8 Best Juicers for Nutrients to add up in Kitchen Appliances

Nothing can beat the convenience when you have the right juicer on the countertop. Isn’t it so? Have you found your best Juicer for nutrients yet? No? Then following blog will guide you to select your best juicer health. In a journey of a healthy life, all you need is the best juicer for extracting nutrients. However, before purchasing any juicer, ask yourself few questions.

  • Are you willing to pay any cost?
  • Which type of ingredients will you use for extraction?
  • What kind of features do you look for in the juicer?
  • What type of juicer do you need for your kitchen?

For finding the broad aspect of juicing machines, make yourself familiar with their kinds. It will help you to decide which kind of juicer is better for you. How do you get to know the types? Here is a brief introduction regarding the four basic types of juicing machines. After reading them, you can choose your best juicer for the nutrients budget as well.

Comparison of 8 Best Juicers For Nutrients

Best Masticating juicer
Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor-Best Masticating juicer
  • Features:
  • 15-year warranty
  • Best for leafy greens
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Easy to Clean
NutriBullet Slow Juicer- Easy to Clean
  • Features:
  • Pulp container
  • Wide feed chute
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Best Centrifugal Juicer
Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain-Best Centrifugal Juicer
  • Features:
  • Provides quick delivery
  • Dual speed function
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Best for quick delivery
Breville BJE830BSS Juice- Best for quick delivery
  • Features:
  • Noiseless performance
  • Mess-free juicing process
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Best Horizontal Twin Gear Juicer
Tribest GSE-5050- Best Horizontal twin gear juicer
  • Features:
  • Strainer for straining
  • Heavy-duty gears
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Best vertical twin gear juicer
Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar- Best vertical twin gear juicer
  • Features:
  • Mincing attachment
  • Mess-free process
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Best for extracting nutrients
Breville 800CPXL Citrus Press- Best for extracting nutrients
  • Features:
  • Pulp & seed-free juice
  • Suitable for all citrus fruits
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Best for citrus fruits
Mueller Professional Citrus Juicer – Best for citrus
  • Features:
  • Non-slip suction feet
  • Heavy-duty construction
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Let’s begin with the first and quite famous type

Masticating Juicer

They are usually popular due to the maximum extraction of nutrients. The masticating juicer uses a masticating process similar to human chewing. It reduces the oxidation process. Besides that, there will be only minimal heat generation. Another benefit is the longer shelf-life of juice. It means you can store the leftover juice in the freezer for 3-4 days. It won’t lose its taste or nutrients. However, they are expensive than the rest of the juicers.

Centrifugal Juicer

The second famous kind of juicing machine is a centrifugal juicer. It is best for the people who don’t have enough time to wait. The reason behind their popularity is the quick delivery. Who wouldn’t want a juicer that delivers you fresh juice in mere seconds? The drawbacks of a centrifugal juicer involve a short life span. Moreover, it encourages heat generation due to its fast speed. Therefore, it is better to consume the juice instantly.

Twin Gear Juicer

Twin Gear juicer uses twin augers to spin and extract juice from the ingredients by chewing. The model is used to push against the screen for obtaining liquid from fruit or veggie. According to the experts, twin gear juicer extracts more nutrients as compared to both above juicers. Furthermore, they can make a variety of stuff. Such as, you can make baby food, sorbet, pasta, and nut butter, etc. Apart from that, they are quiet.

Citrus Juicer

The citrus juicer comes in multiple ways. For instance, the vertical hand-press, the pressed bowl, and the spinning bowl. They are helpful in extracting the juice from citrus fruits mainly. The major advantage is that they come in multiple sizes, colors, and shapers. Some of them are electric, while some of them are manual. The price range varies from product to product. Above all, they are compact and take less space.

Here I will provide you two juicers for each kind. Every product will extract the maximum nutrients from Ingredients. You can go for any of them according to your requirements. However, don’t forget to keep in mind the specs of all juicing machines.

Omega NC900HDC Juicer-Best Masticating Juicer

Best juicer for nutrients to add up in kitchen appliances 1

How about I give you a product that will provide you variety of dishes? Yes, you heard right. You can extract juice from any kind of produce. Moreover, you can make a variety of dishes. The thick, nutrient-rich, and delicious juice will make your day. Omega uses only 80 rpm in order to prevent the nutrients from any damage. The minimal oxidation will enhance the longer shelf-life of juice.

The masticating juicing machine uses an auger to squeeze and turn the produce against the screen. In this way, you will get the purest form of liquid from fruit or veggie. The slow juicer provides you the juice that is more vibrant and delicious than others. A juice with less foam and froth is the expectation of every person. Following juicer is going to meet all your expectations.

Do you know the masticating juicers are BEST FOR LEAFY GREENS?

There isn’t a single chance to doubt the quality of juice. Apart from the standard juicing, it excels at juicing the leafy greens. The best masticating juicer for nutrients is to extract the juice from thick produce to the thinnest of leaves like spinach etc. The quality of juice from the leafy green will remain the same. Either it is cabbage, carrots, or wheatgrass, you will get thick and nutrient-rich juice. It will not be wrong to consider it as the best juicer for nutrients.

You may feel the taste of juice like mushy tomatoes or grapes. This is why it is often known as an industry-leading unit. With the help of a single knob, you can adjust the pressure to get delicious juice. It comes with the settings of 1-3 and 4-5. The 1-3 settings are suitable for grinding the soft fruits. Meanwhile, setting 4- 5 is best for a strong press. It means you can extract juice wheatgrass, carrots, gingers by using the second-speed setting.

  • Sturdy design (approval from UL, cUL)
  • Versatile juicer
  • It comes with various speed settings
  • Preserves the nutrients & enzymes
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick assembly
  • Expensive
  • The plastic screen is breakable

NutriBullet Slow Juicer-Easy to Clean

Best juicer for nutrients to add up in kitchen appliances 2

Do you understand the meaning of high-torque? Because this juicer works according to high-torque. The efficiency level of the juicer is just unbeatable. The low-speed motor usually works with only 65 rpm for preserving maximum nutrients. The juicer first crushes the produce and then squeezes every drop of juice from the produce. It comes with the 3’ feed chute that doesn’t need you chopping.

Yes, you can put the whole fruit directly into the chute. However, I like to peel and cut the fruit into halves for a more smooth operation. The blades of the juicer are made up of stainless steel, alloy steel. Hence, there is no stress on their reliability. Coming with the Ultra-compact size, you can save a lot of counter space. The durable steel-tripped auger gives a solid grip to extract more juice.

Moreover, it includes a 150W motor base, juice bowl, no-drip spout, and a grinding assembly. There is a grinding assembly in order to grind the multiple ingredients. You can fill the juice in a 24-oz juice container. If you don’t prefer it in the liquid, the pulp container will separate the pulp from the juice. The screen cleaning brush will clean up the screen with no hassle. Same taste every day? Well, try the user recipe guide. Enhance your creativity level by trying various recipes.

The construction of the juicer uses durable plastic along with the stainless steel-tipped auger. The assembly dimensions of the juicer are 7″ L X 6.25″ W X 17″ H. To maintain the juicer, you need to clean up right after using it. Every component of the juicer is dishwasher-safe except the auger and pusher. Therefore, you can clean them with warm soapy water.

  • Dishwasher-safe components
  • Stainless steel sieve
  • Screen cleaning brush
  • Stainless steel-tripped auger
  • Juice bowl with no-drip spout
  • Ultra-compact size
  • The pulp in the juice
  • Costly as compared to a centrifugal juicer

Breville JE98XL Juicer-Best Centrifugal Juicer

Best juicer for nutrients to add up in kitchen appliances 3

Breville always stands up on top when it comes to juicing products. The brand provides plenty of models manufactured by stainless steel fancy. Coming with multiple discs and dual-speed, it is simply perfect for you. Above all, they are cheaper than the masticating juicers.

If you are already into juicing, then you can go for the customer reviews. However, if you are a beginner, then you can order this straight away. A reliable and straightforward juicing machine is what you will get by clicking on the below link. By using the 850-watt motor, it provides you quick delivery of juice. In a minute or less than one minute, you will get fresh carrot juice to enjoy.

The super sharp blades and stainless steel disc can go through the harsh ingredients easily. The high-speed mode uses 12,000 rpm for extracting the juice from the hardest veggies. It is suitable for you if you don’t want to spend a lot of time juicing. The juicer comes with a 3-inch‘ mouth’ that allows a large intake. It requires only minimal prep. However, it will be helpful if you cut the food in half.

Unlike the rest of juicier, it doesn’t support clogging. Whenever you feel any clogging in the juicer, you can use a plunger to push the food down. The main attributes of the juicer are efficiency, straightforward, and quickness. Now, if we see the downside, the loud operation can be problematic. Apart from that, it isn’t good for leafy greens.

  • It comes with the BPA-FREE body
  • Wide feed chute
  • Overload protection system
  • Convenient to clean
  • Less clogging & Stainless steel disc
  • 850-watt motor
  • Not suitable for leafy greens
  • Loud operation

Breville BJE830BSS Fountain Juicer – Best for quick delivery

Best juicer for nutrients to add up in kitchen appliances 4

The following product is a centrifugal juicer yet includes a cold extraction system. Why? Because it will save the nutrients up to maximum level.  Indeed, it will extract 70 fl oz of nutrients five times faster than a cold press juicer. The noise reduction technology won’t let disturb anyone else at home. Apart from providing you quick delivery, it excels at operating by cold press technology.

The average weight of the unit is 14.3, so you may find it a bit heavy to lift. However, it’s all worth of due to the sturdy performance and quality juice. The crown of manufacturing such a masterpiece goes to Australia and China. You will find it relatively easy to use and clean. The beautiful machine looks good on the countertop.

It includes an Italian-made precision mesh filter that won’t let damage the nutrients in the juice. It will protect the liquid from heat and processing. Coming with the 3.5-inch extra-wide feed chute, it allows larger chunks. Putting a whole apple won’t be a problem. You don’t need to cut it. The space-saving design won’t let much space on the counter.

To save space, the manufacturer has placed pulp to the back of the product base. According to experts, the juicer provides a smooth and noiseless performance. There will be a reduction of mechanical noise by 40%. Do you want to make the juice for the whole family? No worries. Extract the liquid the traditional way and pour it into a 70 fl oz jug. No centrifugal juicer allows you to store the juice for three days but Breville.

Do you want a mess free-juicing? Hurry up and order Breville now. It is ideal for mess-free juicing. The juice will move directly into the glass. All you have to do is simply inverting the nozzle to avoid dripping after juicing.

  • Quick delivery of juice
  • Extra-wide feed chute of 3.5 Inches
  • Space-saving design & 70 fl juice jug
  • Allow storing the juice
  • Preservation of nutrients
  • Wet pulp
  • Foam in the juice

Tribest GSE-5050 – Best Horizontal twin gear juicer

Best juicer for nutrients to add up in kitchen appliances 5

When it comes to affordable fancy machines, the only tribest holds a stand. Apart from their fancy look, they are efficient. Indeed, this is the reason behind their popularity. The Tribest juicer crushes the food and squeezes every single drop of juice rich in nutrients. The juice carries several antioxidants to keep you healthy. The primary reason behind people’s love for tribest is the twin gears and a three-stage juicing system.

It works with the speed of a rocket. The unit begins the process by feeding the machine for crushing and slicing them. The green veggie, especially celery or cabbage leaves, will be cut in the short piece through the cutting teeth. Not every juicer has such a feature. It reduces clogging in a significant way. If ever you feel it getting tangle, then there is a reverse function for it. It will remove the clogging from produce.

Many machines provide the juice by the only first stage. However, it doesn’t rely on the only first stage. Indeed, it mixes up the ingredients continuously and then squeezes every drop of juice from the pulp. What you will get through this juicer is thick, nutritious, and fresh juice along with the MINIMAL pulp. Unlike another juicer, it extracts the juice from leafy greens, including kale, cabbage, and dandelion, perfectly.

A very little pulp in the juice works as a cherry on the top. Although you hardly need the straining still there is a filter in the juicer. The coarse screen comes along a package. You will find it highly beneficial for mushy fruits such as grapes, kiwi, and oranges. It takes only a couple of minutes to unclog and clear the screen.

For reducing the pressure, you need to loosen up the knob in case of soft fruits. Get another knob if you extract the juice regularly from soft fruits. Although people often consider it as expensive, however, it is affordable. The features of Tribest juicer are not standard. Unlike other juicers, it won’t dance around the counter while processing. Indeed, it comes with a heavy and bulky body. Such kind of manufacturing helps to maintain the stability of the juicer.

  • Stable on the counter & Reverse function to unclog
  • Three-stage juicing system
  • Thick and nutrient-rich juice
  • The minimal pulp in juice
  • Cleaning up takes time
  • Large and bulky

Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar- Best Vertical twin gear Juicer

Best juicer for nutrients to add up in kitchen appliances 6

It comes with an electric juicer and mincer. Coming with the powerful 200-watt motor, it extracts the juice efficiently. There is a 3-stages speed reduction gear that uses only 47 rpm for extracting the juice. It provides you fresh and nutrient-rich juice with minimal oxidation. It means there will be less heat generation.  The twin gear juicer includes a DUO-blade Ultem auger.

Do you want a smooth operation? No worries, the DUO-Blade uses two times more cutting for sturdy performance. The auger of the juicer first cuts and then crushes the fruit or veggie. You will get more juice with less pulp. People who don’t like pulp should go for it immediately. It doesn’t provide any pulp or foam.

Do you want to perform multiple tasks? Here you go. The mincing attachment will enhance the creativity level and adds up the versatility. Turning up into a multi-purpose tool is the reason behind my love for it. You can create various dishes, including sorbets and food sauces, etc., moreover, if you can’t manage to spend an hour cleaning, it is for you. It is undeniably easy to clean.

The components of the juicer are pretty easy to detach. In order to provide you mess-free process, it contains a cap that prevents dripping and leakage while switching the containers. This causes convenience in the cleaning process. You can add water in the jug, adjust the lid, and shake it well after unplugging it for more ease. It will pre-rinse the juicer jug.

  • No dripping or leakage & Versatile juicer
  • DUO-blade Ultem auger
  • 3-stage speed reduction gear
  • It uses only 47 rpm to preserve the nutrients
  • Minimal oxidation & 200-watt motor
  • Breakable
  • Jamming

Breville 800CPXL – Best Juicer for extracting Nutrients

Breville comes with a fantastic citrus juicer for you. It offers you more variety as well as more juice amount. Less mess will be the icing on the cake if you are hygiene conscious. Breville will be your best buddy once you try it for making fresh orange juice. Its professional-grade stainless steel housing provides eye-catchy looks. The unit is heavy, thick, and feels like new even after several years.

This juicing machine is relatively easy to use. All you have to do is cut the orange into half, put on the cone, and press through the handle. The fresh cold-pressed juice will run through the funnel. Also, it will be free from seeds and pulp. What else? It comes with a package including a mesh filter. There are four fins on its stainless solid steel cone. It is suitable for all kinds of citrus fruits like grapefruit or pomegranate.

In the beginning, you may not find it according to expectations. Until reaching the 15th orange, you will get a firm grip on that. Another noticeable thing is the motorized juicer. Placing in the base, you can begin the motor. It will revolve around the cone. The spinning of the cone will activate the fruit pressing down. It won’t require any manual effort. It means you can create a gallon of juice with no special effort.

The manufacturing of spout is unique to avoid dripping. Even though several components are in a juicer, it is easy to clean. After juicing the fruits, remove their cone along the funnel and rinse it under running water. You need only 30 seconds from life to clean it deeply. Besides that, the components are dishwasher-safe. Therefore, you can put them in the dishwasher directly.

  • Electric motor to avoid manual effort
  • Professional-grade stainless steel cone
  • Easy to use & Easier cleanup
  • Four fins around the cone & Dishwasher-safe components
  • Unique manufacturing of spout to prevent dripping
  • Only for citrus fruits
  • The electric motor makes it a bit expensive

Mueller Professional Citrus Juicer – Best for citrus fruits

Best juicer for nutrients to add up in kitchen appliances 8

Why do you need Mueller professional citrus juicer? The answer is quite simple. You don’t want to miss out on the nutrients present in your favorite fruits. If you want to enjoy a great-tasting and nutrient-rich juice, then Mueller will help you. It will squeeze every bit of fluid from the fruit. Now you must be wondering about the reason behind my claim. Am I right?

Well, unlike other electrical juicing machines, it uses the hand press method. The juice will be way more healthy and refreshing in this way. You can use it as the orange juicer, lemon squeezer, grapefruits, and even tomatoes. There will be zero waste. The machine excels at extracting the maximum amount of juice and leaving the dry pulp.

Besides that, you will find the maximum amount of nutrients from Citrus. The vitamins and minerals will boost up your health. Drinking a glass of fresh juice will keep you active for the whole day. So, the trade is all in your favor. Pay few bucks and buy this fantastic machine to enjoy healthy beverages.

There will be no extra electricity bill, no buzzing, and no noise. Another incredible feature is convenient to clean and operate. Unlike the rest of the juicing machine, it doesn’t hold a complex function. Indeed, you will find it quite simple to use it. The method is similar to the above juicer somehow. What you need to do is cut the fruit in half and put it into the cone.

Now press the handle downside to extract the juice from oranges. All components are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. Therefore, you can clean them up quickly. It will be perfect for small kitchens and countertops. Needing only minimal space, it is easily movable. The handle of the juicer uses rubber to provide you a firm grip. The heavy-duty construction will make it stable. It won’t move around the counter while processing.

  • The maximum amount of juice
  • Pure and nutrient-rich juice
  • Simple to operate & No heat generation
  • Handle provides a firm grip
  • Easily moveable & Easy to clean
  • Manual effort
  • Heavier than the others


Reaching down here means you have read about all the products. Now you need to pick your best juicer for nutrients according to your requirements. Usually, masticating juicers are considered best for the maximum extraction of nutrients. However, they are a bit expensive. Meanwhile, centrifugal is cheaper but quick to deliver the fresh juice. Make your decision wisely and share your choice in the comment section. We would love to know—Happy juicing.

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