drink a cup of juice along with a little pulp and foam. Here is how you can nourish life. Moreover, the juicer also provides a high juice yield and richer nutrition. The slow masticating juicer allows a perfect separation of juice and pulp. For the purpose of extracting higher-purity juice, you need to buy this juicer.

Now preserving the higher nutritional value won’t be a hassle. The auger spins with a speed of 80 RPM so you can extract up to 20%  more juice. In addition, there will be 30% more vitamins and minerals. Apart from that, there will be no noise. The quiet and smooth operation is also one of the major reasons to buy it instantly. The ability of slow masticating juicing will reduce oxidation. Apart from that, there will be no heat build-up.

The user will be able to drink the natural flavor. It will absorb most of the nutrition from ingredients. The manufacturing of masticating juicer promises a safe and hassle-free operation. While using the 150W motor, it can extract juice from any fruit. It includes less than 60 decibels. The smallmouth design will prevent any injuries. Indeed, it ensures safety while putting produce inside.

Make sure to peel the fruits or veggies before in order to avoid the bitter taste. What else could be better than a healthy and safe environment to enjoy juicing? Another feature provides the ability to be quick and easy to clean. Each and every detachable component is made up of high-quality TRITAN food grade anti-oxidant materials. They are BPA-free. For the purpose of easy cleaning, it includes a cleaning brush. Another idea is to put them directly in the dishwasher.

Warranty and service will also be impressive. It comes with a one-month free trial. Besides, it holds a warranty of 2-years. Apart from that, it provides lifelong technical support and care service. Let’s check out the main advantages of buying this juicer.

  • Reverse function to avoid clogging
  • BPA-free components
  • Less oxidation and minimal heat build-up
  • High juice yield and rich nutrient
  • Little pulp and foam
  • Small feeding cute
  • The time-taking process as compared to centrifugal juicer

Aobosi ZM1501 Masticating Juicer


Do you need a juice that provides usability for multi-purpose? Well, here you go. The following masticating juicer can extract juice from all kinds of veggies and fruits. Such as, you can always count on wheatgrass, ginger, leafy greens apples, and carrots. Besides that, the juicing machine is pretty easy to assemble. The juicing machine can operate, clean, and easily accessible. If you love green juices then they fit according to the requirement of green health juices.

Now you will be able to enjoy different flavors every day. The best thing is only a single machine can make so many dishes for you. The juicer will provide you with maximum nutrients and a higher juice yield. It uses a low speed of only 80 RPM along with fine grinding. The following feature will retain the nutritional value of veggies, greens, and fruits. Meanwhile, it decreases the top froth. The low speed ensures no heat build-up and less oxidation.

This feature will preserve all of the minerals and nutrients. You will get up to 90% more nutrition growth that allows a longer shelf life. After that, you can even store it in the freezer. However, make sure to use an airtight jar for storing the juice. THE JUICING BOTTLES will also be helpful.

The juicing machine is safe and easy to clean. It requires less than 60 decibels. In addition, it features a safety lock design to prevent accidents. Unlike other juicers, the following is easy to assemble and disassemble in a few minutes. It includes a reverse function for avoiding the problem of clogging. Besides that, it also helps you to clean the juicer quickly. For enhancing the shelf life of the juicer, ensure to wash the machine right after using it.

There will be several detachable parts using the high quality. The Tritan food grade anti-oxidation material is BPA-free. Moreover, you can also put the juicer directly into the dishwasher. The bonus of cleaning brush helps to clean the juicer deeply. The product provides you one-month free trial & 2 year-warranty services. On the other hand, it also provides lifelong technical support and customer service.

The juicer comes with a small feeding chute therefore, it requires extra chopping. However, it will prevent your kids from getting any injury while juicing. Indeed, the design is good enough to make juice for your whole family together every morning. It also has a unique juice storage cup panel. The smooth and elegant design appearance will be the major spotlight in the kitchen. It wouldn’t be wrong to consider it as the best Christmas gift for a fitness freak.

  • Multi-purpose juicer
  • Maximum nutrients & higher juice yield
  • Less oxidation along with no heat build-up
  • Reverse function to avoid clogging
  • Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Sometimes shave plastic into juice
  • Ineffective Juicer

BioChef Axis Compact Cold Press Juicer

Source = Amazon

How about purchasing a juicer that is compact and lightweight? Well, the juicer appears great for traveling as well as home. The efficient performance will be the same anywhere. Are you a beginner? If you are entering the juicing world then the following juicer will be helpful. The entry-level juicer operates by using a simple yet efficient method.

The sleek and elegant design attracts everyone at first glance. The easy lock release will help you to clean the juicer in mere minutes. It uses the black and red combination that goes perfect for the modern kitchen decors. Furthermore, it uses a voltage of 240 volts. Besides that, it uses the material that is BPA-free, Tritan. The average weight of the item is 5kg. meanwhile, the power wattage is 150.00.

It is a high-quality juice extractor that comes with an impeccable design. The juicer includes superior workmanship. All of the detachable parts are made from Ultem and Tritan materials. Both of them are super durable and tough BPA-free polycarbonate. The juicer is incredibly quick, convenient, and simple to use. In addition, the juicer is user-friendly and pretty easy to clean.

Furthermore, it offers excellent quality and value. While using the speed of only 80 RPM, it doesn’t create any sound. Although, it is a bit pricy, however, it’s worth it. Not every juicer can handle wheatgrass with such audacity. Apart from that, it also comes with a little bit of pulp. If you love the pulp then it won’t be a big deal. Check out the further benefits of this juicer.

  • Cold press juicing system preserve nutrients
  • Pretty easy to assemble
  • BPA-free polycarbonate material
  • Quick and convenient to use
  • Easy to clean and durable
  • Wet pulp
  • Small feed chute
  • Bit extra pricy

Russell Hobbs RHSJ 100 – Best Metallic Slow Cold Press Juicer

Next up, we have the Russell Hobbs RHSJ 100 with lightweight material, weighing 3.7 kgs. Besides that, the dimension of the Russell Hobbs juicer is 25 x 18 x 61 cm. More than that, it is the best slow juicer in Australia that comes with a reverse function as well.

Apart from that, this cold press juicer of Russell Hobbs has safe dishwasher parts. Besides that, it has safe dishwasher parts. And that’s not all; you can clean Russell Hobbs juicer easily with the brush.

In addition to this, it has a coarse filter, and you can use this masticating juicer for making leafy vegetables. Besides that, you can clean the Russell Hobbs juicer easily with a brush.


Other Key Features

On the other hand, this juicer of Russell Hobbs cold press juicer is better than Breville cold press juicer Australia. And the best part? You can conveniently make any fresh juice with the Russell Hobbs. Besides that, this juicer of the Russell Hobbs has a vertical design that will take less space on the counter.

As if that’s not enough, this Russell Hobbs juicer has a high price tag, but the features are impressive as well. You will have the best juicer in Australia of the Russell because it is convenient to use and clean. With this juicer, you can increase the intake of veggies and fruits.

All in all, this juicer of Russell will preserve the nutrients in your drink. Not only this, you will have more juice than centrifugal juicers, and it will extract the juice with all its minerals and vitamins.

  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Easy to Use and Clean
  • Comes with a cleaning brush
  • Small Nozzle

Biochef Axis Compact Juicer – Most Affordable Cold Press Juicer


Next up, we have the Biochef Axis Compact Juicer that is quite lightweight and compact. More than that, it is convenient to clean, and you will have a quick-release function as well. Besides, biochef juicer has the wide mouth of a chute. You can conveniently add large veggies and fruits to this juicer.

In addition to this, the biochef axis juicer is efficient, and you can use it for making smoothies with different veggies. For instance, you can use it for leaf veggies. On the other hand, this juicer is better than the prior models of biochef.

On the other side, this biochef juicer has the ability to extract more juice from the ingredients. In fact, the biochef axis-Australia’s best cold press juicer has a compact design that is great for all kitchen shelves.

Other Key Features

Apart from that, this juicer is versatile, and you can use it with several different ingredients. Best of all, you will have an adjustable pulp nozzle with it. Due to this nozzle, the extraction process becomes easier. Biochef is the best cold press juicer Australia on a budget.

In addition to this, you will have the cleaning brush with this cold press juicer. However, the net of this bio chef juicer is quite narrow, and it will clog easily. Hence, you have to often clean the juicer before using it.

All in all, the bio chef axis cold press juicer has impressive capabilities, but it requires a lot of time while cleaning it. Lastly, this biochef juicer has great performance, and it is lightweight as well. It is the hard to find the juicer at an affordable price with top-notch features.

  • Adjustable pulp nozzle
  • The affordable and efficient juicer
  • Five Light weight and most compact juicer
  • Net is too small
  • Requires constant cleaning

Biochef Atlas Slow Masticating Juicer – Best Quiet Operation

Lastly, we have the Bio chef Atlas Slow Masticating Juicer that weighs 6 kgs. Besides, this cold press juicer is excellent for making nut milk, and you can preserve the juicer of this juicer for 48 hours—moreover, this bio chef cold press juicer has a motor of 150 watts.

Besides that, this biochef juicer comes with enzyme protection technology. Likewise, you will have all the nutrients and minerals in your drink because a biochef juicer will preserve it. On the other hand, the biochef juicer comes with BPA-free parts.

And that’s not all, the bio chef juicer is quiet, and you will get a cleaning brush with this juicer. In addition to this, you can read the manual before using this biochef juicer.


Other Key Features

And the best part? You will have a warranty period of 5 years on the parts of the biochef juicer. This biochef cold pressed juicer Australia has the most convenient operation. Even if you don’t have any experience using the cold press juicer, the biochef has the most straightforward settings.  

The design of this biochef cold press juicer was made as per the suggestions of the consumers. Also, the biochef company of cold press juicers values the feedback of the customers and produces products that are practical for everyone.

Lastly, Biochef is included in our list of the best cold press juicer Australia because it will produce more juice, and you will have drier pulp. This juicer has an Australian plug, and that will fit on all wall sockets.

  • BPA-free parts
  • Convenient to use
  • Compact design
  • Parts made with Sturdy plastic
  • Heavy juicer
  • A bit slower than other cold press juicers

Buying Guide for The Best Cold Pressed Juicer Australia 2023

So are you thinking about how to make the best decision about the cold press juicer? Ensure some of the features of the juicer to make a valuable investment.

Functioning Of Juicer

The functioning of the masticating juicer is different from the centrifugal juicers. The cold press juicers are slow in operation, and they do not build up oxidation while making juice. Moreover, we chose the cold press juicers that you can use as a food processor and blender.

Besides that, you can make baby food, soup and crush the nuts with the cold press juicers. In addition to this, you can easily make pulp juice from any leafy veggie. Besides that, the speed of slow cold press juicers lies 70 to 110 RPM. Moreover, you can extract the juice for a glass in a few minutes.

Maintenance and Cleaning Of the Cold Press Juicer

Maintenance of the cold press juicer should be convenient so you can easily clean them. Furthermore, the masticating or cold press juicers shouldn’t have a lot of parts. The juicer with more parts will be time consuming to clean and assemble. Therefore, buy a juicer that has fewer parts.

Other than that, some of the cold press juicers are dishwasher safe. Besides that, you can use the cleaning brush for cleaning the residue build up on the motor of the cold press juicer. Likewise, you should clean the juicer after every use to enhance the durability of the juicer.

Feeding Chute and Size of Juicer

The feeding chute and size of the cold press juicer will differ from one to another brand. However, the juicer with the large feeding chute will be more convenient to use. Therefore, you must buy the feeding chute as per the ingredients you need to make a juice.

In addition, you have to choose the size of the juicer according to the space on your counter. Besides, there are horizontal cold press juicers that will take more space on the counter of the kitchen.

In addition, you can buy the vertical cold press juicers because they are less space taking. Moreover, if you have to often replace the juicer from one place to another, then do consider its weight.

Noise Level of the Juicer

Next, you must consider a juicer that has a low noise level. The centrifugal juicers are noisier than centrifugal juicers. If the best cold press juicer Australia has a noisy motor, you can use a towel to muffle the noise.

You can buy the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center because it is most quiet. It is important to choose the juicer that is quiet because you have to use it every day.

Smoothie Attachment of the Juicer

Lastly, you need to look for the smoothie attachments with the cold press juicers. Some of the juicers come with the smoothie attachment, and you can conveniently make the denser consistency of the juicer. Best of all, the juicer companies provide additional accessories. However, the price will increase with more accessories.

Boost Your Immunity with The Best Cold Press Juicer

What are the health benefits you can get? How cold press juicer is better than other conventional juicers? Continue reading to get these answers.

Cold press juicer, also known as masticating juicer, works on slow speed. It extracts all nutrients and minerals from the stuff you put in. For sure, you know that fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. For being healthy, it is necessary to get all these essential materials in your body.

Drinking is considered a quick way to get fresh and healthy juice. It extracts much more juice than conventional juicers do. With the cold press juicer, you can get as many nutrients in your juice from the fruits and vegetables as possible.

Such a fresh and rich nutrient with a balanced diet is an excellent way to detoxify your body, boost immunity and endorse your healthy lifestyle.

The best cold press juicer in Australia is convenient to use and much more accessible than other typical juicers. Last but not least, they are user-friendly and save your money and time in the long run.


To Sum Up

Most of the cold press juicers’ features have similar features like large chute, BPA-free parts, and minimal oxidation. Moreover, the cold press juicers come with adjustable settings. Indeed, cold press juicers are better than centrifugal juicers because they preserve the nutrients for your drink.

Surprisingly, you will have more juice from the cold press juicers than centrifugal juicers, up to 40 percent. Indeed, the cold press juicers are worth buying because they have several advantages, so have you chosen any cold press juicer Australia from our 7 options? If not, then we recommend purchasing the Sunamki Cold Press Juicer

This juicer is the best choice because it has stainless steel magnetic gears, low noise operation, and is convenient to operate. Other than that, you can invest in any cold press juicer that fits your budget. Boost up your immunity by making nutrient-rich juices.

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