One of the Best ways you wish to know about the Freezing Pulp

The freezing method varies from ingredient to ingredient. Such as, in summers, I freeze the raw mango pieces. On the other hand, in winters, I freeze the almond pulp. Hence, the freezing method is different for every ingredient. Here I will show you two techniques. By using these techniques, you can preserve your pulp easily.

Following steps will help you preserve almond pulp

  • First, you need to put the pulp into an ice cube tray.
  • Put the ice cube tray in the freezer and let it freeze.
  • Once you are done with the freezing, pop out all of the cubes from the tray.
  • Now place the almond cubes in freezer bags. Make sure to remove the air as much as possible.
  • Afterward, seal the bags. Store the bags again in the freezer. Take out when you need to use the pulp.

Note- Frozen almond pulp is not able to be stored again

For Mango

The mangoes allow freezing in both ways. Yes, the nutrient level will be stable after freezing them. You can store it in slices or mango pulp.

It is super easy to make the mango pulp. Besides, it tastes better than the store-bought pulp.


  • The first step requires you to rinse and wipe the fresh mangoes
  • Now peel their skin and chop into small pieces. Remove the seeds from the fruit
  • Put the mango cubes into BEST BLENDER TO PUREE
  • Blend the mixture for a smooth texture
  • There is no need to add any sugar or water
  • Pick the zip lock packs or airtight containers for storing
  • Seal the bags well; however, first, remove the air
  • Put the label along with the current date
  • Please put them in the freezer and store the puree.
  • Take out when you need to add them in any recipe

What can you do with leftover pulp from Juicing?

There are several ways to use the leftover pulp. Here are some incredible ways to save your time

Delicious guacamole with the leftover pulp

I love guacamole as well as green veggies. Thanks to a recipe from the internet, I included green vegetable pulp and avocado. Afterward, add freshly squeezed lemon, salt, pepper, and lime juice.

Use in Baking items

Adding a little bit of carrot leftover pulp in cupcakes will make it more nutritious. Besides, it enhances the flavor. You will be able to create muffins, sweet bread, and cake.

Add in the pancakes

Do you have any leftover pulp from fruits? Well, it’s time to boost up your delicious pancakes. Add some fruit pulp to the cakes to make them tastier.

Add fruit or veggie pulp in a smoothie

Whether you love fruit smoothies or veggies, the pulp is always helpful. Such as, adding apple pulp to a fruit smoothie makes it yummier. Meanwhile, if you add carrot pulp to the smoothie, it will boost nutrients.

Fortifying the meatballs

Once you try this recipe, you will love this combination for real. Add a mix of carrot, beet, parsley, celery, and other greens in the meatballs and enjoy.

Create the soup stock

If you are also a lover of soup, then this might be your favorite hack. Adding veggie pulp to the soup stock will add tons of flavors. Besides, it is an excellent base. You can use pulp from onions, celery, carrots, garlic, and tomatoes for this recipe.

Mixing pulp in sauces

It might be surprising, but yes, you can add the pulp to your sauces. Adding the veggie pulp from tomatoes, onions, herbs, and cilantro is useful for lasagna sauces.

In addition to sour cream or chip dip

The unique texture and flavor of veggie pulp are hard to deny. Apart from the other uses, it can also be a good addition for chip dips. Here you can be a creative person and inspire others.

Adding veggie pulp to pet food

You can use your pet’s food. However, try to begin with only a tiny amount of pulp. The following hack allows another innovative way to use the leftover pulp.

Pulp to the compost

Never put the pulp directly into the garbage. Instead, even in a hurry, make sure to add it to the compost.

How long can you keep Juice pulp in the fridge?

Juice from masticating juicer stays fresh longer than juice from a centrifugal juicer. It will be best if you use it quickly. Make sure to use a well-sealed container. You can store it easily for almost 24 hours. Try freezing it in airtight bags. However, the texture or color may change after some time.

Can you Freeze Pulp from juicing?

Yes, why not? The frozen pulp adds more nutrients to the dish. Indeed, the pulp can be helpful in various recipes. It allows using it in baking. Apart from that, you can add sauces. Besides that, it is also an excellent addition to soups.

Furthermore, vegetarian people can make vegetarian burgers by using veggie pulp. Another idea is to use it in the smoothie recipe. By the way, making yummy muffins through the veggie pulp is also beneficial.

People who love spaghetti can use the pulp in the recipe. Apart from adding flavor, it will improve your health also. Any dog at home? Make the dog treats with veggie pulp. Composting the pulp in the garden is also beneficial. It increases soil fertility.

Nutrition facts for Carrot Pulp

the nutritional value of pulp varies by the type of ingredients. Such as, the nutritional facts for carrots are different from orange. Here are some fantastic nutritional facts for carrots.

  • Sodium  130 mg
  • Potassium  390 mg
  • Vitamin A   52%
  • Vitamin C    7%
  • Iron         4%
  • Calcium  4%
  • Carbs      12 g
  • Dietary Fiber 6 g
  • Sugar    6 g
  • Protein  1g

Nutrition facts for orange Pulp

  • Sodium  10mg
  • Carbohydrates 29g
  • Net carbs  29g
  • Fiber  0g
  • Glucose  28g
  • Protein 2g
  • Calcium 20mg

Can you eat the leftover Pulp from Juicing?

Yes, for sure. The leftover pulp is pretty nutritious. Besides, it enhances the flavor of recipes. However, it must need to be used in some good recipes. Such as, you can add them to different smoothies. Another incredible idea is adding them to vegetable soups. Furthermore, it is also helpful for baking. Besides, it is pretty tasty.

Apart from that, salad is another healthy diet for diet-conscious people. Here is how you can make a healthy salad. The recipe requires you to add the carrot pulp to a mixing bowl. Later on, add the lemon juice or lime and the herbs, salt, and black pepper. Also, try adding a few spoons of coconut milk for adding moisture.

In addition, it is also a healthy ingredient for making red velvet cake. For making the yummy cake, use beet pulp. Indeed, for an apple pie, you can use apple pulp.

Is the pulp from Juicing good for you?

Many of you wonder about the uses of leftover pulp. Regardless of the product type, it holds 95% of the fiber from the pulp. Indeed, it is about half of the nutrients. It reduces the risk of diabetes as well as obesity. Furthermore, it also decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Hence, it is pretty beneficial to eat the leftover pulp. There is a list of various recipes that needs leftover pulp.

Are you still confused about those recipe ideas? Well, burger lovers can use it in veggie burgers. How? It requires mixing the pulp and cooked chickpeas, oat flour, flan, sunflower seeds, seasoning, and beans. Besides, it allows diversity in the recipe. Such as, you can pan-fry, grill, and bake them.

Another idea s using it in the crackers. You need to mix the pulp along with flax seeds, seasoning, and water. Now make a dough. Place it on a baking sheet and afterward bake it at low temperature for only 30 minutes. Take it out from the oven and bake it for 15 minutes.

Should you keep the Pulp when Juicing?

Yes, the leftover pulp is beneficial in many ways. However, the best method is using it while juicing. The pulp is always a good addition whether you make smoothies or soups. Adding the pulp to a smoothie will boost its nutritional value. Indeed, it improves your health gradually. Furthermore, it will enhance the flavor also.

The pulp will enrich the bone broth. Turning it into the broth is easy as well as healthy. Besides that, the pulp is also a fantastic ingredient to add to scrambled eggs. Moreover, making the ice cubes is a great idea. Also, you can turn it into a yummy dip.

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