How to use Ninja Professional 1500 Watts? Tricky Guideline

Last week, I broke down my blender accidentally. Thanks to the Ninja blender 1500 watts for saving me. Here is how to use Ninja Professional 1500. The high-speed blender comes with several pros and cons. The unique and incredible features are pretty impressive. It excels at providing tasty and silky beverages. Ninja Professional 1500 is a true pioneer and favorite in household appliances. Ninja comes with various incredible achievements.

While including the stunning 6-blade technology, crushing ice will be a smooth process. Earlier, the blender line was limited to only 1200-watt. However, the latest 1500-watt blending power enables smooth blending. It uses a 2 horsepower motor .5 more than the previous models. The blender also includes a larger food processor bowl. Apart from that, it can also operate with the Nutri Ninja cups. The user can use them for single-serve blending.

Claiming its nickname ‘mega system or mega versatile chef’ is pretty suitable.

Is it different than the Ninja 1500 Watts blender?

The blending system allows easy switching between personal blenders, counter blenders, and food processors. In this way, you can prepare delicious foods for any meal. Multiple elements make the Ninja 1500 professional unique.

Powerful motor: the following model includes a 2 HP 1500-watt motor. It is efficient enough to turn the ice into the snow using mere seconds. The blending machine uses three super settings. Apart from that, the pulse feature enables optimal control on the blender.

Total Crushing Technology: It features a special stacked blade assembly. The blender pulverizes all of the fruits and veggies quickly. Also, the other tasks such as crushing ice and frozen fruits won’t be a trouble for you.

Nutri Ninja Technology: The blender uses Nutri Ninja Technology. It allows you to hook by the cups for power base easily. Indeed, it enables the user to make single-serving. Furthermore, you can create and take the delicious beverages to-go. The attachment of cups also includes sealing lids for ensuring security.

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How to Assemble Ninja Blender?

First, put the pitcher on the motor base. The corner will form a diamond while facing the front of the blender. Ensure that the handle of the pitcher is on the front left. In this way, it will sit correctly on the base. The blending pitcher is indeed a base twist clockwise. Did you hear any click? If yes, then lock it there. Now put the stacked blades on top of the blade gear.

Hold the stunning blades always through the top of the shaft. It will ensure safety from sharp blades. Put the pitcher lid on the blending pitcher. Its handles will direct you while assembling the lid correctly. Now push the lid firmly onto the top of the blending pitcher. Hearing a click means you are assembling it correctly.

Son, the pitcher, will be assembled finely. While turning the power on button, you will see a red light.

In case you see a flashing light, re-check the assembling carefully. Make sure that the pitcher is completely locked into the motor base.

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What’s included in Ninja Professional 1500

By using the Ninja MEGA Kitchen System, the buyer will get

  • 1500 Watt, 2 Horsepower motor base
  • 64 oz (or 8 cups) food processing bowl along with locking lid
  • 72 oz (or 9 cups) blending jug along with the locking lid
  • Personal blending cup blade
  • Triple-stacked pitcher blade with the total crushing technology
  • Double-stacked dough blade attachments for the food processor
  • Double-stacked food processor blade for chopping
  • Bowl-in-bowl chopping blade adapter
  • 24 oz (or 3 cups­) bowl-in-bowl adaptor
  • Inspirational Guide for more recipes
  • Quick Start Guide

Why do you need to buy it instantly?

Its motor base is highly-powered. The blending machine uses three speeds. The user can make the dough, crush and blend. Also, it includes pulse and single-serve specific functions. It provides the most control with simplicity.

In addition, there is no complex system to operate it. The base of the blending machine also includes locking for security. Meanwhile, the rubber-sectioned feet will maintain stability on the counter. Unlike other blenders, it won’t move around the counter.

The robust blades perform by using Total Crushing Technology. They will deliver you food with no hassle. Indeed, the ingredients will be fully incorporated. One blade is meant to stay on the rest mode for the typical blending method. However, using the Total Crushing Technology, three sets of blades ensure maximum blending.

It also allows usability by food processors. The user will be able to make a soft dough by mixing up to 2 pounds of pie dough. The best thing is the process needs only 30 seconds. Also, its endless perks are just beyond expectations. A single machine can make yummy smoothies, dough, and soups. The impressively created inclusive system and advanced technology make it more impressive. The incredible power enables to let it to set outside from all blenders.

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System includes a mess-safety function. Container and lids are secure and safe. Besides that, the arrows are indicators to line up everything. It is for the user’s convenience to figure out the perfect place to go and lock in. by pressing the power button; you can begin the blending process. If you want to crush or mix something properly, use the power button.

However, make sure to use the lid on the container. Why? Because in another case, the blender will show a flash red. It means the blending button won’t work. Apart from getting a personal blender function, you also receive two personal blender cups. It is perfect for families with more than one family member. It also includes sipping lids to ensure convenient drinking. Indeed, it allows hassle-free on-the-go.

Moreover, the attachments and containers are completely dishwasher safe and BPA-free. Also, they hold the protection for a one-year warranty. Therefore, it will not only allow convenience but also provides security.

How to work with a Ninja Blender 1500 watts?

The blender comes with a recipe book including delicious recipes to try. It also owns a 72-ounce pitcher. There is a funky little button meant to be pressed on the top. It allows removing the lid. It won’t go down unless you put it in the proper position. There are little cups along with the sipper lids on the top. The blades are removable. All you need to do is take them out. Put the smaller cup inside. Instead of using the big bowl, you can rely on the smaller one. Indeed, the smaller-sized blades can fit perfectly.

Grinding food

Are you trying to grind up something? It won’t disappoint you. Ninja professionals can even make peanut butter out of straight peanuts. It will take a couple of minutes, but the results will be impressive. Speed up the process by enhancing its speed. Soon, the magic will begin. You will get a mixture looking like peanut butter by taking one to two rounds more.

Now scrape down the sides to avoid wasting any food. There can be some chunks, but overall results are good.

Best alternate as a food processor

Do you love pizza? Because the following blender is the best replacement for the food processor. It can make pizza dough bread cookies. Therefore, instead of buying a food processor, you can also rely on Ninja Professional 1500. A single machine does many tasks. The flaws include absolute mess.

Ice cube crushing

The best thing about the following blender is crushing ice. Indeed, it can turn the ice into snow. Giving it a try with a few ice cubes will provide you with some surprising results. Try to avoid filling it above the limit. Ensure to add the ice for only halfway. By overloading, the blades might not be able to crush the ice completely. Furthermore, it is also loud. Even by using the pulse, the user can listen to chunks.

To ensure the ice is like snow, you need to give another round.

Invites the versatility

Coming with multiple blending choices, it allows versatility. A big jar can make tasty smoothies for the whole family and a few family members. The sharp blades can go through all ingredients. The different razor-sharp blades are helpful for efficient performance.

Whether it is a single-serving cup or large amounts of smoothies, it performs equally efficiently. The blender can even go through the thick vegetables. For instance, it can even handle kale, spinach, or onions.

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