How to Juice Turmeric without a Juicer, Fresh and Delicious Juice

Winters are good as long as the cold doesn’t affect you. Right? In order to protect yourself, use remedial measures before you get cold. Making a versatile turmeric juice can keep you safe and warm in winters. A warm detox tonic can protect you like no other drink. However, it might become hard to juice turmeric without a juicer. However, this obstacle can not stop you.

Knowing the worthiness before leading to the ‘how to juice turmeric without a juicer.’ Indeed, before falling for any recipe, you need to get into the core information. It includes all their benefits as well as side effects.

Why do you need Turmeric wellness shots?

Turmeric is the best resource for the health wellness community. Turmeric is helpful even with a variety of skin conditions. It also maintains homeostasis. It includes cholesterol levels and blood sugar. Apart from that, it contains anti-inflammatory elements. These anti-inflammatory elements are due to the compound called curcumin. They help the body to function correctly.

By pairing the fresh black pepper and turmeric, you will get a healthy drink dose. The black pepper comes with more curcuminoids. Do you know that Turmeric juice allows various combinations? Most people find it challenging to digest the pure taste. Therefore, using different varieties will be helpful. Besides, the addition of ingredients adds more health benefits. Here are some advantages of the elements combined with turmeric.

Turmeric with honey

The combination helps in weight management. Besides that, it helps to fight different allergies. Furthermore, it can be a cure for various diseases. Do you have any wounds? Because it can heal wounds and burns. Lowering and balancing the blood sugar level won’t be a problem. Indeed, it works like a remedial measure to treat cold and cough.

Turmeric with ginger

Ginger is another incredible ingredient that is widely used. It is a herbal remedy to cure flu and cold. Apart from that, the following combination relieves inflammation, nausea, and pain. Besides that, it decreases the gas. Moreover, it also improves digestion.

Turmeric and lemon

The combination of turmeric and lemon is way more powerful. They are good sources of heart-healthy vitamin C, fiber, and citric acid. Furthermore, it also has minerals. The further benefits include improving the immune system. Also, it enhances iron absorption. They can reduce stress quickly.

Turmeric and Pepper

Pepper and turmeric are like the king of spices. Pepper is mainly used in Ayurvedic medicine. The ingredients hold several antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components. Indeed, it also has piperine, which is a natural component. The pepper promotes the absorption of curcumin by 2,000.

Fresh turmeric juice benefits

  • It enhances the capacity of antioxidants in our bodies. Apart from that, it has curcumin. Curcumin helps to stimulate the antioxidant enzymes.
  • The anti-inflammatory elements are vital. Luckily, turmeric is rich in providing Anti-inflammatory components incredibly. According to some studies, it works well like pharmaceuticals. There will be no side effects.
  • Even the word Pain relief is soothing when you are in pain. Right? Ginger claims to be effective compared to pharmaceuticals such as Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Hence, there is no need to rush towards the pharmacy when you have turmeric.
  • Apart from curing the cold and flu, it has anti-cancer elements. It reduces the growth of tumors and cancerous cells. Apart from that, it showcases the capability of being an anti-depressant. According to the facts, curcumin is on the tip to boost the brain’s neurotransmitters serotonin along with dopamine. They both are helpful regarding the regulation of your mood.

How to juice turmeric without a juicer?

You can enjoy the juice without using a juicer. There is no need to stress if you don’t have any juicer at home. First, you need to peel and grate the fresh turmeric root. Don’t forget the ginger here. After that, add the water along with fresh pepper. Let it boil for five minutes. Although the priority should be fresh turmeric root, the substitute will also be acceptable. The fresh turmeric comes with its unique orange-gingery flavor.

Put it off the stove and add some drops of fresh lemon juice. Later on, add the maple syrup and honey according to taste.

Here is the recipe

Lemon Ginger Turmeric Shot Recipe

Enjoy your detox tonic drink in no time. The process is easy breezy. However, make sure to pick the natural/organic ingredients.

PREP TIME2 Minutes   
COURSEBeverage, Drink
COOK TIME8 Minutes
TOTAL TIME10 Minutes


  • 1 tablespoon fresh organic turmeric root (peeled and ground)
  • 3 cups of water
  • Two teaspoons fresh ginger (peeled &grated)
  • Honey, maple syrup, or sugar (according to taste)
  • ¼ teaspoon peppercorns (freshly cracked)
  • Three tablespoons lemon juice


  1.  Take the grated turmeric, freshly cracked pepper, and ginger to three cups of water.
  2. Let it boil for some time
  3. Simmer the mixture on medium heat
  4. After five minutes, take it off and strain the mixture
  5. Now add lemon juice to it. Stir the combination well after adding sweetness
  6. You can serve it cold as well as hot

NOTES- If you don’t have the fresh turmeric root, use the substitute. Ground turmeric will also be acceptable. In order to enhance the flavor, take some lemon zest and add it to the liquid.

Further Combinations

It might be surprising for you to see further combinations. But, this is the beauty of turmeric. The turmeric goes well with clementines or oranges. They are an excellent resource of mild natural sweetness. Besides, it provides turmeric juice with a well-balanced quality. Another option is the addition of carrots or pineapples.

This addition keeps the color of the juice ultra-radiant. Furthermore, it is also a resource of a health boost. Hence, you are free to make combinations. Instead of oranges, you can also pick pineapple. Even the carrots will be beneficial.

FAQ’s regarding How to Juice Turmeric without a Juicer

Final words

Although turmeric comes with many health benefits, however, use a combination. Why? There are several reasons. It is pretty hard only to drink up the pure taste of turmeric or ginger. The combination by the addition of honey will add sweetness. Besides, the lemon adds another flavor. Apart from the sweetness and flavors, the health benefits are pretty standard.

Who would not prefer to get more healthy perks from a single recipe? The multiple benefits from a single recipe are like a bonus. Do you know the best method to peel the turmeric? Using a spoon will make it a lot easier. In this way, you can scrape it off quickly. Instead of simple water, you can even use coconut water. It will be more effective than simple water.

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