How to make Juice without a Juicer or blender? (Top Secret Tips) 💁‍♀️

Juicing is one of the hottest trends during summers. However, not everyone owns a juicer or blender. Today I have come up with the solution to your problem ‘how to make juice without a juicer or blender. Let’s save some money and try juicing without a juicer.

The following blog will make you learn how to make juice without a juicer or blender.

We all are aware of the nutritional worth of juices. But regardless of that, they are a fantastic source of reducing heat in the hot summer. Besides that, it keeps you energetic for the whole day. However, not everyone owns the juicer.  I did a lot of research and experiments, and finally, I am able to share some wonderful hacks.

 You will be surprised to know that you can make juice without a juicer or blender. Apart from that, they don’t require any such effort from you. All the DIY juicing hacks are pretty straightforward.  There are two methods given below. You can pick any of them that suits you the most.

Method 1

The first method will be done with the help of a strainer.


Before moving towards the recipe, make sure you have all the ingredients

  • Fine mesh strainer
  • Knife
  • Chopping board
  • Spatula
  • Bowl
  • Chef’s knife
  • Water


After collecting the ingredients, let’s move towards the recipe

Step 1- Prep time

It is all about preparation. After choosing the fruit, wash them properly to remove the dust. Although it depends upon the kind of fruit, however, I will suggest you peel the skin. You will see its advantage while pureeing the fruit.

Another thing to must consider is removing the seeds. Even if the product is vegetable, the same rule will be applied.

Step 2- Blending the fruit.

Now chop your fruits into itty bitty pieces. Make sure to do it in a rocking position. After that, use the knife in a flat position, however, on a right angle. Later on, place one hand on the handle while the other on the flat side roughly drag and rock the knife over the chopped fruit. By repeating the recipe soon, you will be able to get a fine mashed substance.

Step 3- Strain the Juice

Pick any bowl according to the size of the filter. Now put the fine mesh strainer on the bowl and pour the puree of produce on the filter.

If you want to make the process easier, then try adding some water. Moving the mixture by spatula will help to extract the juice. The process is time-consuming, so you have to be patient.

Step 4- Cleaning the Mess

The following step requires you to clean the utensils. Apart from that, make sure to scrape off the remaining pulp and discard it. You already have a lot of nutrients; therefore, there is no need to save them.

Method 2

Here is another clever technique to make the juice if you don’t have the ingredients above. Although it is also time-consuming, however, you can make an acceptable quantity of liquid.


  • Grater
  • Bowl
  • Fruits/ Vegetables
  • Cheesecloth


Every step is easy and simple. However, if you still feel any difficulty, then try an alternative method.

Step 1-Prep time

Make sure to wash your produce well. After that, remove the seeds as well as stems. The presence of steam isn’t vital. Regardless of that, it can create a problem while making juice. Therefore, it is better to remove them.

However, it varies with the kind of fruit. For example, you need to peel the apples and pears.

Step 2-Grate the produce

Pick the grater put it over the bowl. Now start grating the fruit or vegetable. Make sure to grind the produce into a bowl. You can use this method for solid fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, beetroots, cucumber, ginger, and tomato.

If you like to make GREEN JUICE, then it won’t work out well. Furthermore, you need a fine quality grater for the carrots. If you want a single serving of juice, then make sure to use eight to ten carrots.

Step 3- Squeezing the pulp

Once you are done grating the product, you need to pick the fruit or vegetable and put it inside the filter along with the cheesecloth. Now squeeze and strain the pulp into a bowl. Make sure to press it tightly. In this way, you will get more juice. You can twist the cheesecloth to tighten it.

After grating the carrots, sprinkle the salt over the grated carrots. It will release the juice. Another thing to consider is that it varies from product to product. For instance, if you squeeze the tomatoes tightly, you will get the chunks in the pulp. Therefore, you need to be careful.

Step 4-Clean up

The last step is all about cleaning up the utensils and workstation after completing the process.


Although the process is mainly best for citrus fruits only, you can use it for others. You will quickly extract the juice if the ingredients are oranges or lemons. The only downside of this method is the minimum amount of liquid.


  • Bowl
  • Pitcher
  • Mashing tool
  • Instructions
  • Pick any fruit for juicing.

Step 1- prep time

Now wash and clean the fruits. However, there is no need to chop and peel the fruit. Besides that, there is no need to worry about the seeds.

Step 2- Mashing the ingredients

Add the natural ingredients to n pitcher and use them aggressively against the pitcher. Make sure to use a wide pitcher. Use another pitcher to pour the mixture after mashing.

Step 3- Clean up

You need to use cold water for cleaning the pitcher and cleaning detergent.

Can we make Apple Juice without a Juicer?

Yes, why not. You will get the nutritional apple juice quickly without any juicer or blender.


  • Apples
  • Bowl
  • Strainer
  • Pot


All the steps are straightforward. You just have to follow the given steps.

Step 1- Prep time

Ensure washing all the apples. Later on, peel and core them.

Step 2-Boiling

You need to put the ingredients (apples) in the pot. Add enough water to cover them. Now boil the mixture for about thirty minutes.

Step 3- Strain

Before you strain the mixture, let it cool down. After that, mash all the apples to get most of the juice.

Strain the mixture by using a filter in a bowl. If you love more sugar, then you can add it according to the taste.

Check Best Apple Juicer if you still want to purchase a juicer

Is it possible to make orange Juice by hand?

Well, yes, you can make orange juice by hand. However, you will need a hand juicer. If you don’t have any, check our blog or ask for the recommendations in the comment section.


  • Oranges
  • Hand juicer

Step 1- Prep time

Begin the process by cutting the oranges into halves.

Step 2- Use a hand juicer

Pick the hand juicer and put it on the surface. Ensure placing a bowl under the hand juicer. Squeeze and twist the orange after setting it over the cone of the hand juicer. If you are making it only for one person, then two or three oranges will be enough.

Step 3- Cleaning up

Once you are done with the process of making. Clean the surface as well as utensils.

How to make beetroot Juice without a juicer or blender?

To begin the process, you need to wash them

  • Please put them in a saucepan
  • Add the pan with fruits or berries, pour the water, and put the mixture on the stove. Let it boil for some time.
  • Soon, you will get a broth that will taste like a juice concentrate.


If it doesn’t work out, then you need to PURCHASE A JUICER It might be expensive, but it can be the best way to go. The downside of not purchasing the juicer is just time-consuming. Regardless of that, it is all worth it as there will be maximum nutrients in the juice.

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