How to Use a Vitamix Blender at Home? The Best Guide ever

Are you done by purchasing the Best Vitamix Blender? Here is how to use the Vitamix blender to get the maximum benefits. The tips & tricks and incredible hacks can make your life much more convenient. Using the Vitamix blender for years has made me pretty expert at blending.

The impressive features of the blender won’t let you down even for a single time. Indeed, you will get a hassle-free, reliable and smooth performance.

The market offers you several products. However, each of them carries different features. So, why do you need to pick the Vitamix?

Choosing Vitamix

It is best for everyday usability. Once you put it on the counter, it will be hard to perform without the blending machine. Apart from creating a daily deal, it brings fun to your life. The commercial-grade blender can withstand along with every ingredient. Indeed, it is much more than just a blending machine.

Therefore, exploring its additional features will maximize its usability. Besides that, it is intuitive. Apart from that, tips and tricks are helpful to enhance the experience level.

How to use a Vitamix a blender?

The best Vitamix Blender is a long-lasting product. To get maximum usability, following the best sequence is vital. To properly layer the multiple items in a container, use a pattern.

Reasons to layer the ingredients

The liquidity can prevent air pockets from forming around the blade. Heavy ingredients such as frozen items can weigh down and push the ingredients towards the blade. In this way, you will get smooth blending. Meanwhile, the light elements are convenient to handle. It gives the perfect blending even at a low speed.

The heavy ingredients can cause trouble with the low rate. Apart from smooth blending, it ensures no stutter while processing.

How does it happen? It usually happens while processing the hard ingredients by using low speed.

Layering Method

  • Liquids
  • Dry ingredients
  • Leafy greens
  • Fruits and veggies
  • Ice
  • Frozen ingredients

Quantity of ingredients

The essential part of blending is to avoid overloading. The addition of extra liquid can cause pressure on the motor. Besides that, it causes to wear down quickly. Apart from that, the overloading can lead to spilling over the counter. Indeed, the blades spin, and the mixture arches upwards.

Therefore, keeping the average amount of ingredients will be better. The blending machine doesn’t create any damage by using only limited ingredients.

Changing the Blending Speeds

Vitamix blenders offer multiple speed settings. With a single push of a button, the user can change the speed. Starting the machine with high speed can cause problems. Such as, it can cause overwork.

Regardless of the ingredient type, it would help if you chose the right speed mode. Make sure to start with the low speed and then gradually increase the speed.

If you feel the motor getting warm, immediately turn it off.

Using the Tamper correctly

Another feature that makes the following blender different from others is the ‘tamper .’It uses a design that reduces the air pockets during the blending process. Especially while using frozen ingredients, it plays a significant role. If the blending causes are stalling, you need to put the tamper through the lid plug.

Afterward, rotate the lid plug around the corners of the container. In this way, the user will get smooth blending.

Furthermore, the tamper can come into contact by using the blade. The lid needs to be secured properly.

Clean up process

The Vitamix container can be dishwasher-safe. Indeed, most of the self-detect containers are dishwasher-safe. The self-cleaning option is best to avail. Although this feature is similar in every Vitamix, the duration can differ. It can jump up to the highest speed. In the case of upgrading the blender pitcher, it requires running a bit longer.

Usually, only 30-60 seconds will be better. Therefore, depending on the strength of ingredients, you can optimize the setting. It would help if you dropped a little bit of soap liquid in the Pitcher. Now add the lukewarm water.

Afterward, hit the right speed mode. Run it for a while, and then rinse it with water.

It does a perfect job. However, to avoid sticky stains, use warm water and clean it right afterward. Make sure to remove the extra components.

Major Settings on a Vitamix

There are usually five major settings in the Vitamix.


By setting the speed mode, you can make delicious smoothies. The most accurate smoothie setting starts from speed 3. Later on, it moves to 5-10. To prevent motor damage, always begin with a low rate. In this way, the mixture won’t blow out from the Pitcher.

Furthermore, in the case of creamy smoothies, use frozen ingredients. Such as, using the ice in your smoothie will make it a slushy look.

If one part of the smoothie recipe is frozen, then the rest of the two should be using room temperature. It will provide a smooth mixture. Otherwise, it can be challenging to blend the frozen ingredients all at once. I know, what are you thinking about. Yes, a Vitamix can do it. However, it may take a longer time.

Meanwhile, some exceptional cases can even go for forty seconds. One of the amazing facts about the Vitamix is the perfect consistency by using an even lesser grade model.

Soup settings

The hot soups settings rely from 3 to 10. They are pretty unique. Not every blender holds such features. Another reason is making a better soup in less time. To avoid the spilling, it makes a vortex in the center. In this way, the ingredients will revolve inside the Pitcher. The blender offers running time from five to seven minutes.

Moreover, it can detect the weight of the contents. The blender will make the pureed soups perfectly.

Most of the blenders start generating heat after seven minutes. Especially if you are using it without a break, it will cause heat. Therefore, rather than wasting energy, use the steel blades. Later on, the user can set it on the temperature ingredients. It will take only seven minutes.

Frozen ingredients

Apart from making delicious smoothies and hot soups, the blender also offers frozen desserts. The frozen preset requires more power to perform the blending. Here, the speed of blades matters more than the sharpness of blades. Though, the blades are responsible for crushing frozen ingredients.

The user will get multiple bursts in 5 seconds by using the max speeds. In addition, it grinds a good portion of ice smoothly. Some units offer specific designs for frozen ingredients. Hence, you will get an extra edge.

Such as, various blenders take only thirty seconds. It will fully puree the frozen ingredients. Furthermore, the creamy consistency can make your day for sure. However, the Pro 750 takes a bit longer than usual. The S55 can crush the ice and frozen ingredients smoothly.

However, it is a bit loud. Therefore, using a piece of carpet under the blender may lower the volume.


The puree needs only a short amount of time. The blending machine can kick off from the speed of three to ten. It usually starts with a maximum power of about 60 seconds. Here you will hear the motor. It can kick on to its full capacity. The puree settings are pretty similar in every mode.

Vitamix Tips and Tricks

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What are the healthy ways to use Vitamix Blender?

The Vitamix blender is always on top when it comes to home tasks. Such as, it can easily perform chopping, grinding, crushing, and blending. It is pretty popular as the high-powered multi-functionality.

Pancakes and yummy waffles

The magical world of blending offers several baking products. Who isn’t in love with the waffles? Thanks to the Vitamix blender, you don’t need to mix the batter by hand.

Meanwhile, you can make your mornings hassle-free now. How? Put the ingredients into a blender and mix it well. Directly pour it into the griddle. It’s that simple.

In addition, it also enables blending even the harder ingredients. Such as, blending the flax seeds or oats won’t be a big deal.


No more hand-mashing now. Use Vitamix and save time. Do you want to make hummus? Put the chickpeas into a blender and give a smooth blending. The healthy dips will enhance the joy of delicious meals.

Smoothie Bowl, Protein shakes, and smoothies

The delicious smoothies are always a matter of no effort for Vitamix. It allows blending your favorite fruits and veggies. The process is quite simple. Nut butter is a quick and convenient way to add fiber and nutrients.

Apart from that, the smoothies are the best snack. Can you wait for a sit-down meal? Try making a smoothie bowl alongside the ingredients such as sunflower seeds and sliced bananas.

Salad dressings

The salad dressings contain calorie count, sneaky sodium, and sugars. Pick the Vitamix to make the healthy dressing by using fresh ingredients. The dressings are also a good boost in salads. The high-speed blades can blend the vinegar and oils to create a uniform density. It means there is no need for whisking by hand.

After getting skilled in the art of salad dressings, you can go a bit far. For instance, you can create mayonnaise at home.

Here Vitamix will be my best friend. It is a whipped blend of oil, egg yolks, and other simple additions. By using the heart-healthy olive oil, welcome a healthy lifestyle.

Grinding and crushing

Not every blender holds the ability to allow crushing or even grinding. Luckily, we got the BEST VITAMIX BLENDER. There is a high-powered blender that can grind the challenging ingredients. It will turn into a superfine smooth consistency. Furthermore, crushing ice is also another attribute.

Juices and further beverages

A good blender like Vitamix is a healthy source to make homemade juices. Adding nutritious juices to your diet can bring you energy. Furthermore, it will keep you healthy. The vitamins and minerals will improve heart health.

Apart from that, it will improve your sleeping pattern also. By reducing the inflammation, it balances the deficiencies. To get a healthy juice in the Vitamix, you need to blend it well. The thin mixture and drinkable consistency will be the best to drink.

Is Vitamix Presets Worthy enough to buy?

Being a best friend of Vitamix, I can’t deny its worth. The major reason to get a Vitamix is to invite convenience in your life. Every preset of blender is easily accessible by hand. All you need to do is select the alternate speeds. Pick the low rate instead of using the high speed to avoid stalling.

The presets are helpful to create the vortex in blending Pitcher. It will spin the ingredients in a round motion. Moreover, the self-cleaning blender is like the cherry on top of the cake. A blender that allows multiple functions is just perfect for the kitchen. Once you buy the Vitamix blender, the results will have the addiction.

Vitamix Accessories

To enhance the blending experience, attach the other accessories. The preset allows you to make wonderful dishes but with attachments.

Blade Scraper

Usually, it is considered a food saver. The blade scrapper is a long steel spike holding the right size of the tool tip. It gets stuck below the blades. It is helpful while making the high cost and low yield food. It also enables you to keep the edges away from debris.

Self-detect Pitcher

the following feature on the blender is responsible for recognizing the weight. Furthermore, it makes adjustments according to the size. If your preference is a smaller pitcher, then a 48 oz model is beneficial. Moreover, it can detect the 25% volume change. Make sure to blend it with care.

Tamper Holder

If you have a large blending pitcher or small tamper, it holds the clips of the tamper in place.

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