How to fix Vitamix Burning Smell? 🤔

Everyone loves juicing through Vitamix due to the smooth performance. However, Vitamix’s burning smell can be problematic. Although good brands advertise their products as the best in the market, the reality isn’t the same. You may see various hidden problems with time.

The most common issue of customers is the Vitamix burning smell. The reasons behind the Vitamix burning smell are different, but there is no need to break a sweat. Usually, the Vitamix comes with a good range of warranties. Besides that, there are many solutions to the problem of the old Vitamix burning smell.

Reasons behind Vitamix burning smell

Before moving towards the solution, first, you need to identify the reasons behind a smell. The Vitamix blender comes with several components that can cause a Vitamix Pro 750 burning smell. For instance,


The blades consist of three different components include bearings, blades, and sealing plate. The bearing can be considered as the reason behind smell as it results in overheating sometimes. The use of wrong blades always results in working overtime that results in burning. Various models include separate blades for wet and dry ingredients. You can set them according to the requirement of the element.


The couplers of blenders come in a variety of materials and shapes. The reason behind their failure is the overloading of blades that result in smell from the Vitamix blender.


If any other damage, such as damaged seals, there will be a detrimental effect on the motor, you may need to replace it. The liquid can seep through to the engine if O-rings, aka gaskets, get cracked.


Overfilling the blender can cause severe damage. If your hopper is too full, then the motor needs to work harder. Try making a smaller version.

Please keep it clean

The last easy fixer is to keep it clean. If you want to increase its shelf life, then cleaning your Vitamix is essential. In case of residue or gunk build-up, the recipe will taste weird. Furthermore, the blender won’t work out properly.

Besides that, brushes are also prone to wear and tear after some time. They can also be a reason behind a burning smell.

Useful Tips to Avoid Over-Heating

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How to fix blender smells like burning?

One of the common mistakes people make here is to fix things. Indeed, they should have to check their warranty first. Now lead to owner’s manual for old Vitamix burning smell troubleshooting factors.

Most Vitamix blenders are equipped with aircraft-grade stainless steel. As I told you earlier, it comes with two kinds of blades. For the purpose of identifying issues with the blades, you need to inspect the assembly for signs of wear for instance cracks, nicks, and gouges on the outer surface. You can replace the blades if they are causing any burning smell.

If it is creating a squeaking sound, then it indicates the damage to the blade assembly. The solution involves buying a new Vitamix blade assembly and replacing it with the Vitamix retaining nut wrench.

However, make sure that you can not use any other wrench for the purpose of replacing blade assembly. It results in damage to the Vitamix blender. Many Vitamix blenders use automatic overload protection. It helps to protect the motor of the blender. Furthermore, it prevents overheating.

What you can do to prevent overheating is starting with the correct quantity of items. You need to be careful in specific things; for instance, cooked rice, beans, and potatoes can burden the blender if they are significant.

The blender also has a tamper for good reasons. Therefore, it is vital to reduce the quantity by half for smooth and problem-free processing. It helps to improve the flow of food by providing a direction to the food right against the blades.

Furthermore, the tamper releases air pockets around the blades for creating a continuous flow of food through the blades. With the help of automatic protection, there are great chances that the motor may not cause the Vitamix burning smell.

You can get access to the customer service for claiming by using the manufacturer’s warranty. Regardless of the fact, they have been tested at the factory, according to the company, heavy use of blenders can be problematic.

Indeed, even the ten years older machine can create a robust Vitamix burning smell. Therefore, there is no need to trash out.

The Top 5 Vitamix Mistakes Beginners Make

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If you want to make a wise investment, then Vitamix is undeniably the best choice for you. Nothing could be more beneficial than purchasing a quality blender if you’re going to enjoy at-home juicing.

Regardless of the Vitamix burning smell, there is no need to stress out. You can consider it as part of the curing process. It will dissipate after a few uses. However, if it doesn’t hold back even after a few uses, then you need to troubleshoot the issue.

Accessing customer support will also help when the machine is still under warranty period.

FAQ’s regarding Vitamix burning smell

Here is some question that must be running in your mind if you are still confused.

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