Don’t Rely on Exercises Only: Try Juice Recipes for Energy

Don’t you need juice recipes for energy when you don’t know the basics of juicing? Further information will be related to juicing perks.

Every juicer corner is popping up with a juice bar these days. Indeed, you are also a fan of juices. Aren’t you? However, you may not know the actual worth of these juices. The following blog will carry juice recipes for energy as well as the perks of AT-HOME JUICING.

Drinking fresh juices regularly will provide you numerous health benefits. Detoxifying the body and creating an alkaline body are the most prominent advantages of fluids. Above all, clearing your mind with the boost of energy will be no hassle.

Moreover, if you want to know about powerful tactics, then juicing is an incredible source. Apart from a reliable source of proper nutrition, it even allows you to lose weight quickly. Whenever I craved a drink, juicing became my friend.

 Instead of using caffeine, trying juice recipes for energy was the best thing I did for myself. Therefore, I want you to share my secret. It provides you variety of juices with simple ingredients; however, beneficial for health. Feeding every cell of the body with enzymes and nutrients will be the best job you will do for good health.

An essential factor is to consider a specific combination of fruits to obtain maximum benefits. For instance, you need juices that boost the immune system, so; you should use oranges, apples, kale, etc.

Healthy Benefits of juices

One of the proven facts from science is that drinking juice absorbs nutrients better than eating. There will be a relief for your stomach from working on fibre. Besides, it will reduce the risk of cancer; it will also boost the immune system.

Healthy juices will remove the toxins from your body. Apart from aiding digestion, it even allows shedding pounds from the body. No one can deny the beneficial perks of juices.

However, the juice recipes provide you with a wide variety. If you are tired of repeating the same recipes again and again, then indeed, you are at the right place.

What do you need for juicing?

So, this section will help you to know your basic needs for AT-home JUICING. In order to make healthy juices, you require JUICER OR BLENDER, BEST FRUITS AND VEGGIES, and ice. Some people have a sweet tooth to add sugar; however, I would not prefer to go there.

I like to add fruits and veggies: carrots, cucumber, spinach, celery, kale, and beets. But the popular ones are limes, oranges, apples, and lemons, etc. Some prefer add-ins as fresh ginger, parsley, turmeric, and chlorella.

Healthy perks of fruits and vegetables

KALE: who is the lover of green juice? Well, I am, at least. Kale is incredibly low in calories and powerful anti-oxidants along with anti-inflammatory properties. It helps cure many diseases, including arthritis and autoimmune disease.

Lemon: You can consider lemon as an essential product to have in your kitchen. Lemon is highly effective for cleaning processes. Apart from that, it reduces the bitterness of greens.

Spinach: whenever we think about greens; spinach is the queen. While disguising the taste, it provides numerous benefits. It carries vitamins, anti-cancerous properties. Therefore, you can consider it as the healthiest food on earth.

Cucumber: A significant factor regarding cucumber is that it has 95% water. You will find it as a fantastic detoxifier. Another amazing perk is helping with liver and kidney function.

Carrots: They are the best source of beta-carotene, vitamin K, potassium, and fibre. Moreover, they are connected to lower cholesterol levels. Above all, it improves your eye health.

Celery: Even though it is low in calories, it is a reliable source of dietary fibre. It carries vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Vitamin K. celery is low-glycemic food and has mostly water.

Apples: I’m sure you are aware of the saying ‘an apple day keeps the doctor away. Obviously, it is famous for some reasons. It will help you to fight against heart health and inflammation.

Oranges: Oranges are proven to be healthy for the immune system. They are low in calories, however, high in vitamin C.

Beets: Do you have any blood pressure issues? Because beets are best for low blood pressure. It will help you to fight against inflammation. Moreover, it will support detoxification. Red beets carry critical nutrients that improve your health magically so quickly.

How to purchase a juicer?

It depends only on what kind of juices or ingredients you prefer for a drink. The market has various options for you. If you are more into saving the nutrients, then MASTICATING JUICERS is ideal.

Although they are a little bit costly than others, however, it will be worth a shot. The slow process will save nutritional value and provide heat protection. Apart from that, the taste will be delicious, and some products even offer you dual-speed functionality.

Furthermore, if you a fan of green juices like me, then go for it without any second thoughts.

However, if you manage a busy schedule, then buy CENTRIFUGAL JUICER. Such kinds of blenders carry fast speed and provide you juice within few seconds. There is a drawback of centrifugal juicers that you should know.

The centrifugal juicers produce heat friction due to which the juice might lose its nutritional value. It means you will get a quick shot of juice, however, less nutrient.

Make sure to use the BUYING GUIDE while purchasing any juicer. If you want to go for blenders, then check out BEST BLENDERS from our blog.

How to Make an energy drink?

It may seem to juice as a simple task. However, if you want to enjoy the meaning of AT-HOME JUICING, then follow the complete process. Make sure to wash your fruits and vegetables initially. After that, cut down your favorite fruits and veggies into small pieces.

Following the manual instruction is essential so don’t forget.

Make sure to pick the product or machine according to the ingredients. For instance, if you like icy smoothies, you can’t perform it with a simple blender. You will need the BEST BLENDER FOR ICE. If you don’t like thick consistency, then adding water will help a lot.

Are you wondering about what juices are good for energy? Well, here is your answer. In the next section, I will share some secret juice recipes for energy and immunity at home. You will be able to enjoy juice that boosts the immune system.

Juice recipes for energy and immunity

Let’s give it a lift to your immune system. Taking a start with carrots, turmeric, beets, and greens is always right. They are anti-oxidants and own the ant-inflammatory mojo for improving your immune system.

Beet turmeric & carrot- immune-Boosting drink

Here is the recipe for yummy juice with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients.


• Beet only 2
• Carrots 6 medium
• Turmeric ½ piece of root
• Green apple one


  • First of all, you need to wash the ingredients, peel them, and then chop them into small pieces.
  • Now put all the ingredients into the juicer and switch on the blender.
  • Mix it well once it is done and enjoy your purple juice.


Do, you know granny smith apples are great as gall bladder detoxers and tart. Besides, it will maintain the sweetness of juice.

Apple lemon ginger juice cleanses starter recipe

This recipe involves three essential detoxifying ingredients such as apples, lemon, and ginger. In the morning, a fresh glass of juice with the detox process adds heat to start the metabolism. It is only for serving, so you can increase the ingredients if you have a guest.


• One pinch ground cayenne
• 0.18 oz ginger (1/2 of ginger root)
• 1.8 oz lemon (1/2 medium lemon)
• Two ¼ medium apples


  • You need to wash the dirty ingredients
  • Measure them
  • Now peel the lemon. Skin will add bitterness to the juice
  • Now mix them and put them in the blender.
  • Add a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Berry Explosion Juice Recipe

Berry’s word fills up my mouth with water. The recipe includes all berries along with a combination of watermelon, pomegranate, and mint. The juice will be loaded up with vitamin C and calcium. Yield will vary according to produce. It is for one serving; you can increase the quantity if you want.


• 0.5 oz raspberries
• Seven blueberries
• Watermelon in cubes (2 cups)
• 0.15 oz fresh mint
• 1.33 oz strawberries
• 0.66 oz blackberries
• 2 oz pomegranate Arils


  • The frozen berries will provide you better results.
  • Now wash and measure the ingredients
  • After that, remove the rind from the watermelon
  • Now try juicing watermelon, mint, pomegranate arils, etc
  • Separate the green tops from strawberries
  • Add all the ingredients, including the juice of berries and strawberries, into the high-powered blender.
  • Start the blending process while mixing the remaining juice so that you can have a berry-based puree.
  • The last step is passing the juice from a filter by using a spoon. However, make sure to have a less thick consistency. It will help to go through the filter without any hassle.

We hope you liked our recipes however, don’t forget to comment below in case of any inconvenience.

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